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Keep Blanche Heriot Unit at St Peter's Hospital Open

Blanche Heriot Unit at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey has been serving the people of North Surrey for 25 years but is now threatened with closure. The Unit provides services in sexual health, HIV and other areas of genito-urinary medicine with some 15,000 attendances in 2016. These include patients with other health issues such as vulva/genital dermatology, cancer and pre-cancer and chronic pelvic pain.  In addition to the clinics held at the Blanche Heriot Unit itself, clinics are held every week in 5 local prisons and at Royal Holloway, University of London. The Blanche Heriot Unit also provides inpatient HIV services at St Peter’s and works closely with the neonatal unit. The Blanche Heriot Unit is currently run by Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust but is now caught up in a contract jointly commissioned by Surrey County Council and NHS England for sexual health and HIV services in Surrey. There was only one bidder for this contract - Central & North West London NHS Trust (CNWL). CNWL have committed to run the Surrey contract at a saving of £2million per annum over 3 years. CNWL have indicated that they will not be retaining services at the Blanche Heriot Unit but have given no indication as to how these services will be provided elsewhere to the same high standard and level of accessibility. The contract was due to start on 1 April 2017 but CNWL have already run into problems in the “mobilisation” stage causing Surrey County Council to extend the existing services at the Blanche Heriot Unit by six months. However this is only a temporary reprieve. The Unit, and the services it provides, remain under threat. The decision makers in this process have not engaged with, or consulted, the patients who depend on the Blanche Heriot Unit. This is your opportunity to ensure that the patient voice is heard. Sign & share the petition. Write to your MP. Make the case for the Blanche Heriot Unit and its dedicated, expert staff to continue to serve the people of North Surrey. If you would like to get more involved with the campaign contact us on Thank you for your support.

Blanche Heriot Unit Patients
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Petition to Jim Reiter, Brett Boha, Greg Ottenbreit, Terry Dennis, Max Hendricks

Approve medical costs to save my husband

Ive decided to start this petition in the hopes that it will encourage change in our "broken health care system" and possibly save my husbands life.  Here's our story in a nutshell:My husband, Rod Gardner is gravely ill. He's been doctoring since Dec....and it seems no Doctor that hes seen to date can figure out what's going on with him. He was a healthy, active 46 year old man that has withered away to a shell of a man I once knew. He can no longer work; or enjoy any activitues. His life now consists of sitting in a recliner waiting in trips to Saskatoon to see one specialist after another. He is 6'2 and has lost 40lbs unintentionally. He suffers from pain so severe he can hardly care for himself. He now weighs 169 lbs...loosing almost 6 lbs in 2 weeks. We are at the end of our rope. We went to Saskatoon in the hopes to get answers. We drove 4 hours and waited 8 hours in the University Hospital for a Doctor, only to return home with the news that it's all in his head. Two days later, we received a phone call from that same doctor stating some his bloodwork showed some abnormality. What happened to it "being in his head"? She ordered a ct scan of his head; chest and abdomen; made a referral to a urologist and endocrinologist.   The results of these ct scans provided more questions than answers. The radiologist in Yorkton says the c.t of his brain; chest and abdomen have no abnormality...however...once he was referred to a urologist (which took 17 days); he stated he picked up on something. So..which one is it? This makes us question the radiologists "normal" assessment of his chest and brain as well. Our family Dr sides with the radiologist.. .which leads me to believe everybody is too concerned with covering their asses than finding out what's wrong with my husband. As far as the endocronologist; he FINALLY got an "appointment" mid September. Now, we all know that an appointment doesn't necessarily mean a diagnosis. More likely than not it just means more tests. Tests that take weeks to get booked for.   Rod is loosing extreme amounts of weight and is in severe abdominal pain and being told he will have to wait up to 6 weeks for certain tests. My fear is finding out..."oops..we dropped the ball" ...its too late  and there's nothing that can be done. Speaking of tests, he has had numerous tests beginning in May: 2 scopes; 4 cts; an ultrasound and bloodwork 2-3 times per week. Each time we see a new Doctor; new tests are ordered; all of which takes time. Time that i dont think he has. His latest appointment with his family Doctor last week ended with yet another referral to a specialist as some of his tests that were done 3 weeks ago are abnormal. Good news; something showed up right? Wrong!! 3 weeks ago he was told everything came back fine. Say what?? According to a urologist that he was referred to in Saskatoon; he needs a scope and biopsy of his kidneys, as well as a bladder cancer test. it right?? Wrong...there is a 4-6week wait time for these tests.After hours and hours of research, it has been decided that we can't wait any longer on a diagnosis. Rods symptoms are increasing each day. He has applied and been accepted as a patient at the mayo clinic in Rochester. Upon speaking with the international representative; the mayo clinic doctors all work together under one roof. No wait times and in fact; we should have a diagnosis and treatment plan in 8-10 business days. That's a far cry from the health care he is getting in saskatchewan. As u know; this will be very costly; but how do u put a price tag on life?? We are far from "rich" people but we will do what we have to do to keep Rod in our lives. I do think that some of these costs should be covered by our government; as the wait times to see the doctors that need to be consulted are extreme. Our health care system is broken. If i hear "Canadians get free health care" one more time I think I'm going to loose it. It's not free...we pay taxes to get health care. Health care that you MIGHT live long enough to receive.I have spoke with Greg Ottenbreit who encouraged me to call Quality care in Saskatoon. Call made; and was "documented". I was then encouraged to call the Provincial Claim Representative Office to inquire about out of country health coverage. I was told he needs a Doctor to recommend he seek treatment in the USA; and this NEEDS to be done BEFORE seeking treatment the USA or it won't even be considered. Of course this all takes time. Not only that but what Doctor is going to admit that canada cannot provide sufficient treatment and recommend treatment in another country? Talk about slapping the hand that feeds you...NOT going to happen. This feels like an impossible task; however when you are fighting to save a loved one you do what you have to do. This is where you all come in! Please sign this petition to have some of rods treatment in the USA covered by the goverment. I plan to present this to our minister of health in the hopes that my voice is heard and we can get rod "back".  I am not quitting there though. I plan to keep pushing for change for our broken health care system. The more people i talk to, the more "horror" stories i hear. I have began my "media" journey. I have contacted numerous newspapers; CTV; CBC and tell Rods story to anybody that will listen. Anybody that knows me knows when I feel pushed in a corner; I will fight back. I think people need to head about our "free" health care and raise their voices. I know I am in the hopes that I can try to get my husband back and hopefully encourage some changes. Thank you for reading rods story. Wonder what you can do to help?? Please please please sign the petition. Better yet, contact the health ministers office @ 306-787-2718. Tell him Keri Gardner asked you to call to voice your concerns about our current FREE health care system. Thanks all �  

Keri Gardner
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