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Petition to Victoria Woodards, Anders Ibsen, Robert Thoms, Keith Blocker, Catherine Ushka, Chris Beale, Lillian Hunter, Conor McCarthy, Ryan Mello, TPU Board Members

Save Cushman & Adams Substations from developers!

Whereas the historic Cushman and Adams Substations were built by the residents of Tacoma for the benefit of Tacoma residents; and Whereas these buildings of nationally historic significance have been listed on national, state and local registers of historic places and their value recognized as integral to our shared collective history as a community; and Whereas the Tacoma Comprehensive Plan Policy UF-13.28 for this area of Tacoma states that the City should "Encourage the conversion of electrical substations for recreational purposes if the sites are no longer needed for their intended purpose (pg. 2-61)”, Therefore, we the people of Tacoma, request that the Tacoma City Council & TPU Board:  1.   protect the Cushman and Adams Substations from private for-profit development and work to ensure that the buildings and property be retained for public use in perpetuity; 2.   direct staff to conduct a thorough and robust public process to engage residents in planning for the future community use of these publicly-owned assets and the development of a master plan for the entire site; 3.   conduct a study of examples of other cities that have repurposed similar surplus electrical facilities for productive community uses, the means through which such facilities were funded, and to provide the results of such a study to the Council and the residents of Tacoma; 4.   work with community nonprofit organizations toward the goal of repurposing and managing these buildings as public facilities for the benefit of the community.

North End Neighborhood Council / Friends of Cushman Substation
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Petition to Producers Dairy

Save the Historic Central Valley Cheese Buildings From Being Demolished

UPDATE: On 3/22/18 City Council denied Producers Dairy permit to demo these historic buildings. BUT, THIS ISN'T OVER. We will keep this petition running to encourage Mayor Lee Brand and the City of Fresno to hold Producers Dairy to the covenant that they signed 26 years ago when they purchased these buildings, where they agreed to the City of Fresno and the Tower District neighborhood residents to maintain these historic buildings, which at the time had only been vacant for FOUR years. The buildings current state and their deterioration over the past 26 years, is because of Producers Dairy lack of maintenance and lack of compliance to the covenant that they signed and agreed to. Please sign this petition if you would like the City of Fresno to hold Producers Dairy accountable to the legally binding covenant that they signed.  The Central Valley Cheese Buildings, located on Belmont & Roosevelt in the historic Tower District neighborhood, will be DEMOLISHED and turned into a PARKING LOT. IN DANGER: The City of Fresno’s Historic Preservation Committee found the buildings eligible for designation on the Local Historic Register, but the Fresno City Council voted not to designate them (a 4-3 vote). Producers Dairy (who owns the property) is asking the City of Fresno for permission to demolish these historic buildings, to create a parking area for their trucks, since a portion of their parking will be taken away due to the High Speed Rail. _________________________________________________________________                       DANGER TO TOWER DISTRICT NEIGHBORHOOD  "This industrial project will host a 24 hour operation of truck and trailer ingress and egress. Producer's does not deny that the operation will also include trailer maintenance, tire changes, cleaning, and the associated operation of powered maintenance equipment and tools in the midst of this residential neighborhood. The proposed project would also allow regular, heavy, and, normally prohibited, truck-trailer traffic on residential streets (Roosevelt and Ferger Avenues) to enter and exit the parking lot. The southern half of the perimeter of the subject property is surrounded by at least 8 residential properties." "Why is an already marginalized and disadvantaged community made to suffer the worst impacts of industrial, economic activity? The proposed project will increase the number of parked truck trailers on the site from the current 30 to a new maximum of 67 trailers, a whopping 123% increase of parked refrigerated truck trailers." "The project will "result" in an additional 20 round-trip truck-trailer trips per day, for a total of at least 70 round-trips daily, seven days a week (for a total of 140 trips per day) and "approximately 182 truck movement events."" "Again, 24 hours, day and night." -Bruce A. Owdom, Attorney at Law -Paul E. Pierce _________________________________________________________________ Recommendation by the Historic Preservation Committee to the City of Fresno: "Staff recommends that the Commission find that the Mission Revival style masonry brick buildings constructed in 1929-1932 and located at 405-450 E. Belmont Avenue are eligible for listing on the Local Register of Historic Resources under Criterion iii. Staff further recommends that the properties be forwarded to the Fresno City Council for designation pursuant to FMC 12-1609." *Click here for the recommendation made by the Historic Preservation Committee to list these buildings as historic properties, based on their meeting the criteria: Designation as Historic Properties The City of Fresno’s Historic Preservation Committee clearly found these buildings worth designating as historically significant to Fresno. This petition is to show Producers Dairy and the City of Fresno that we want Fresno’s history saved! If you believe we have lost enough historic buildings in Fresno, show your support to not add another to that list by signing this petition. HISTORY: The building wrapping the Belmont/Roosevelt corner was initially constructed in 1929 as a one story Milk Bottling Plant for the Parkside Dairy. The one-story complex to the south facing onto Roosevelt was initially constructed in 1932 as an ice cream plant. By 1932 both buildings were owned by Golden State Company Limited and by 1963 the complex was identified as Golden State Division of Foremost Dairies, Inc. ARCHITECTURE: The buildings are a late expression of the Mission Revival style architecture. Mission Revival developed first in California in the late 1890’s as an attempt by architects and contractors to create an American style, based on an indigenous building tradition. Character defining features include the curvilinear gables (roof parapet or dormer) red tile roof, visor roofs, coping at the cornice line, wide overhanging waves and bell towers on larger commercial buildings or homes. Both the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific adopted the style for stations and resorts throughout the West. Mission Revival architecture faded from view following World War I as the Spanish eclectic style developed and spread. *There are relatively few commercial examples of Mission style in Fresno. The argument has been made that these buildings have sat in disrepair for too long and would need to be retrofitted in order to re purpose/renovate the structures. A prime example of a brick building (in Fresno) that was in similar condition, is the historic 1913 Parker Nash building, located at 1460 Broadway. Cliff Tutelian retrofitted the structure that had sat vacant for decades and was only used for a parking garage, and today it is home to Kepler Neighborhood Charter School. Click here: Parker Nash Building

Vintage Fresno
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Petition to Kathleen Wynne, Charles Sousa, Eleanor McMahon, Han Dong, Joe Cressy

Save 401 Richmond

401 Richmond Street West is a restored, heritage-designated, industrial building turned arts-and-culture hub in downtown Toronto. It is home to over 140 artists, cultural producers, social innovators, microenterprises, galleries, festivals, and shops. Now looming property tax increases threaten to price tenants out of this long-time sanctuary for dozens of Toronto's non-profit cultural organizations. "401 Richmond, a beloved downtown hub of non-profit culture organizations in a reclaimed factory, has been hit with a property tax increase that could spell its end." - The Toronto Star The Premier and others in her government need to take action and update provincial tax policy now in order to ensure the preservation of cultural centers like 401 Richmond. The last tax assessment is terrifyingly high -- it's now a matter of great urgency. "This building and its extraordinary roster of tenants was made possible through the generosity and vision of its owners - a rarity in Toronto, and an example the city needs! It must be protected!" - Vera Frenkel In 2012, UrbanSpace, the building’s owner, paid close to $447,000 in property taxes, with its rate increasing steadily to that point at 1 per cent per year. Then in 2013, it jumped to $520,280. By 2016, the bill was within a few hundred dollars of $700,000. Without some kind of intervention, the building’s 2017 tax bill will be $846,210.73. "City council has delivered a clear statement to the province: New provincial tax policy is necessary if we are going to protect and support important buildings like 401 Richmond," - Ward 20 Toronto City Councillor Joe Cressy While UrbanSpace has absorbed the worst of the increases, tenants have shared some pain. And with taxes projected to go as high as $1.29 million by 2020.The only way for this address to pay the proposed tax is for the current building to be torn down and a 40-storey tower built to replace it -- action needs to be taken immediately. "Please don't let artists and creators be dispersed and driven out of the heart of the city! A totally sterile urban landscape is not what we need!" - Margaret Atwood Please sign and share this petition if you wish to protect 401 Richmond as well as other cultural and creative centers like it. To go the extra mile you can call and/or write to your MPP and tell them to change the provincial tax rules that inappropriately tax heritage buildings. What to Share on Social Media Link: Hashtag: #save401richmond Twitter: @Kathleen_Wynne @SousaCharles @EMcMahonMPP @401Richmond Square Logo: *for Instagram sharing Full Logo: Where to Send Letters Premier Kathleen Wynne Legislative Building Queen’s Park Toronto, ON M7A 1A1 (Photo Eduardo Lima, Metro)

Phil Tucker
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