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Petition to Nathan Deal, Steve Wrigley, Board of Regents of The University System of Georgia

Stop the demolition of Holley Hall and other historic buildings on Albany State

On June 14, 2017, Governor Nathan Deal signed an Executive Order, commencing the demolition of Joseph W. Holley Fine Arts Hall on Albany State University campus, citing that the building cannot be advantageously used. By demolishing this building and all other buildings on the lower section of this illustrious institution; you're eliminating historic registry from the consciousness of all those who attend this school.  As a current student here at Albany State University, I always found it rather disappointing that I would wander the confines of this campus and instead of looking and seeing Caroline Hall, McIntosh Hall, Blaylock Hall, Davis Hall, Davis Hall Annex, Jeffries Hall, William H. Dennis Student Center and Dining Hall, Malone Infirmary, I see nothing but empty space that once accompanied the legacy of this one campus and distraught at the fact that I’ll never be able to have the opportunity to interact with any of these buildings. That the credibility of this one institution’s history is to be questioned and never within reach of accessory but within the depth of recourse. You see, throughout my experience here in Albany, Georgia, I learned that Albany is not only known as “The Good Life” City but also the “City of Discovery”. There’s a lot of uncovered information and material in this city that leads us closer to learning more about the past of this city so that we can further alleviate progress for the future of this city. Had it not been for my elders who had long service here in this community, I would have always believed that the majority of historic buildings previously described in the first paragraph of this transcript, were all wiped out by the Flood of ’94. A flood that devastated not only the entire region of West Oglethorpe Blvd and the entire apparatus of Radium Springs and beyond, but Albany State University altogether. Since the destruction, the campus administrators have decided to purchase a plot of land upward from the original foundation of the campus and build an entirely different campus on the plot while abandoning the former landscape. Which did absolutely nothing but suppress and exacerbate the situation rather than eliminate and ameliorate the situation. By moving the campus to the plot of land perpendicular to the plot of land that is also flatland; the school is now in direct liability of receiving an increased amount of damage in the event of a future flood occurrence. There is a large section in the middle of the campus that is commonly referred to as the ‘Pedestrian Walkway’ which maximizes the amount of further devastation that incoming floodwaters can have on any newly built campus structure on this campus. Because the floodwater can easily travel through this pathway and destroy the buildings and structures of the foundation upward from the previous foundation of Albany State College. What? The administration must think that there’s an invisible barrier that separates the original foundation from the successive one (Albany State University) and only the original foundation (Albany State College) would be affected in the event of a future flood, right? In conclusion, I would like this petition to inform the diplomatic bureaucracy of the situation at hand in the Southwest Georgia area and override the decision that was made in the Executive Order that calls for the ‘expeditious’ removal and dismissal of Holley Hall as well as further engagements in the supposition of the termination of the aggregate of past events in conjunction to that of Albany State with the implementation of floodwater mitigative structures such as a flood wall or a self – regulating flood barrier to protect and preserve the school as a direct alternative to the demolition that was presupposed and predetermined. These devices operate to secure assets in flood prone areas during the event of a natural disaster such as the Flood of ’94 and will be positioned on the area commonly referred to as the “Cross – County Path” which is in direct alignment to that of the Flint River. The school has been inundated by floods in four instances, 1917, 1925, 1994 and 1998. All of these instances have one interlocking commonality amongst them: lack of mitigative floodwater protocol to help secure and protect the campus from harm, danger and/or excessive liability. I ask you to join me in helping Albany State not only be known as “Unsinkable” but “Untouchable” as well. A Past to Cherish, A Future to Fulfill This is our school motto. How can we cherish a past that isn’t there and how can we fulfill the future without being knowledgeable about the past contributions made by our preceding benefactors? With all of this into account, I thank you so much for your time. Genuinely, Jaylon O’Neal  

Jaylon O'Neal
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Petition to Robb Pitts, Rusty Paul, Bob Ellis, Jody Reichel, Jerry Clontz

Make the William & Sarah Power Historic Site a Protected Landmark and Public Park

Mayor of Sandy Springs Rusty Paul, Sandy Springs Councilwoman Jody Reichel, Fulton County Commission Chairman Rob Pitts, Fulton County Commissioner Bob Ellis, and President of The Kroger Company, Jerry Clontz, Protect the William & Sarah Power Historic Site. It is in imminent danger from development. Through co-operation, the land can be bought from the current property owners, Albert Ashkouti and the Ashkouti family (Heritage Capitol Partners, and Tabas Two Lllp). The old-growth trees and the Power Cemetery on this site are under threat of demolishment by the Ashkoutis in order to develop a massive mixed-use complex anchored by a Kroger grocery store. Their current proposal allocates only a small square of land for the cemetery sandwiched between numerous town homes, but the property owners have been pushing to move the cemetery itself, which would destroy it. Furthermore, the legal status of the land is suspect and being investigated. We need your help to keep the bulldozers away until every possible recourse can be taken to save this irreplaceable piece of our heritage as Georgians. The site has been the victim of vandalism throughout the years and is at its greatest crisis yet. According to research, pedestrian traffic, beautification, lighting, and maintenance of a cemetery are the best recourse against vandalism. This all can be accomplished through creating a public park. Moreover, a community park creates a connection between cultural and practical value. The area could have nature trails, a lawn, dog park, lighting, native landscaping, new fences for the cemetery, and access points to Roswell Road and the surrounding developments. Design solutions and a crowdfunding campaign have already been initiated. Trusts and grants for buying the land are being pursued. This park would also be an asset to the Ashkoutis' redevelopment of the already developed neighboring land around it. The majority of land for the proposal is already developed. It would increase land value for them and others. Most importantly, as a public park and protected historic landmark, the site can remain a testament to the Cherokee, Power family, and Georgia history for generations. As representatives of the citizens of Sandy Springs and Fulton County stop this needless destruction.

Taylor Morgan
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Petition to Mark Farrell, Hillary Ronen, Malia Cohen, Rich Hillis, Myrna Melgar, Joel Koppel, Kathrin Moore, Dennis Richards, Steve Wertheim, Jane Kim, London Breed, Art Agnos, Catherine Stefani, Sandra Lee Fewer, Aaron Peskin, Ahsha Safai, Jeff Sheehy, Katy Tang, Norman Yee, Rodney Fong, Milicent A. Johnson

Don't Let The Historic Flower Market Be Destroyed For More Tech Offices

The San Francisco Flower Mart is a 100-year old historical landmark and national treasure. Called “the best flower mart in the country” by Martha Stewart, thousands of families – farmers, wholesalers, shippers, floral designers, and other merchants – depend on it for their livelihoods. When Kilroy Realty Corporation purchased the Flower Mart in 2014 and announced it would bulldoze the market to build an office high-rise for tech companies like Uber and Airbnb, Flower Mart tenants compromised – agreeing to a temporary relocation to the Bayview District and, eventually, a reduced and reconfigured market after construction is complete. Now, years later, Kilroy has unilaterally decided to relocate the Flower Mart to a new site for 4.5 years (at Piers 19, 19 ½, and 23) during construction. Flower Mart tenants voted to reject the new site because logistical challenges make it unworkable. For example, semi-trucks will have to line up to unload at a single entrance crossing the busy public sidewalks of the Embarcadero, polluting the bay and making it impossible for the market to function. Still, Kilroy insists this is the only site available. We suspect that Kilroy’s true aim all along has been to destroy the Flower Mart in order to replace these older tenants with wealthy tech companies. If they get away with their new relocation scheme, they could very well succeed as tenants go out of business. But it's not too late. Current laws do not allow Kilroy to build an office high-rise where the Flower Mart stands. The Board of Supervisors must first rezone this industrial site in order to unlock the absurd profits Kilroy will reap. I've depended on the Flower Mart for over 20 years. I've brought my son here since he was an infant. I've watched him ride his bike around buckets of flowers. How will I provide for him if the Flower Mart dies? I started this petition to Save the Flower Mart with a group of local florists because we refuse to let our beloved community get uprooted and thrown aside. We ask all San Franciscans to tell the Board of Supervisors: If Kilroy can’t stick to their promises, don’t change the rules to help them line their pockets! Blue-collar families matter just as much as private real estate developers! Sharla FlockCoalition to Save the Flower Market, Florist Action Committee  

Sharla Flock
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