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Petition to Sarah Hoffman, Government of Canada, Rachel Notley

Change legislation regarding clinical trials in Canada to give my son a fighting chance

My son Ryken has been in an ongoing battle for his life with Leukemia. Currently, legislation in Alberta states the province can't cover funding of "clinical trials". My son lives in Alberta where CAR T cells aren't available. This is an experimental treatment to overcome Leukemia and it’s only recently become available in Canada, in Toronto. It’s been used in the United States for 5 plus years. Ryken was approved to get treated in the United States, but the treatment would cost our family 500,000 CAD, an amount the Alberta province is refusing to cover because of the "clinical trial" status. We simply can’t afford this. My son has also been accepted to get treated in Toronto, but we were denied financial support to get treated there as well, in our own country. Medical care should be available equally to all Canadians no matter what Province you live in. Our healthcare system is failing my son. We are out of options: his life depends on this treatment. I ask the Sarah Hoffman, the Alberta Minister of health, to please make this treatment available and affordable for people in our province. Legislation must be changed to allow government financial support for clinical trials. Every day that goes by I see my son’s health deteriorate. Please sign and share this petition to give my boy a fighting chance at life. Thank you for your support!

tammy covino
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Petition to Ginette Petitpas Taylor

Organ Donation: Opt-In to Opt-Out!

Nash is a 10 month old cheerful little boy in need of a new heart. He has spent months away from home in the Stollery Children's Hospital. After 3 open heart surgeries, doctors are saying that the only way he can go home is if he gets a new heart. He is listed as the highest priority, but it could still take months and we just hope that it is not too late. Currently to become an organ donor in Canada requires Canadians to opt-in and register for organ donation. Let’s trade this current opt-in system, for a more favourable opt-out system.  “With an opt-in system, people have to actively sign up to a register to donate their organs after death. In opt-out systems, organ donation will occur automatically unless a specific request is made before death for organs not to be taken.”  “—inaction in an opt-in system can lead to individuals who would want to be a donor not donating (a false negative). In contrast, inaction in an opt-out system can potentially lead to an individual that does not want to donate becoming a donor (a false positive).”  Every week 5 Canadians die while waiting for a transplant. Yet, a single donor can save up to 8 lives through their organs, and save or heal more than 100 lives through tissue donation, including the lives of baby boys like Nash.   Sign this petition to show our provincial, and ultimately federal governments, that we, as Canadians, are opting-in to Opt-Out! More information:

Jaimee Waldner
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Petition to Jane Philpott, Justin Trudeau, Jane Philpott, Navdeep Bains, Catherine McKenna, Kirsty Duncan, Lawrence MacAulay, Chrystia Freeland

Universal Cancer Strategy: Task Force

Help stop cancer TODAY. When it comes to our country's cancer strategies, we Canadians are in deep need of change. An estimated 40% of us will face cancer at least once in our lifetimes. Yet in the race for the “cure,” we are heading the wrong way. Our systems of "efficient", "cost-effective" collateral damage are putting unwitting Canadians at unnecessary risk... in our hospitals and homes and at our check-out counters, every day. Antibiotics and NSAIDS damage our immune system. Birth control and hormone therapies could be carcinogenic. Mammograms and radiation treatments are a risk for cancer. Ditto the routine bone scans and CTs. Lymph removal sets us up for a lifetime of internal 'toxic spills'. MRIs come with an injection of controversial heavy metal (that can deposit in our brains). Tamoxifen is a cancer risk.  Morphine may cause tumours to spread. Chemo poisons healthy tissue and cells. It's enough to make us wonder how any cancer patient manages not to get sick again. Who's on damage control? Does “do no harm” fall outside the current standard of care? In the reactionary war on tumours we need snipers not carpet bombs. Or better still, restorative healthcare that champions the body, helping it heal and defend itself. “The real need for a universal overhaul is not in our bodies but in our systems of governance and care. We need protective regulations that prevent risk and avoid cancer crises in the first place. Yet thousands of inadequately tested synthetics are legally introduced to our food, medicines and environment every year. Our soup cans are lined with carcinogens. Even our trade deals put us at risk. Allowing multinational companies to collect damages from governments when health and safety measures frustrate the bottom line. Far too many Canadians are being offered risky treatments over safer alternatives because they’re more efficient, cost effective or profitable for the powers that be. Many are inadequately informed about the exposure to radiation, administration of drugs, long term risks and potential repercussions associated with their treatments and tests. We taxpayers are subsidizing a medical industry biased towards risky, patentable, knock-off drugs over their safer, naturally-occurring, predecessors. A business model that profits from treating symptoms rather than preventing disease and finding cures. If we're really serious about cancer, It's time we invested seriously in preventing this worsening epidemic of disease. It's time to demand better of our legal system and healthcare. It's time for real change. We're calling for a universal cancer strategy to prevent unnecessary cancer risks. A governmental task force to investigate safe, non-toxic cancer treatments and preventative care. A systems-wide game plan for deep, meaningful investment in prevention, the subsidy of risk-free treatments and tests and better regulation, of not only our healthcare but our systems of law and trade and well. We need you to help us: > Revise legislation on “informed consent”... >> Ensure we are explicitly advised of all adverse effects and potential long term repercussions associated with procedures and treatments. Not only the immediate actions or easily perceived symptoms but also the resulting systemic changes (like damaged gut flora, impaired lymphatic function, organ stress, injury to immune system, cell damage and increased risks for cancer and disease). >> Ensure that when procedures are booked, each patient is explicitly informed of all drug and radiation doses involved. >> Label consumer goods containing known toxins and carcinogens, including those chemicals known to promote cancer when combined with other ones. >> Mandate disclosure of the radiation exposure associated with different cell phone carriers (and their network technologies). > Increase in the amount cancer spending allotted to prevention and rehabilitative care. > Implement a preventative standard of care. Ensure all risk-associated procedures and treatments are accompanied by protocols to monitor and assess damage, as well as mitigate and repair. > Mandate stronger safety tests of consumer products and drugs. Including tests for whether prevalent chemicals work together to promote disease. > Revise our ISDS trade deals (NAFTA, TPP, CETA..). Ensure governments cannot be forced to pay out damages for enforcing health and safety measures that frustrate corporate investors' bottom lines > Address the profit-motivated bias of our research and development firms. Revise drug patent laws to eliminate financial incentives for adulterating naturally occurring medicines that work. > Prevent exorbitant price monopolies on necessary medicine and care. Canadians are counting on you, our government, to protect us and keep us safe. Our systems are failing us. We are in desperate need of honest, meaningful change. Our lives depend on it. Please don't let us down. A personal note from the petition founder: I was sick. I got cancer. Now I'm tumour free and less well. All my life I’ve been offered risky treatments over safer alternatives because they’re more "efficient" or "cost effective" for the powers that be. As a recent cancer survivor, I'm continually stunned by the number of risks we are not told about. So much damage could be prevented or better mitigated. This petition is our plea for a better way. Here's to our health. Be WELL - Niki  

Niki Andre
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Petition to Dr. Helena Jaczek, Ginette Petitpas Taylor

Prevent Neonatal HSV

Mariana Sifrit, an infant girl who contracted viral meningitis caused by HSV-1, was less than one week old when she passed away. This was caused by a deadly kiss. Her devastating story is not an isolated case. The Herpes Simplex Virus, also known as HSV, is a viral infection that causes herpes. Neonatal herpes can occur when an infant is exposed to HSV in the genital tract during delivery. The current estimated rate of occurrence is approximately 1 in 3,200 deliveries. The risk for neonatal herpes is greatest when a mother acquires an HSV infection for the first time in late pregnancy. Any delay in the identification of at risk pregnancies or in the diagnosis of neonatal HSV infection can have disastrous consequences and can lead to permanent disabilities or death. We need your help to bring this important issue to the attention of our local, provincial and federal health ministers and representatives. We want to see mandatory testing across Canada for all women that become pregnant, using the Western Blot Test, the most accurate form of testing that leads to less false positive results. We also want to see more funding made available for research to be done on this virus so that better treatment options become available for use. Infants infected with disseminated herpes typically present symptoms very similar to those associated with a bacterial infection. Since a neonatal herpes infection can be seen up to four weeks after birth, clinicians caring for newborns in clinics, offices, and emergency rooms must be familiar with the clinical manifestations of this disease process. Clinicians must be provided with the most up to date information and clinical education on the risk factors, clinical presentations and treatment options to treat this disease. Finally we look to the health care system to educate the public on this disease. Many people are unaware they carry the virus because they show no signs or symptoms or they have been misdiagnosed by medical professionals, but this virus has can still be transmitted through asymptomatic shedding (no signs or symptoms). Although rare, a simple kiss, diaper change or breastfeeding from someone who is unaware or shows no signs of the virus can pass on the virus to their infant. Please join us in preventing the loss of more innocent infants because of an avoidable and treatable virus. Thank you for signing and sharing our petition. Here are some stories on the devastating impacts the herpes virus can have on infants: Mariana: health/baby-dies-of- meningitis-from-herpes-virus/ index.html Kirsty life-stories/mums-cold-sore- kiss-nearly-7678803.amp Brooke facebook-warning-kissing-baby- leads-to-herpes-infection/ Kaiden news/article-2287767/Two- month-old-baby-boy-killed- cold-sore-virus-loving-kiss- father.html Mira ColdandFluNews/story?id= 6150484&page=1 Jennifer news/4839029/Mother-kills- newborn-baby-with-a-kiss.html Eloise health/newborn-contracts- herpes-virus-and-dies-after- being-kissed-or-touched- mystery-person-cold-s%3famp More information: Simplex Infection. Clinical Microbiology Reviews, 17(1), 1–13. 1.1-13.2004 health/genital-herpes-in- pregnancy-doubles-autism-risk- study-1.3297747 Babies who get circumcised can get the virus: case-of-neonatal-herpes- caused-by-jewish-circumcision/ amp/ news/article-3619591/Girl-10- died-herpes-doctors-failed- diagnose-her.html about-us/verdicts-settlements/ medical-malpractice/failure- to-diagnose-other/

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