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Petition to Sri M Venkaiah Naidu

Stop GeminiTV - demeaning Lord Shree Ram and Mother Sita for entertainment

To: Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Minister for Information & Broadcasting of India and The Gemini TV management Recently Gemini TV have telecasted a parody show on using Lord Sri Ram and Ra:ma:yan as central theme (a clip of it can be found on YouTube: The show was very objectionable and it was portrayed in an insulting manner denigrating the character of Lord Sri Ram, Mother Seetha and Lakshman who are revered and worshiped not only in India but across the World for their noble and virtuous qualities. This is abusing our Hindu God and hurts the sentiments of millions of people across the world. While supporting the freedom of speech of every individual as fundamental right of every citizen, and needs to be protected, this show is neither an entertainment nor creative. It is a low form of television ethics, and purely for entertainment purposes any show loaded with malice cannot be accepted. We demand the Gemini TV management to render an immediate apology and ensure that shows like this never get broadcast. We sincerely request Hon. Minister of Information and Broadcasting of India, Sri M. Venkaiah Naidu to take necessary action against Gemini TV and make sure TV Channels don’t use the Freedom of Speech to malign and demean religious sanctity of Hindus. With sincere thanks, Aravind, Proud follower of Sanathana Dharma

Aravind Parankusham
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Petition to Republican National Committee

Angela Kaaihue should apologize for Hindu-phobic comments

We the undersigned are launching this petition as a protest against Angela Kaaihue, who in the course of her campaign has made abhorrently Hindu-phobic remarks. Ms.Kaaihue is running for U.S. Congress from Hawaii’s 2nd District against Democrat incumbent Shri.Tulsi Gabbard. An overview of her bigotry can be gauged by her statement that “(A vote for Tulsi would be a), a vote for Satan, a vote for devil”. Such uncalled for comments are deeply hurtful to the sensitivities of millions of peaceful adherents the Hindu faith. Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA) would like to reiterate that we stand with the principle of Freedom of Speech and Expression as stated in the constitution. HMSA would also like to state unequivocally in strongest terms that the kind of bigoted speech as issued by Ms.Kaaihue is not acceptable in a civil discourse. HMSA welcomes Ms.Kaaihue for an education into the core tenets and principles of the pluralistic and cordial philosophy of Sanatana Dharma (a.k.a Hinduism). Hateful words don’t reflect well of a candidate who is running for one of the highest office of the country. Above all, they stand in totally against the multi-cultural, pluralistic and secular ethos embedded deeply in the constitution of the United States. HMSA demands that Ms.Kaaihue immediately withdraw all her Hindu-phobic comments and issue an unconditional apology to the Hindu society in general. Also, in case of her failure to do so, we demand that the Republican party issue a strong rebuke to Ms.Kaaihue for her comments and disqualify her from primary membership of the Republican party.Petition sponsored by: Hindu Mahasabha of America Inc.Principal Petitioners: Rudranath Talukdar, President, rudranath.talukdar@hmsamerica.orgGajanan Gaikwad, General Secretary,

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