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Urge Government to install Highway Improvements at intersection of Humboldt Bronco's Crash

   This petition has been started because of an accident that took place at the intersection of Highway 35 and Highway 335, about 300 kilometres north of Regina, a bus carrying the Humboldt Bronco's collided with a tractor-trailer hauling peat moss. Both vehicles were obliterated by the impact and 15 passengers were killed. The intersection has had numerous collisions and fatalities in the past and still no "Rumble strips" have been added. I believe people are not seeing that they must stop at this intersection and rumble strips will help wake them up and prevent collisions. Also additional flashing lights before the intersection should be installed as well to catch their attention. The province has yet to do this, and I'm setting up this petition, to hopefully get the Ministry of Transportation to install the rumble strips immediately! As well as the flashing lights so that we can prevent another tragedy from happening in the future. Someone also suggested some of the trees near the intersection, could be cleared to help allow driver's to see it. Also maybe this intersection needs to be turned into an overpass? That's for a later discussion but might be necessary to do for the future if accidents keep occurring here. Please sign this petition, and let's urge the Government to install rumble strips, flashing lights, and tree removal into place! Thank you for all the support everyone!  

Brandon Marshall
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Started 12 months ago

Petition to The Ministry of Transportation, The Honourable Steven Del Duca, Department of Transportation

Install Barriers on the 400 series Highways

In light of a series of fatal crashes in recent months occurring on the 400 series Highways, I am proposing the installation of concrete barriers to divide east-west and north-south bound avenues. Traveling on the highway should not be a probable death sentence and ensuring that cars, trucks and motorcycles cannot cross into oncoming traffic should be given top priority when planning highway infrastructure improvements.  The number of motorist fatalities on OPP patrolled roads is constantly increasing (this year to date, we have had 30 motorcycle fatalities, for example, a number that's already almost as high as 2016's total of 36). Just yesterday, a mother and child lost their lives, near Dutton on the 401, due to a pickup truck crossing into oncoming traffic and causing a head on collision. These numbers and this trend speak for themselves. Measures must be taken and implemented quickly in order to properly divide avenues of highway traffic and minimize these sorts of collisions.  Head on collisions, while being the most infrequent type of motor vehicle accidents, are, by far, the ones with the highest rates of fatality and/or serious injury. At highway speeds a head on collision is paramount to a death sentence, almost exclusively. The human (and financial) cost of these collisions far outweighs the cost of the concrete barriers being proposed here.  Concrete barriers on the 400 Series would ensure that head on collisions on the highways were drastically reduced and would save countless lives as a result. Please, sign and share this petition. We were promised safety medians before (around Chatham, for example) yet these plans have yet to come to fruition. We must place more pressure on municipal, provincial and federal governments to step up to the plate as more and more motorists are required to drive these stretches of roads. Our safety should be a top priority and this problem will continue to proportionately escalate as traffic volume escalates.  Please, sign, share and write to your local Ministry of Transportation to demand that safety measures be implemented and that this petition be reviewed and considered in a timely and serious manner. 

Vanessa Dykeman
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