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Petition to Local Government Boundary Commission for England

Let's keep St Augustine's community together and part of Norwich city centre.

In July the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) published plans to redraw Norwich's electoral city council wards. This quango's proposals, if carried out in November, would shift St Augustine's out of Mancroft, the city centre ward, into Mile Cross and Sewell wards, both northern suburb wards, and split our community down the middle of St Augustine's Street. The plans would also move Anglia Square, the northern half of Magdalen Street, Magpie Road, Cowgate and Bull Close Road into the northern suburbs.  For centuries the line between the city and the northern suburbs has been the old city walls. LGBCE's plans effectively shift the boundary south to the Inner Ring Road, widely regarded as one of Norwich's worst post-war planning disasters because of the negative effect it has had on our local communities and our traditional shopping streets, effectively cutting us off from the rest of the city. Just at the moment when we'd hoped to see our community reconnected with the city centre via a new pedestrian crossing over the Inner Ring Road at St George's Street, these plans will further marginalise us and reduce our community to no more than a minor suburban annex of north Norwich. St Augustine's Community Together Residents' Association (ACT) came into being in 2003 to provide local residents and independent traders with a platform to make their voices heard and to campaign for improvements, such as for better parks and children's play areas, reduced air pollution, safer roads, reduced anti-social behaviour, and the care, repair and celebration of our historic built environment, so as to create a "village in the city" we can feel safe, happy and proud to live, work and raise our families in. This work is threatened by splitting our community in two and pushing it into the northern suburbs. The changes will not just effect where we cast our vote and whom we vote for, but may also effect such things as house valuations, credit ratings, school catchment areas, council services, planning, transport and conservation. And when the parliamentary boundaries are eventually redrawn it is also likely we will be moved into Norwich North constituency. St Augustine's has always been a part of the city centre and must remain so. To find our more about the work of ACT go to To make your own comments on the LGBCE's plans go to

St Augustine's Community Together Residents' Association (ACT)
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Petition to Weymouth

Weymouth Quay Heritage Campaign

  The Weymouth Quay Heritage Campaign is a movement to save and preserve the disused railway branch line that runs along the harbour in Weymouth, Dorset. The Weymouth Tramway opened on the 16th October 1865. It closed in September 1987 and several railtours ran until the 2nd May 1999. The tramway has not been used or maintained for nineteen years (2018). The reason of closure is not because of cars, as is generally presumed, rather it was because electrification of the mainline reached Weymouth and was a difficulty with the tramway, thus concluding in closure. Various campaigns have run in the nineteen years and only one was successful, which a Parry People Mover was tested and failed due to poor maintenance. All other campaigns were either dropped or never got passed the newspaper stage. The Weymouth Quay Heritage Campaign was launched in July 2015 and had a goal to maintain the movement and still does. The campaign featured in the September 1st 2015 issue of the Dorset Echo and many other news reporters. The campaign reached a landmark when it features on BBC Spotlight on the 9th April 2016. The campaign has the goal of saving the tramway from permanent closure (currently under 'not in use' status) and preserving the line. Once acquired and preserved, the tramway will be continuously maintained and will be made safe. Features like replaced rails, sleepers and rubber tubing will make the tramway fit for all in this day and age. By doing all this, there is a possible chance of running short trains down the tramway route again. History is a vital part of our planet, without development in history we wouldn't be where we are today. The Weymouth Tramway has played an astounding part in Weymouth's past with the growing town, goods, population and fits into most other features. If the tramway is ripped up, then the next generation will not be able to appreciate what has been a vital part for them being where they are. Heritage Railways, running or not, are very popular even for a non-enthusiast. It is extreme vandalism if the tramway is harmed in anyway and will be regretted in future years. The Weymouth Tramway is the sole survivor of the rare street railways, and must be saved. By signing the petition, you will play a big part in showing that people want the tramway to stay. Our biggest nemesis' are Weymouth & Portland Borough Council and Network Rail. This petition has already proven useful in reports and the argument against the tramway being ripped up.  Please be sure to also support our campaign by following our websites. Over there, regular updates of news with the campaign and history on the branch line will be posted. Facebook: If you have any questions, concerns or complaints, please message us on Facebook and you'll receive a response in less than 24 hours. Thank you for reading, and hope that you will join the movement on saving our heritage!  

James Newall
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Petition to Mike Cartwright, Mayor., Steven Cowan LBHF, Tasnim Shawkat, Kim Dero, Ian Ross


Do you know what your local park in White City is called ? It's called Hammersmith Park​ even though it is no where​ near Hammersmith main streets, shops, flyover or Bridge. WIKIPEDIA actually lists it as Shepherds Bush and as we already have a Green there l think it's perfectly reasonable to have our park called White City. It is after all on the edge of our Estate. It is also set near all the developers boards announcing new homes, hotels, leisure facilities and shops at White City living and White City Place. People come to work here via White City Tube station.  Imperial have named their innovative ground   breaking new campus, at the top of Wood lane, White City. " WHITE CITY PARK "is a 1.4 mile walk from Hammersmith Town Hall on King St . IT TAKES WELL OVER 20 MINUTES TO GET TO HAMMERSMITH ON FAIRLY SWIFT FEET !! We have other aptly named parks and open spaces in the area. Wormholt Park near Wormholt Estate and Wormwood Scrubs by Wormwood Prison/ Old Oak Estate. Ravenscourt Park is considered to be the Boroughs flagship park, yet it bears it's geographic location name. Why has our rich heritage of the White Pavilions from the Great Exhibitions of 1908 to 1910 been overlooked, not to mention the Olympics and Commonwealth games. I have no idea how it came to be named Hammersmith but l believe this is an opportune point in time to have it changed. Other names in the hat are White City Green, Wood Lane or the popular non geographic Television Park ( echoes of its nickname BBC Park) which is in keeping with its later 20 th & 21st Century incarnation as a sister to the newly revamped Television Centre development residences, hotel, and underground media studios. We can ask our council to take a name change proposal seriously, amend the borough maps and website. We can urge our MP Andy Slaughter and ward Councillors Colin Aherne, Max Schmid, and Sue McMillan to assist. I can request Google to verify its new name as a local guide level 8. We can then proudly direct people to their own park, not a satellite of Hammersmith.  To date, 9th July, we have 207 signatures. By my estimation we need at least 500 to get the powers that be to take us more seriously. Every resident living in Batman Close, Wood Lane, along South Africa Road, Loftus Road, Frithville Gardens and on White City Estate is eligible to sign,  students and staff at Imperial College and the White City campus of the Royal college of Art, visitors past and present,... and of course all those who work in the area that regularly use this wonderful green space. Imagine if they did !  It would be a loud declaration of pride in where we live and a powerful claim of honourary ownership of our park. So you see every signature gets us nearer to that great vision and helps create a genuine 21st legacy for our children and grandchildren. We are not a satellite of Hammersmith. We want to play and picnic in a park  that is called WHITE CITY, or a name chosen by a popular democratic vote. I PROMISE YOU A RELAUNCH OF THE PARK WORTHY OF ITS NEW NAME whatever that turns out to be. A non geographic but fitting one has been thrown into the mix.... TELEVISION PARK ! I think Stanhope would love that.    

Suzanne Iwai
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PETITION: No further damage should be done to the archaeological landscape of Stonehenge. Future generations would be appalled at those who decided that road widening should be at the expense of England’s most iconic World Heritage Site. If A303 widening at Stonehenge is felt to be essential it should be done by means of a deep bored tunnel at least 4.5km long. Anything shorter would cause irreparable damage to this landscape, in breach of the World Heritage Convention. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? The UK Government proposes to widen the A303 trunk road to the south west. This road crosses the iconic Stonehenge World Heritage Site (WHS), which has been called “the most archaeologically significant land surface in Europe”. The whole site, extending to beyond the horizons around the famous stones themselves, is c. 5.4 km across. All of it makes up a “huge ancient complex” that holds many secrets yet to be discovered. The proposal is to put the road into a tunnel where it passes the stones, but the tunnel would be at most only 2.9 km long. This would result in at least 1.6 km of above-ground 21st-century road engineering within the WHS, consisting of new dual carriageway descending in massive trenches to the tunnel portals and possibly a new underpass with slip roads on the western WHS boundary. All archaeology in the construction zones would be destroyed and the A303 would become the largest ever human intervention in an area fashioned and revered by over a hundred generations of our ancestors. The whole Stonehenge landscape has an outstanding universal value that is of immense significance for all people for all time, and this transcends any consideration of sorting out a 21st century part-time traffic jam. PETITION IN OTHER LANGUAGES Chinese; Dutch; French; German; Italian; Portuguese; Slovenian; Spanish. HARD COPIES OF PETITION You can download hard copies of the petition and collect signatures here.  RUNNING TOTAL OF SIGNATURES This is a world wide petition and is linked to an identical one at 38 degrees for UK addresses only which records the running total for both petitions. See here.

Stonehenge Alliance
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