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Petition to Honourable John Horgan, Honourable Carole James, Honourable Adrian Dix, Honourable Selina Robinson

Replace the Acute Care (North) Tower at Richmond Hospital.

One of the hallmarks of a government with integrity is its willingness to fulfill campaign promises. Campaign promise fulfillment shows constituents that their politicians are truthful and in touch with what is reasonable and actionable. This last election cycle – like all – was filled with campaign promises. One promise struck a chord with many voters – the commitment to building a new, acute care tower at Richmond Hospital. Our elected officials promised that this would be included in British Columbia’s 2018 provincial budget. There is no debate – our community is in dire need of a new hospital. The old acute care tower is 50 years old and not built to standard code. We have known this for over a decade. Per the 2005 seismic report of the hospital, the north acute care tower would likely collapse, or partially collapse with “moderate shaking.” This fact was reiterated to Vancouver Coastal Health in a 2011 report. Yet, nothing - under the former BC Liberal government - had been done to remedy this issue, placing dozens of patients at risk and compromising the quality of care patients receive. Meanwhile, there is $27 million sitting in trust with the Richmond Hospital Foundation and half of those donations are dependent on a 2020 construction start date. If shovels are not in the ground by this deadline, the money may be rescinded. The Richmond Hospital was built to accommodate a population of 50,000; today, it serves roughly 218,000. The population is expected reach 280,000 by 2040. Sadly, the hospital has not kept up with the population increases. Few additions and renovations have taken place over the past five decades, resulting in a hospital that is severely over-capacity. The esteemed hospital staff are doing their best to serve patients, but it is evident that they are showing signs of fatigue and burnout due to overcrowding. Again, this compromises the quality of care patients receive, not to mention diminishing the quality of life of hospital workers. Is it no wonder that Richmond Hospital Emergency Department continues to have some of the longest wait times in the region? After 16 years of ineffectual leadership by the BC Liberal government, we need our new BC NDP government to make good on their commitment to build a new acute care tower at Richmond Hospital and ensure that the costs are included in the 2018 provincial budget. We deserve to have our basic health care needs met and campaign promises fulfilled. ~ Jack Trovato THEREFORE: We, the undersigned, citizens of the City of Richmond, are concerned about the seismically unsafe acute care tower at Richmond Hospital. Furthermore, this unsound facility does not meet the emerging needs of our growing community. We petition the Provincial Government of British Columbia to make good on their commitment to: Build a new acute care tower at Richmond Hospital, and; Ensure that the costs are included in the 2018 provincial budget.

Richmond Citizens' Association (RCA)
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Petition to Stephen McNeil, John Lohr, Starr Dobson, Canadian Mental Health Association, Valley Regional Hospital Foundation, Queen Elizabeth 2 Foundation, Scott Brison, Keith Irving, Chuck Porter, Randy Delorey, Lynn Hartwell, Denise Perret, IWK Health Centre, Justin Trudeau, Nova Scotia Health Authority, Margaret Miller


The #SOSNS Campaign is a campaign for change in the mental health sector of Nova Scotia.Nova Scotia is tired of the insufficient amount of help and support for those who suffer from mental illnesses - especially in times of emergencies when one is suffering from suicidal ideation and has nowhere to go without being told "it's not serious enough" or "call back tomorrow". We have started the #SOSNS Campaign For Change in hopes to get the legislations attention by standing together and having our voices heard. Far too many lives have already suffered the cost of insufficient mental health resources and lack of mental health emergency crises response teams. We want the government of Nova Scotia to start taking mental illness more seriously and treat it with the same respect as a physical illness or injury. Focusing more attention on the allocation of funds to the Mental Health, Children’s, Services, and Addiction Treatment branches so those in need of help and support in times of mental health emergencies/crises can get it. This may include an in-depth revision of how allocated funds are being used, and getting feedback from the public of where the systems that are already in place need improvement or change - because what is currently in place is clearly not meeting the growing needs of the public.As stated on the official website of Nova Scotia,"The province is committed to improving mental health care for Nova Scotians. Health and Wellness is working with partners across health care, communities and government to improve mental health services." This work is done through the department’s Mental Health, Children’s, Services, and Addiction Treatment branch." If this is Nova Scotia's mission statement, why are we not seeing more improvements within these sectors? Where is funding ACTUALLY being allocated? Is there room for improvement? Indefinitely. Wait times for an appointment are anywhere from a few months to a year just to have the first visit with an intake team. This shows that there are not enough accessible mental health facilities or available professionals within the province, and the increasing number of suicide rates in Nova Scotia are an indication that there are insufficient Emergency Mental Health Response Teams and Mental Health Emergency Crisis Lines for Nova Scotians. According to an October 2016 CBC news article, statistics show that Nova Scotia suicides and suicide attempts are up by 74%. How many more lives will it take before a change is made? How loudly must we plea for our voices to be heard?Sign our petition and share your story to shed light on this injustice! Follow us on Facebook for more updates -

Layla Kelly
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Bill Morneau, Jane Philpott, Bardish Chagger, Andrew Scheer, Tom Mulcair, Ginette Petitpas Taylor

Stop #UnfairTaxChanges: Access to Canada's Health Care Threatened

On July 18, 2017, the Government of Canada, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, announced its intentions to alter the current tax laws for small businesses. The impact of these proposed changes will be immense and disastrous. As hard-working members of society, small businesses provide the economic backbone of Canada. Small business owners receive none of the paid benefits that salaried employees do. The risks and costs of running a small business are high. Tax assistance is vital to ensure the survival of small businesses. Our Canadian doctors are independent of the government and run their clinics like small businesses without any support from the government. Without pensions or any benefits, such as sick leave, maternity leave, health benefits or paid vacation, physicians must independently cover all of the costs of running their offices. Costs include staffing, rent, utilities, all medical equipment/diagnostics, and all medical supplies on top of mandatory licensing and registration fees. This overhead can be between 30-60%. There are 88,000 physicians in Canada and the majority are self-employed.  Each office employs on average 4-6 staff. This allows our physicians to run accessible and efficient offices to help patients obtain medically necessary care. Elimination of tax arrangements which were legally negotiated to help physicians control the expense of running offices will impact patients directly. If these proposed taxation changes are passed, Canada’s doctors will be forced to downsize offices and lay off employees. Many provinces have had millions to billions in unilateral cuts to frontline patient care over the past few years. In Ontario alone, our doctors are now into their fourth year without a contract and there has been over $3.7 Billion unilaterally cut since 2015 by the provincial government from the patient services that our doctors provide. There are millions of patients in Canada without a family doctor and unprecedented wait times for specialists. Medical clinics are already struggling to stay afloat. With these federal tax changes, our physicians will be forced to further reduce clinic hours and cut patient services, ultimately leading to longer and longer wait times. Some physicians will close their offices and retire early or leave Canada. Patient accessibility of medical care in Canada already ranks third last amongst all of the wealthy countries (Commonwealth Fund). These tax changes will be further detrimental to Canada's already ailing health care system. Patients and their physicians deserve and need access to timely and quality medical care in Canada. We all deserve fair taxes to help promote small businesses and ensure their survival.   We the Undersigned, concerned patients and doctors of Canada, urge Prime Minister Trudeau to preserve fair small business tax laws and not further erode access to our precious health care system.  Patients can never come first when frontlines doctors are put last. #ProtectSmallBiz #StopMDExodus #CareNotCuts Please share this petition on Facebook and Twitter. For more information and to stay updated, please like and follow Concerned Ontario Doctors at We are Your Ontario Doctors on Facebook and @OnCall4ON on Twitter and Instagram. Thank you.  

Concerned Patients of Canada .
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