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Criminally Charge Heroin Addicts When They OD and EMS is Required

In Erie County, Ohio and much of the state, a heroin addict can overdose and be back at home that same evening with no criminal charges. Why is it that someone in possession of marijuana can get charged, someone drinking and driving can get charged, but a heroin addict can overdose in public etc and not get a single charge? Why is it OK for a heroin addict to tie up EMS and first responders and cost millions of dollars to the state and tax payers to cover the cost of Narcan and these EMS runs? Why??? We started this petition with the goal of making that change. Heroin is by far one of the worst drugs available anymore and people are getting away with it on a daily basis. Ems workers are responding to overdose calls on a daily basis and these people get brought back to life and sent home. Where are the adult consequences for abusing, possession etc that any other drug user gets when caught with such things? It's time to start making these people own up to what they are doing, it's time to take away everything they own and give them a dose of reality while they sit in a cell and think about what it is they are doing. At any given moment there are people on Heroin behind the wheels of cars, sitting next to you in restaurants, leaving needles on the street for our kids to find etc. Stand up with me and let's say NO MORE!!!!! If enough of our voices are heard, we may be what's needed to cause something to change. Let's not wait until it's too late and the cemetery continues to fill up unnecessarily!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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Heroin and Hospitals

America needs a medical urgent care facility for those s suffering from drug addiction. Hospitals are not able to properly treat the thousands and thousands with drug addiction. Heroin is EPEDEMIC!!! Drug addiction is a mental health condition that is not being addressed as such. Jail is not the answer and again those with addiction are tossed into another jail cell. Drug addiction is a jail cell no way out and worse thousands with addiction are now on deaths row YES deaths row no way out!!!!Emergency Departments across the US are overflowing with those suffering from drug addiction especially Heroin. I know first handed as I am in several hospitals daily. I am told hospital staff are not properly trained and I too know this with my sons drug addiction and how horrible the treatment and care is.The proper care/ treatment doesn't exist!!!! So more lives are lost and not saved. Insurance companies determine your child life whether they live or die!!! 30 days in a treatment facility is abuse/neglect!!!!  What is wrong!!!! The lack of proper medical care to save more lives. With 129 dying a day from Heroin and how many more are dying from other types of narcotic abuse. Wake up America don't kill our youth or adults because we lack facilities for drug addiction! Newyork is so far behind Florida with treatment facilities. WAKE UP AMERICA!!        

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