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Petition to LSBPNE


My name is Daisy Montgomery, nursing license 20120172, and I've been an LPN since 2012. I've been out of work for a while due to my own personal choices, and at this point I've lost a lot of my nursing knowledge, and I think that's a normal side effect of a nurse not putting in to practice or at least exposing herself to information throughout the year while remaining unemployed(which mandated CEUs would prevent.) The LSBPNE is perfectly fine with me going get a nursing job and practicing. My license remains active and unencumbered. At any time I can reenter the workforce, and the LSBPNE is okay with this....but it's NOT okay. What is a Licensed Practical Nurse? He/she is a nurse who provides direct patient care while under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. The education requirements are usually a 1.5 year program at a technical or community college. Graduated nurses finish the program with 2 weeks of vast nursing knowledge.  In the State of Louisiana, an LPN has a board that he/she reports to called the LOUISIANA STATE BOARD OF PRACTICAL NURSING EXAMINERS also known as the LSBPNE located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This board is responsible for managing LPNs scope of practice, their admittance into LPN programs, their continued license status, disciplinary actions and procedures, and for conformity and adherence to laws and regulations that pertain to LPNs.  You will be shocked to find out than an LPN requires no continuing education in the State of Louisiana according to the LSBPNE. Did you just get a funny feeling in your stomach? I know I did. This doesn't seem right now does it? As a comparison, Registered Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, and other medical professional occupations like Laboratory Technicians, Respiratory Therapists, Phlebotomists, and more, in Louisiana, require CEUs as part of the process to keep an active license. WHY? SAFETY! Why is it mandated that an RN has CEUs to ensure safe practice, but the same is not mandated of LPNs? Are they not concerned with patient safety regarding care delivered by an LPN? Is the LSBPNE worried about the funding needed for the monitoring of CEU requirements by the LPN, and subsequently puts saving money before the safety of its nurses and their patients? Yes, it does cost money to implement and monitor CEUs for LPNs, but it's vital to do so, because when we don't we endanger the nurse and his/her patients as well as hinder nurses who have taken a hiatus in their nursing career from reentering the field.    EVERYONE IN LOUISIANA BENEFITS FROM MANDATED LPN, the nurse, his/her co-workers, his/her employer, the patient, and anyone residing in this state that has the propensity to interact with the healthcare system.  Do you feel safe as a potential user of the healthcare system in Louisiana knowing that any LPN who might provide you care isn't mandated to have CEUs in order to keep his/her license active to practice? Did you know that the LPN providing you care could have went nearly 4 years without practicing, and the LSBPNE thinks it's okay for that LPN to provide you care in the absence of mandated CEUs?  Did you know that the only requirement to keeping an active LPN license is 8 hours of direct patient care within the last 4 years of the LPN's continued unemployment? ONLY 8 HOURS in 4 YEARS!!!!! That's 2 hours a year. Who in the world came up with that? Who in their right mind thought to themselves that not mandating CEUs and only requiring a nurse to have 8 hours of direct nursing care in the last 4 years of being unemployed was appropriate? Who supported this clearly unsafe measure and then subsequently voted to implement it?   I have copied and pasted the following text from the LSBN website which is the governing board in the State of Louisiana for Registered Nurses, and the following excerpt applies only to Registered Nurses. LPNs are not held up to this standard as CEUs are not required of them at all.  14. Is there a continuing educational (CE) requirement to renew my nursing license?Yes. All Louisiana licensed Registered Nurses (RNs), except those issued their initial Louisiana RN license during the current year, must be in compliance with LSBN nursing CE requirements renewing their license(s) for the upcoming renewal year. Continuing education (CE) requirements for the upcoming renewal season will remain the same as previous years. You must have obtained the appropriate number of CEs based on the number of hours worked during the 2018 calendar year. Those licensees applying for biennial license(s) are NOT required to have obtained double CE hours. For complete information regarding RN CE requirements click here.   Furthermore, please take a look at this website so you can see a thorough explanation of the exact amount of CEU requirements of a Registered Nurse in the State of Louisiana:   LPNs should have similar CEU requirements as described in the link above for the same reasons: PATIENT SAFETY AND DELIVERY OF COMPETENT NURSING CARE How little do we think of ourselves as LPNs that we don't think enough of our own profession to want to educate ourselves on a consistent basis? How little does the board think of us as nurses? little that they don't even mandate continuing education. Demand some respect! Sign this petition now for mandated CEU requirements by the LSBPNE to show your support and make real change happen!! Patient safety aside, an LPN in Louisiana who has not had the documented 8 hours of direct patient care to keep her license active must take an LPN refresher course that can be quite expensive and will delay a nurse reentering the field substantially. With the demand for LPNs anticipated to grow 12% over the next 7 years, we cannot afford to leave nurses in this situation where their licenses are inactive due to lack of CEUs.  Thank you for your time. Please share with friends, family, co-workers, LPNs, RNs, Advanced Practice Nurses, CNAs, Medical Doctors....We CAN make a change, and it starts with your signature. Peace, love, and happiness :) -Daisy Montgomery, LPN  

Daisy Anadarko Montgomery
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Petition to Environmental Protection Agency

Ban Asbestos in the US Now, Without Loopholes or Exemptions

My daughter was just 10 years-old when my husband, Alan, was diagnosed with a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, a deadly material which is still being used in the U.S. today. Families like mine have fought for decades to get the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban the use of asbestos, but instead the administration allows imports and use to continue. Alan’s disease was incurable – but it was also entirely preventable. Asbestos kills an estimated 39,000 people in the US every year, yet the EPA has not banned companies from continuing to use it. They are knowingly poisoning Americans. In 2004, Doug Larkin and I co-founded the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization to fight for families battling mesothelioma. We vowed that we would fight with all of our strength to prevent other families from going through the pain, devastation, and loss that we experienced. Emily and I were there with Alan when he took his last breaths. I lost my soulmate and my daughter lost her father because our government refused to stand up to greedy corporations.   The EPA has now spent decades of time and taxpayer dollars on asbestos research. They know it is deadly, yet hundreds of tons of raw asbestos are allowed every year to be used in our country. It’s long past time that the EPA banned this deadly material once and for all. Enough is enough.

Linda Reinstein and the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization
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Petition to Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Lovely Warren, University of Rochester, University of Rochester Medical Center, Andrew M. Cuomo, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Loretta Scott


Cori Smith is a transman w| Endometriosis who just wanted to have his own kids. From a young age doctors practicing under University of Rochester Medical Center told him his cure is a hysterectomy. This was immediately after denying him surgical care because they believed he did not have Endometriosis. Fast Foward to his adulthood, Cori Smith was able to save 14 viable eggs. However, Endometriosis complicated his egg retrieval process, which should have been handled appropriately. Cori suffered from extreme pain even for Endometriosis patients directly after his egg retrieval.  When arriving at the emergency room, Cori suffered discrimination immediately. Although his license said male, they referred to him as IT & SHE. They denied him pain medication and his diagnosis : OVARIAN TORSION, next step was organ failure. Cori has an emergency OBGYN by the name of Chinedu Nwabuobi who is now completing his fellowship in another state: FLORIDA. This event happened in Rochester, NY. This surgeon told Cori that where he is from [we] kill people like you, among other horrendous transphobic remarks. Among the awful nightmare of constantly screaming at the top of his lungs on an occupied nursing wing at affiliate: HIGHLAND Hospital (UR MEDICINE), Dr. Chinedu Nwabuobi invited approx a dozen nursing and tech staff to watch as the surgeon told Cori, we will not do any emergency surgery unless we do a transvaginal ultra sound. With the amount of pain Cori was in and prior to this episode, Endometriosis pried Cori’s pleasure of being touch near his genitals. Cori and the witness at his bedside table begged him not to shove an eight inch probe into him when he is already in a huge amount of pain.  These surgeons refused to listen and pried his legs open from the fetal position, into the stirrups and shoved the probe inside. Since - this has cause Cori a slew of pain and left him confined to his downstairs first floor couch to live for months after with the help of a nursing aide to help with very personal matters: using the bathroom being one of them. He contracted ecoli, most likely due to the fact of Cori waking up from his first surgery (which they turned into 3) - with no bandages on his wounds.    This has happened and since Cori has tried to take this publicly, URMC used all efforts to shut him out of Rochester media and publications. They have issued an apology after #CorisStory was reported on in the Empty Closet, Rochester’s oldest LGBT magazine. Since then, the Empty Closet has removed the original article and replaced it with a less dignified version and image of the story. We are disappointing in the work and the shutdown and the silence into #CorisStory.  This is the purpose of this petition: to hold the CITY OF ROCHESTER OFFICIALS & UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE TRAUMA AND DISABILITY centering around Cori’s daily life which is full of the pain and anguish Cori’s body has to bear every single day. Cori cannot use the bathroom normally, his pelvic floor is almost non-existent, he has to received hundreds of shots a year to numb what this hospital is responsible for. Insurance companies have denied Cori’s coverage due to their claim that Cori should not be receiving the treatment being approved for his pain management.  Cori deserves justice. Do you stand by him? Share any story of yours in which hospitals have taken advantage of the marginalized and hashtag #CorisStory

Deon Young
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