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Petition to Ram Nath Kovind, Narendra Modi, J P Nadda

Emergency! Emergency! Emergency! ; Make law 'Right to Treatment'

Three weeks old Baby girl, daughter of a poor farmer needed open heart surgery which costs approx.  Rs 3 lakhs and her family income are Rs 3500 per month. In another case a 56 year old man was thrown out from the hospital at midnight because as the hospital authorities were not able to handle the condition and the next day he died in government hospital. Then take the example of a 13 Year old girl who needed liver transplant immediately which costs approx.  Rs 15 lakhs and her parents, who are vegetable sellers, found it impossible to pay. These kinds of situations you can find in every hospital on daily basis where families are struggling for the financial assistance for treatment of their loved ones. Mother crying in front of the hospital administration and doctors, father begging before relatives, friends and society.  As a social worker almost every week I get call from the families/relative/friends of needy people, some cases are fake, some situations are created by hospital/doctors for making money and some are really genuine which need immediate assistance . So many times I have started fund raising for the genuine cases with the support of my friends and also we visit the hospitals and discuss with doctors how we can support the needy family. But doctors can help us in only one case if you paid the bill of hospital otherwise they are not eligible to treat the patient and this is not the doctors fault actually hospital need the fee of luxurious infrastructure and doctors can’t help in that but some doctors give us very genuine advice and support us monitoring the case in proper manner and personally handle the patient with proper diagnose. And this is not only with poor family I personally know the families who invest everything in treatment of love one and now  family have nothing to continue the treatment except going out for the financial assistance and begging in front of the relative, friends and society .   According to Civil Registration System about 6.0% of the total registered deaths during 2015 have received medical attention from qualified allopathic professional and 29.7% of deceased did not receive any medical attention at the time of death. Approx. 65 lac registered death during 2015. Reports say a large percentage of deaths happen as patients cannot afford medical care due to high cost and negligence of hospital and doctors. And According to Media and NGOs Report millions of children die every year in our country. Our government health care units have completely failed to provide good care to poor. And Our Private sector, which is growing every year with full equipped health care facility and off course fees of treatment growing every second. According to Experts the total Indian health care industry size is approx. 200 billion dollar. The Government of India aims to develop India as a global healthcare hub. It has created the National Health Mission (NHM) for providing effective healthcare to both the urban and rural population. The Government is also providing policy support in the form of reduced excise and customs duty, and exemption in service tax, to support growth in healthcare.  I am not against the growth of health care industry and support of government to this sector but I am completely against how these sectors treat poor of our country. Poor people die not because of our country's health care sector, lack of resources or doctors; poor die because he/she does not has money to pay the fee of our best health care sector resources fee. Recently I read few articles about some business people planning to open chain of luxuries hospital in India which will provide Rolls-Royce cars to ferry its patients and also provide air services for the patients. In sort he is planning to open hospital only for elite. It may charge 20 K to 30 K per day. Again I am not against this luxurious concept but my question is that after lots of tax exemption and government support ‘will they treat poor patients too??’ As a citizen of India I Request every Indians please come forward and Sign my petition and make it our petition and demand. The enactment of a ‘Right to Treatment’ in our constitution, which will Ensure that every citizen of India has the right to get proper treatment. Make Compulsory 25% free treatment in private hospital for the economically weak. Ensure transparent accountability of these patients. Ensure the treatment of patient will continue who invest everything into the treatment. Have provision to immediately cancel or suspend the doctor license after any negligence complains. Have provision to cancel the license of diagnosis center and pathology lab after multiple rejections of reports by doctors and hospitals. Make Compulsory the generic medicine store in private hospitals and control the cost of branded medicine. Have Provision of credit loan scheme from government and institution for the treatment of serious patient. Create Central Patient Data System- CPDS Have provision to give full access to doctors for study all old reports and diagnose of patient. Create Medical Task Force for monitoring the Government Hospital Situation Ensure that Patient Welfare is important for every doctor. Provide for an immediate judicial enquiry in term of negligence.   I am not a lawyer and I really don’t know how to draft legal bill or petition but as Citizen of India and as a Human I know what is the need of my society and my people.  As we know our Prime Minister also want to make India a Healthy India , keeping this thought of him I request him to please look into this and do the need full.   Thank You

Amit Singh
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Petition to Jim Reiter, Brett Boha, Greg Ottenbreit, Terry Dennis, Max Hendricks

Approve medical costs to save my husband

Ive decided to start this petition in the hopes that it will encourage change in our "broken health care system" and possibly save my husbands life.  Here's our story in a nutshell:My husband, Rod Gardner is gravely ill. He's been doctoring since Dec....and it seems no Doctor that hes seen to date can figure out what's going on with him. He was a healthy, active 46 year old man that has withered away to a shell of a man I once knew. He can no longer work; or enjoy any activitues. His life now consists of sitting in a recliner waiting in trips to Saskatoon to see one specialist after another. He is 6'2 and has lost 40lbs unintentionally. He suffers from pain so severe he can hardly care for himself. He now weighs 169 lbs...loosing almost 6 lbs in 2 weeks. We are at the end of our rope. We went to Saskatoon in the hopes to get answers. We drove 4 hours and waited 8 hours in the University Hospital for a Doctor, only to return home with the news that it's all in his head. Two days later, we received a phone call from that same doctor stating some his bloodwork showed some abnormality. What happened to it "being in his head"? She ordered a ct scan of his head; chest and abdomen; made a referral to a urologist and endocrinologist.   The results of these ct scans provided more questions than answers. The radiologist in Yorkton says the c.t of his brain; chest and abdomen have no abnormality...however...once he was referred to a urologist (which took 17 days); he stated he picked up on something. So..which one is it? This makes us question the radiologists "normal" assessment of his chest and brain as well. Our family Dr sides with the radiologist.. .which leads me to believe everybody is too concerned with covering their asses than finding out what's wrong with my husband. As far as the endocronologist; he FINALLY got an "appointment" mid September. Now, we all know that an appointment doesn't necessarily mean a diagnosis. More likely than not it just means more tests. Tests that take weeks to get booked for.   Rod is loosing extreme amounts of weight and is in severe abdominal pain and being told he will have to wait up to 6 weeks for certain tests. My fear is finding out..."oops..we dropped the ball" ...its too late  and there's nothing that can be done. Speaking of tests, he has had numerous tests beginning in May: 2 scopes; 4 cts; an ultrasound and bloodwork 2-3 times per week. Each time we see a new Doctor; new tests are ordered; all of which takes time. Time that i dont think he has. His latest appointment with his family Doctor last week ended with yet another referral to a specialist as some of his tests that were done 3 weeks ago are abnormal. Good news; something showed up right? Wrong!! 3 weeks ago he was told everything came back fine. Say what?? According to a urologist that he was referred to in Saskatoon; he needs a scope and biopsy of his kidneys, as well as a bladder cancer test. it right?? Wrong...there is a 4-6week wait time for these tests.After hours and hours of research, it has been decided that we can't wait any longer on a diagnosis. Rods symptoms are increasing each day. He has applied and been accepted as a patient at the mayo clinic in Rochester. Upon speaking with the international representative; the mayo clinic doctors all work together under one roof. No wait times and in fact; we should have a diagnosis and treatment plan in 8-10 business days. That's a far cry from the health care he is getting in saskatchewan. As u know; this will be very costly; but how do u put a price tag on life?? We are far from "rich" people but we will do what we have to do to keep Rod in our lives. I do think that some of these costs should be covered by our government; as the wait times to see the doctors that need to be consulted are extreme. Our health care system is broken. If i hear "Canadians get free health care" one more time I think I'm going to loose it. It's not free...we pay taxes to get health care. Health care that you MIGHT live long enough to receive.I have spoke with Greg Ottenbreit who encouraged me to call Quality care in Saskatoon. Call made; and was "documented". I was then encouraged to call the Provincial Claim Representative Office to inquire about out of country health coverage. I was told he needs a Doctor to recommend he seek treatment in the USA; and this NEEDS to be done BEFORE seeking treatment the USA or it won't even be considered. Of course this all takes time. Not only that but what Doctor is going to admit that canada cannot provide sufficient treatment and recommend treatment in another country? Talk about slapping the hand that feeds you...NOT going to happen. This feels like an impossible task; however when you are fighting to save a loved one you do what you have to do. This is where you all come in! Please sign this petition to have some of rods treatment in the USA covered by the goverment. I plan to present this to our minister of health in the hopes that my voice is heard and we can get rod "back".  I am not quitting there though. I plan to keep pushing for change for our broken health care system. The more people i talk to, the more "horror" stories i hear. I have began my "media" journey. I have contacted numerous newspapers; CTV; CBC and tell Rods story to anybody that will listen. Anybody that knows me knows when I feel pushed in a corner; I will fight back. I think people need to head about our "free" health care and raise their voices. I know I am in the hopes that I can try to get my husband back and hopefully encourage some changes. Thank you for reading rods story. Wonder what you can do to help?? Please please please sign the petition. Better yet, contact the health ministers office @ 306-787-2718. Tell him Keri Gardner asked you to call to voice your concerns about our current FREE health care system. Thanks all �  

Keri Gardner
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Petition to Therese Coffey


Overview Meet Jessica Rae Rudland; my daughter described as a ♥ Social Butterfly ♥ by her friends. Very intelligent, bright and bubbly and loves all animals. On Sunday the 2nd August 2015 our beautiful daughter visited the local A & E Department at The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust. Her symptoms were described later as pale, shortness of breath, a persistent cough and a prominent pulsating vein on the right side of her neck.  See Jessica's Journey on her Facebook Page 15 Days postnatal She had given birth to our first grandchild 15 days earlier, so while she felt fine in herself, it was a case of just to be on the safe side in case of a postnatal infection. Five hours later following what in our opinion was hasty treatment without investigating other causes and a cocktail of drugs that severely impacted her ability to cope, then electric shock treatment, without calling for senior obstetric advice she had a cardiac arrest in A & E. Was in a coma for three and half weeks and subsequently suffered an hypoxic brain injury. The impact on our family was catastrophic as we rallied to care for her newborn son who is now two and it's been life-changing for everyone involved, not least of all Jessica. We are told by experts; it is extremely uncommon for a 23-year-old otherwise healthy young lady to walk into an A & E department and have a cardiac arrest in resus following treatment. The SIRI Process With this in mind, the Ipswich Hospital launched a SIRI (Serious Incident Requiring Investigation) to determine how this had happened. Currently, most NHS SIRI's are conducted internally by members of the same hospital and investigate their work colleagues. What we are about to share, affects you too, all of you if you use the NHS. We believe we have opened up a can of worms and need your help to petition for a change in order to Safeguard Patients and ensure that families going through the SIRI process, are provided with the answers they deserve (where possible), and the duty of candour (openness and transparency) when things go wrong are properly legislated in accordance with the NHS regulations to improve openness and transparency. The changes we propose SIRI's must never be conducted internally, by colleagues or anyone who has an association or where there is a conflict of interest with the NHS Trust involved. Our daughter Jessica received 4 hours of intensive treatment in Ipswich Hospital's A & E Department for what was described as an Arrhythmia, commonly known as an SVT (Super Ventricular Tachycardia). The possibility of her symptoms being linked to maternity or child birthdays earlier wasn't even considered or appropriately excluded in accordance with best practice. Obstetric senior support  Had an obstetrician been called to assess her they may have considered other causation VTE? Sepsis? Both leading postnatal killers and yet it didn't occur to the treating clinicians until after they had given her electric shock treatment (Cardioversion). The Hospital's first SIRI report was found to be not fit for purpose by an expert SIRI investigator stating "The Trust failed on every level" in relation to the SIRI, least of all that Jessica's Mother who was with her throughout her stay in A & E and had witnessed her daughter in cardiac arrest, wasn't even asked to give a witness statement. As new grandparents, the past two years should have been naturally full of joy, a time of celebration. The family challenges we face are easy to overcome our daughter survived. What's important is that she will improve and that lessons are learnt. We expected the hospital SIRI report to be open, honest and transparent and thorough. Instead, we were left reeling as nepotism, denials, dismissiveness and a distinct lack of curiosity presided. As business professionals with expertise in strategy, policy, process and technologies, we were well equipped to understand the process, and as members of the community, we wanted to work with the hospital. We wanted to know what happened to Jessica, and we also possessed a genuine desire to aid the process and ensure that the report was representative of the facts. Nearly two years on liaising with GMC, NMC, CCG and The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, it is evident that most written policies are not disseminated nor followed by the majority. For some, Serious Incidents Requiring Investigation are a duty undertaken in addition to the day job and therefore sketchy and incomplete and keeping abreast of legislative changes is secondary to the pressures of the day job. CCG's are meant to oversee the process with Robust Systems and a Quality Assurance system, so this does not happen. In Jessica's case, her SIRI report and its findings were signed off and closed without it raising any red flags. What does that say about the CCGs policing of the process? The History 1. Meeting One August 5th - 2015 A & E Department Ipswich Hospital. Because of concerns about Jessica's condition and a really noticeable lack of information from staff, I asked to speak to someone in A & E two days after my daughter's cardiac arrest to understand how she had ended up in a coma. Senior staff were gathered, a Doctor apologised for what had happened to Jessica and everyone appeared to be very helpful, continually assuring us they could not answer all our questions but that would all be covered in the Investigation that was likely to take place. We were advised a Serious Clinical Incident Group (SCIG) meeting would take place in days and requested that we are involved in any investigation and be allowed to record all our meetings so we could write them up afterwards. We completed a walk through the A & E Department ending up in resus where Jessica had her cardiac arrest.  2. Serious Incident Investigation Report (One) The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust (IHT) conducted an internal SIRI September 2015 using one of the consultant Anaesthetists who treated Jessica in CCU. I was again assured by multiple senior staff this would be a full and comprehensive investigation into the Treatment and Care my daughter had received using The Root Cause Analysis Methodology (RCA). It later transpired the lead investigator had undergone half a days training in-house in RCA and subsequently produced a report that quickly raised concerns. Not least because many of the treating clinicians involved in my daughter's care had not been formally interviewed, provided serious incident statements or were ever contacted. He (the lead investigator) had also excluded Jessica's Mother's eyewitness account from his formal investigation. It was also apparent some clinical records, medical notes had gone missing or were no longer available. 3. Meeting Two 11th November 2015 Ipswich Hospital HQ I raised concerns with the IHT as the first SIRI report findings were not fit for purpose in my view and IHT's initial approach after we met Meeting Two November 2015 was one of denial, defence and no recognition of the serious harm that had affected the patient. I quickly I learnt accountability, responsibility and ownership when things go wrong in this NHS Trust bear no relationship to the nationally recognised Duty of Candour which they promote on their website when significant patient harm occurs. In March 2016 I wrote to the commissioners at the Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group (IESCCG) and outlined my experience in dealing with the Ipswich Hospital, my concerns and decided to raise a complaint about the handling of the SIRI process at Ipswich Hospital and the conduct of some of the senior staff we had dealt with in meetings.  My complaint was duly heard and a further meeting arranged at the CCG to discuss a way forward, I felt the investigation into the first SIRI investigation process needed to be completely independent of The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust. This was agreed, and an Independent Investigation from Essex was commissioned to investigate the SIRI process at Ipswich. The report was conducted in late 2016 and concluded with Trust wide failings, yet we received no formal apology for over 15 months. The Independent Report Commissioned by IESCCG The Independently Commissioned Investigation into IHT SIRI Process 4. The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust failures include: Failure to Secure Witness Statements from all those involved, on or close to the index event and they lacked the professional curiosity to further explore key lines of enquiry including those raised by the family with Trust staff, including SCIG members consistently from 5th August 2015 including CCTV footage, Vital Sign Reports and questions about the competencies of staff left with Jessica. A disjointed chronology and clinical narrative exist because Key witnesses were not interviewed, gaping holes exist in clinical notes and observations of a seriously ill patient are missing. Including but not limited to the lack of a formal statement from Jessica's Mother who was a direct witness during the treatment and care. Other medical staff including Doctors, Radiographers, and ODP staff were not found, have never been identified or sought since the incident. Recognition of cardiac arrest, the alarm was raised by the Mother, previous SI investigations had already confirmed her attendance before CPR commenced. Concerns were raised about the training and competencies of the nurse who was still in her preceptorship and left attending the patient before and at the time of the cardiac arrest. Missing data sets from vitals machines lost or missing ECG's Anaesthesia Assessment, Anaesthesia Drug Charts, Observations and Instructions in Post Anaesthesia and a general lack of signed and date stamped monitoring observations. MEWS scoring before Cardioversion was the only documented record in clinical notes. (Good Medical Practice 'Keeping Records' General Medical Council and Generic Medical Record-keeping Standards 2007 Royal College of Physicians, London). 5. Meeting Three 26th February 2016 Ipswich Hospital HQ At this meeting in February 2016, I took along a family friend who was experienced in the management of ill patients and a Qualified Advanced Life Support Instructor and fully trained in the unsupported aeromedical repatriation of critically ill patients. Genuine questions about discrepancies with the report We felt we needed to understand the many differences we had found in our observations and had posed legitimate questions why these still existed within the report. Although a few admissions were made about the initial diagnosis, drug regimen and medical management of a postnatal patient, there was some progress, there was a very obvious reluctance to discuss in detail the medical management, lack of differential diagnosis and the missing records. The lead investigator left the meeting after very critical questioning when his beep went off but did agree the Mother had raised the alarm to Jessica's cardiac arrest. We were left with the Governance Director and Head of Nursing in Division 1 who made very clear undertakings they would follow up on, both failed to keep any of their commitments and left the family feeling upset and let down.Letter of Apology Hospitals first letter of apology 13 months after the incident 6. Meeting Four 19th August 2016 Ipswich Hospital HQ After writing a formal complaint to The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust and requesting a meeting with a senior board executive I met Clare Marx President of the Royal College of Surgeons with Jessica's Mother Sue. She listened, was empathetic to a point but would not discuss the previous failings. She wrote an unambiguous report after our meeting and instructed The Ipswich Hospital Trust in the next steps. This included what she called "A full investigation along the lines of "A Maternal Death Enquiry" which although sounded alarming meant we would probably get a detailed review of Jessica's treatment and care from Maternity up to the A & E visit on the 2nd August 2015. We were grateful she had seen us and remained hopeful The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust would follow her recommendations. Clare Marx Report and recommendations 7. Meeting Five 12th May 2017 Report - V2 Ipswich Hospital HQThis meeting was to gain sight of the draft report from the Clinical/Medical investigation Clare Marx recommended in 2016. Promised in January 2017, it was now six months late and much anticipated by the family. It was to be conducted independently of the Trust. The Chairperson was Dr Pam Chrispin and a panel of experts. On seeing the report I quickly realised key lines of enquiry had again been ignored, and various clinicians had not been contacted as was agreed in the Term of Reference (TOR) Moreover, the format of the report did not resemble the RCA Methodology and appeared to be one person's summary, rather than the expert panels views. The report had no appendixes or attached supporting evidence from the panel, no tabular timeline and did not use the fishbone diagram. We also noted there was no reference to dated witness statements. 8. 15th May 2017 writing to The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust I wrote to the Ipswich Hospital within two days of receiving the report"Personally as a family, we are dismayed at the lack of consistency and had thought some cooperation early on in this investigation process would have made our position very clear when we presented the terms of reference to the Trust. Having gone through the experience of the first SIRI report from the Trust and the independent investigation into that process, which found Trust wide failings. I was confident this investigation would do far better." "We are sorry our observations may sound over critical given the time the Trust has taken to do this third investigation. However, we make no apologies for the overall feeling of distrust for this whole process and some 21 months after the index event (Jessica’s Brain Injury) we still do not have answers to our questions." In summary, I asked if the report could be rewritten and formatted by nationally recognised RCA investigation standards as a comprehensive inquiry. From 15th May until 17th July we made various phone calls, sent emails and tried to get a meeting with the Trust to discuss the final report version we were now calling V3. We thought we had finally made some progress with Dr Pam Chrispin and hoped there would be some minor amendments and missing interviews would be conducted to bring the final report completely up to date. Then we received this letter from the CEO Nick Hulme at The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust suggesting we go to the PHSO as the Hospitals Investigation process had now concluded. This was the first direct correspondence we had received from him in nearly two years despite many emails, he answered apologised for not intervening earlier, the protracted 2-year wait to get this far and then closed the door to any further engagement. Finally, we received this letter from the CEO at the Trust Nick Hulme 9. 19th July 2017 - Went to the Hospital to collect a Final V3 Report On comparison of the V2 draft of 12th May and the V3 report finalised by Dr Pam Chrispin 19th May 2017, I noted the Trust Board members had made 877 deletions including complex information and whole paragraphs about the incident, some included the expert views on what should and should not have happened. The Trust Board members had also re-worded many sections to suit the Trust's story of events. More worryingly the Ipswich Trust now include 12 Witness Statements in their V3 final report mostly backdated to August 2015. When the Independent SIRI investigation was conducted in September 2016, only four witness statements existed within the Trust's Datix system. A message to the Trust board members To all those Mums and Dads amongst the board members that have contributed to my daughter's Report, Revisions and Deletions. I do hope you are proud of your contribution at work last week and go home satisfied that your actions represent your professions conduct at the highest level. Clare Marx 2016 recommendations "By failing to cover all aspects of this episode we have missed the opportunity to derive extremely valuable learning from this incident." Chris Rudland July 2017 "The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust had taken four steps forward in my daughter's investigation, and now board members have demolished that progress with their latest actions. Shown a blatant disregard for (the duty of candour) when things go wrong and ignored all legislation." I have collated over 64,000 words from all the meetings held with staff members from The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust which have been transcribed into text documents. All accompanying audio recordings have been retained, should there be any confusion about the contextual information within this petition.

Chris Rudland
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