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Petition to Sam Papa

Say NO to the Committee's Plan! Save Papa o Te Aroha Marae, Tokoroa

This Petition seeks to stop the creation of a Charitable Trust and the undermining of the current structure of Papa o Te Aroha Marae. The current Committee of the Tokoroa Catholic Maori Society : Tene Kereopa (President) Glennys Whyte,(Assistant Treasurer), Mark Mahutonga (Secretary), Prue Christie (Treasurer), Carey Taluta (Deacon) are seeking to create a new Charitable Trust with the intention of Trustees self appointing.  Further it is the intention that the new entity will take the Lead for all Marae activities. We do not believe a new entity is required for the Marae and would like the integrity of Papa o Te Aroha to be retained and not be undermined by the creation of a Charitable Trust. It is unnecessary as the current structure of Papa o Te Aroha is an Incorporated Society. Incorporated Societies can apply for Charitable Status. The Incorporated Society is Driven by its members Not a Board of Trustees Why is Papa o Te Aroha Marae so important to this community?  Because it was established through the Wairua (Spirit) of the Tokoroa Catholic Maori Society with Father Tuerlings and the support of the Hamilton Diocesan Bishop Edward Gaines in 1987. It was created to be a Community Marae to be used by all peoples to demonstrate the Catholic values of Aroha (Care and Attention), respect and charity to all.  There is a Pou for all peoples within its walls in the great wharenui.  Calling all to feel at home in the warmth of the ancestral representations. It is considered a very Holy site of ordination for the very first Catholic Maori Bishop, Bishop Takuira Max Mariu in 1988 by Bishop Edward Gaines. We seek support to preserve this Mauri and keep the integrity and Tapu o te Mana o Papa o Te Aroha free from violation. We DO NOT support the removal of Catholic or Maori in any way. We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the Tokoroa Catholic Maori Committee to act now to Retain the Incorporated Society i.e. Tokoroa Catholic Maori Society as the only Governing Entity for Papa o Te Aroha Marae, and to cease all investigation and actions to create a new Charitable Trust.

Andrew Paul
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Petition to Andrew Parsons, Marie Sheriff, Michael Goldthorp, Karina Sunk, Jonathan Atchison, Amanda Stapledon, Gary Rowe, Kathryn Seirlis, Simon King

Restore Alarah Park

We need your help. Help us restore our slice of local history and turn it into a useful community space. Residents of Cranbourne West living in the Alarah Estate are missing out on a rare opportunity to conserve, restore and enjoy a remnant of Cranbourne’s quickly disappearing history. Alarah Estate was developed on the property of what was known as Hayton Park, a farm and homestead built in 1888.  The surviving homestead located between Ercildoune Court and City Vista Circuit is of local and aesthetic significance.  It is one of a small number of surviving late nineteenth century farmhouses and is significant as a superior and well-preserved example of a Victorian Italianate villa. The developer of Alarah estate, Wolfdene, originally advertised to restore the heritage house and grounds into a community facility. This would’ve been a requirement as part of the development of the estate. However over 5 years have passed and none of the proposed project has been undertaken. Instead Wolfdene was allowed to walk away from their obligations and hand the property back to Casey Council. Currently the homestead has been left as a dilapidated building. Unfortunately it is a magnet for vandalism and is falling further into disrepair. The surrounding grounds have beautiful established fruiting trees which could be the beginnings of a lovely community garden with adjoining childrens playground, instead they also have been left to their own devices on what is essentially a mini paddock. We want to see BOTH the heritage listed homestead and surrounding grounds turned into a valuable community asset. We call on Wolfdene to honour their original tendered development proposal and financially support the restoration of the homestead. We call on Casey Council to; hold Wolfdene accountable to their advertised and tendered proposals, to restore the homestead and turn it into a community facility, and landscape the grounds into a family friendly communal area. 

Jennifer Fitzsimmons
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