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True Affordable Healthcare, what will be more likely to work

Regardless of your stance on Obama care, it changed formularies and negatively impacted families that were already receiving an affordable healthcare insurance. Quite frankly, if you want to see how effective socialized or universal healthcare is, look at the VA. It is really good for simple care; however, when it comes to complicated care or surgeries, you end up deferred or in a lottery situation and this will change that. Nor should you be forced by the government to purchase privatized insurance. This proposal is a two pronged approach to providing affordable and fair healthcare for all, without causing a financial crash for the providers, hospitals or discourage those planning on entering the healthcare field and will not negatively impact insurance companies. This will also feed back into each state, not force individuals to purchase or be penalized for their purchase decision and improve healthcare choices. The target group For those who do not qualify for Medicare, i.e. MediCal, TNcare, etc…  access to the Medicare program individuals who fall into this bracket. Who are up to the upper edge of lower middle class income, those who have terminal illnesses and conditions that fall into the upper edge of upper middle class.  1) Have an open enrollment for those who do not qualify for our current standards for Medicare, they would enroll and have a healthcare monthly payment that would be the difference of how much they make over the standard for being able to qualify for Medicare or pay a co pay based on the standard 80/20% to meet the annual deductible, whichever is more reasonable and beneficial on both sides.  There will have to be a reasonable ceiling and will have to include for amount of family members, as used to establish eligibility for the original Medicare qualifications.  This would also allow the use of tax returns to help pay for the healthcare, as part of the healthcare requirement. Allow the state you reside in, in which you are getting your healthcare access to your tax return in order to correct any outstanding costs.  There would also be a ceiling cap for the monthly healthcare cost, not to exceed a reasonable income to healthcare cost ratio and this would be the level of healthcare cost of those close to the upper threshold of lower middle class and those within the upper middle class with terminal illnesses, such as HIV, cancer, etc.. This coverage would include prescriptions, allowing for generics as a first option, covering non-generics; if a generic option is not available or if indicated by the provider writing the prescription that there is a viable enough medical reason for a non-generic over a generic. Until such time as they no longer qualify for this program. This not only has benefits as stated before to individual and their families, but also the states they reside in, by helping offset that states’ Medicare program. 2) Have reasonable cost limits on hospital, ambulance and providers. Although, I am not about the government interfering with businesses and profit margins, but there needs to be reasonable cost ceilings on these services.  The abuse of healthcare insurance by these entities has driven up healthcare costs and insurance premiums. This approach would not impact those who already have a affordable insurance plan or result in the termination of their current healthcare plan.  This also needs to be able to exclude the condition as preexisting and allow a smooth affordable switch over to a private sector insurance, if the individual or family does not qualify for this program. Also, allow a one year carry over transition, to allow for a COBRA style transition to permit the purchase of a new insurance plan. This is the basis, you as the government will have to figure out the exacts, but the overall model will work and will need fine tuning.  

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Increasing penalties for assault and battery on Healthcare providers in Kansas: HB 2313 Sign the petition today for resubmission of Kansas House Bill 2313 increasing penalties for assault and battery against a healthcare provider. According to OSHA 75% of workplace violence occurs in the healthcare setting, leaving healthcare providers 4 times more likely to experience a severe act of violence and these statistics are not even accounting for the estimated 50% of failure to report. Although initiatives are being taken to increase education and reporting of assaults on healthcare workers it simply is not enough!  We should not have to live in fear of being threatened, kicked, spit on, hit, scratched, or injured by patients everyday. With the cut in Kansas mental health funding, the emergency departments are seeing these behavioral patients persistently resulting in a steady rise in violent acts against healthcare providers. Now is the time to act! “Being a victim of assault is not acceptable, and it is not within your job description.”-Sheila Wilson, RN, BSN, MPH/co-founder Stop Healthcare Violence   Two thirds of the United States have implemented laws making aggressive acts of violence against healthcare workers punishable as a felony, with Kansas only including a bill for Mental Heath workers employed by state facilities. Kansas House Bill 2313 was introduced 02/18/2015 to amend current Kansas laws by increasing penalties for assault and battery to a healthcare providers, however the bill died in the committee due to lack of progression. It is up to us to change this! Kansas healthcare providers included in this bill embrace all aspects of care including doctors, practitioners, nurses, nurse aides, social workers, fire, EMS, and students working towards the healthcare profession and anyone else providing medical care in a licensed facility. These professions dedicate their time and energy to saving lives everyday, being assaulted is NOT in the job description. Let’s help the Healthcare providers of Kansas alleviate their fears and support their right to practice in a safe workplace. Please sign this petition for reconsideration of Kansas HB 2313! Thank you for your time and consideration, Tiffany L Brown, Registered Nurse Emergency Department  

Tiffany Brown
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Petition to Congressman Matt Cartwright, Senator Bob Casey, Pat Toomey, Lou Barletta

It is Time for a National Healthcare Task Force

Subject line: We must fix the health care systemI’m writing to respectfully request your help to make sure every American citizen is guaranteed arealistic and essential-based health care plan. I’m asking that you work with your fellow members ofCongress to refocus the national discussion on improving health care for all Americans. And I’masking that you seriously consider the proposal and information stated in this request. To considerrepealing the ACA without a Humane and Adequate replacement is irresponsible and demonstratesa total lack of compassion toward the people who placed their trust in you.So I ask you, how is it possible that in the United States we are currently paying twice as much forhealth care as any other industrialized nation in the world? Australia, Canada, France, Germany, NewZealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom all provide universal health care forall their citizens and pay far less than we do. To rightfully continue calling ourselves the greatestnation on earth – which I truly believe we are – we cannot ignore the fact that in America millions ofpeople do not have health care and we’re paying double what other industrialized nations pay.Health care costs are obviously out of control and there are no safety valves to eliminate the doubledigit yearly increases. Until we have an honest, frank and factual discussion about pricing, profits andour moral obligation, there will be no responsible and long-lasting solution to our problem.Furthermore, entirely absent from this discussion is the Moral Element. Health care is not like buyinga television, car or cell phone. If a consumer wants the latest iPhone but can’t afford it, there areother options. Many times if a consumer can’t afford the recommended treatment a doctorprescribes, they suffer and die. Health care cannot be viewed in a vacuum along with normalconsumer goods. Health care is about life and death, that is a fact.Doing nothing will only make things worse, and rushing into a quick fix will also prove fatal. Expertshave indicated that one of the best ways to approach this problem is to freeze the cost of our healthcare system for one year, fully fund the exchanges to continue covering those that are presently inthe system, and most importantly, establish a task force consisting of experts within every aspect ofthe health care industry. Their charge would be to come together and openly and honestly evaluateour health care system and determine what’s needed to fix the system. This process must be fullytransparent and provide daily/weekly reports to the American people. This health care task forcemust achieve this goal in one year or less.I would also request a serious discussion about a national health care model similar to the otherindustrialized nations. A system where every working adult pays into a pool, much like social security,and is then guaranteed coverage. The success and failure of any insurance program is predicated ondeveloping a large enough pool of participants to sustain the costs of care. This system wouldundoubtedly reduce the cost and ensure coverage for all Americans because every working Americanwill pay their share. Everyone in America should have a reasonable, practical and appropriate healthcare plan, plain and simple. If all the other industrialized nations in the world can do it, why can’t we?Furthermore, American Citizens are required to have home owners insurance and car insurance toprotect themselves and others from tragedy and financial ruin. Why is health insurance, a protectionthat directly addresses quality of life and death, any less or any different than the other protectionsprovided by required insurance? It is guaranteed that throughout our lives, all of us will need health care at one point. That’s why it’s imperative that our elected officials seriously work together and becompletely transparent and honest in order to solve this problem for the future.To be clear, our current health care system, because of price gouging, is not affordable for themajority of Americans. It is totally unsustainable because there are no adequate pricing safety valvesand millions of Americans don’t even have health insurance. Therefore, it is imperative to require “allhands on deck” in order to get this done. We must improve upon the system that we have in placetoday, and provide universal coverage like all other industrialized nations.I appreciate you taking the time to consider my concerns and hope that as a nation, we can cometogether to find a better way to take care of all our American citizens. We cannot allow Party toprevent our success as a nation. This is about life and death; could there be anything else moreimportant? Please make it happen.

Joe Van Wie
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Stop Florida's Free Kill Law

The Florida Wrongful Death Act (Florida Statutes 768.16-768.26) otherwise known as "Florida's Free Kill Law". This law protects doctors from being responsible for their malpractice.  Basically the law states, if you are not a spouse or a child under the age of 25, you can not file a medical malpractice claim of a loved one's death.  This affects your parents, brother's, sister's, and children. Over half of the State of Florida is affected by this law. Almost every college student, elderly etc. Anyone unwed/childless(or with children over the age of 25) is affected. What level of care are Floridians receiving? The doctor's know they can sweep your loved ones death under the rug, without consequence.  My Fathers case (in brief): My dad went into the hospital following a fall and had a fractured bone. He had surgery to place screws into the fracture. That surgery went well. During his physical therapy, he would become dizzy. The hospital determined he needed a triple bypass. He waited for almost a week for the surgery. his surgery was bumped for emergency cases. On the day of his surgery...I was never notified (the hospital had my number and knew I would come straight there because I visited everyday). When I arrived at the hospital, I was told the doctor had failed to see my dad was put on blood thinners and had slight bleeding. Come to find out in his records, he had massive interoperative bleeding requiring 15 units of blood that day. He survived that mistake. No one in the hospital would talk to me. I struggled to find anyone who would answer questions. After days, I sat at the hospital and refused to leave until I spoke with my dads surgeon(who would never speak to me). He had very little to say. Claiming my dad had basically a quadruple bypass which his surgical needs outweighed the blood thinner issue. Hmmmm....if he was such an emergency case why bump his surgery days prior for emergency cases?  (per autopsy...the doctor only did a double and closed him up but billed for a triple). After the breathing tube was removed my dad could no longer swallow. My dad and myself plead for some sort of iv nutrition as he was starving. The hospital told my dad he needed to make an effort to eat, and they put him on an appetite stimulant. They denied us TPN which is IV nutrition. But he coughed and vomited up every time he tried to drink or eat. 10 days went by. No one would listen. His mouth was so dry that he had dry skin built up so bad it looked like scales. Finally a nurse heard our pleas (it is documented in his records) and she had a swallow test ordered. He failed the test and they finally admitted he could not swallow and was aspirating everything. They were literally starving him to death. We thought our prayers were answered when they agreed to place a feeding tube as my dad was starving (can you imagine having massive bleeding and being denied nutrition to heal)? Abuse. Unfortunately, when they placed the feeding tube...they punctured my dads bowel (lied about it..but it is documented in his records). He went septic and bled to death days later in front of me. I called for help. It took someone over an hour to come clean him. I had to grab towels to stack at the edge of the bed to keep the blood from pouring all over the floor. I have photos, video, detailed logs of who I spoke with in the hospital etc. I watched my dad bleed to death from his rectum and stomach where the feeding tube was (btw, the feeding tube never my dad went without nutrition from Nov 10th to the day he died on Dec 7th). The hospital also performed surgeries I was never told about or documented, performed CPR which I was never told and is not documented (per his autopsy). The cover up in this case is ridiculous. The hospital denied me an autopsy but one was performed for FREE for me by the medical examiner because the hospital failed to report my dads death which they found strange. My dads death was ruled "ACCIDENTAL". He is also listed as a John Doe even though they had all the info. His body was taken by a "funeral director" for cremation....yet he would ignore my calls and emails. I had to get Tallahassee involved to find my dad's body. It took me almost two months to get him back for burial. He was delivered in a plywood box nailed shut, not cremated. I had asked prior if I could view his body to make sure it was him since he was missing. I was denied. A Military Honors funeral in a plywood box. Unreal. My dad was a Sergeant in Vietnam. AHCA investigated Florida Hospital Waterman and they were found in several violations. Yet, this does nothing to hold the people at fault responsible. My dad's death was not accidental.....he was killed by gross negligence and corporate cover ups.  Despite all the physical proof that I have, I can not hold the hospital responsible.  Every lawyer tells me I have a case..but due to this clause, they can not help me. The doctors/hospital got away with murder. They tried to cover it up. They need to be held responsible.  How do these doctors live with themselves?  Has this become so normal in their everyday care of patients....that it doesn't even phase them? How many more families have to suffer? How many more nightmares do I need to endure? How many families are experiencing this same thing?  Let's try and make a change. I will not stop. I made that promise to my father as he took his last breath. We need to protect our family members. Florida is the only state with the type of statute. It is unconstitutional. Doctor's must be held accountable for their actions and especially, cover ups. Ways you can help: 1)Sign my petition 2) Go to: and ask for support of the new bill House Representative John Cortes is sponsoring to end this statute. This is a form email that will automatically ask for support to every House Representative and Senator in the United States. We must get this bill passed in order to protect our loved ones. Thank You  

Debbie McGraw Sowden
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