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Petition to Department of Education

Join the WAVE on Equity for Students with Chronic Health Conditions in Higher Education

Video Explanation HERE: (coming soon) There is federal policy which protects handicapped students from discrimination in higher education (community and state colleges, universities, etc.). This language needs to be changed to students with disabilities AND chronic health conditions. Its current guarantees cover academic accommodations such as exam/assignment adjustments and other related accommodations such as housing support, counseling services, or employment assistance. But these policies are imperfect - leading to academic and administrative struggles for some young adults eager to learn, but impacted by their medical conditions. Unfortunately not every student benefits to the same degree from the provisions made in higher-education by these policies. Unable to get the needed accommodations, the majority of students with chronic health conditions face failing grades or become forced to withdraw completely. Some students drop out, having never heard of these policies at all. Current policy guarantees need to be enforced better, and new policy provisions need to specifically state the inclusion of all students with any chronic health condition (physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral). A wide range of medical phenomenon can impact students, from chronic unpredictable absenteeism (i.e. health ‘flare-ups’) to varying medication side-effects and (medical) course withdrawal or leave - most of which are NOT necessarily described by the existing policy language: The University System of Maryland (USM) Current Law Example: The USM does not have a policy specifically addressing the accommodation of students with chronic health conditions. The Department of Legislative Services also reviewed the policies of several large USM institutions and did not find such a policy. USM policy does require that all policies, programs, and activities of the university system be in conformity with all pertinent federal and State laws on nondiscrimination regarding race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, and disability. You can read more HERE. Additionally, the pandemic showed the public's access to virtual education – this must be kept and improved for students with chronic health conditions as a hybrid option to participate in higher education. Luckily there are non-profit organizations devoted to serving this population of young adults by championing for these policy changes at the state and federal level. They are asking for your help. The Department of Education is calling for comments to policy within Section 504, the piece of legislature that guarantees the rights of students with disabilities from discrimination in federally-funded institutions. You can read more about it HERE. Please sign our petition and show your support for the enforcement & additions to Section 504 Policy below! In the reason section, tell us the changes you want to make for students with chronic health conditions in higher education, why it is important to you, or if a chronic health condition has changed your own academic journey. Then share this petition with your friends and family or any other student you think may want change in higher education! Thank you! Invisible Wave Movement (homepage) - A Social Movement to Support Young Adults with Chronic Health Conditions Physician-Parent Caregivers (homepage) - devoted to advancing the quality of care and quality of life for young adults with chronic conditions E-mail us at if you have any comments or want to join our steering committee. 

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Petition to Eastern Kentucky University

Save the TRIO NOVA Program at EKU!

Hey y'all, The U.S. Department of Education Federal TRIO Programs are federal outreach services targeted to serve and assist low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and individuals with disabilities. Eastern Kentucky University's TRIO Student Support Service "NOVA Program" was first funded in 1975 and has been serving the students of Appalachia ever since. This program is the embodiment of found family, support, and resilience. They are funded to serve 206 students per year but with a mere four member staff exceed their call and serve 280 students each year.  I write to you today to say that this program is in grave danger. The Eastern Progress, the EKU Student News Publication recently reported "NOVA program students rally against forced exodus": Linked here. Please take your time to read the article. If you are affiliated with EKU you may take part in a petition linked on the publication.  Federal grants hinge on a collaborative and supportive institutional host environment- and unfortunately EKU's commitment to the 47 year program is up for question. For over 30 years, this program has operated from the historical Turley House. It is a commitment to the program to provide this space for the myriad of services that the EKU NOVA program offers. Most devastating in this exodus, students lose dedicated space for student study, student lounge, and a fully operating kitchen to gather around meals- truly a rare and comforting space for students from similar backgrounds to gather together and revel in their community and fellowship. In particular, the home brings comfort to so many students who may experience marginal housing or homelessness.  In the article you will learn that the program is being moved to the repurposed dormitory building with little space and is hardily fitting for a program meant to support the retention, success, and graduation completion of the underserved student populations that NOVA works so diligently to support. Please share your support of this program with others in the TRIO Family because we know that TRIO WORKS! Share with family, friends, and importantly, tag Eastern Kentucky University when you do so to let them hear the PEOPLE speak!  What can you do?  Sign this petition!  Post your support of the NOVA Program on social media Thank you all!  Paris Nelson Former EKU NOVA Staff and Passionate supporter of the passionate, brave, and inspiring NOVA students who are CLAIMING their space and making their voices HEARD! I am so very proud of each and every NOVA student. 

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Petition to The President of the University of Lynchburg and the Board of Trustees

Remove Liberty University influence and Falwell name from The University of Lynchburg.

The University of Lynchburg is independent and distinct from the values and mission of Liberty University. Over the past several years Liberty has encroached on the decision making process of the University of Lynchburg. Examples of this include but are not limited to the following: 1. A terrace has been named for Jerry Falwell Sr. 2. The University of Lynchburg has accepted gifts and money from Liberty University valued at 1 million dollars.  3. Chaplins and professors may have been silenced on campus so as to appease Liberty.  4. University of Lynchburg Students have been housed in Liberty dorms and teams have shared facilities.   In honor of our core values that run contrary to those at Liberty we have hope that a change will be made. We urge the incoming University of Lynchburg President Alison Morrison-Shetlar and the Board of Trustees--in keeping with our history, our alumni, our professors past and present, and particularly for our community members of color and those identifying as LGBTQ--to do the following: 1. Affirm the right of free speech and assembly at the University of Lynchburg, as well as support diversity of thought and expression on campus.  2. Remove the Falwell name from the new terrace and campus.  3. Stop receiving money and gifts of any kind from Liberty.  4. End the University of Lynchburg's relationship with Liberty unless for purely academic experiences and in rare circumstances.  We expect this to happen before students arrive on campus in mid August. Students of many generations have chosen UofL as their home because it is a "College that changes lives." They did not sign up for an institution that upholds (or is perceived to uphold) the damaging ideology of Jerry Falwell Sr.. We look forward to a bright, vibrant future for the University of Lynchburg. This is a step in the right direction. 

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