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Petition to Mayor Warren R. Copeland

Say NO to criminal charges in an overdose, SpringField Ohio is allowing for disgraceful petitions that coulld give the township of Springfield Ohio and the county in which it is located, Clark County the right to determine who should and should not receive emergency medical services. My friend Mr Lee Hertel wrote the following to"The petition I am writing about calls for the charging of people who require emergency medical services with a crime. People who require emergency medical services as a result of an accident aren't charged with a crime. People who require medical services because of a heart attack aren't charged with a crime."  I couldn't agree more with him. You dont get a felony charge for eating a double cheeseburger, which caused your heartattck, now do you?? NOPE.. Addiction is a disease just like the heart disease that caused your heart attack.. Addiction needs treatment NOT jail. Maybe the law should state that after an overdose that they will help the addict to get into treatment and get the help that they need instead of just tossing them behind bars where when they get out they have no place to go and they end up right back on the streets getting high. Now in Minnesota we have Steve's law that since being put into law, has saved thousands of lives because people don't have to be afraid to call 911 when someone overdosed. They will not be charged with criminal charges, instead they can focus on saving a life because there is no fear of getting in trouble. But at the same point if an addict is overdosing they need help so maybe the law should put something into place to help these addicts get into treatment instead of shunning their backs to them. I lost my boyfriend just a few weeks ago on December 3rd, 2017 to an overdose. This wasnt his 1st OD, unfortunately his last, but I never had to fear criminal charges for calling 9-1-1 and saving his life, nor did he as he recovered. Not having criminal charges is fabulous and all but what truly lacked after the fact was him not getting the help that he truly needed. He didn't even get the help he needed from being in drug court. They treated him so different you could feel the stigma. Another authority run type deal that they just sent him to jail, instead if getting him the help he needed. I think the law should come up with some law to help the addicts get the help that they need instead of throwing them behind bars, where they come out not rehabilitated, no place to go but back to the streets and use. Normally I would never wish jail upon anyone, but at this point with Ryan being gone, I would give anything to have him be in jail so that I could still hear his voice and I could still see his face at visiting, now I have nothing but his loving memories. The heroin epidemic has become so huge, taking thousands (64,067 died from drug related od's in 2016) of loved ones away from their families, leaving innocent children to grow up without the chance to know their mommy or daddy, leaving parents without their children, wives without husbands. It's heartbreaking.  A big part of the problem is  people fear calling 911 due to the government citing criminal charges. Give them help instead of giving them a felony. STOP THE STIGMA AND USE THESE 3 FEARLESS LIFESAVING STEPS: CALL 911, GIVE CPR (RESCUE BREATHING) & ADMINISTER NARCAN. I'VE SAVED A LIFE WITH THESE 3 STEPS, HAVE YOU?? ***REMEMBER THAT AN OVERDOSE IS A RESPIRATORY EMERGENCY.. MEANING THEY ARE LACKING OXYGEN SO REMEMBER TO USE YOUR RESCUE BREATHING.. DONT JUST GIVE CHEST COMPRESSIONS.. BREATH BREATH BREATH...*** "If you allow this petition to remain active, you are complicit in that and you are a vile organization. This petition is hateful." (L.H) Anne M. Emerson

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Petition to Tennessee Legislature

Help end the addiction cycle

My name is Kim McCoy Hill. I’m a nurse in Knoxville, TN and I never imagined that my son’s life would turn out this way. He’s struggled with drug addiction since he was 15 years old. He’s now 28 -- and most recently was addicted to Heroin.  He’s currently serving time in a Tennessee jail, convicted of a non-violent crime related to his drug use. Across the nation, about two thirds of inmates are dealing with addiction. As with my son, it is a constant cycle for many with addiction: they get in trouble with the law while trying to get money to pay for his habit and go to jail where treatment is unavailable. They are then released, still addicts, and the cycle starts over. Shortly before this latest trip to jail, he’d hit rock-bottom. He called me from Pittsburgh last October and told me he was tired of his lifestyle. He was ready to get help to kick his habit. He asked for a bus ticket home, which I provided. But I had no resources to pay for private drug treatment and the waiting list for publicly-funded drug treatment is extremely long. Enough is enough. We have to end the cycle. The only way to do that is to require that inmates get the treatment they need. It’s key to ensuring once released they do not return to prison. We know it’s cheaper to treat addiction than it is to pay for prisoners. Tell the Tennessee Legislature to help lead the fight against the addiction crisis in our country by making treatment available to any addict who wants it while incarcerated. The opioid and heroin epidemic is real, folks. I see it in my work as a pediatric nurse. It is affecting families all across Tennessee and all across the nation. Please sign my petition and help people like my son Jimmy get the treatment they need while in prison.

Kim Hill
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Opioid Nation: Save America’s Youth

To our legislators on behalf of the American people; The opioid epidemic has reached crisis levels. It is a national outrage and a political embarrassment. It is urgent that our government take action immediately. The core problem lays in the national perception of addiction and this must change! I propose education, funding and reform MUST happen to better deal with addiction in this country. This is no longer a Partisan issue, this is not a Bipartisan issue, this is now a HUMAN ISSUE!!!  With newly based evidence, patients who struggle with opioid addiction suffer from a chemically altered state where they no longer can make sensible choices. They are helpless individuals who deal with their own demons, and by the consequences of their behaviors, alienate themselves from families and friends. Very few efforts are made with reliable resources for education on addiction nor is there any proper service to better suit their needs. Lack of understanding how addiction affects the cognitive functions of individuals at hand has allowed many of them the responsibility of their own fate in getting care, when it should be reversed. Treatment centers across the nation are not given enough funds or attention to support the rising demand of patients that are admitted. There are very few spaces open to accommodate such a large number of individuals, along with unnecessary waiting periods that ultimately spell disaster for a time-sensitive struggle. The turn-around rate is DESPICABLE. Addiction IS a disease. It is a cancer like no other. It must be reasonably treated as such by the healthcare system, by law enforcement, and by the mental health institutions. There must be reform with how addicts are evaluated. The current procedure is obsolete, inadequate and downright neglectful. It is the very system that places alcoholism in the same basket when scientific evidence proves that they are two very different illnesses. Our very own healthcare system runs like a cartel. The “pill for every ill” practice by our health administrations is pure homicide. Doctors are misinformed of the heavy consequences of administering potent opioids to patients of every age for the most minute of cases. Little monitoring or regulation of the FDA has allowed for the release of severely addictive opioids to land in the hands of this country’s youth. The link between abuse and access is substantial. Must we need to label American doctors murderers? With the ongoing crisis, I think they have earned it. Let’s not forget the lobbyists who pocket from the healthcare system and vice versa. The American people are blatantly suffering from their greed. I hate to be that person, but until it happens to the families of those in power, change will never take place. Let’s make sure, we the American people, are SMARTER than our government. We need to open their eyes first so that action can take prescience. How many more loved ones need to die before our government does anything about it? How many more Americans need to be buried long before their time? For my brother, for the wives, husbands, children, and friends who suffered from such an ill fate, who were neglected by the American system, and given what seemed like little hope of a better future, I urge that we band together to bring awareness to this cause. We must not stop until the government takes immediate responsibility over its people!!!

Anja Gudic
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