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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Bill Morneau, Jane Philpott, Bardish Chagger, Andrew Scheer, Tom Mulcair, Ginette Petitpas Taylor

Stop #UnfairTaxChanges: Access to Canada's Health Care Threatened

On July 18, 2017, the Government of Canada, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, announced its intentions to alter the current tax laws for small businesses. The impact of these proposed changes will be immense and disastrous. As hard-working members of society, small businesses provide the economic backbone of Canada. Small business owners receive none of the paid benefits that salaried employees do. The risks and costs of running a small business are high. Tax assistance is vital to ensure the survival of small businesses. Our Canadian doctors are independent of the government and run their clinics like small businesses without any support from the government. Without pensions or any benefits, such as sick leave, maternity leave, health benefits or paid vacation, physicians must independently cover all of the costs of running their offices. Costs include staffing, rent, utilities, all medical equipment/diagnostics, and all medical supplies on top of mandatory licensing and registration fees. This overhead can be between 30-60%. There are 88,000 physicians in Canada and the majority are self-employed.  Each office employs on average 4-6 staff. This allows our physicians to run accessible and efficient offices to help patients obtain medically necessary care. Elimination of tax arrangements which were legally negotiated to help physicians control the expense of running offices will impact patients directly. If these proposed taxation changes are passed, Canada’s doctors will be forced to downsize offices and lay off employees. Many provinces have had millions to billions in unilateral cuts to frontline patient care over the past few years. In Ontario alone, our doctors are now into their fourth year without a contract and there has been over $3.7 Billion unilaterally cut since 2015 by the provincial government from the patient services that our doctors provide. There are millions of patients in Canada without a family doctor and unprecedented wait times for specialists. Medical clinics are already struggling to stay afloat. With these federal tax changes, our physicians will be forced to further reduce clinic hours and cut patient services, ultimately leading to longer and longer wait times. Some physicians will close their offices and retire early or leave Canada. Patient accessibility of medical care in Canada already ranks third last amongst all of the wealthy countries (Commonwealth Fund). These tax changes will be further detrimental to Canada's already ailing health care system. Patients and their physicians deserve and need access to timely and quality medical care in Canada. We all deserve fair taxes to help promote small businesses and ensure their survival.   We the Undersigned, concerned patients and doctors of Canada, urge Prime Minister Trudeau to preserve fair small business tax laws and not further erode access to our precious health care system.  Patients can never come first when frontlines doctors are put last. #ProtectSmallBiz #StopMDExodus #CareNotCuts Please share this petition on Facebook and Twitter. For more information and to stay updated, please like and follow Concerned Ontario Doctors at We are Your Ontario Doctors on Facebook and @OnCall4ON on Twitter and Instagram. Thank you.  

Concerned Patients of Canada .
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Bill Morneau, Jane Philpott, Tom Mulcair, Andrew Scheer

Take action – Tax changes will impact your future …

To all Canadians, On July 18, 2017, Minister of Finance Bill Morneau on behalf of the Department of Finance and the Government of Canada released Tax Planning Using Private Corporations. This document calls for drastic changes to the taxation of small business owners and specifically targets professionals in Canada.  Specifically, the Liberals are proposing changes to: income sprinkling using private corporations; holding an investment portfolio inside a private corporation; the lifetime capital gains exemption; and converting private corporation income into capital gains.  The impacts of these changes are yet to be fully understood or measured, but they will be significant to all professionals now and in the future.  We are not treated like other public servants: we do not get a benefits package, paid maternity leave, pension plans, vacation pay, or sick leave. The right to incorporate and the associated tax benefits were negotiated by our provincial associations years ago in lieu of benefits and raises. This was done to cut government healthcare spending, and now that those negotiations are forgotten, the government is trying to take these benefits away. We rely on our corporations to run the business-end of our practices (purchasing medical-grade equipment, staff, overhead, rent, computer technology, protecting patient records and so on). The trade-off allowed us to do the job of caring for our patients, while still caring for our families, our children and our retirement. Let us be clear: we respect the law. The investment strategies we employ by way of our corporations are not “tax loopholes”. In the absence of reasonable alternatives we use our corporations as a long-term saving strategy to fund our pension. In other countries doctors are provided with basic benefits in addition to their wages which we are not. We need to be able to realize these tax savings to balance the scales. Without the tax benefits of incorporation, it will be difficult for us to continue with the care we wish to provide our patients. In recent years, the provinces have had billions in unilateral cuts to frontline patient care. In Ontario alone, over $3 Billion has been unilaterally cut since 2015 by the provincial government from the patient services which doctors provide. With these federal tax changes, some physicians will close their offices and retire early or leave Canada altogether. Ultimately leading to longer and longer wait times and lower quality of patient care. Patient accessibility of medical care in Canada already ranks third last amongst the commonwealth countries. In our opinion, the proposed tax changes will be a further detriment to Canada's already ailing health care system. We, concerned Canadians, urge you to reconsider your proposed changes to private corporations, and to maintain benefits for small business owners. Prime Minister Trudeau,  please preserve fair small business tax laws and not further erode access to our health care system.  Patients can never come first when frontline physicians are put last. For anyone reading this, we encourage you to get involved in this process by contacting the Department of Finance as they are looking for comments on the proposals  We also encourage you to reach out to your local MP to voice your concerns as they represent your voice in parliament, This petition will be delivered to: Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau Minister of Finance Bill Morneau Minister of Health Jane Philpott Leader of the Official Opposition of Canada and Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada Andrew Scheer Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada Tom Mulcair

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Petition to Jane Philpott, Justin Trudeau, Jane Philpott, Navdeep Bains, Catherine McKenna, Kirsty Duncan, Lawrence MacAulay, Chrystia Freeland

Universal Cancer Strategy: Task Force

Help stop cancer TODAY. When it comes to our country's cancer strategies, we Canadians are in deep need of change. An estimated 40% of us will face cancer at least once in our lifetimes. Yet in the race for the “cure,” we are heading the wrong way. Our systems of "efficient", "cost-effective" collateral damage are putting unwitting Canadians at unnecessary risk... in our hospitals and homes and at our check-out counters, every day. Antibiotics and NSAIDS damage our immune system. Birth control and hormone therapies could be carcinogenic. Mammograms and radiation treatments are a risk for cancer. Ditto the routine bone scans and CTs. Lymph removal sets us up for a lifetime of internal 'toxic spills'. MRIs come with an injection of controversial heavy metal (that can deposit in our brains). Tamoxifen is a cancer risk.  Morphine may cause tumours to spread. Chemo poisons healthy tissue and cells. It's enough to make us wonder how any cancer patient manages not to get sick again. Who's on damage control? Does “do no harm” fall outside the current standard of care? In the reactionary war on tumours we need snipers not carpet bombs. Or better still, restorative healthcare that champions the body, helping it heal and defend itself. “The real need for a universal overhaul is not in our bodies but in our systems of governance and care. We need protective regulations that prevent risk and avoid cancer crises in the first place. Yet thousands of inadequately tested synthetics are legally introduced to our food, medicines and environment every year. Our soup cans are lined with carcinogens. Even our trade deals put us at risk. Allowing multinational companies to collect damages from governments when health and safety measures frustrate the bottom line. Far too many Canadians are being offered risky treatments over safer alternatives because they’re more efficient, cost effective or profitable for the powers that be. Many are inadequately informed about the exposure to radiation, administration of drugs, long term risks and potential repercussions associated with their treatments and tests. We taxpayers are subsidizing a medical industry biased towards risky, patentable, knock-off drugs over their safer, naturally-occurring, predecessors. A business model that profits from treating symptoms rather than preventing disease and finding cures. If we're really serious about cancer, It's time we invested seriously in preventing this worsening epidemic of disease. It's time to demand better of our legal system and healthcare. It's time for real change. We're calling for a universal cancer strategy to prevent unnecessary cancer risks. A governmental task force to investigate safe, non-toxic cancer treatments and preventative care. A systems-wide game plan for deep, meaningful investment in prevention, the subsidy of risk-free treatments and tests and better regulation, of not only our healthcare but our systems of law and trade and well. We need you to help us: > Revise legislation on “informed consent”... >> Ensure we are explicitly advised of all adverse effects and potential long term repercussions associated with procedures and treatments. Not only the immediate actions or easily perceived symptoms but also the resulting systemic changes (like damaged gut flora, impaired lymphatic function, organ stress, injury to immune system, cell damage and increased risks for cancer and disease). >> Ensure that when procedures are booked, each patient is explicitly informed of all drug and radiation doses involved. >> Label consumer goods containing known toxins and carcinogens, including those chemicals known to promote cancer when combined with other ones. >> Mandate disclosure of the radiation exposure associated with different cell phone carriers (and their network technologies). > Increase in the amount cancer spending allotted to prevention and rehabilitative care. > Implement a preventative standard of care. Ensure all risk-associated procedures and treatments are accompanied by protocols to monitor and assess damage, as well as mitigate and repair. > Mandate stronger safety tests of consumer products and drugs. Including tests for whether prevalent chemicals work together to promote disease. > Revise our ISDS trade deals (NAFTA, TPP, CETA..). Ensure governments cannot be forced to pay out damages for enforcing health and safety measures that frustrate corporate investors' bottom lines > Address the profit-motivated bias of our research and development firms. Revise drug patent laws to eliminate financial incentives for adulterating naturally occurring medicines that work. > Prevent exorbitant price monopolies on necessary medicine and care. Canadians are counting on you, our government, to protect us and keep us safe. Our systems are failing us. We are in desperate need of honest, meaningful change. Our lives depend on it. Please don't let us down. A personal note from the petition founder: I was sick. I got cancer. Now I'm tumour free and less well. All my life I’ve been offered risky treatments over safer alternatives because they’re more "efficient" or "cost effective" for the powers that be. As a recent cancer survivor, I'm continually stunned by the number of risks we are not told about. So much damage could be prevented or better mitigated. This petition is our plea for a better way. Here's to our health. Be WELL - Niki  

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