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Don't Sign The Petition For Chad to Get Frosted Tips and Support single Anti-VAX Mother's

            I'm Just an 530 lb, Anti-VAX Mother of eight that is going to be running for President in 2020. Reid is trying to Start a petition to Have me get frosted tips. I don't want to look like I'm in a 90's boy band. So sign my Petition and Help me stop an Evil man from forcing me to get Frosted tips and remember to take Fluoride Shield so that the Globalist Don't take over our beautiful country and stop the cloud people,Yeah that's right Liberal, Democratic cloud born organisms that want to steal your babies right before there even born. So please consider signing this petition and stop the soy boys from spreading there COMMUNISM to are once great country. American will never fall to communist invasion. Communism is the very definition of failure and Embrace democracy or you will be eradicated, Democracy is the essence of good. Communism, the very definition of evil. We need to cover our heads in peanut butter and Hide in our tin foil covered basements so that the Shadow Masters or secret global super governments (Google) Don't scan are brains and our browsing history. So in conclusion what's important is to BUY FLUORIDE SHIELD on to protect your families from becoming brain dead communist fluoride monsters. Also just because I'm not vaccinated and currently have measles doesn't mean I'm idiot, and every since I got measles my kids got it too so donate so I can get an iron lung for littlest child Billy and here is a great web site for mothers in a similar situation to me The measles virus doesn't exist I offer 100k to anyone that can prove me wrong and even if I some how get proven wrong its fine,I didn't vaccinate my kids and that was there college money but they aren't going there now. People only say that its real to scare and control us with vaccines, like when the Illuminati told us the earth was round so that they could sell us globes and control space(which isn't real).So in conclusion support Single Anti-VAX Moms, don't vaccinate your children, BUY FLUORIDE SHIELD, and stop suppressing EPIC GAMERS. GAMERS RISE! (_)_)::::D PS: Bush did 9/11. Avengers: Endgame FULL MOVIE WATCH NOW FOR FREE  

Chad Blake
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Petition to United States Supreme Court, U.S. Senate, US House of Representatives, Alex Mohajer

TRUMP WATCH: Demand Accountability and Action

The 2017 Trump TAPE: Take Action; Demand Accountability; Protect Democracy; and Ensure Elections Integrity Concerned Americans, both Clinton supporters and otherwise, have been left with legitimate concerns about the integrity of the 2016 presidential election. Free and fair elections are one of the cornerstones on which America was founded, and we should all protect the integrity of those elections regardless of party loyalty or candidate. If we do not hold accountable the various interventionist forces that meddled with the 2016 presidential election, we are contributing to a broader erosion of American principles, regardless of our party loyalties or affiliations. Americans seeing past party loyalty must wholly reject fake news, election tampering, foreign intervention via Wikileaks and Russian hacking, voter suppression, and obstructionist behavior by FBI Director James Comey. Moreover, we must stand together to ensure that an increasingly belligerent Donald Trump is held accountable through all legal avenues possible, to ensure the presidency does not become a place for profiteering, ethics and constitutional violations, conflicts of interest, and/or influence by hostile foreign nations. Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote with nearly 3 million votes, or 2.1%.  She has earned more votes than any other presidential nominee in history, second only to President Obama (whose 2012 total she virtually tied). This is unprecedented and demonstrates need for electoral college reform. About Us: Alex Mohajer (@alexmohajer) is a political writer and commentator for The Huffington Post and Co-Founder of Bros4America, a volunteer advocacy organization that has been leading a charge for a national effort to protect free and fair elections.  Media inquiries:

Alex Mohajer
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Petition to Mike Pence, FOX News, CNN, NBC, President of the United States

STOP the MEAN Tweets ! Demand of Pres. Donald Trump to stop attacking people on Twitter

Whether you are a DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN, or Independent. Whether you support Trump's use of Twitter at times, or are totally against. Whether or not you support President Trump at all. We are all fellow Americans ! And WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE all agree that we must be kind to each other, and respect each other despite our possible differences as HUMANS ! Therefore we ask President Trump to please stop the personal attacks on Twitter ! Please do not call people dumb, or criticize their physical appearance, etc.. Mr. President, some of us believe you should continue using twitter to reach the public, while many of us disagree. Some of us think it is important that you fight back against the "Fake News" or opposing Politicians with twitter, while some of us do not. WE ALL AGREE however, that it is important to be KIND and Respectful toward each other. We also believe that our children look up to you as their President and do not want them growing up thinking it is OK to use personal attacks against people on social media.  Lastly, even for those among us who support you completely, we feel that when you are mean to others it makes all of us look bad. It also creates tremendous divisiveness among fellow Americans, because many assume that "Trump supporters" who support you are fine with kind of behavior. This is NOT TRUE with regards to the overwhelming majority, but unfortunately still causes us to be very divided. So with one voice, we the "Trump Supporters" and the "Trump Haters" TOGETHER ASK OF YOU that even when you feel the need need to stand up for your policies,PLEASE never use social media to personally attack people! Thank you 

David Gordon
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