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Petition to Washington State Senate, Washington State House

Fix Health Insurance Now

We need your help. Our community would like to form a health care sharing ministry (HCSM) to help our neighbors. This would provide a low-cost alternative to their current health insurance, which is in dire need. However, currently Washington State law prohibits the creation of new HCSMs due to language contained in the US Code which has been incorporated into Washington law by reference. The barrier we face is the provision in RCW 48.43.009 that references 26 U.S.C. § 5000A for the definition of an HCSM. The US Code defines an HCSM as, among other things, having been in existence since December 31st, 1999. We can meet all the requirements except this date requirement. Obviously, the requirement means no new HCSMs can be created, ever. This results in no Washington based HCSM’s offering services in Washington. The residents of Washington would be best served by an HCSM based in Washington. Allowing new HCSMs takes a step toward solving the health care crisis. We would like to amend the law to allow ourselves, and others, to create new HCSMs in our home state of Washington. There is one more thing. The law also states that HCSMs must be open to any applicant, “without regard to the state in which a member resides or is employed.” We would like for our HCSM to only serve our local community. We don't want to have to be open to any applicant from anywhere in the US. We would like to amend the law to allow us to restrict our membership to residents of the community that the HCSM serves. We need the Washington State Senate and/or house to amend this law to allow the creation of new HCSMs in Washington State.

Cascadia Health Co-op
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Petition to Jay Inslee, Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Washington Post, Washington State Senate, President of the United States

Stop Shu Andres from being wrongfully discharged from the hospital before it's too late.

My mom, Shu Andres, suffers from an incurable neurological disease called multiple system atrophy (MSA) also known as Parkinson's-Plus, very similar to Stephen Hawking's Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS). She can no longer walk, talk, eat, write, etc. This disease has left her completely bedbound with no control over her own body with a peg tube and a tracheostomy. I spend 8-12 hours a day with her at Multicare Tacoma General Hospital to keep her comfortable, for she is in her finals stages of this unfortunate and tragic disease. My mom is the strongest and smartest person I know. She earned her BA degree at the prestigious Waseda University in Japan and her MBA degree at Seattle City University. However, as a result of her condition, it is easy for people to take advantage of her. She had been a victim of neglect from her caregiver in Vietnam. She had then developed a bedsore on her lower back, the size of a closed fist and about 10cm deep. People close to her have withdrew $96,000USD out of my mom’s Chase bank account by forging her signature on checks they stole from her. My mom has been a patient at Multicare Tacoma General Hospital for almost seven months. She was initially admitted to this hospital to be treated for her failed kidney. During her stay, she maxed out all of her insurances and they will no longer be able to cover her medically. She has also exceeded the maximum limit for her medical expenses at this hospital. Even though I’ve been working diligently on her Medicaid application, there is nothing they can do to prolong her stay. In the past, I've shared her story through our GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for a stem cell transplant in San Francisco. Today, Multicare Tacoma General Hospital has accused me of stealing that money and conducted an investigation on me through the Adult Protective Services. Luckily I wasn't harrassed that much and I had the necessary documents to prove the legality of the campaign, but I had to deactivate it to prevent anymore issues. At noon on July 3, 2018, Multicare Tacoma General Hospital is forcing my mom to be discharged. They recommended to have my mom sent to my small apartment an hour away from the hospital or to a nearby nursing facility that will charge us $800/day. I don’t have any medical training or a suitable place to take care of her myself. I definitely don't have money to pay for any professional help at a facility. I am not comfortable with signing my mom’s death warrant yet. Right now, my mom is under intensive 24/7 care. The doctors think that she is in "stable" condition even though she is being treated for a serious infection. I created this petition to prevent my mom from getting wrongfully discharged from Multicare Tacoma General Hospital in hopes that our state government can intervene in this matter. Please show your support!

Michael Andres
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