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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne

OHIP coverage for Sight Saving Procedure: CXL

I am Michelle! I am a career mom with a blended family of 6. I have two beautiful daughters and two wonderful bonus (step) kids that I love to pieces and a loving supportive partner of 10 years. I absolutely love watching all my kids play, interact and enjoy life and the family we have created. I look foward to watching the individuals they grow to be. I have struggled with my vision from the age of 3. I was diagnosed with an eye disease called Amblyopia. I was nearly blind in one eye and went through years of patching, specialist appointments, glasses and exercises. It was tough as a child but with the loving support of my mom I made it through to a point where I was no longer almost legally blind in one eye. I was able to obtain 20/30 vision where I can function with glasses. I grew to love my glasses as they helped me achieve all the milestones in life my peers were achieving and eventually leading me up to the point where my path in life was very clear: Helping the community achieve their best vision and eye fashion and showing patients the positive side of glasses! For the past 8 years I have been passionately working my career as Michelle Boich C.C.O.A. I am a Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant who works every day helping the Ottawa community with their eye care needs. I love helping my patients find eyewear that suits their visual needs, helping patients manage eye health conditions and advocating for eye health for all Canadians. I am truly passionate in what I do and I feel that our vision is so important to maintain, protect and manage as eye diseases make such a negative impact on our lives.  I have recently been diagnosed with another eye disease called Keratoconus which is the thinning of the cornea causing BLINDNESS. I now face two options:  OPTION 1: Wait for my corneas to thin to the point there is a hole and I lose my eye sight. OHIP will only cover a corneal transplant as treatment for keratoconus. I will then wait on the organ donor transplant list for a matching pair of corneas. Wait time to find a matching organ donor can be up to 3 years. While I am waiting for a match I will go blind. I will lose the ability to work at my job. I will no longer be able to drive or support my family. We would need to move out of our neighbourhood and into goverment assisted living. Our family would no longer be self sufficient but dependent on goverment funds to live. I would miss seeing their faces every day. OPTION 2: Pay a medical bill of $6000+ for the sight SAVING procedure called CXL. Corneal collagen cross-linking is a technique which uses UV light and a photosensitizer to strengthen the cornea.  Other Provinces who have already covered CXL with their provincial healthcare programs: YUKON / BRITISH COLUMBIA / ALBERTA / SASKATCHEWAN / QUEBEC / NEW BRUNSWICK I am petitioning to get CXL covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Program for the treatment of the degenerative corneal disease Keratoconus. This is not an elective surgery. I was born with a degenerative eye disease that will cause me to go blind unless I pay for this laser surgery to stabilize my corneal tissue and prevent further thinning and damage. Please sign my petition and help me raise awareness as I plan to take this as far as I can. Thank you for listening to my story and taking the time to support this cause! ** GO FUND ME has been created by my best friend Laura, who is always there to help. Thank you to everyone who has reached out in all ways possible! Please read the article posted below

Michelle Boich
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Petition to Federal, Provincial and Territorial Governments

Funding of Spinraza for all Canadian patients affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

Why is SMA so challenging?Imagine a disease that destroys the motor neurons controlling the arms, legs, chest, face, throat and tongue. That’s SMA, or Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  About 1 in 6000 newborns are affected, and about 1 in 40 people carry the gene for SMA.  Only a   year ago, it was expected that a child, like Nina, born with severe SMA would never be able to sit or breathe on her own; she would most likely not survive beyond her second birthday.  Children, like Mark, with a less severe form might gradually lose his ability to walk and to use his hands...  Why do all Canadians need to sign this petition? Funding is being negotiated by yet another government agency, the panCanadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA).   AND THIS IS THE TRAP.  If governments agreed to fund only those SMA patients recommended by the review agencies, INESSS and CADTH, only those infants who are most severely affected will get coverage.  And of course we do not want NO delay for these patients.  BUT if negotiations are concluded too hastily, we are at high risk of excluding all other SMA patients who could benefit from Spinraza. This is a situation that is equally abhorrent, probably unethical, and undoubtedly devastating for the SMA community.  Which is why Cure SMA Canada and the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders are calling upon all Canadians to sign this petition, demanding governments include all SMA patients in the funding of Spinraza and to make the drug available immediately. WHEREAS clinical evidence has demonstrated that Spinraza significantly reduces the risk of dying and improves motor and respiratory functions; WHEREAS patients with a broad spectrum of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) receive Spinraza treatment in 15 other countries, including the United States, France, Germany, Sweden and Italy; WHEREAS interim results from clinical trials (with less severe or late onset patients) demonstrated such clear benefit that it was deemed unethial to keep patients on placebo; hence trials were discontinued and patients switched to actual therapy; WHEREAS Spinraza’s health benefits would considerably alleviate provincial medical and social costs; WHEREAS funding has been granted for the treatment of Canadian patients with other rare diseases on the basis of clinical trials smaller in size, with similar or lesser outcomes, and without conclusive data indicating positive long-term impact on survival. Denial of treatment would essentially discriminate against SMA patients; Whereas the very small number of SMA patients would result in a very low overall budget impact, and. the drug’s net impact should take into account the potential to delay or avoid more invasive and costly procedures; WHEREAS Spinraza treatment for SMA of any type should be started as early as possible to prevent disease progression and loss of motor and respiratory functions, ultimately saving life as well as improving quality of life. We, the undersigned, request that the decision-makers and/or governing bodies urgently grant coverage and/or formulary listing of Spinraza to make this drug available to all Canadian patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. TICK TOCK!!!  The clock continues to move relentlessly forward for a patient affected by SMA.  Every day without treatment is taking something from us we can’t get back.  Some have paid the ultimate price of losing a child, all SMA patients have lost abilities and worry about losing more.  Cure SMA Canada, CORD and the SMA community are counting on you to ensure our governments make the right decision.  Our lives depend on it! What is the hope?So what has changed in a little more than a year?  In December 2016, the US Food and Drugs Administration granted approval for Spinraza, the very first treatment for 5q-SMA (representing 95% of SMA patients).  In June 2017, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) authorized use across a broad range of SMA patients based on strong interim results from clinical trials with less severe (late onset) SMA patients.  Because of the rapid progression and debilitating consequences of this disease, 15 countries are already funding patients with a broad range of SMA. What is the problem in Canada?In July 2017, Health Canada approved Spinraza for all patients with 5q-SMA.  In December 2017, following months of review, the Quebec review agency, L’Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux in Québec (INESSS), recommended Spinraza NOT be funded for ANY SMA patients.  Just before Christmas 2017, the review agency for all other provinces and territories, the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH), recommended funding to only a tiny fraction of those with the most severe form of SMA.  Basically any child over the age of two will be denied treatment.  So contrary to the conclusions of the EMA and Health Canada that there was strong clinical evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of Spinraza for all SMA patients, contrary to the decision of 15 other countries to make treatment broadly available, most Canadians with SMA, unless they have private drug coverage, will not be treated. About Cure SMA Canada Cure SMA Canada is the national registered charity; supporting Canadian families and individuals affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy from the point of diagnoses, through the life course and even after loss of life. Cure SMA Canada also funds critical Canadian research projects with the aim of affecting accessible treatments for SMA. Cure SMA Canada provides advocacy, information and resources to families, communities and health professionals.   For more information about Spinal Muscular Atrophy, please go to our website at

Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders
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Petition to Lisa Mueller

Approve Alternative Cancer Treatment for Canadians

People do not have to suffer through cancer treatment any longer and should have the choice to select which type of treatment they would like to undergo.  SEF Chemo, pronounced "Safe" Chemo, is a new form of Cancer Treatment developed by Dr. Ken Matsumura and his team of researchers at the Berkeley Institute in California. Dr. Matsumura is a physician and the inventor of the world's first artificial liver, artificial pancreas and wristwatch heart alarm.  Dr. Matsumura has reported approximately 90% response rate for the patients with stage 3 and early stage 4 cancers, and in the first small clinical trial of 6 patients, 4 achieved long-term complete remission of cancer.  Dr. Khan of Medicor Cancer Centre in Toronto has been administering this treatment for the last 4 years until the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario forced him to stop the treatment. His patients include those who come from all over the world as well as across Canada, including British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, the U.S., England, Australia, Africa and Indonesia.  SEF Chemo - Side Effect Free Chemo - is protecting the patients bone marrow from being damaged by the chemo. If the bone marrow is protected, the white cells are not compromised which allows them to play a role in the killing of cancer cells. In other words, SEF Chemo is not "chemotherapy" but rather "chemo-immunotherapy." Unfortunately, most oncologists have never been exposed to anything like SEF Chemo, and therefore are not in any kind of position to judge it.  I, personally, have been undergoing this treatment with amazing results. I have triple negative breast cancer which is extremely rare, aggressive and does not respond well to treatment, which I was advised by an oncologist. While undergoing the SEF Chemo Treatment I have experienced minimal side effects. I did not lose my hair, I did not get mouth sores or experience even close to an eighth of the side effects I would have experienced on the chemo that was offered to me through the hospital in Toronto. At the hospital they told me that I would definitely lose my hair among an entire list of other atrocities and that I would be able to purchase a drug called neulasta that would help to boost my white blood cells, this drug is thousands of dollars for just one pill and OHIP does not cover the cost. How is it possible that so much money is being poured into finding new treatments and cures and that the hospitals continue to offer the same treatment that they have been offering since the 1950's? It is no wonder that most people die from the treatment and not from the cancer.  It was my decision to proceed with SEF Chemo (at my cost) as this made more sense to me. Why totally obliterate every cell in my body with regular chemo. It just didn't make sense. The only problem was that after just 2 treatments Dr. Khan was shut down from administering the chemo, so myself, along with those who could afford it, were forced to travel to California every 2 weeks for treatment which added exorbitantly to the cost of the treatment.  Those who could not afford to travel were left with little option. This is unacceptable. We are supposed to be living in a democracy, why are we not allowed to choose our treatment when faced with a life threatening disease?  We are calling on the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to re-instate SEF Chemo to Dr. Khan of Medicor Cancer Centre in Toronto. Denying the sick and the vulnerable access to this promising new cancer treatment is not only morally wrong, it's shameful.  You can learn more about this treatment and Dr. Khan at

Robin Yeates
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