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Petition to Ken Russell, Wilfredo Gort, Mayor Francis Suarez, Frank Carollo, Keon Hardemon

Save the Babylon Apartments - Designate it a Historic Landmark

All great cities have certain things in common.   One of them is a commitment to honor their architectural heritage.   We have, right now, an opportunity to save a building that was a forerunner of the movement that has led to Miami becoming the architectural superstar it is today. The Babylon Apartments at 240 SE 14th Street, in the heart of Brickell.  This was one of the first buildings designed by Miami's own internationally famous "starchitect" firm, Arquitectonica.  The building is a unique solution, honoring Miami's Art Deco roots while remaining modern and relevant.  It is fun, 80s, futuristic, bold, unique and VERY Miami, and anyone who has seen it once, remembers it always.  It is a small building of distinction in an area that is overdeveloped with high rises, and therefore stands out and gives the neighborhood character and distinction.The renowned Miami historian and preservationist, Arva Moore Parks recently wrote a letter to the editors of the Miami Herald in praise of and supporting the protection of the building.  You can see that letter here: But now, the owner of the property has let the building fall into such a state of disrepair that the structure was deemed unsafe and it is in danger of being demolished.  The owner even tried to start demo on the building with no permits, but luckily was seen and stopped in time.  The building is in imminent danger. We cannot stand by and let this building be destroyed without trying to raise awareness and get the building protected as the Historic Landmark it is.  We have been in contact with the City about the property and we have been heard.  There is a meeting at City Hall on May 3rd where it will be decided to approve or deny the preliminary application to get the building landmarked.  We ask that you attend if you can. But firstly, please sign and share this petition which is addressed to the members the city commissioners and Mayor Francis Suarez and let them know that you want to preserve this unique iconic Miami building.  You signature will weigh heavily with the Board.  These petitions really do work and are a strong tool for change. Thank you,Megan Tamaccio

Megan Tamaccio
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Petition to Theatre Historical Society of America, Rick Fosbrink, Jeff Greene, Matt Lambros, Ross Melnick, David Syfczak, Ed Kelsey, Craig Morrison

Growth, Transparency & Authentic Communication for Theatre Historical Society of America

OPEN LETTER TO THS PRESIDENT & BOARD OF DIRECTORS: We, the undersigned members and supporters of Theatre Historical Society of America (THS), have significant and substantial concerns regarding the current leadership and management of the organization. Recent decisions call into question whether the Directors and Management are operating in the best interest of the Society and its Members with responsible stewardship of its finances, holdings of unique artifacts and entrusted collections.This organization, founded in 1969 by Time-Life editor and theatre historian Ben Hall, has a rich history in its collection and its activities. We have a history of altruism, inclusion and helpfulness. We do not feel that the current board and staff leadership is taking to heart the damage it is doing to the soul and morale of THS. You have taken almost all of the "Society" out of Theatre Historical Society of America. Therefore, we will submit our concerns to the President of the Board, the Board of Directors and the Executive Director via this online petition and request a response from the Board of Directors on or before March 1, 2018, as follows: PURCHASE OF A COMMUNITY THEATRE BUILDING: It has been reported by media in recent days that THS leadership intends to buy and operate a cinema, the Hollywood Theatre in Dormont, Pennsylvania. We feel that is contrary to our mission and fiscally irresponsible. Additionally, the local volunteers and patrons of this theatre are vocally and vehemently opposed to a THS takeover. Why are we pursuing something so costly and disconnected from the mission of our organization? Who are the volunteers asserting this agenda and how have they brought this plan to the membership?Where is the business plan? Have you shared an annual report with us, your members? RELOCATION: The THS Board of Directors has undertaken an extensive plan of substantial change in the functioning of the organization, including the transfer of all operations from its 25 year home in Elmhurst, IL to Pittsburgh, PA. This project was undertaken without the approval of the membership. CHANGE OF DIRECTION/FOCUS OF THE CORE THS MISSION: The membership was informed that the Board was “in the process of identifying a blue-ribbon advisory committee…to guide...our new entity, the ‘National History Center’”. How can THS embark on another new service when it apparently is struggling to perform its basic oversight of our mission and goals? COMMUNICATIONS: Statements made to the membership in the announcement of these sweeping changes contained mostly vague assertions, unsubstantiated by financial data or verifiable facts. Misrepresentations were made regarding the cost of remaining in our Elmhurst, Illinois location and the availability of alternate locations. LACK OF RESPONSE FROM MANAGEMENT & THE BOARD REGARDING FIDUCIARY REQUESTS: The membership has a right to ready access to all Accounting Records; namely the annual profit and loss statements together with the Balance Sheets comparing the most recent several years. Requests for same were met with silence. When eventually supplied, they were not up-to- date and did not address the inquiry posed. Other pertinent requests from dues paying members in good standing have made to the Leadership (Executive Director and/or President) that were not addressed in a timely or complete manner. Many in the membership feel a sense of disconnect with an organization that previously had been extremely responsive to its members. STEWARDSHIP OF FINANCIAL ASSETS: Recent staffing and relocation expenditures by the board call into question the use of paid consultants and contractors to complete functions that previously were performed by professionals who DONATED their time and expertise. Most notably: Publications Editor – publications now contain numerous errors of fact, the publication schedule has been reduced, the quality of content, articles and photos has dropped considerably. Distrust and ill-defined information are insidious things. Let’s get our organization back on track! We ask that the following issues be addressed: 1. A tolling period of six (6) months for transparent communications and inclusion of THS membership in all major matters of significant and material change to the Society's operations. 2. A policy directing expedient response to specific requests for information as allowed by our by-laws and all other applicable laws with up-to- date information including meeting minutes and financial reports. 3. A blue-ribbon committee of members to assist staff in: Researching the true needs and operating costs for our museum, archives and headquarters that meets with THS’s goals and geographic needs. Growing membership and increasing valuable partnerships. Address employee and board performance and maintaining a high quality of member services interactions 4. A commitment from the board that THS will be volunteer-led with a goal of Growth, Transparency and Authentic Communication with the Members who, ultimately, are the true owners and voice of Theatre Historical Society of America. What can you do?MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS: ASK QUESTIONS INSIST ON SUBSTANTIVE ANSWERS BECOME ENGAGED IN THE OPERATIONS OF YOUR SOCIETY SIGN OUR PETITION TO ADD YOUR VOICE! We owe it to the legacy of our Founders to respect the History of Theatre Historical Society of America. WE, THE UNDERSIGNED MEMBERS OF THEATRE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA 

Concerned Members of Theatre Historical Society of America
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Petition to Mayor Michael Hancock, DIANE BARRETT, Chris Herndon, Albus Brooks, Paul Kashmann, Wayne New, Debbie Ortega, Jolon Clark, Kevin Flynn, Stacie Gilmore, RAFAEL ESPINOZA, MARY BETH SUSMAN, ROBIN KNIECH, PAUL LOPEZ, Happy Haynes, Alan Salazar, John Hickenlooper

SIGN PETITION:Save Denver's Historic City Park Golf Course From Destruction

SIGN PETITION TO STOP DENVER'S MAYOR HANCOCK FROM DESTROYING AN HISTORIC PUBLIC PARK TO PUT IN AN INDUSTRIAL  STORM DRAINAGE  SUMP With NO vote of the people. City Park Golf Course (CPGC) is a part of Denver's "Crown Jewel", City Park. Both are listed on the National & State Registers of Historic Places. Denver's Mayor Hancock wants to destroy historic CPGC to install a 1965-style industrial, storm drainage sump on 50 acres of it. In the process, he proposes to cut down 285+ mature trees and destroy  acres of non renewable top soil and vegetation, the best, natural storm water mitigation system in the world. He would also knock down a popular club house built in  2001. The most affordable course in Denver that has served minority players since 1913, would be closed for at least two years.  He also proposes to install a toxic, dirt ditch in Cole and a large industrial outfall in historic Globeville. Both sites are located in the I-70 / Vasquez Superfund site . Residents will be exposed to toxic pollution when Denver digs in these sites and will be exposed to higher risks of flooding.    WHY? In Denver's race back to 1965, they want to expand polluting Interstate Highway 70 (I70), in minority neighborhoods.  They plan to bury I70, 20 feet below the water table, in a flood plain, next to a river. To keep I70 from flooding,they want to turn the "free land" in City Park Golf Course into a regional storm drainage sump complete with big pipes, trash and toxic water. They want to use neighborhoods regardless of health and safety risks to residents.  Many of the Mayor's backers have also bought land down by the river  for new development. They want the residents of Denver to pick up the tab for their storm drainage  and the price would include destruction of a beloved park. There are much better alternatives.  Runners, walkers, skiers, families, dog walkers and more, all use this peaceful, unfenced, beautiful open space for recreation, peace, relaxation and calm. CPGC affords a natural storm water mitigation system that would be the envy of any progressive city. The Mayor's plan would unfortunately include the loss of hundreds big trees and vegetation that take harmful carbon from the air and provide us with life giving oxygen. Once gone, park land is gone forever. Denver can not afford to lose any more of it's precious park land to unfettered development.  This can not happen. Please sign our petition to tell Mayor Hancock to come up with a solution that does not include the destruction of precious park land or sacrifice our neighborhoods to man made flooding and toxic pollution.     

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