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Petition to Barack Obama

Treason, Aiding & Abetting Russia, Voter Suppression, Demand The Real #45, Resist Trump   Your’ Honor(s)’: 1, Our Republic is in great peril. We are in a de facto Second Cold war with Russia being waged via social media, spreading propaganda and misinformation; ““Russia has achieved its most important objective: undermining the credibility of American Democracy” and has alarmingly demonstrated the capability to guide the pendulum “of events in the U.S. by manipulating public opinion” which helped undercut Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for president and has ramifications far beyond that. Russia has targeted American political figures, reporters and others who might be sensitive to their causes. As of March of 2017 the “FBI counter intelligence were probing whether far-right sites like Breitbart News and Infowars had coordinated with Russian botnets to blitz social media with anti-Clinton stories , mixing fact and fiction when Trump was doing poorly in the campaign.”” The FBI and CIA officials believe there are ongoing information wars against global democracy. James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence testified to congress on May 8, 2017, “If there has ever been a clarion call for vigilance and action against a threat to the very foundation of our Democratic political system, this episode is it.” Vladamir Putin alleges that Hillary Clinton (in 2011) during her tenure as Secretary of State spearheaded an influence operation against him which resulted in protest in more than 70 cities across Russia potentially undermining his control over the Kremlin. It is also possible that the accusation was a smoke screen to go after Ms. Clinton because he viewed her as most likely to become the Democratic Presidential nominee.  Putin’s smear campaign against America’s legitimate president was, and continues to be, unmitigated. Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s went viral in late August. It was given more fuel when she fainted from dehydration and pneumonia at a September 11 event in New York City. Among other propaganda; “…. Clinton murdered a DNC staffer. Just before Election Day, a story took off alleging that Clinton and her aides ran a pedophile ring in the basement of a D.C. pizza parlor.” Russian agents’ buy “ads on Facebook to target specific populations…. Four of the top five Google search results the day the U.S. released a report on the 2016 operation” (on January 7, 2017) “were links to Russia’s TV propaganda arm RT.” In three states that Trump was able to eek out “Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. In each they found what they believe is evidence that key swing voters were being drawn to fake news stories and anti-Clinton stories online. #pizzagate, for example, were disproportionately higher in swing districts and not in districts likely to vote for Trump. Facebook issued a report in April of 2017 acknowledging that much disinformation had been spread on its pages”. Facebook currently boast almost 2 billion monthly users and continues to be a gold mine for Russian misinformation campaigns, 2 & 3.” 1.      Massimo Calabresi, “Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America” Time Updated May18, 2017 (visited 7/24/17): 2.      Eugene Scott, “10 most damning findings from report on Russian election interference” CNN Politics January 7, 2017: 3.      Seth Fiegerman, “Facebook tops 1.9 Billion Monthly Users” CNN Tech May 3, 2017: Madame President you cannot be dissuaded by the likes of Vladamir Putin and the nefarious GOP. We the people chose, and insist, Ms. Clinton be declared the legitimate president; (I am petitioning on behalf of the electorate, citizenry, populous and the international community that hoped to see Hillary Clinton ascend to the highest magisterial position of our country, president). We demand an equitable result to the 2016 Presidential Election. Through insidious means, the GOP has taken over the Oval Office; there was voter suppression in North Carolina, Florida and Wisconsin, 4, and millions of Democratic votes were thrown out through faulty state cross checking (enough to hand over the election to Clinton), 5 & 6, and the most heinous of all, collusion with a foreign adversary, 7. Our Republic must stand against the attempted Oligarchy for the rich that the current administration is attempting to establish. From genocide against the indigenous peoples of North America, slavery, segregation Democracy has proven susceptible to constructive change over time. We must continue this trend by pushing back against institutional racism, honoring and emphasizing intellectual and academic achievement and combating other residual effects of our' flawed past and present. It starts with determining what type of country we want to be for the next two, three or more decades; Russia will not undermine our political system, we are determined to resist, persist and must prevail (our nations' future is at stake). No foreign adversary will gain an advantage over our government. The United States of America, our union, and that alone, will determine the future of this great country, 8. 4.      Alice Miranda Ollstein, "Republicans were wildly successful at suppressing voters in 2016" ThinkProgress, November 15, 2016: 5.      Ben Gelblum, “Ethnic Votes Stolen in Crucial States Help Fix US Election For Trump Reveals Greg Palast” Greg Palast Journalism and Film, November 16, 2016: 6.      Thom Hartmann, Richard Greene, “The Massive Election-Rigging Scandal the Media Ignored Republicans denied 7 million their right to vote, and no one seems to care.” Alternet, January 6, 2017:  7.       Zack Beauchamp, "Legal experts say Donald Trump Jr has just confessed to a federal crime" Vox, updated July 11, 2017 (Visited July 13, 2017): 8.      David Morris, "The Next President Will Likely Appoint 4 Supreme Court Justices: Which President Do You Want Picking Them?" Alternet July 27, 2016: The Electoral College failed to live up to the expectations of the Founding Father’s of our nation. As in the case of MARKS VS. STINSON•19 F.3d 873, 889 (3d Cir. 1994), we ask that the Electoral College ballots be voided as the Absentee votes were nullified by Philadelphia’s Appellate Court since Stinson won as a result of hundreds of illegal Absentee applications being enumerated; subsequently, the victor of the general election, Bruce Marks, was declared the winner (in the same vein) we must, again, revert to the general election tally for unprecedented reasons (particularly treason, voter suppression and the compromising of our national security); Hillary Clinton won by nearly 3 million popular votes in spite of the deplorable actions of the GOP. It should be noted that William Stinson was already certified into the Senate (as Trump has been inaugurated) nevertheless, Philadelphia's Appellate court removed Stinson and replaced him by his Republican rival Bruce Marks. Likewise, upon resolution of this case, we ask that Trump and all of his appointees be removed and replaced by Hillary and her choice of cabinet members for the grievous and aforementioned reasons. Our position is that Trump is already guilty of treason by aiding and abetting Russia in plain sight of the American people which disqualifies him due to treachery against the constitution he swore to uphold. When one' commits treason, they forfeit their rights of citizenry and no non-citizen can run for president, 9, subsequently this renders Trump illegitimate along with all of his appointees. The Supreme Court has entered into the electoral process twice in 2000, and 1876. Foreign influence has already been confirmed, 10, the "most deadly adversaries of republican government" ... are "chiefly from the desire in foreign powers" (in this instance Russia) "to gain an improper ascendant in our councils," Federalist No 68. Those are the words of the Founding Fathers’ and part of the reason the Electoral College was formed, but failed to serve its purpose. 9.      David Corn, "We already know Trump Betrayed America .... Collusion?Maybe. Active Enabling, Definitely" Mother Jones, July/August Issue: 10.   Steve Benen, "FBI and CIA agree: Russia’s operation intended to help Trump win" MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show / The MaddowBlog December 16, 2016: We ask for the following injunctions in order to prevent an inordinate burden on the presidential transition process. Hillary Clinton is allowed to start selecting members of her cabinet while this case is being litigated. Should this escalate to the Supreme Court, we ask that Trump's appointee (Neil Gorsuch) be recused from ruling on this matter. Because no president has ever been convicted of Treason, for such a heinous act, we ask that an independent prosecutor, who’s members’ have not serve in congress, be formed and supervised by the Supreme Court. Neil Gorsuch (Trump’s appointee) will also recuse himself from all matters regarding the lead prosecutor and his or her team. The appointee will be ordained with broad powers that, at a minimum, allows the ability to bring charges against the president (and the prosecutor cannot be terminated by executive order or by the attorney general) which will also help to ensure the public’s confidence in the integrity of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Therefore, information will be circulated between the Special Counsel and Independent Prosecutor. The prosecutor will, in addition, work with the FBI and other intelligence agencies and the court system to subpoena documents, administer interviews, issue reports and initiate and proceed with impeachment, criminal charges and treason or all against the executive branch, including the chief executive officer (Donald J. Trump), and any other collaborators. Also, we implore the court to stipulate that if Hillary Clinton accepts the presidency, she can only do so with a pledge not to grant a pardon to Mr. Donald J. Trump or any of his co-conspirators whether family or the GOP. If you are a lawyer and share my and the American people's outrage, please post a message to my petition and I will get in contact with you.   Sincerely   An American Patriot Ruldolph Pongnon CEO and Head Trainer Rising Storm Boxing and General Fitness Inc. And Activist, Holisticism Action Network, thanks.  

Ruldolph Pongnon
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Petition to We need a viral group of 20 million registered voters.

Together Let's Change American Presidential History in 10 Days!

This may be the most important document you ever read in your lifetime. By signing it you may be able to change and avert a political catastrophe. Right now we are being manipulated and intimidated into voting for either of two candidates that over 60% of the country does not want. Removing all partisan analysis, most American voters are honest and caring people who want America to come together and follow an agenda that reflects commonality of purpose, that allows the center of America to prosper. The choices we have been given reflect a representation of moneyed, undemocratic power elites for whom protecting foreign and domestic power, revenue flow and keeping taxes and regulations low at the cost of public safety are the dominant motivators. They are shameless in presenting these views. Primarily most Americans want a President with a moral compass to lead our great nation. A person who children can look up to and believe in. Without sinking to the level of current campaigning lets just say the two lead candidates do not reflect the minimum standards that most American children would want in a sports team captain. Let's leave it at that. We all know why we dislike both of these candidates, the question is what can we do about it? The system, on the surface fair, most feel has incorrectly pushed two candidates forward that the majority of American voters would not want in the office- the process seems inexorable, but its not. The Republican Convention is a done deal. The Democratic Convention appears to be a freight train out of control. Here is the ONE crack these political ward bosses have left. Ostensibly Bernie Sanders has endorsed Clinton so he and his delegates will be "allowed" to attend the Convention. There, the same super delegates who were picked from the beginning, will nominate Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders beats Trump in most local and national polls. If he was elected he would get little or nothing done as both Branches of Congress would be gridlocked and forced to coalesce to get even the most simple things done. If you sign this petition you are sending a message to the Democratic Super Delegates that this is not only your wish, BUT YOU WANT CONTROL OF YOUR POLITICAL SYSTEM BACK AND YOU EXPECT MORAL LEADERSHIP SELECTIONS IN THE FUTURE. If a hundred thousand people sign this it will have no effect. If 14 million people sign this it only means that the Bernicrats thought it was a good thing. If 20 million people sign this and they sign it before the super delegates vote in Philadelphia it means that AMERICA IS MAD AND IF THEIR WILL IS IGNORED THERE WILL BE DIRE CONSEQUENCES. So if you are a queasy Democrat or a Republican of good faith, real moral standing and believe in the common welfare and thoughtful political leadership of a President who should have high moral character- SIGN THIS PETITION. Then contact the super delegates and your own political representatives and tell them to put pressure on the super delegates to nominate Bernie Sanders. We have a choice- allow the race to continue unchanged and shame us, or take this moment in history and make it one we will all be proud of sharing,  I know Sanders is not the majority's first choice, but as a messenger of the voice of the American people he is a demonstrated point. There WILL not be a second chance to stop this- if either side gets their leader you won't believe the disaster that ensues, and you know it! Sign it now and circulate it to your friends. The time for individual courage is fast upon us and if you reflect too long- that reflection may turn to a larger legacy of regret. We have only one chance remaining to reclaim America's moral direction- let's not waste it.

Marty Milner
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Petition to Hillary Clinton, Clinton Campaign

Clinton Campaign: Demand Recount of Election

This may not be over. As much as we respect and admire the graciousness of Hillary Clinton’s concession, she may have made it in error. Prominent election lawyers and computer scientists have reached out to the Clinton campaign in the weeks since November 8th to urge them to demand an audit, or recount of the election results. According to these experts, there are serious discrepancies with the results in the swing states that Trump won: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Electronic voting machines are suspected, and may be responsible for the electoral victory of Donald Trump when America spoke and voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. As it stands, her popular vote lead is over 1.5 million votes. The futures and lives of so many hang in the balance: women, minorities, the LGBT community, and so many more. Not only these lives, but the path of our very democracy, the America we know and love and must fight to preserve hangs in the balance. As we have seen in these last few weeks since the election, white nationalism and neo-nazi groups are gaining momentum, their sociopathic, fascist rhetoric is reaching the mainstream media as never before, and members of Congress are describing how they will leave millions without healthcare and allow fossil fuel superpowers to destroy the progress we've made at lowering carbon emissions in order to combat climate change. President - Elect Trump himself is currently laying the foundations for the destruction of the freedom of the press even before inauguration. We implore you Hillary, and the Clinton campaign: please demand an audit, ensure the millions of Americans and citizens of the world abroad, may not have to face a future of fear, oppression, fascism, and environmental catastrophe. We must fight against this dark future for our country.

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Petition to United States Supreme Court, U.S. Senate, US House of Representatives

TRUMP WATCH: Demand Accountability and Action

The 2017 Trump TAPE: Take Action; Demand Accountability; Protect Democracy; and Ensure Elections Integrity Concerned Americans, both Clinton supporters and otherwise, have been left with legitimate concerns about the integrity of the 2016 presidential election. Free and fair elections are one of the cornerstones on which America was founded, and we should all protect the integrity of those elections regardless of party loyalty or candidate. If we do not hold accountable the various interventionist forces that meddled with the 2016 presidential election, we are contributing to a broader erosion of American principles, regardless of our party loyalties or affiliations. Americans seeing past party loyalty must wholly reject fake news, election tampering, foreign intervention via Wikileaks and Russian hacking, voter suppression, and obstructionist behavior by FBI Director James Comey. Moreover, we must stand together to ensure that an increasingly belligerent Donald Trump is held accountable through all legal avenues possible, to ensure the presidency does not become a place for profiteering, ethics and constitutional violations, conflicts of interest, and/or influence by hostile foreign nations. Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote with nearly 3 million votes, or 2.1%.  She has earned more votes than any other presidential nominee in history, second only to President Obama (whose 2012 total she virtually tied). This is unprecedented and demonstrates need for electoral college reform. About Us: Alex Mohajer (@alexmohajer) is a political writer and commentator for The Huffington Post and Co-Founder of Bros4America, a volunteer advocacy organization that has been leading a charge for a national effort to protect free and fair elections.  Media inquiries:

Alex Mohajer
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