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Petition to Matthew Hancock MP, Theresa May MP, Lucy Frazer MP, Amber Rudd MP, Thérèse Coffey MP, United Nations, UK Parliament

Stop the deaths of 100,000 people by giving people in care the support they deserve.

Every year more than 100,000 people die in care, that’s almost one person dying every 5 minutes. That’s someone’s Mum, Dad, Son, Daughter, Brother or Sister. Families are left devastated, often without answers and many are prevented from finding out what happened. The victims (and their families), many of whom have been forcibly imprisoned into care through NHS England’s 54 specialist mental health trusts, deserve better. Cases of misdiagnosis are common. Leading to life changing conditions such as PTSD for those trapped, forcibly drugged, threatened, assaulted by those responsible for their care and their inactions, often due to the many complex pressures of the job imposed by those at the highest levels. We are funding a new charitable trust: Giving all patients the care they deserve. Ensuring cases of misdiagnosis are reduced by prioritising those needing care. Independently review the unverified medical records, fabricated statements, false allegations & hearsay used to  ‘section’ people (using the MHA). Ultimately, drastically reduce the 100,000+ deaths (to realistic targets to be agreed). Change legislation to make it illegal to detain a person, without a thorough investigation to the allegations of poor mental health without first performing due diligence on their claims. Develop the technologies needed to support a person through their care. Giving the person the ability to follow simple processes to challenge their detention and present their evidence clearly if they claim a misdiagnosis is being made. Fully independent legal support to challenge the decisions and compensate victims of misdiagnosis or where their health further deteriorated or ended in their death. Further details here in the press: Denis Campbell for The Guardian on 27th Nov 2018 NHS to look into deaths of 100,000 mental health patients a year Thank you for your support! The team at #QBAIN    

Allister Frost
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Petition to The UK Government

Stop no deal Brexit to prevent the suffering of those on life saving daily medication.

A recently released government dossier has outlined that a no deal Brexit would put the lives of Type 1 Diabetics and child cancer patients at significant risk, due to an inability to effectively safeguard a continuous supply of their medicines beyond the sudden exit of the UK from the European Union. Medicines like Insulin are not produced in the UK and have to be imported from mainland Europe in refrigerated conditions in order to retain their efficacy. For this reason, they are unable to be effectively stockpiled in the event of a disruption to this importation, because of their expiration dates. Type 1 Diabetics, like myself, rely on daily doses of insulin in order to keep their blood sugar at a safe level. Any interruption to the necessary dose is life threatening after even a short period, and can otherwise cause life changing effects like kidney failure, heart failure, diabetic ketoacidosis and ultimately, coma and death. Child cancer sufferers cannot afford to delay treatment or have their treatment even momentarily, for a myriad of similarly life threatening reasons. There are many other medical conditions that may also be affected by a No Deal Brexit and the worry amongst these already unwell people is widespread and unnecessary. No solid guarantees have been made to insure that this threat is being seriously addressed. We as affected citizens, along with our concerned friends and family, oppose a No Deal Brexit and do not agree to the risk a No Deal Brexit will take over the safeguarding of our health in order to pursue a political project. We strongly oppose a No deal Brexit on these grounds and will seek to hold those persuing this venture, with the knowledge of this risk publically responsible for any unnecessary suffering caused to already chronically unwell citizens of the UK. Stop the worry, Stop the risk. End the pursuit of a No Deal Brexit.

Bruno Bridger
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Petition to , Care Quality Commision

We want justice for Sarah Jane Williams who was left to die sedated in a fire in hospital

My sister was aggresivly attacked in hospital during a time period of July and August 2015 by two members of staff. She died in the fire that December 2015 after our complaints were ignored. She was left heavily sedated on her bed. To date we are still waiting for answers. Non disclosure by the NHS Trust, The CQC , The fire services who all have top London Lawyers fighting for them and the coroner has accepted that privaliged information will not be available to be heard at the inquest. They have even blocked our own experts which we are entitled to under new guidelines. They have used tax payers money to fund these top lawyers. Leaving no funds to be justified to get our own independent experts. Our own solicitors cannot compete on a a legal aid budget. They playing field is no where near an equal one. When my sister was still alive she wrote statements saying that during the attack my sister was dragged by her legs across the floor, and agressivly attacked untill she was left battered and bruised, her only crime was to keep hold of  her bottle of Coca-Cola a nurse had tried  to take away from her by force, which was unecesary to provoke and antagnise the situation. There was no rule for this at that time my sister had her human rights taken away. This led to the 'big boys being called ' the security staff in white coats and what followed was an agressive violent attack on a vulnerable patient (my sister sarah). She was left in agony without any after care or post restraint check ups. It could have killed her, they then left her battered and bruised and in a vulnerable state of mind as her mental health further deteriated. No help was given to address this agony and injustice she had suffered. We her family took a stand although terrified she feared for her life, with photographic evidence we complained in August with a written complaint. Traggicaly Since this complaint was put in our worst fears came true my sister died in a fire at the hospital whilst she was very heavily sedated on her bed. Police say they are not treating as suspicious but now my sister has been silenced forever but I won't give up fighting for her. As her family we want justice served on whoever was responsible for multiple failings resulting in my sisters horrific  death. There were witnesses but the patients are too scared as it could easily have been them next. It's so far being pushed aside as under investigation once again and the two people who did this are still working at the hospital with mental illness vulnerable patients. This we were told in person that they were allowed to leave and go elsewhere without action being taken or any accountability to stop this ever happening again.  Please support this so these bullys can be struck off from ever working with vulnerable people. It's too late now for my sister but we will not give up untill justice is served and no body has to go through what we have endured as a family.  We need those responsible for all failings held to account and prosecuted. My sister will not  have a fair inquest until we are given our own independent experts to investigate failings and it will  not be a fair equal hearing until this happens. We need accountability for all these failings for real change to happen.

Sarah Williams
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