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Petition to Charles Schumer

Increase access to proper health care for incarcerated individuals.

The purpose of this petition is to urge support from our State Senator in the efforts to preserve the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - a landmark statute that expanded health insurance coverage for millions of Americans - including individuals involved in the criminal justice System (CJS). Prior to the ACA 80-90% of individuals in prisons and jails were uninsured, both before and after incarceration. The ACA was a turning point for uninsured individuals in the CJS - who, prior to its passage, were often released from jail or prison with no insurance and no way to access healthcare services. Research shows that the first two weeks after prison release an individual’s risk for death is 12.7 times higher than the general population, especially due to drug overdose and cardiovascular disease. The ACA has made it possible for CJS-involved individuals to obtain health insurance. Lack of insurance means individuals will have limited or no access to health-related services and without services to address chronic illness, mental illness, and drug addiction many will cycle back through the CJS and be incarcerated again. The ACA is a step towards actualizing and protecting health as a human right.  In addition, this petition was created to encourage our State Senator to file an 1115 Demonstration Waiver to expand the services covered by Federal Medicaid funds while an individual is incarcerated. Studies have identified that in comparison to the general population CJS-involved individuals are burdened with higher rates of health conditions: 50% of incarcerated individuals report having a chronic health condition (vs. 27-31% of general population); 14-21% report a diagnosis of an infectious  disease (vs. 5% of general population). In addition, 53% of individuals in all state prisons and 45% of individuals all federal prisons meet the DSM criteria for drug dependence. Submitting a demonstration waiver to allow Federal Medicaid funds to pay for basic health care needs including the initiation of substance use and mental health services will help to remove barriers to treatment and will not only improved individual health but also improved community health. Submitting a demonstration waiver is an important step in the efforts to protect incarcerated individuals human right to health. Lastly, this petition is to urge support from our State Senator in efforts to improve correctional health services to protect an incarcerated individuals human right to health. Through additional support and funding, incarcerated persons with physical health, mental health and/or addiction will be able to receive better treatment services while imprisoned. Without proper medical care and consistent treatment, incarcerated individuals often experience high levels of sexual and physical abuse by other inmates and prison guards. In addition, without proper care incarcerated individuals have a higher rate of recidivism.  It is of most importance that our State Senator help to restore and protect incarcerated individuals basic human right to health. Created by MSW Students - Jennifer Maine, Shelby Bour, and Nicole Jezairian

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Petition to Scott Jensen

End the Opioid Crisis in Rhode Island

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Like most Rhode Islanders, we are heartbroken to see too many Rhode Islanders dying from opioid overdoses. But what is the cause?  It comes down to the fact that too many Rhode Islanders are prescribed narcotics. Our families get these narcotics because we don't have enough primary care practices and community health centers. Rushed clinicians rarely have the time to assess and treat pain adequately. Worse, Rhode Island doesn't have specialized pain centers that are staffed and equipped to treat pain without narcotics. An important first step in ending the opioid overdose epidemic lies in creating multidisciplinary non-narcotic chronic pain assessment and treatment centers. Rhode Islanders with severe or chronic pain need rapid and complete pain assessment and treatment and they need treatment that doesn’t rely on the use of addictive drugs.  But there are no real non-narcotic chronic pain treatment centers in Rhode Island, because the market as we know it won't pay for it.  Rhode Island must do better than this. Rhode Island needs to build a health care system that is for its people and communities. Sign our petition and ask Scott Jensen, Director of the RI Department of Labor, to create a multidisciplinary pain center at the Arrigan Center (also known as John E. Donley Rehabilitation Center in Providence).Help us persuade Director Jensen to create this treatment center so that all Rhode Islanders can get the treatment they need. Let's end the opioid crisis -- together.  Sincerely,Healthcare Revolt

Healthcare Revolt
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