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Petition to Trent Ashby, Dan Patrick, Texas State House, Greg Abbott

Healthcare for Retired and Active Teachers

Recent changes, voted on by our elected officials, have escalated the price of health insurance for educators in Texas.  Retired teachers presently average $24,000 a year, and as of January 2018, in-network fees will increase 130% and the out-of-network will increase by 361%.  With these rising costs, the average retired teacher will have the bulk of his/her pension sucked away by heightened insurance premiums.  Retired teacher deductibles will also increase to $3,000 which is TEN times what it is now.  As it stands for current educators, in the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, ActiveCare 2 will increase to $2,004 for employees and their families.  Couple that with dental and vision insurance, and it totals a whopping $2,201.46.  Each district tries to help by contributing around $300; however, that still ends up being $1,816 a month for health, vision, and dental insurance.  On average, a teacher who has taught for 10 years makes about $50,000 a year ($4,166 a month).  Deduct withholding tax and medicare tax ($408), deduct TRS contribution ($329), deduct ins ($1,816), and the amount to be lived off of is $1,613 a month if they choose ActiveCare 2.  Let me put this into perspective for you...TRS insurance will cost MORE than what you are left with.  Even if deciding to go with another plan, the premiums and/or deductibles are still high.  There is no other profession in Texas that employs more than that of public education, yet we are not taken care of by the state of Texas.  Currently 700,000 active public educators and 270,000 retired teachers are looking to our elected officials to make moral and ethical decisions on the welfare of educators.    Why more teachers don't protest:  Teachers are some of the most loyal employees you will ever find.  For many, professional development is back in full force beginning next week.  Their loyalty to their district and students supersede that of fixing their own dire situation, hence how they managed to stay quiet this long.  Educators care for others and put themselves on the back burner.  Last year alone, Texas teachers spent around $200,000,000 of their OWN money to put back into their classrooms.  I have never seen any other profession give of themselves as teachers do.  It is time that the state of Texas bands together with and for them to show your support.   In signing this petition, you are pleading to Governor Greg Abbott and our elected officials to revisit the TRS healthcare for retired and current educators and make it affordable in comparison to average monthly incomes and cost of living in Texas.  This is not the responsibility of the school districts.  It is the duty of the state to manage teachers' healthcare premiums and deductibles, and as it stands, Governor Abbott, our senators, and our representatives have failed in doing so.   School Administrators, teachers, and other school employees, please copy and paste the link and send this out to your campuses/districts!!  We MUST finally come together and be heard!! #dontmesswithtexasteachers #changetrs  

Stephanie Quinn
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Petition to Eddie Johnson, Karen Bass, Diane Black, Human Rights Campaign

The right to have clinical rotations set in place for Nurse Practitioner Students.

This change will impact the lives of many nurse practitioner students in a positive way. My former dean who has her DNP degree (Doctor of Nursing Practice) was accepted in FNP school and made it to the clinical portion. She looked for potential preceptors, but came up short and this caused her to stop pursuing a degree towards FNP. The field is flooded with students who are looking for preceptors. Students have changed their major because of the frustration because they could not find a preceptor. Medical students have their clinical sites setup and in order, and I feel as though it should be the same for nursing. Our profession has come a long way and we need more nurse practitioners practicing in this great country! We have quizzes, exams, weekly discussion boards, etc. to complete in an 8-16 week time frame along with trying to find preceptors. This only heightens the stress in our lives. Yes, there is a supply and demand issue, but this issue can be resolved as long as colleges, preceptors, and students collaborate to fix this issue. We appreciate the preceptors who are taking on as many students as they can and we hope that you continue to make a difference in each of their lives. Pretty soon, we will see more Doctors and Nurse Practitioners retiring which means less providers. If we don’t fix this issue soon, we will see a major decrease in students pursuing this degree due to the setbacks that come with it (finding clinical sites).  It has gotten to the point to where local brick and mortar schools have asked their Practitioner students to find their own preceptors. This petition represents more than just the Family Nurse Practitioner role. It represents all Nurse Practitioner specialties (Geriatric NP, Acute Care NP, Emergency Room NP, Pediatric NP, Women’s Health NP etc).  I am asking for the public’s help on this matter, not only to increase awareness regarding the shortage of preceptors for NP students, but to pave the way for incoming students who have a desire to pursue the NP degree. We would like the school to help us secure clinical sites instead of competing against one another for preceptors. It should go back to the way it once was (the school has clinical contracts with XYZ hospital or clinic). Help this petition take flight, and help save your fellow NP student.  Your signature matters!

Rhodes Clause
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Petition to FDA , NIH , MHRA , World Health Organization, European Medicines Agency

Stop the Damage and Find a Cure for Victims of MRI Contrast Toxicity

Thirty million magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are performed each year in the US alone, and many more worldwide. One of every three patients undergoing an MRI scan is injected with the contrast agent, gadolinium. This helps “light up” the results more clearly for the radiologists. Gadolinium is a highly-toxic rare metal. It has no place in the human body. When gadolinium was introduced as a contrast agent, it was prepared in such a way that it was thought to leave the body naturally within 3 days of the MRI scan. Scientific research carried out in the past decade has clearly disproved this. Gadolinium is retained in the body for many years, possibly a lifetime, and concentrates specifically in brain and bones. Tens of millions of patients are exposed to this known toxic substance every year, when they undergo an MRI scan. Many of these patients are young children, whose bodies are still developing. The long-term harm of gadolinium accumulation has not yet been quantified. However, there are already many victims of gadolinium poisoning who suffer painful and crippling symptoms. Recent studies show that gadolinium contrast is used far too liberally and is not necessary in many cases.   We must voice our concerns to the FDA, the World Health Organization and the medical community. We ask the FDA, the World Health Organization and health authorities worldwide to: Warn physicians and patients about the risks of gadolinium. Restrict gadolinium use only to cases where the benefits outweigh the risks. Invest in rapid development of safe gadolinium alternatives. Sponsor large studies of gadolinium toxicity in patients who have undergone MRI scans. Promote the development of effective treatments to remove toxic gadolinium from patients affected by it.

MedInsight Research Institute
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