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Petition to James Jackson

Improve safety & baseball field/facility conditions at our high school

We the parents of Southwest DeKalb and neighboring high schools, are calling for the installation of lights on our schools baseball fields. Not providing adequate lighting is a huge safety concern for our children. Furthermore, it is extremely unfair and a disadvantage for our students/athletes to cancel or end games prematurely due to a lack of standard operational facility accommodations.  Our children should be given an equal opportunity to play baseball for their high school in hopes of obtaining athletic scholarships for college. It is no secret,  and in fact there are many articles written by Major League Baseball referencing the decline of black players in baseball. It starts here! It starts with inner city, predominantly black schools such as ours not having sufficient amenities for our players. We have to give our children an opportunity to excel in this sport by supplying them with basic necessities to play the sport to its full advantage. When we put forth effort and give our players tools to succeed, they will develop a love & passion for this sport to perhaps become the next great MLB player. Our students shouldn't have to travel outside their home school to experience what it is like to have basic field amenities.  When you attend a baseball game, you are guaranteed to have: 1) lights 2) scoreboard  3) field house or stand for scorekeeper 4) concession stands 5) bathrooms  At Southwest DeKalb High School, we have none of these basic needs. We are not allowed to charge entrance fees like schools in other counties. We visit other schools and have to pay to see our child play. They are able to put that money back in their program to provide for their athletes. DeKalb does not allow us the same opportunity to do so for our athletes. Therefore, we are requesting Dekalb County School District to put forth some effort to provide at least lights for our children to play baseball for their school without the stress of losing sunlight. And if nothing else, provide an operable scoreboard as well.  Thank you               

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Petition to Frank Nunan, Daniel McGarry, School Board

Players Over Politics

#playersoverpolitics As a student-athlete, imagine having a locker room without lockers. Or playing on a field that receives little maintenance or grass management, increasing the risk of avoidable injuries This ongoing degrade of athletic facilities at Upper Darby High School has cultivated turmoil between coaching staff of the football program and Administration. After numerous requests for proper field management and for lockers, the staff turned to parents and Alumni for support. Administration’s response to this outcry was not to improve conditions for athletes but to make the situation worse; force the Head Coach into retirement and fire the Offensive Coordinator. Their statement reads as such:“After careful evaluation, it has been determined that the administration and Coach Rich Gentile do not share the same vision of the future of the football program. As a result, Coach Gentile will be leaving the head coaching role after the 2019 season. A plan will be developed for the hiring of a new head football coach and transitioning that coach into the role for the 2020 season.” This decision was made by the acting Superintendent, Dr. Daniel McGarry and Athletic Director, Frank Nunan. It’s apparent with this course of action, the agenda of both these individuals is to not act in the best interest of student-athletes, but themselves. The firing of Coach Gentile and Ruffenach after their unwavering fortitude to advocate for players sends the incorrect message to these young adults and diminishes the continuity of the program.  Please sign our petition, voicing your support of players over politics. Our goal is to: Activate the School Board to reverse course from the actions of Administration, reinstating Coach Gentile and Ruffenach. Allow Coach Gentile to retire on his own accord. After 37 years of coaching, his wish was to retire in 2021 following the 100th anniversary of the Thanksgiving Game Facilitate change in the conditions of athletic facilities.  Read more: Gentile to coach one more season at Upper Darby Thank you for your support.  - Upper Darby Football Alumni

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