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Petition to Operation Relentless Pursuit - #FINDSAMSAYERS, Lilly Burns

USFS allow Operation Relentless Pursuit to carry out its mission to #FINDSAMSAYERS

  Samantha Sayers, 28, has been missing since her day-hike to Vesper Peak on August 1st. The official SAR team has suspended their search, but the search by volunteers has grown ever-stronger. Operation Relentless Pursuit has been formed and in action with non-stop search for Sam. With nearly 34,000 followers and volunteers, the search will continue until Sam is found. After exhaustive Action Plans, Incident Action Plans, Standard Operations Procedures have been compiled and approved, and all supplies needed have been obtained, many through donations, Operations Relentless Pursuit was hit by a last-minute critical and unnecessary roadblock. We are asking that the Darrington Ranger District, Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest approve our previously approved Action Plans, Incident Action Plans and Standard Operating Procedures (which include Environmental Protection Precautions), to move forward with the use of helicopter deployment to remotely drop supplies to Vesper Peak, with expediency needed due to foreseen weather conditions. The Darrington Ranger District, Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forrest has denied Operation Relentless Pursuit approval to set up a forward operating base/incident center needed in their mission to #FindSamSayers. The use of a helicopter to provide initial logistical support is necessary to drop in necessary medical, communication, and team supplies for the Command Center (which would consist of a 10’x12’ footprint in an area previously used for camping). This decision to deny helicopter access (which has not been an issue before now) reduces the chance of finding Samantha Sayers, as searchers will not have direct logistical support therefore increasing fatigue levels and further placing SAR teams at risk.The reasoning stated per Darrington Ranger District: In the search area, the only footprint should be backpack based camps.  Anything going up to those higher elevations should be carried in by people, not helicopters. If you want to have a small satellite camp of tents up there, that is workable. The command post needs to be set up in an area that is less fragile and not along the trail. The families and Operation Relentless Pursuit are asking specifically:  Establish a base camp on the ridge above Lake Elan in pre-established campground sites. (Our understanding is that this territory falls under DNR, please advise) Allow the Forest Service to provide an environmental professional who can monitor our operations and make sure that our environmental impact is kept as limited as possible.   We need to bring Sam home, and we need your help. Thank you! For more information visit the Find Sam Sayers Resource Center @      

Lily Burns
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Petition to Jenny Burnett, Appalachian Mountain Club, James Wrigley

Stop the AMC from developing and cutting in the White Mountain National Forest

Please also visit us on Facebook! Stop the AMC on Facebook The AMC, or Appalachian Mountain Club, is proposing to develop a new landing site for their helicopters that deliver to the Lakes of the Cloud Hut in the White Mountain National Forest. To do this, they are proposing to cut down trees and develop on land owned by the National Forest. Currently, the AMC owns property by the AMC Highland Hut located in Crawford Notch, NH, less than a mile away from the proposed develop site. There is plenty of clear land available at the AMC Highland Hut for them to resume helicopter operations and delivery. The proposal to build on Base Road is just another monetary gain for the AMC at the cost of natural lands. The AMC has three proposals in regards to developing along Base Road in Bretton Woods, NH on the White Mountain National Forest. All three plans include clear cutting to get to the access point, or development on National Forest lands that would hamper and endanger local wildlife and vegetation. Here is their proposed plans: The AMC is trying their best to hide this from the local residents and the general public, using their clout to hide and push this through. DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS. This is a Boston, Massachusetts based company who is attempting to develop on our lands that we hold sacred!   We ask for your support in letting Jenny Burnett and the White Mountain National Forest know that you oppose this project and do not support it. To do this please write to Jenny Burnett & the WMNF via one of the following methods: E-mail:   Mail Address: White Mountain National Forest ServiceAttn: Jenny Burnett71 White Mountain DriveCampton, NH 03223 Phone Number: 603-536-6237   Reach out and contact Jenny Burnett and the White Mountain National Forest Service and let her know you oppose this project today! The deadline to contact them is June 10th, 2018.   Thank you for your support and let Jenny Burnett and the AMC know you don't support development on National Forest lands!   

Mt Washington Railway Company
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Petition to Kara Hahn

Reopen the Pine Barrens Trail Center

I love Ray. Do you?  Ray's message to all of us: "...we can, and must, set the stage for our successors."  My message to you is: Reopen the Pine Barrens Trail Center. The Raymond P. Corwin Pine Barrens Trail Center, or informally, Ray’s 2nd House, is now listed on Google as permanently closed. Why? Upon contacting Suffolk Parks for access to the building on a regular basis, we were told to contact the Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference (the members we spoke to were just as confused, thinking it closed as well). Though the water is running, the toilets are working, and the electricity is on, the public isn’t allowed inside. Several Quality Parks members are willing to put in a few volunteer hours to make sure the building remains open on the weekend. Quality Parks has liability insurance on record with Suffolk County, and can provide light maintenance such as cleaning, dusting, and emptying trash. Other groups could pitch in and would benefit too. Quality Parks is active in conservation and advocacy for public access to open spaces and water, for individuals and groups. We are willing to work with you to revise the RFP, so that more of us can keep the Ray's 2nd House open. Read the article: Visit timeline: Join Us:

Quality Parks
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Petition to Tom Nolan

Keep the loop! Preserve parking, biking, and hiking all the way 'round Twin Peaks!

I love San Francisco's Twin Peaks, and I love to bicycle all the way around the figure 8 loop up there, and take in the beautiful city and ocean views. Unfortunately, there’s a plan ("Twin Peaks Figure 8 Pilot Redesign") to change the traffic flow at the top of Twin Peaks in a way that: · would make it much more dangerous to bike, run, or walk around the entire figure 8 loop, · make it considerably more dangerous to drive over Twin Peaks, · eliminate all parking around the figure 8, · create bigger and more frequent traffic jams on Twin Peaks, · create big problems for tour bus operators, · and hamper emergency vehicle access to and over Twin Peaks. See the plan description here:  The plan will make it more dangerous for drivers as well as cyclists, runners, and walkers, as drivers distracted by the view pass one another in opposite directions around the sharp, blind curve on the west side of the north peak. Imagine what it would be like to be walking or cycling there when a tour bus is passing you with a car coming in the opposite direction. Or what about when two tour buses are passing one another? It doesn’t sound pretty to me, and the probability of a head-on collision around that blind curve will go up a huge amount. Add to that motorists leaving their lane to dodge the rocks that regularly fall on the road at that curve and the frequent dense fog, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. The proposed redesign would also be a major problem for tour bus drivers because even now, traffic at the parking lot at the overlook frequently gets backed up to a stop. Without parking around the figure 8, that situation would be much worse, and the number of cars parking illegally in the tour bus spaces would increase substantially. Bus drivers that can now continue around the loop or sometimes even park along the figure 8 would be unable to do so. In fact, bus drivers would be completely stuck, because they are legally prohibited from going down the north side of the hill, and would not have enough room to turn their buses around to travel down to Portola. That means terrible traffic jams, tourists stuck in buses and possibly missing other activities or flights at the airport later in the day, etc. Also, many stuck cars will travel down the north road and turn around in resident’s driveways. The plan is a "solution" for a problem that doesn't exist. Twin Peaks is one of the safest places to bicycle in San Francisco. To increase safety even further, the City could paint large one-way arrows in both traffic lanes to let drivers know that they can use both lanes to give cyclists and walkers even more room when they pass. They could paint clearly defined crosswalks to make it easier and safer for hikers on the trails to cross the road. And they could also paint a wide white line 4 – 6 feet away from the edge of the pavement all the way around the figure 8 loop to provide a marked area for walkers, runners, and hikers.  If enough people who actually use Twin Peaks sign this petition, the SFMTA will change the plan, and preserve safe access for cycling, running, and hiking around the loop, and parking for visitors who want to enjoy a beautiful sunset on a warm weekend evening. I attended and testified at the most recent hearing before the SFMTA (San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority) on 3/4/16, and almost everyone who testified was opposed to this plan. I plan to testify again at the upcoming meeting on this proposal: SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting  Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 1:00 pm (subject to change*)  San Francisco City Hall, Room 400  *To confirm: I sent an email opposed to this plan, and I hope you will too. Send your emails to:,, and Thanks! Jeff  San Francisco resident, homeowner, and voter. Suggested email: Hello. I’m writing to express my views on the proposed redesign for traffic flows on top of Twin Peaks.  I cycle, run, or walk at the top of Twin Peaks, and I greatly value the ability to go all the way around the figure 8 with two lanes of traffic going in the same direction. Because there are two lanes of traffic in the same direction, and the traffic volume is usually low, it gives the cars plenty of room to easily pass bicycles, runners, and walkers. It’s actually one of the best, and safest, places to bicycle in San Francisco. Being able to do loops all the way around and take in the views on both sides of the peaks is a big plus. I’m concerned that the new head-on two-way traffic flow would make looping around the full figure 8 much more dangerous for cyclists, runners, walkers, and drivers. With two lanes of traffic going in opposite directions, conflicts with cars and tour buses attempting to stay in their single lane would make cycling or walking on that side far more dangerous. The probability of head-on collisions between cars and between cars and tour buses would also substantially increase. The current situation seems to be working fine for everyone. There are many bicyclists who do the whole loop. And most hikers and runners do the loop on the wide shoulder of the road. Another significant drawback to the proposed plan is that on weekends and at sunset there are many cars parked up there along the guard wall, and this plan would eliminate the available parking along the wall. It would be a significant loss to eliminate that option for the many, many people who go up there to enjoy the view.   In summary, I strongly oppose the proposed redesign. It seems to be attempting to “solve” a problem that doesn’t exist. Please don’t change the two lanes of traffic in a single direction looping around both peaks. Thank you.  

Jeffrey Perrone
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