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Petition to Congressman Matt Cartwright, Senator Bob Casey, Pat Toomey, Lou Barletta

It is Time for a National Healthcare Task Force

Subject line: We must fix the health care systemI’m writing to respectfully request your help to make sure every American citizen is guaranteed arealistic and essential-based health care plan. I’m asking that you work with your fellow members ofCongress to refocus the national discussion on improving health care for all Americans. And I’masking that you seriously consider the proposal and information stated in this request. To considerrepealing the ACA without a Humane and Adequate replacement is irresponsible and demonstratesa total lack of compassion toward the people who placed their trust in you.So I ask you, how is it possible that in the United States we are currently paying twice as much forhealth care as any other industrialized nation in the world? Australia, Canada, France, Germany, NewZealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom all provide universal health care forall their citizens and pay far less than we do. To rightfully continue calling ourselves the greatestnation on earth – which I truly believe we are – we cannot ignore the fact that in America millions ofpeople do not have health care and we’re paying double what other industrialized nations pay.Health care costs are obviously out of control and there are no safety valves to eliminate the doubledigit yearly increases. Until we have an honest, frank and factual discussion about pricing, profits andour moral obligation, there will be no responsible and long-lasting solution to our problem.Furthermore, entirely absent from this discussion is the Moral Element. Health care is not like buyinga television, car or cell phone. If a consumer wants the latest iPhone but can’t afford it, there areother options. Many times if a consumer can’t afford the recommended treatment a doctorprescribes, they suffer and die. Health care cannot be viewed in a vacuum along with normalconsumer goods. Health care is about life and death, that is a fact.Doing nothing will only make things worse, and rushing into a quick fix will also prove fatal. Expertshave indicated that one of the best ways to approach this problem is to freeze the cost of our healthcare system for one year, fully fund the exchanges to continue covering those that are presently inthe system, and most importantly, establish a task force consisting of experts within every aspect ofthe health care industry. Their charge would be to come together and openly and honestly evaluateour health care system and determine what’s needed to fix the system. This process must be fullytransparent and provide daily/weekly reports to the American people. This health care task forcemust achieve this goal in one year or less.I would also request a serious discussion about a national health care model similar to the otherindustrialized nations. A system where every working adult pays into a pool, much like social security,and is then guaranteed coverage. The success and failure of any insurance program is predicated ondeveloping a large enough pool of participants to sustain the costs of care. This system wouldundoubtedly reduce the cost and ensure coverage for all Americans because every working Americanwill pay their share. Everyone in America should have a reasonable, practical and appropriate healthcare plan, plain and simple. If all the other industrialized nations in the world can do it, why can’t we?Furthermore, American Citizens are required to have home owners insurance and car insurance toprotect themselves and others from tragedy and financial ruin. Why is health insurance, a protectionthat directly addresses quality of life and death, any less or any different than the other protectionsprovided by required insurance? It is guaranteed that throughout our lives, all of us will need health care at one point. That’s why it’s imperative that our elected officials seriously work together and becompletely transparent and honest in order to solve this problem for the future.To be clear, our current health care system, because of price gouging, is not affordable for themajority of Americans. It is totally unsustainable because there are no adequate pricing safety valvesand millions of Americans don’t even have health insurance. Therefore, it is imperative to require “allhands on deck” in order to get this done. We must improve upon the system that we have in placetoday, and provide universal coverage like all other industrialized nations.I appreciate you taking the time to consider my concerns and hope that as a nation, we can cometogether to find a better way to take care of all our American citizens. We cannot allow Party toprevent our success as a nation. This is about life and death; could there be anything else moreimportant? Please make it happen.

Joe Van Wie
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Petition to Donald J. Trump

End Predatory Healthcare Pricing

I recently served as president of a Miami hospital and got an insider’s view of the healthcare system. The lack of “legitimate” healthcare pricing has destroyed the system. Ask the price of any healthcare service and you will always receive the same answer: “What insurance do you have?”  Billing is determined by how much can be extracted from each patient on a case by case basis. Because billing rates are not set, the industry is able to prey on patients at their most vulnerable. And if you are out of network or uninsured, you pay the highest rates. A simple blood test for cholesterol can range from $10 to $400 or more at the same lab. Hospitalization for chest pain can result in a bill from the same hospital for the same services ranging anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000 or more. Price transparency initiatives are futile when prices may vary by a factor of 100 for the exact same service performed by the same provider. To stop the bleeding, Congress need only require that healthcare providers publish “legitimate pricing” which means, they can continue to set their own rates, but - a different rate for each patient - must be prohibited. Rates must be published in a uniform format such as industry standard CPT codes or a percentage of Medicare rates. Every citizen would be empowered to search any medical procedure online and see pricing for all providers within X miles. It would be as easy and familiar as checking the price of any other goods or services. Legitimate prices mean networks will be obsolete, along with the administrative burdens, tremendous costs, and limitations on patient choice which they impose. Reducing healthcare costs is the only way to materially lower health insurance premiums. Legitimate pricing will force providers to compete. Costs and therefore insurance premiums will plummet overnight. But if we keep the status quo, we will continue to see rising prices and outrage over medical bills. We shouldn’t have a system that makes us so powerless. To reverse our nation’s financial bleeding and end restrictions on patient choice, we petition for the President-Elect's support for Congress to empower citizens by mandating legitimate healthcare pricing.

STEVEN I. WEISSMAN, A Former Hospital President
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Petition to Every American Citizen and Resident, Every American Patient

Rise Up to Form The "American Patient Defense Union" !

"Unions empower individual Americans - isn't it time for the American patient to be empowered?" This petition is your call to arms as a citizen or resident of the United States to build a union in defense of every patient in America - because that patient is, or could be, you or someone you love. The American healthcare establishment is increasingly dominated by a well-polished corporate culture focused on generating revenue and creating "service lines". This culture shift in American Medicine is frequently overriding medical ethics and patient safety. Despite literally hundreds of thousands of American patients bearing the brunt of liability and loss to this corporate structure, the healthcare establishment itself is quite well fortified by strong legal defensive forces, well-polished marketeers and powerful lobby groups at the state and federal levels.  Over the past 4 years the corruptible magnitude of corporate influence over the practice of medicine in America has clarified itself to me - as a husband-turned activist, a father, a surgeon and a citizen. I've often wondered if individual American patients need a powerful watchdog force to defend them in a personalized way, as they navigate the healthcare maze. There is precedent for this idea: American Laborers, susceptible to corporate abuse, have their unions. Americans susceptible to civil rights abuses have the the ACLU and NAACP. But who defends individual patients' rights - especially those who are avoidably neglected, abused or harmed within our healthcare system? Very certainly not healthcare corporations (or the doctors employed by them). The fox is never a trustworthy guardian of the hen-house. Doesn't it stand to reason that individual American patients rise up to form a muscular union force to defend them from abuse, neglect and predatory corporate practices in the healthcare establishment? IMAGINE -- The American Patient Defense Union: "You Are Not Alone" Let's create something greater than ourselves - Let's create the patient-powered backbone needed by every American patient - Let's create a union of the patient, by patient and for the patient. The Time IS Now! Please give the union your vote of confidence and write your opinions/suggestions here. And stay tuned. More to come. "Out of Pain, Suffering and Injustice - Power is Born"  

The American Patient Defense Union
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Petition to Charles Schumer

Increase access to proper health care for incarcerated individuals.

The purpose of this petition is to urge support from our State Senator in the efforts to preserve the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - a landmark statute that expanded health insurance coverage for millions of Americans - including individuals involved in the criminal justice System (CJS). Prior to the ACA 80-90% of individuals in prisons and jails were uninsured, both before and after incarceration. The ACA was a turning point for uninsured individuals in the CJS - who, prior to its passage, were often released from jail or prison with no insurance and no way to access healthcare services. Research shows that the first two weeks after prison release an individual’s risk for death is 12.7 times higher than the general population, especially due to drug overdose and cardiovascular disease. The ACA has made it possible for CJS-involved individuals to obtain health insurance. Lack of insurance means individuals will have limited or no access to health-related services and without services to address chronic illness, mental illness, and drug addiction many will cycle back through the CJS and be incarcerated again. The ACA is a step towards actualizing and protecting health as a human right.  In addition, this petition was created to encourage our State Senator to file an 1115 Demonstration Waiver to expand the services covered by Federal Medicaid funds while an individual is incarcerated. Studies have identified that in comparison to the general population CJS-involved individuals are burdened with higher rates of health conditions: 50% of incarcerated individuals report having a chronic health condition (vs. 27-31% of general population); 14-21% report a diagnosis of an infectious  disease (vs. 5% of general population). In addition, 53% of individuals in all state prisons and 45% of individuals all federal prisons meet the DSM criteria for drug dependence. Submitting a demonstration waiver to allow Federal Medicaid funds to pay for basic health care needs including the initiation of substance use and mental health services will help to remove barriers to treatment and will not only improved individual health but also improved community health. Submitting a demonstration waiver is an important step in the efforts to protect incarcerated individuals human right to health. Lastly, this petition is to urge support from our State Senator in efforts to improve correctional health services to protect an incarcerated individuals human right to health. Through additional support and funding, incarcerated persons with physical health, mental health and/or addiction will be able to receive better treatment services while imprisoned. Without proper medical care and consistent treatment, incarcerated individuals often experience high levels of sexual and physical abuse by other inmates and prison guards. In addition, without proper care incarcerated individuals have a higher rate of recidivism.  It is of most importance that our State Senator help to restore and protect incarcerated individuals basic human right to health. Created by MSW Students - Jennifer Maine, Shelby Bour, and Nicole Jezairian

Jennifer Maine
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