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Petition to Glasgow City Council, Historic Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon MSP

Restore Govan Graving Docks in Glasgow to create a shipbuilding heritage park #SaveGovanDocks

We the undersigned request Glasgow City Council, along with other relevant stakeholders, support the renovation of the Govan Graving Docks at Clydebrae Street in Glasgow to create a shipbuilding heritage park on the site. As much as possible of the existing dock structure should be retained, including the renovation of the pump house building as a café and visitor centre. The site is Category-A listed and identified in the Register for Scotland as being at risk. It is a significant part of the city’s industrial heritage however since closing down it has fallen into disrepair through years of neglect. It consists of three large drydocks that were capable of accommodating the largest ships in the world when they were built. The dock walls are of solid granite and despite showing much cosmetic wear they are likely to be structurally intact. Most other docks in Glasgow have been filled in to make way for modern developments and this is one of the few remaining docks on the Clyde, apart from those still in operation, that have not been completely filled and built over. As such any modern developments that would destroy the character of the site should be ruled out. A shipbuilding heritage park would be a major tourist attraction for Glasgow and fit well with other redevelopments in the surrounding area such as Pacific Quay and the Riverside Museum. Further information on the site is available at The site is one of the most important features of Glasgow's industrial heritage and represents a major opportunity to educate future generations about the city's past in a way that is more meaningful than looking at old photographs in a museum. Glasgow was once at the forefront of global shipping and there is still potential for Govan Graving Docks to be used partly as a working dry dock again. This could allow restoration of historic ships to de done as a key feature of the development. A shipbuilding heritage park it has been estimated could create up to 250+ meaningful long term jobs and learning opportunities for young people in heritage, skills preservation, leisure, tourism and urban ecology. This would be a major boost to a city that is seeing a proliferation of low-grade retail. If developers are allowed to build luxury flats on these docks then this opportunity will be lost forever.

Iain McGillivray
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Petition to Tower Hamlets Council

Save Island Gardens from Development

The Friends of Island Gardens are calling upon Tower Hamlets Council (and the Government if necessary) to investigate possible irregularities in their disposal of what we believe is still publicly owned land; land that should be protected as part of Island Gardens. We understand that the site of the now-closed Calders Wharf Community Centre was part of Island Gardens before the centre existed and as such was transferred by the Greater London Council to the guardianship of London Borough of Tower Hamlets in 1972. In 1980 the land was leased for 30 years to a local Tenants’ Association and the community centre was opened. The council currently maintains that the land itself was included in a transfer to the independent housing association, East End Homes in 2006, yet no paperwork supporting this inclusion has been found by the council. It is our understanding that any disposal of this public asset by the council would have been covered by the The Greater London (Parks & Open Spaces) Act 1967 and as such, subject to certain conditions, yet again, the council has not been able to produce any paperwork for this. Recently obtained land registry records dated December 2016 show that a sale of the land took place from Eastend Homes to Telford Homes, and we know that planning permission exists to construct luxury flats on this site, inside, what we believe at least, to be part of Island Gardens. We are calling upon Tower Hamlets: 1. to investigate whether proper process was followed in the “alleged disposal” of part of Island Gardens, 2. re-assert public ownership of the land if applicable. and 3. to provide every assistance to the Friends of Island Gardens in preventing development on the site, restoring it to being part of the park once again.   Here are some ways you can help us fight this development! 1. Sign this petition & share it with your friends and family on Facebook or on Twitter 2. Become a Friend of Island Gardens - join now 3. Make a small donation to support us. 4. Make a larger donation by emailing us to arrange it: 5. Contact your local councillor insisting that this is properly investigated - contact details here. 6. Write to the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs or the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. 7. Write to your local MP (Mr Jim Fitzpatrick) - contact details here. 8. If you're a lawyer and can volunteer professional help, please get in touch with us at

Friends of Island Gardens
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