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Petition to Environmental Protection Agency

Ban Asbestos in the US Now, Without Loopholes or Exemptions

My daughter was just 10 years-old when my husband, Alan, was diagnosed with a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, a deadly material which is still being used in the U.S. today. Families like mine have fought for decades to get the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban the use of asbestos, but instead the administration allows imports and use to continue. Alan’s disease was incurable – but it was also entirely preventable. Asbestos kills an estimated 39,000 people in the US every year, yet the EPA has not banned companies from continuing to use it. They are knowingly poisoning Americans. In 2004, Doug Larkin and I co-founded the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization to fight for families battling mesothelioma. We vowed that we would fight with all of our strength to prevent other families from going through the pain, devastation, and loss that we experienced. Emily and I were there with Alan when he took his last breaths. I lost my soulmate and my daughter lost her father because our government refused to stand up to greedy corporations.   The EPA has now spent decades of time and taxpayer dollars on asbestos research. They know it is deadly, yet hundreds of tons of raw asbestos are allowed every year to be used in our country. It’s long past time that the EPA banned this deadly material once and for all. Enough is enough.

Linda Reinstein and the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization
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Petition to Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Brad Wilson, CEO, BCBS NC, Patrick Getson, Media center

IVIG treatment for Myasthenia Gravis

Everyone deserves access to a treatment that is successful for them, especially when they are told it will be covered by insurance.  I have a disease called Myasthenia Gravis. Myasthenia Gravis is an autoimmune disease that attacks all of your voluntary muscles. These muscles are used for breathing, smiling, speaking, swallowing, eating, walking, etc.  A few months ago I lost the ability to speak, I could not swallow or eat, I lived off of Ensure. I had a nystagmus in both eyes and when I used my hands they would ball up and become temporarily paralyzed. Some days I couldn’t even do a thumbs up.  I am a 22-year-old stay-at-home mother, full-time in school working towards becoming a therapist/clinical psychologist and being able to speak to my future patients and my child is pretty important. The hardest part besides not being able to speak was not being able to smile. My three year old couldn’t understand me and all I could do was cry.  I was in need of IVIG infusions. Only two. I am allergic to prednisone because it gave me what is called prednisone psychosis and put me into a Myasthenic Crisis that I was able to come out of thanks to IVIG. After being told that BCBS would cover it at no cost and to go ahead and schedule my infusions, I received a letter today saying that coverage was completely denied.  This disease has been so terrifying and hard on me and my family. I can’t afford these treatments, and currently they are my only option as far as keeping me out of the hospital.  My neurologist wanted me to have just two double doses rounds of IVIG to get me through my flare up, I just had my transsternal thymectomy 8 weeks ago. The IVIG was to get me along until me Cellcept starts working.  After my surgery I went into a flare up and struggled to smile and speak again if I ate throughout the day. If I have somewhere to be or I know I will be interacting with people I will go without food so that I will be able to communicate and not be heavily embarrassed by my lack of facial expressions. I am down to 105 pounds and when I got sick in May I was 119. I called the insurance company and made SURE it would be covered. I had met my out of pocket max due to the two week hospitalization and surgery. All I needed was two doses so that I could speak, see, hold my head up without extreme pain and weakness and smile to my little girl. They assured me it would be covered at no cost to me, and I asked them about twenty times if they were absolutely positive.  Please sign this petition to help me gain access to the healthcare I need in order to function.  We pay our premiums and just finished paying off all of the medical bills. We took a sigh of relief and then became crushed to find out our insurance company had lied to us. We now have an almost $16,000 bill that is due by the 28th of October.  My neurologist had a peer to peer that was deemed successful yet the bill still has NOT been covered.  Apparently for people with Myasthenia Gravis, IVIG is mainly covered when you are in a crisis. So many of us are fighting to have this covered. A crisis can be VERY deadly and it is where basically your diaphragm stops breathing for you because it becomes too weak. Things that can cause a crisis are menstrual periods, stress, the heat, catching a cold, and more. A “crisis” could mean death. Why do they wait until we are in a potentially deadly Myasthenic crisis when these treatments help so many to prevent us from being hospitalized which then affects our job, our school work and our family. My three year old daughter didn’t understand why her mommy was suddenly gone for two weeks and came home with a huge “booboo” down her chest. I just had my chest sawed and cracked open to remove my thymus so that I could have a fair chance at remission.  Nobody deserves to go through this. I would have never placed this burden on my family and I would have sacrificed my health if I had known that I indeed would not be served the treatment I needed at no cost to me after paying my out of pocket max and having no other option. I don’t want to wait until I could potentially collapse and stop breathing in front of my child before I am allowed the aid that I need. My husband is a paramedic and works nights, lord forbid he isn’t home if it happens. Please help me to reverse this and have access to IVIG and get BCBS to cover this bill. I just wanted to be able to have the basic functions of life and avoid being hospitalized which was the next step for my neurologist if they denied me. 

Ryleah Hallock
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Petition to Kevin Brady, U.S. House of Representatives, Mike Enzi, Bernie Sanders


I am one of about 800,000 people in the U.S. who suffer from  multiple sclerosis, a disabling progressive disease which affects the central nervous system.  Other rare diseases include ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), muscular dystrophy, lupus and sarcoidosis.  I lost my career to MS, as I have become totally disabled.   There is no cure for MS, but the disease can be managed.  There are currently 13 or so FDA-recognized disease modifying therapy medications, and even less for relapses. Treatment for these diseases is very costly. My daily  disease modifying therapy medication costs over $6,500 per month, and the relapse medication costs $40,000 per treatment.  This far exceeds my and my husband's total income, as my husband is totally disabled from a stroke.  Obviously, very few people can afford these medications, especially when they are fully disabled. There is help available; the drug companies which make these specialty drugs have financial assistance programs that allow the patient to receive the drugs at low cost or for free. HOWEVER, PEOPLE WHO ARE ON GOVERNMENT-ASSISTEED PRESCRIPTION PLANS SUCH AS MEDICARE PART D OR MEDICAID CANNOT RECEIVE THIS HELP.  A provision of the Social Security Act designed to prevent Medicare fraud also makes it a felony for a drug company to directly assist a patient financially if that patient has a government-assisted prescription plan, such as Medicare Part D or Medicaid. YOU CAN HELP!  PLEASE LET CONGRESS KNOW THAT IT MUST AMEND THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT TO PERMIT DRUG COMPANIES TO PROVIDE PATIENTS WITH RARE DISEASES WITH DIRECT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE SO THAT THEY CAN GET THEIR LIFE-SAVING MEDICATION!!!

Susan Dolin
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Petition to James Ryan, Pamela Sutton-Wallace

Medical Bills Should NOT Prevent Educational Goals at the University of Virginia

Nacy Sexton loves learning. He wants to use his education to become a teacher and instill his love of learning in others. When he was accepted at the University of Virginia (UVA), he couldn’t believe it -- He was on his way to becoming the first in his family to graduate from college, and he felt honored to be enrolled at such a prestigious institution. Nacy’s studies were interrupted when he was diagnosed with Lupus Anticoagulancy, a rare blood disorder. His illness forced him to take time off so he could heal. As a full-time student with only part-time work, he was soon faced with a pile of medical bills from UVA’s medical center that he couldn’t pay. When Nacy tried to re-enroll at UVA, he was devastated by the university’s response. With just two classes remaining before he could earn his degree, he was blocked from re-enrolling -- not because he was delinquent on his tuition or other education-related expenses, but because of those unpaid medical bills. The University of Virginia informed him that he must pay his medical bills before he can return to finish his degree. Nacy should not be punished because of his illness. He should not be prevented from finishing his degree because of the high cost of health care. UVA should do the right thing, and allow him to re-enroll and eventually graduate, as he continues to repay his medical bills. Nacy is not the only student impacted by UVA’s medical bill hold. That is why we call on UVA to immediately remove medical bill holds on students. A place of learning should not use medical bills to block its students from their educational goals. Nacy's full story can be found at his GoFundMe page: Nacy's story was also featured on CBS 19:   Washington Post Article:

Shane Keen
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