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Petition to Washington State Senate, Washington State House

Fix Health Insurance Now

We need your help. Our community would like to form a health care sharing ministry (HCSM) to help our neighbors. This would provide a low-cost alternative to their current health insurance, which is in dire need. However, currently Washington State law prohibits the creation of new HCSMs due to language contained in the US Code which has been incorporated into Washington law by reference. The barrier we face is the provision in RCW 48.43.009 that references 26 U.S.C. § 5000A for the definition of an HCSM. The US Code defines an HCSM as, among other things, having been in existence since December 31st, 1999. We can meet all the requirements except this date requirement. Obviously, the requirement means no new HCSMs can be created, ever. This results in no Washington based HCSM’s offering services in Washington. The residents of Washington would be best served by an HCSM based in Washington. Allowing new HCSMs takes a step toward solving the health care crisis. We would like to amend the law to allow ourselves, and others, to create new HCSMs in our home state of Washington. There is one more thing. The law also states that HCSMs must be open to any applicant, “without regard to the state in which a member resides or is employed.” We would like for our HCSM to only serve our local community. We don't want to have to be open to any applicant from anywhere in the US. We would like to amend the law to allow us to restrict our membership to residents of the community that the HCSM serves. We need the Washington State Senate and/or house to amend this law to allow the creation of new HCSMs in Washington State.

Cascadia Health Co-op
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Petition to Connecticut House Congressional Delegation

Tell CT House Democrats: Sign H.R. 676 Medicare For All

Rep. John Conyers’ (D-MI) H.R. 676 expands Medicare to all Americans -- legislation that would finally catch the U.S. up to the rest of the modern world where healthcare is a built-in right of citizenship. While a record-breaking 112 House Democrats (including representatives from Georgia, Mississippi and Texas) have co-sponsored the bill, not a single U.S. House member from our blue state supports it. Even Rep. DeLauro, a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), has failed to sign despite the bill enjoying the CPC's official endorsement. No one understands more the problems with the Connecticut Exchange than those of us relying on it for healthcare. After just three years, members are left with two of our original four providers and premiums have spiked upwards of 25%. Anthem is currently asking to raise our premiums by 33.8% in 2018; ConnectiCare by 17.5%. Connecticut residents have called, emailed and urged our representatives in town halls throughout the state to join their Democratic colleagues in this legislative movement; a movement that reflects a groundswell of public support at 60% of all voters and a staggering 85% of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents. Add your name to demand that Representatives John Larson (CT-1), Joe Courtney (CT-2), Rosa DeLauro (CT-3), Jim Himes (CT-4) and Elizabeth Esty (CT-5) work for the will of their voters and sign H.R. 676, the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act.    

Medicare For All CT
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Petition to Total Health Care, United States Department of Health and Human Services

Healthcare Insurance Can Modernize & Prevent Chronic Disease!

Hello fellow American!  My name is Pierre Mahieu, and I am Co-Owner of FitSource 180! We are a fitness solutions company based out of El Paso, TX. We, provide fitness/health/wellness solutions for 2 (BUILDER TOP 100) home builders, and also, we are the fitness consultant company for Las Palmas LifeCare Center in El Paso, which is the outpatient therapy center for Las Palmas Hospital. ***I am a 9/11 Army veteran***, and former firefighter during Hurricane Katrina, who is also a first semester medical student, at St. James School of Medicine, in Anguilla, British Virgin Islands. I am hoping to change our country’s health trajectory with a well thought out plan that can, NOT ONLY, help millions of soldiers, their families and other Americans in their battle with bad health, BUT ALSO, provide BILLIONS in new revenue and millions of customers for participating companies, plus, millions of jobs!! Summarized here, is a basic outline of some current health stats, what I am proposing as an expansion in business services with an insurance company, a basic understanding of how it would work, how the Insurance company will profit, how the customers can have access to services otherwise out of their affordability range, and how you could help. **Our business mission is to make personal training, through health insurance plans, available to the more than 70% of Americans that can’t afford the out of pocket costs of the service currently. Consequently, this will lower healthcare cost nationwide and claims.** According to the (NIH), in 2013-2014, 2 out of 3 Americans were considered overweight or obese. To put that number in perspective, that means of the 323 million citizens, 215+ million are overweight or obese. I’m sure you are very familiar with these numbers. Also, according to USA TODAY, the overall average household income was $64,751. This average was the total for various types of household incomes. However, according to the United States Cesus Bureau, 69% of those homes are multi-unit homes. Meaning the incomes of most of the households in the country are divided in some matter between multiple inhabitants. This knowledge of these data statistics have been the LARGEST driving force as to why I have developed this idea I will present to you now.According to WebMD, the average cost for 8 (45-60 minute) sessions with a personal trainer, per month, cost approximately $460. This is per person. WHAT I AM PROPOSING:I am hoping to convince a major health insurance company to, through contract with my company, employ degree holding and certified personal trainers to service their insured customers. Their benefit would be ‘upfront’ in the form of premium revenue, millions/billions in savings on claims, new customers, and an additional service not currently available through ANY other insurance company. Making them pioneers in partnering with a $83.1 billion dollar industry worldwide, with more than half of that number being generated in the United States. BASIC IDEA:This would be a simple uptaking for any willing insurance company. They would ‘just offer’ the additional and optional service to their customers at a cost (premium increase) in proportion to the amount of training that participant desires. [THEY MAKE MONEY FIRST]!!!Then, as their customer gets monitored training and trackable results, via standardized readable & clear charts (fitness test, PT mobility test, blood panel test), they can offer slight discounts to keep healthy and happy clients for a lifetime, and the company itself certainly/possibly reducing their overall lifetime health claims. According to some estimated projections I have made based off of very conservative numbers, their potential earnings could range from $20-$81 million dollars, per state, annually just to start. (This estimate is based off of just 10% of Humana’s Texas insured customers) Example:HUMANA- 760,000~Texas insured customersEl Paso, TX- (~40-80,000) *76,000=10% of TX totalNew sign-ups- (15,200) 20% of El Paso insuredLowest additional premium- ($75.00) per month - x£15,200= ($1.14M) per month.Highest additional premium- (for a couple) ($420) per month - x£7,600= ($3.19M) per month. With these numbers: LOW END ($1.14M x 12= $13.68M) HIGH END ($3.19M x 12= $38.28M) THAT’S FOR (20% OF EL PASO) MARKET ALONE!!! *Lowest premium covers one personal training session, per every other week, blood panel based meal plan, plus workout plan for in-between time, plus a checkup with a physical therapist, plus a blood panel. (Doctor physical is already standard.)*Highest premium covers (3) personal training sessions per week, one massage a month, plus all things included in the lower packages. You may ask......Why would people pay MORE premium!???? Because the cost of a good certified personal trainer would not be affordable to them otherwise! We get asked this question at least ONCE OR TWICE EVERY DAY!!! HOW CAN YOU HELP!?Citizens & companies, you have influence with millions of current & potential future customers, a stage for that visibility, and the ear of major insurers looking for new innovative ways to increase American health. YOU ARE THEIR CUSTOMERS!!! ALLOW us to prove this will be an ALL AROUND WIN!!!Here is a list of companies that we will attempt to reach out to for this proposal.1. AARP2. United Health Group2. WellPoint Inc. Group3. Kaiser Foundation Group4. Humana Group5. Aetna Group6. HCSC Group7. Cigna Health Group8. Highmark Group9. Coventry Corp. Group10. Wellcare Group11. HIP Insurance Group These are but the top 11 companies. We only need one company to start the trend. IT WILL GROW FAST. Please be that company!!! We already have 28,000 graduates per year, in the US alone, in the field of kinesiology. We have the ability to get each of these men and women professionally certified as trainers. And to start the program, there would be no initial costs for the Insurance company other than to mention the additional service. We are set up and ready to launch this service for your insurance company in El Paso, TX. I hope that this has given more clarity to what we hope to contribute to the country in the form of health reformation of our society and how we would be willing to show appreciation for your assistance in the matter. Please contact me with feedback at your earliest convenience.   Kind regards, Pierre MahieuFitSource 180 (Co-Owner)St. James School of Medicine (MD1 Student)

Pierre Mahieu
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