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Petition to Kendall Rasmusson

Honoring A Hero - Keeping a Memorial

In April 2018, we received a violation notice from Desert Oasis of Surprise Master Association Home Owners Association for a decoration that I have had up since we moved in April 2017. We have been fined $200.00 for not removing the decoration. I do not want to remove the decoration when all other decorations on the house have not been a violation. This decoration hangs proudly on our home and is a part of our American patriotic theme of our home. My decoration is honoring my brother, US Army Airborne Ranger SGT John Kyle Daggett, who died serving our country on May 15th, 2008. My decoration is a reminder to our community of the sacrifices our soldiers make to keep our country free. My decoration has connected my community members, honors our Veterans, and joins us together. Our family has had people stop by to talk, leave letters, flowers, and cards honoring my brother, my family and thanking me for honoring him with my decoration. It honors all of America's military, values our fallen soldiers, supports our veterans and shows that we are all a family. I love the connection I have with our community because of my decoration. I am proud of my brother and want to display my decoration without being scrutinized by the HOA. My violation appeals have been denied and I am moving forward petitioning the community’s approval to keep my decoration honoring a local American Hero.  

Kendall Rasmusson
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Petition to NFL, NBC

Give Eagles Defense and Treyvon Hester Credit for Blocked Field Goal Against Bears

Boos abounded from Bears fans as Cody Parkey left Soldier Field after missing the game winning field goal in the 2019 NFC Wild Card Game. It took a shot off the left post and the crostbar before careening back onto the field. Al Michaels claimed that this was another one of Parkey's missed field goals, as he had done this before. Most people changed the channel or stopped watching tv thinking that Cody had screwed up the game. BUT NO! CODY DIDN'T MISS THAT FIELD GOAL. If you look at the footage, such as in the links below, where the frames are slowed down, Eagles Defensive Tackle Treyvon Hester can clearly be seen blocking the kick with his white glove. As the ball goes over the line of scrimmage, Hester puts his hand up and changes the direction of the kick. In the postgame interview provided below, you can hear Cody Parkey, a team player and true character, say how bad he felt and that "this loss was 100% on me." He also says he felt he had kicked a perfect ball, and had even planned for wind. And before footage came out of the kick, Treyvon Hester and other Eagles players were claiming that the field goal had been kicked. Knowing this, what can help to stop the threats of violence and hate against Cody? The NFL needs to credit the Eagles Special Teams and Treyvon Hester with a blocked field goal, and Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth need to announce on their next broadcast that Cody Parker didn't lose this huge playoff game for Chicago, when in fact a SEVENTH ROUND PICK had helped to save the hopes of the super bowl defenders, the Philadelphia Eagles. If most NFL viewers are not only made aware of the non-mistake by Cody Parkey but also the achievements of a late-round draft pick, the unnecessary hate can turn into bounds of congratulations for an underdog. I urge NBC and the NFL to rectify this situation by giving the Eagles Special Teams and Trayvon Hester the credit for this fantastic success story and incredible play, and by announcing on-air that the field goal was blocked.  All-22 Footage Slow-Mo Footage  Parkey Post Game Interview Eagles' Comments Postgame

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