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Petition to Govertment of India


This petition is on behalf of nearly more than one crore employees and workers in the Travel & Tourism sector in India. We are facing and going through hardships because of the pandemic, which need not be elaborated.This includes the local candy men and horsemen in a hill station ,the drivers and cleaners of a tourist bus, small time shopkeepers, the licensed and the local tour guides, and of course the large  and organised players which includes the hospitality, aviation and tourism professionals. This petition is to move the government for constituting an analytical and recommendation council,  which will consist of members of the above mentioned  sector..If the recommendation includes a tax holiday for six months for the industry as a whole, also the Government of India should shoulder the responsibility of proper implementation and governance too.The government should ensure that the  benefits reaches the end user, this is the only method in which we can address the entire ecosystem in the tourist industry. The immediate answer to the crisis, we face is to supplement and support the domestic tourism in India, with discounted rates and tax cuts to the organised sector of the industry which in turn will be a cost effective proposition for domestic customers. We need to have a holistic approach and share the strength of different sectors and people stand as united and serve each other

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Petition to The Honourable Prime Ministor Of India, The Honourable Cultural Ministor of India

Application submitted to the Government of India Seeking Assistance And Protection Artists

NAMASTHE !Thousands of diverse Indian arts are the basis for preserving Indian heritage. The self-esteem of any nation can be enhanced by its invaluable arts. Each art is imbued with the essence of invaluable spirituality. Artists are committed to passing on the value to future generations. It needs to be maintained in the traditional style from the study of art to the presentation of art. Art presentation is the ultimate need of any artist. It cannot do without a combination of many elements, such as makeup, musical instruments, stage equipment, and background artists. The artists raised the necessary funds from previous events. However, since the beginning of 2019, there have been no art presentations, so the artists have not been able to set aside the necessary funds. Therefore, the financial crisis experienced by the artists was very different from other areas. In Kerala, the temple was the venue for most of the art presentations. It stopped because of the corona crisis. As a result, the lives of artists are in a state of disorder. In order to sustain each art form, the artists of the respective field have to face different kinds of crises. It also requires a good financial base. People need the arts only if they have a peaceful life background. Art education and performing arts were the main sources of income for the artists. Since the lock down following the corona crisis, artists have been suffering financially, mentally and physically as they have been unable to make any art presentations or teach. As a result, the crisis facing artists today is unprecedented. This situation has been brought about in a way that affects the very existence of artists. Artists have an unorganized field. The situation in India as a whole remains the same. To this end,we humbly request the Government to provide health insurance and existing welfare pensions to be made available also to all categories of artists and interest relief through banks (up to 5 lakhs per annum for a period of 5 years with an interest rate of 4%) as provided in the other sectors of employment. Only the Government can help the artists's at this juncture. We request that our needs be considered and met as early as possible with due importance. To sincerely Thanks to You, Pranam SECRETARY Kalamandalam AJITHKUMAR Kerala Kalamandalam Alumni Phone : 8075301369, 9447154670 E-mail :

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