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Petition to Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt Secretary of State for Health

Let’s All Opt In to Introduce the Opt Out Organ & Tissue Donation System

My name is Lucy Ryan and was incredibly lucky to receive a life saving heart transplant 25 years ago aged 2 years-old.  I am also fortunate enough to have a lot of fellow transplantees as friends due to someone somewhere being generous, selfless and brave enough to donate either their own organs & tissue, or those of a relative at an unimaginably difficult time.  But heartbreakingly I have lost friends along the way who waited for a transplant they never received. Imagine waiting to live, being on the transplant list unable to lead a normal life just waiting in hope for that bittersweet call for months even years!  96% of the UK population have expressed a desire to receive an organ donation. If they needed one yet only 36% are signed up to the current Opt-in system.  (The Opt-in system is where to become an organ and/or tissue donor those of us living in Scotland, Ireland and England must make the effort to sign up to the organ donor register.)  Yet despite it being so easy to sign-up e.g. spending 2 minutes online, many of us still have not “opted-in”! Even with all the fantastic work charities and organisations do to raise awareness.  I know from my own experience it is often something we keep meaning to do, but it never quite reaches the top of the “To-do” list! In the past few years I have been becoming increasingly frustrated with the growing organ donation crisis and  decided it was about time to do something.  I researched the best way to try to improve the situation settled on the introduction of the “Soft Opt-out” system in all of the UK (alike Wales did in December 2015) is what we need (Scotland & Northern Ireland have already proposed the same idea).  Once the system is reformed we will wonder why on earth it took us so long to do it like banning smoking in restaurants! The Soft Opt-Out system would mean would everyone automatically becomes an organ donor as an adult unless they decide to “opt-out”. Relatives would be consulted at the time of death, and to see if their loved one ever ever expressed a wish to opt out but for some reason hadn’t. I believe the majority of those whom do not wish to become organ donors are far more likely to make the effort to opt out, than the 60% of the current UK population who would like to become organ donors but have not yet "opted-in". By becoming a donor you can save almost as many lives as cats apparently have. 3 people die everyday waiting for a transplant—Let’s all Opt in to Opt out and end the donor crisis! Thank you for taking the time to consider my proposal and hopefully sign up. With your support we can make this happen. Yours Sincerely Lucy Ryan

Lucy Ryan
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Petition to Meegan Fitzharris, Andrew Barr, Meegan Fitzharris, Yvette Berry


This petition has been sponsored by Mr Michael Pettersson, Member for Yerrabi, A.C.T. This means that it will be tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly as early as May! To have your signature counted when the petition is tabled in the ACT legislative you must sign at this link: If you have signed the petition on, you will now need to go and re-sign the petition at In 2014, I spent 6 months in hosptial in Sydney away from my friends and family to get the life-saving treatment that I needed, and my experience is not uncommon! Currently, the number of people in Australia with an eating disorder at any given time is estimated to be approximately nine percent of the population;[1] of this, 64% are estimated to be female. Approximately 15% of women will experience an eating disorder at some point during their lifetime. As of March 2017, Canberra’s population was 409,100.[2] Using the above statistics, it can be estimated that, at any given time, 36,819 people in Canberra are suffering from an eating disorder. 23,564 of these people are female. 7364 people are likely to die. This shouldn’t be surprising considering eating disorders are the 3rd most common chronic illness, and the second most common cause of mental illness, in young women in Australia. “The mortality rate for people with eating disorders is the highest of all psychiatric illnesses and over 12 times that seen in people without eating disorders.”[3] This is due to both medical complications and increased risk of suicide; Anorexia Nervosa has the highest associated rate of suicide of any mental illness, including depression.[4] Under the current health care system, less than half (46%) of people diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa in Australia fully recover. It should be noted that these statistics do not account for the frequent under-reporting and under-treatment of eating disorders. Despite this, both the public and private health care systems for eating disorders in the ACT are considerably lacking. Currently there are no inpatient services for eating disorder treatment in Canberra,[5] and while there is a public outpatient support program, the wait to be seen by this team was an estimated 8 weeks/2 months (May 2017).  Consequently, many young people, disproportionately young women, around Canberra are not receiving necessary and life-saving health care treatment. The ACT Government expressed a commitment to promoting the recovery of people with a mental disorder or mental illness, in the Mental Health Care Act 2015 (ACT). If they are truly committed to this, it must include ALL people with a mental illness, including the young women of Canberra. As such, we urge the ACT Government to create a specialist eating disorder in-patient treatment centre in Canberra. [1][2] Census[3][4][5] Current list of inpatient services around Australia:

Molly Saunders
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Petition to Brook Lane Doctors Surgery, Civil Enforcement Ltd, Suella Fernandes

Stop Brook Lane Surgery parking fines

Brook Lane Doctors Surgery in Locks Heath have enforced new parking regulations based on an ANPR system, requiring patients to input their reg numbers into tiny tablets in the surgery to avoid a hefty fine.  This system causes a great deal of unrest and fear and doesn't take into account, in the slightest, the fact that their significant, if not, majority patient base of elderly people are not au fait with technology and will struggle to deal with this, and potentially also forget to do it in the midst of the stress that a trip to the doctors can bring (applicable to all patients - especially in emergencies).  The company sends out letters to those unfortunate enough to forget the tiny tablets, or miss the signage (which has increased significantly, likely due to a huge number of people being fined), with an initial fee of £60 which then increases to £100 if not paid within a short period. I personally know of people who conveniently never received the initial letter and then received the urgent £100 letter, covered in red text, with no information of where the alleged fee was incurred, resulting in significant anxiety. For the elderly who may not be able to access the website and may also be hard of hearing, so find access to the telephone difficult, they are left with a exorbitant bill with no information, threats on their credit rating and as a result, a crippling level of fear and panic.  This new parking management system is supposedly due to people using the car park for the neighbouring Royal Mail office, and if parking control is indeed required, maybe a method could be considered that it is not so punitive and disregarding of their mainly ill and elderly patient base who are often not comfortable with technology and in the stress of medical difficulty, not always considering that parking may be an issue. If it is essential, which seems unfortunate, a ticket system is probably better so it's not so easy to forget/be unable to configure like this current ANPR system. 

Holly Gillett
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