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Petition to John Kasich

I want to bring justice to the children who have no voice in the heroin epidemic

We all are aware of the Heroin epidemic in Ohio and need to strive for a change. This is all I read while doing research for this petition. In 2016 Ohio was the state to have the most overdose deaths in the nation. This has to stop. Governor John Kasich signed the House Bill 110, also known as "911 Good Samaritan" law that grants immunity to overdose calls. This grants the person overdosing 2 chances of immunity from any charges. The two provisions added were " immunity is only good for two times and not available for people on parole or probation". The second was Medical professionals can share with law enforcement the name and address of the person who overdosed for further investigation and follow-up. Many people worry this will prevent people from doing the right thing by calling 911 because the person overdosing and/ or the caller will be charged and put in jail. My problem with this bill is that I keep hearing and reading how this bill was signed so we could save lives and hopefully find a solution to the on going problem. My problem I face is that people are overdosing while their children or other children are around and they witness these things. This can be torturous to a child, as mine had to witness it on a weekend they were spending with their father. This is the story they retold to me as well as my fiance'. I was horrified to think someone could do this with their children in the home. On December 10th my children ages 6 and 11 were with their father while his girlfriend was working. He had a couple buddies over and my children were asked by their father to go in the other room while he spoke to these guys. My children respectfully gave him his space and went back to playing. About 15 minutes later the guys left and my children wanted to play with their dad. They said he told them he wanted to lay down. Minutes later he was asking them crazy questions such as "did I smoke my cigarette?" My youngest son went in and got my oldest son as he knew something wasn't right. My oldest son went in to talk to his father and said he looked sick. So they left him sleep for a couple minutes. My youngest son went back in wanting to play because this was the second day of the weekend and he knew time was ticking. He ran back out to get my oldest son because his father had "white stuff" coming out of his mouth and sweating really bad. His eyes were rolling into the back of his head and he kept making these weird noises my youngest son explained. My oldest son picked up the phone and called the first person listed in the contacts and this was his father's girlfriend. She told me the boys explained everything to them and she finished delivering pizzas and didn't want the kids to hang up with her to call 911 she was going to see what was going on. 45 minutes later she rushes home to find him unresponsive and my children scared to death. She called me right away to ask what to do and I told her to call 911 I would be there to pick my children up. The scene that I pulled up to scared me so I know the boys were scared. 2 police cars and a EMS. My fiance' went into the house to get my boys because I was so furious I didn't want to see either of their faces. My children came out of the house with clothes falling out of their book bags, shoes untied, and shorts on in December. This is the image that will never leave my mind. Things had been going great with visitation for about 3 months prior to this and he had not seen them prior to that 3 months for almost a year. He claimed to be drug free. This is the problem he was never charged even though he was on parole. My children had to witness this first hand and are aware that they did an amazing job and saved a life. What about these children that do not have one out of two parents drug free? If these children live in a home where 2 parents are addicts they have to live though this more than once and maybe up to 4 times (2 times each parent) before the police are able by law to make them responsible for putting these kids in these awful situations? If the children do not see the adult have any consequences to their actions what is that teaching our children? When will the cycle stop if the kids are seeing the mistake made but the law is unable to punish them. This problem is going to keep growing because the children are the victim and someone needs to step up and be their voice. They need to know right from wrong and understand that when you do illegal things like drugs the law will not back you up. The law that was passed is fair I believe but when a child is involved there should be no immunity the user didn't just endanger themselves they endangered a child they are supposed to protect and show them right from wrong. How can we beat this epidemic when we are teaching the children that when they see a parent overdose it's okay because they were saved by the real hero's, EMS and the Police Officers. They should look up to their parent as the hero's. This bill needs to be changed so we can break the cycle and bring the understanding of the law back to our children and future generations. Illegal mean against the law and should stay that way. Endangering or neglecting a child is a crime in all other situations such as driving while intoxicated. The person drinks and that is completely legal until they get behind the wheel of a car and drive with their children in tow. What happens? They are arrested, cited with DUI, charged with child endangering, and it all stemmed from a legal action. When a drug user uses a drug it is illegal, when they overdose because of that drug, that's illegal. When they endanger a child by using the drugs and overdose and have to be revived while leaving the child unattended because they are incoherent.... That is legal because of Bill 110 that was signed by the governor that grant the user immunity. Some may say I have no clue what I am talking about because I have never been down that road. Correction, I have been and this is why I am fighting so hard because some of these children do not have a parent fighting for their best interest so I WILL. I was a user for many years, lost loved ones due to an overdoses, and have witnessed it first hand. I have changed my life around and have given my children a fighting chance, but some may not do the same because the addiction is much stronger than they are at that point in their life. Maybe it's time we have tough love and show the children when you do something wrong it will not be tolerated or excepted. Fight for justice for the children, fight for our future, fight for what is right!  

Deana Papp
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Petition to Phil Murphy, Sheila Oliver, Joe Vitale

Change policy for Recovery Housing in NJ

New Jersey's antiquated laws do not currently support Best Practices for Recovery Residences as recognized by SAMHSA and modeled by many other states who follow the NARR (National Alliance of Recovery Residences) standards. See link: Currently, New Jersey's Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Rooming and Boarding House Standards do not align nor comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act which allows group homes to exist without discrimination in any residential zone.  Addictions are disabilities and people who suffer from drug or alcohol addictions qualify as having a disability and worthy of non-discrimination.   The only type of recovery housing that is exempted from the Rooming and Boarding House Standards are the "Oxford House" or “Oxford-like” houses. The major difference is that Oxford Houses are democratically run by the residents. They all have to vote on who moves in and who is expelled from the house. They also have to control their own bank account as a house and pay all of their bills jointly. This is good for some but not for all. For all the NIMBY people out there, we would just pose one question - WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE A SUPERVISED RECOVERY HOUSE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD OR UNSUPERVISED? Right now, what is allowed is the unsupervised model, so when a recovery house gets inspected by DCA, they tell you that you have to become Oxford-like and remove your house manager. The landscape of those living in recovery housing has changed over the years. Where it was once an older alcoholic, it is now many times the young heroin addict. What makes NARR Level 2 & 3 houses so successful is the accountability residents have to Recovery Support Specialists, accountability to clean urines, curfews, chores, and the therapeutic value of one resident helping another. Lori Criss, who helped define the model for Recovery Housing in Ohio stated, “Safe and affordable housing is essential for all people. For a person disabled by the disease of addiction, residential stability is a critical part of recovery. Research indicates that the longer a person remains in an alcohol- and drug-free environment with support for recovery, the greater the chance of long-term sobriety, increased financial well-being, and overall stability.” New Jersey needs to recognize that more is needed than Oxford Houses and that licensing through DCA is not the answer. Many other states have led the way with Recovery Housing becoming certified through a NARR affiliate using the NARR standards. Accredited programs meet the high level standards that assure a high caliber of service in addressing the needs of the addicted community. It is imperative during this major opioid epidemic that we have easy access to structured supportive sober living in NJ. Please support the bill A3607 to ensure that Recovery Housing is done right.

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Petition to Donald Trump, John Kasich, Rob Portman

Use Drug Dealer Dollars For Rehab And Narcan

The Drug Dealers are killing thousands, it's time They foot the bill For Narcan and Rehab. The heroin Epidemic has exploded in the United States. We have lost more people to overdose this year than the entire Vietnam War. Most heroin addicts started with prescription pills prescribed by a doctor. This effects normal everyday people. Heroin withdrawal is comparable to the worst flu you have ever had multiplied by 10 lasting 5-7 days This makes it incredibly difficult to detox from heroin on your own. Which is a big reason affordable rehabs are needed. Unfortunately most rehabs cost 30000 dollars plus and require great insurance.  Most people who need to go to rehab can not afford it. We need affordable treatment options. This can be achieved by using money and assets such as cars houses etc from Drug Dealers. They have caused this epidemic it is time They pay for it. We propose that 50% of all money and property confiscated from drug dealers be used to fund affordable rehabs. We understand that typically this money is used for drug task forces,  drug dogs or for under cover police cars.  However time has proven that we cannot arrest our way out of this problem. We can no longer expect to throw money at law enforcement and expect a different solution. We need new and innovative solutions such as the one we are proposing.  If you want to save money dealing with the drug Epidemic the best way is to treat the drug users.  This would reduce expenditures on narcan, incarceration, medical bills from complications such as hepatitis c or hiv, and community damage due to burglary or theft

Richie Webber
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Petition to Mayor Warren R. Copeland

Say NO to criminal charges in an overdose, SpringField Ohio is allowing for disgraceful petitions that coulld give the township of Springfield Ohio and the county in which it is located, Clark County the right to determine who should and should not receive emergency medical services. My friend Mr Lee Hertel wrote the following to"The petition I am writing about calls for the charging of people who require emergency medical services with a crime. People who require emergency medical services as a result of an accident aren't charged with a crime. People who require medical services because of a heart attack aren't charged with a crime."  I couldn't agree more with him. You dont get a felony charge for eating a double cheeseburger, which caused your heartattck, now do you?? NOPE.. Addiction is a disease just like the heart disease that caused your heart attack.. Addiction needs treatment NOT jail. Maybe the law should state that after an overdose that they will help the addict to get into treatment and get the help that they need instead of just tossing them behind bars where when they get out they have no place to go and they end up right back on the streets getting high. Now in Minnesota we have Steve's law that since being put into law, has saved thousands of lives because people don't have to be afraid to call 911 when someone overdosed. They will not be charged with criminal charges, instead they can focus on saving a life because there is no fear of getting in trouble. But at the same point if an addict is overdosing they need help so maybe the law should put something into place to help these addicts get into treatment instead of shunning their backs to them. I lost my boyfriend just a few weeks ago on December 3rd, 2017 to an overdose. This wasnt his 1st OD, unfortunately his last, but I never had to fear criminal charges for calling 9-1-1 and saving his life, nor did he as he recovered. Not having criminal charges is fabulous and all but what truly lacked after the fact was him not getting the help that he truly needed. He didn't even get the help he needed from being in drug court. They treated him so different you could feel the stigma. Another authority run type deal that they just sent him to jail, instead if getting him the help he needed. I think the law should come up with some law to help the addicts get the help that they need instead of throwing them behind bars, where they come out not rehabilitated, no place to go but back to the streets and use. Normally I would never wish jail upon anyone, but at this point with Ryan being gone, I would give anything to have him be in jail so that I could still hear his voice and I could still see his face at visiting, now I have nothing but his loving memories. The heroin epidemic has become so huge, taking thousands (64,067 died from drug related od's in 2016) of loved ones away from their families, leaving innocent children to grow up without the chance to know their mommy or daddy, leaving parents without their children, wives without husbands. It's heartbreaking.  A big part of the problem is  people fear calling 911 due to the government citing criminal charges. Give them help instead of giving them a felony. STOP THE STIGMA AND USE THESE 3 FEARLESS LIFESAVING STEPS: CALL 911, GIVE CPR (RESCUE BREATHING) & ADMINISTER NARCAN. I'VE SAVED A LIFE WITH THESE 3 STEPS, HAVE YOU?? ***REMEMBER THAT AN OVERDOSE IS A RESPIRATORY EMERGENCY.. MEANING THEY ARE LACKING OXYGEN SO REMEMBER TO USE YOUR RESCUE BREATHING.. DONT JUST GIVE CHEST COMPRESSIONS.. BREATH BREATH BREATH...*** "If you allow this petition to remain active, you are complicit in that and you are a vile organization. This petition is hateful." (L.H) Anne M. Emerson

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