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Petition for NY Schools to Donate Excess Food to Alleviate Hunger Crisis

This petition is to advocate for the schools in New York to opt into the law passed in 2017, encouraging schools to donate their food excess to the nonprofits who will donate this food to the less fortunate. New York City has the most food insecurity of any city in the nation. 1 in 4 people in NYC experience hunger on a regular basis. According to the Coalition for the Homeless, in NYC families make up 70% of the homeless in shelters, 40% of those are children. In NYC, 10% of the children in schools are homeless. While the United States is seeing the worst homelessness and hunger in the history of the nation, 133 billion tons of food goes to waste every year. There is literally enough good food going to waste that no one in America should be going hungry. In September of 2017, a law was passed for all schools in New York from the Pre-K to the University-Level to donate their excess food to charitable organizations that can distribute their excess food to the homeless and poor. I am the Founder & President of a 501(c)3 Nonprofit, Catering for the Homeless, Inc., which is utilizing food excess from catering companies, schools, restaurants, and groceries stores for the millions of New Yorkers who need it. Catering for the Homeless has provided 30,000 meals, 13,000 toiletries, and 210 bags of clothes for the homeless and poor throughout NYC so far. Almost 100 schools have been contacted to get on-board with this new law, but until the Department of Education (DOE) opts into this law, most of the schools will not get on-board, and will continue to throw away perfectly good, quality, untouched food into the trash on a regular basis. If you believe that the schools in New York State and City should donate their food excess to the hungry in their communities to alleviate this hunger crisis, thank you for signing this petition.  Visit for more information. To view more information about Senator Joseph Addabbo's Food Law encouraging schools to donate their food excess to the charities who can distribute their food to the hungry and poor in the community please visit:

Catering for the Homeless, Inc.
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Petition to Vivian Orlen, Marisol Rosales, Bill DiBlasio, Richard Carranza

Bring Fame Back to the "Fame" School!

What if Timothée Chalamet, Robert DeNiro, or Jennifer Aniston didn't have the chance to study drama at a high school for the arts? What if Ben Vereen or Desmond Richardson weren’t able to study dance; or Nicki Minaj and Pinchas Zuckerman, music; or Milton Glaser, art?The world would be a poorer place without their enormous contributions. Fortunately, they went to the best high school in the country for artistically gifted students  - Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in NYC. Unfortunately, the next generation of talented artists may not have the same opportunity to develop their skills.Since the 2013 arrival of principal Dr. Lisa Mars, LaGuardia's admission process has been radically altered in favor of academic scores and attendance records.  With these new admission criteria, talent counts for only 14% of the admission decision.* As a result, hundreds of qualified and gifted students have been denied admission.This change not only defies the 80-year-old mission of the Fame school, it also violates the Hecht-Calandra Act of 1971, which gives specialized high schools the unique power to choose their students based on a specific set of criteria. We demand that the Department of Education return the admission criteria to those consistent with the law and the original mission of the school. The Facts The Hecht-Calandra law provides that candidates for a specialized arts high school be required to “pass competitive examinations in music and/or the arts in addition to presenting evidence of satisfactory achievement.” However, since 2013, applicants who do not have at least a grade of 80 in every core academic subject are rejected, regardless of their audition score. So a student can receive a perfect 100 on their audition but be rejected because of a 79 they got in junior high school math. According to the 2015/16 Department of Education School Survey:       - Only 13% of LaGuardia's teachers say they trust the principal       - Only 12% of teachers say the principal is an effective manager who makes the school run smoothly       - Only 16% of teachers say that the principal places the needs of children ahead of her personal interests       - The United Federation of Teachers is now publicly behind this petition and has given Dr. Mars a vote of no confidence.       - According to the 2017-18 School Performance Dashboard, Dr. Mars received a stunning 1.44 for Trust (out of 4.99), far below standards.  The esteemed legacy of LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts must continue. By our signatures below, we demand a return to admission requirements consistent with the Hecht-Calandra law and effective leadership for the school. * This percentage was for the 2013/14 school year, provided by a Freedom of Information Law request. Requests for subsequent years’ admission statistics have gone unanswered. 

LaGuardia High
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