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Petition to Secretary of Education

Release the Names of Secondary Schools Under Investigation for Mishandling Cases of Sexual Assault

Last year multiple teenage girls in our hometown of Norman, OK were raped by the same classmate and then bullied out of their school. Their peers blamed and shamed them, and the school administration was ill-equipped to handle these cases. The perpetrator wasn’t arrested until we formed the group Yes All Daughters and staged a protest in response to the school administration's mishandling of these cases. We must hold schools like Norman High accountable for their inaction. Sign our petition to tell the Department of Education it is time they release the names of secondary schools under investigation for the criminal negligence of sexual assault cases. High school girls are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault, yet too many schools nationwide are not being proactive in combating rape and sexual violence among their students. After our protest at Norman High School, Oklahoma passed a law to train teachers and administrators on how to respond to survivors of sexual assault to prevent further re-victimization. This year we helped pass key provisions of the Teach Safe Relationships Act of 2015 – a law that requires schools to implement education programs to prevent sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Under Title IX, every student has the right to go to school free from sexual harassment and gender-based violence and discrimination. This includes bullying of sexual assault survivors. In most cases administrators fail to understand their obligation under the law to protect victims. Incompetence in sexual assault cases is far too common. It is the responsibility of administrators to protect our children, and when they fail to do so they must be held accountable. Over the past few years the epidemic of sexual assault at colleges and universities has become national news. The Department of Education released a list of colleges and universities under investigation for Title IX violations in their handling of sexual assault cases -- but this information is not available publicly for middle and high schools. Join us in demanding the Department of Education publish the list of high schools being investigated for violating Title IX. Learn more about Yes All Daughters Learn more about SafeBAE  

Yes All Daughters
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Petition to The Governor of the State of New Jersey, The Senate President / Assembly Speaker of the State of New Jersey, New Jersey Office of Legislative Services

Student Samaritan Initiative - Require Teens to Submit Proof of CPR Training to the DMV

Over 350,000 out-of-hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrests occur annually, as reported by the American Heart Association. Unfortunately only 8% of these victims survive, with barely a fraction of these who walk out of the hospital. "In cities such as Seattle, Washington, where cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training is widespread and emergency medical services (EMS) response time to defibrillation is short, the survival rate for witnessed ventricular fibrillation (VF) is about 30%; and WHEREAS, Conversely, in cities such as New York City, where few victims receive bystander CPR and time to EMS response and defibrillation is longer, survival from sudden VF cardiac arrest averages under 2%; and WHEREAS, When combined with a timely response by emergency medical services, CPR can drastically increase a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival; and WHEREAS, Encouraging boards of education to include CPR training as part of the high school curriculum will provide students with crucial life-saving instruction and will drastically increase the safety of the State’s citizens"- Assembly Resolution No. 13; State of New Jersey 214th Legislature But there’s something we can do to change this. According to the American Heart Association and recent scientific research, effective and proper bystander CPR can double, or even triple a victim's chance of survival. With better training comes better survival outcomes. The High School Association of Medical Engineers & Scientists, Inc. (HAMES), a New Jersey based Nonprofit Organization run by high school students, has launched the Student Samaritan Initiative to challenge these statistics.  The Student Samaritan Initiative Project has two incentives: 1). Dispatch our certified Instructors to at least one school in every county in New Jersey, and promote free hands-only CPR & AED training. 2). Petition the State of New Jersey to make an amendment to the Assembly Bill A2027 regarding the enforcement of CPR training in schools. On August 20th, 2014, the State of New Jersey had passed a Moderate Partisan Bill that required high schools to integrate a form of CPR training within the health curriculum (certification not required) prior to a high school student’s graduation. Although the establishment of this Bill is a major step towards improving Sudden Cardiac Arrest survival rates in the community, HAMES feels this act can be further strictly enforced and regulated.  In the name of the Student Samaritan Initiative, HAMES and the people of New Jersey are petitioning the State of New Jersey to make an amendment that requires minors to provide proof of CPR training to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission during the application of a probationary driving permit.  It is our hope that with this enactment, New Jerseyans will be comforted to a high degree with the guaranteed assurance that the entire generation of new drivers have received quality training in the performance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of an AED. By signing this petition, you’ll express your support towards this major impact and the continued mission of turning students into samaritans. To learn more about the cause, visit

High School Association of Medical Engineers & Scientists, Inc. (HAMES)
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Petition to Mark Steffen, Terry Ragins, Martha Deutsch, Don Lee, Michael Wermers

Stop Disrespectful Use of Native American Gear at West High

I am writing to you as an ethnically mixed student with concern over treatment of Native American culture in my high school. As a senior currently attending West High School, over my years here, the immensely disrespectful practices towards the Indigenous peoples of America have become increasingly noticeable. Possessing a Choctaw background, I am frequently made uncomfortable by the use of culturally, historically, and spiritually significant accessories as party costumes. Specifically, I am regarding the adornment of native war bonnets or feather headdresses. West High’s mascot, the “Warrior,” an ambiguous Native American chief, inspires much of the school’s branding to be based upon vaguely native and tribal imagery, which in itself is questionable. Among the various native-inspired pieces, wearing the war bonnet is where it becomes clearly, without a doubt, disrespectful and offensive. Feathered war bonnets have both cultural and spiritual importance. Every single eagle feather has to be earned as a recognition of a grand achievement. Historically, only legendary war heroes and leaders gained the ability to wear a war bonnet, since, as the name implies, they are not simply accessories, they are honors of war. It is nearly the equivalent of being knighted or receiving a Silver Star. Many Americans would be completely outraged if high school students wore mock Purple Heart medals as part of a costume to a school party. Fake war bonnets, as opposed to authentic war bonnets, are even more offensive as it mocks not only the military history, but also the religious meaning in the natural eagle feathers. Each eagle feather, blessed and sacred, serves as a special connection to God. There are a select few students and staff that choose to wear the grossly inappropriate eagle feather war bonnets, labeled simply as headdresses, during school-wide rallies, football games, and even during our first parade. The solution is simple: ban wearing any Native American gear at West High unless it is explicitly to celebrate Native American heritage and culture. In total, there are only about ten people in total who regularly wear the mock war bonnets, meaning there will not be many people affected by this ban yet this will be an enormous step towards respecting diversity and coexisting with indigenous peoples. Being respectful and caring towards an oppressed peoples is more important than trying to maintain a racist party hat.  Please help me, and all the native peoples of America, to stop another instance of indigenous discrimination. Thank you,  Eternia Love Lee 

Eternia Lee
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Petition to the Under Secretary of the Department of Education

Require every high school to have college preparation courses

Many students discover that college is much harder than they anticipated while in high school. Most high schools focus on academic achievement and standardized testing while neglecting to prepare their students with the life skills needed to succeed in college. This has caused many students to assume that college will be similar to the testing and the studying they did for the standardized tests, but leaves them unprepared for the workload and stress of actual college life. As a result, large numbers of freshmen feel overwhelmed, suffering from anxiety and depression. Tragically, many even commit suicide. This is far more than any student (or family) should bear, especially when college should be an exciting time of learning and growth. Although no program can eliminate every problem, many students would be greatly helped if college preparedness classes were offered in high school. These classes would teach students about dorm living, college level workloads and performance expectations, how to manage time and sleep, how to take care of themselves, and what type of resources are available (i.e. tutoring, counseling, health and financial aid). I am a college freshmen and I and many of my friends have faced some of these issues. If high schools required college preparedness classes, students would be better able to adjust to college life and succeed in their academic careers. 

Katie Schaefer
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