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Petition to Gary Herbert

Require state employees to act responsibly when representing the great state of Utah.

The great state of Utah has a rich and wonderful history. Whether your family crossed the plains 100 years ago to settle the territory, or you're a modern day pioneer who was drawn here for the beautiful scenery, world-class snow, and amazing economy, we all share one thing - we're proud to call Utah home.  Our state was one of the country's best kept secrets until 2002 when we invited the world to experience our gorgeous mountains and welcoming, gracious people for the Olympics. Utah put on one of the most memorable and efficient olympics in history. We made a name for ourselves, and that is why it saddens me to feel the need to start this petition. It has come to my attention that certain state employees in very high profile positions have acted in a way that is entirely unbecoming of someone tasked with the honor of representing Utah and her 2 millions citizens. We, the people of Utah, are requesting Governor Gary Herbert to enact new laws requiring every state employee to carry themselves in a manner consistent with public figures. We will leave it to the governor to determine exactly what that means and how it is enforced, but for the sake of clarity, we will suggest that violent outbursts, vulgar language, and inappropriate relationships should be considered.  When a state employee, that is to say, an employee who is paid with the hard earned tax dollars of every person in this state, acts not in accordance to basic principles of decency and decorum, they should be relieved of the privilege of working for the state. As such, we, the people of Utah, in light of recent events (see link 1.a below) request that Governor Herbert immediately release Chris Hill from his position as the athletic director for the University of Utah. His actions are not only hurting the school and state reputation, but they are influencing the minds and behaviors of the impressionable students who look up to him (see link 1.b). The University of Utah is the flagship university of our state. It is known for the research it's compiled on cancer, the wonderful service it has performed around the globe, and many other things. Yet, the athletic department is by far the most well known aspect of the university. It is the public face of the school, the school that represents our state. We gave him the benefit of the doubt and looked past the cancellation of one of the country's longest standing rivalries. He was given a free pass after allegations of student athlete abuse surfaced from the swim team. He has been given multiple second and third chances, and we are done. No more chances, no more embarrassing the state, no more Dr. Hill. Please sign this petition, showing you support an effort to reclaim the good name of Utah and to ensure that her representatives are representing you as they should.     References: Link 1.a - (warning, very graphic language) Link 1.b -    

Judith Sorensen
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Petition to W. Taylor Revely III, Virginia Miller Ambler, Marilyn W. Midyette, Janice Zeman, Michael Deschenes

A Petition to Reinstate the Kinesiology Activity Program at the College of William & Mary

We, as alumni and students of the College of William & Mary, are troubled by the decision to end the College's Kinesiology Activity Program before a suitable substitute for the program is put in place, as described in Heather Baier's article published in The Flat Hat on November 13, 2017, entitled "The Adventure Ends:  A Farewell to the College's Beloved Kinesiology Activities Courses." We believe that the opportunities for growth, recreation, relaxation, and social engagement afforded by the Kinesiology Activity Program are an essential part of student life at the College.  For many of us who are Alumni, some of our fondest memories and strongest friendships were formed while rock climbing, hiking, or kayaking on Lake Matoaka in these courses.  This program fosters the development of well-rounded individuals in a manner consistent with the liberal arts traditions of the College and should remain available to present and future students. We wish to engage the Administration of the College and the leadership of the Alumni Association in constructive dialogue to try to achieve the following goals:  (1) to reinstate or continue the Kinesiology Activity Program for at least the next three academic years or until the launch of a fully-developed substitute physical activities program and (2) to retain Kinesiology Lecturers Kim Whitley and Randy Drake as physical activities instructors at the College for three calendar years or until each reaches eligibility for full retirement.

Jon Hollis
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