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Prevent Hospitals from Seeking Guardianship As Means 2 Override Patient Rights

Anastasia on Facebook I used to think all the talk about "murder boards" in hospitals was a fallacy.  However based on recent family events sadly they are true.  Currently there is not a law that prevents hospitals from seeking guardianship as a means to override a patients rights to dispute discharge or treatment decisions. While there are specific instances where taking guardianship of a patient is not only advisable but is absolutely necessary when life is threatened, such as in the case of minors who need a life saving treatment but the parents refuse to allow it due to personal values or religious beliefs; however even those instances should be few and far between. Instances like those that have happened to our family the last few weeks, where a parent, family member who holds a legally executed power of attorney and stands 'in loco parentis' for an incapacitated family member can have their powers summarily and arbitrarily suspended or terminated because they disagree with a hospitals decision not to treat a condition because a doctor perceives the patient has no quality of life because they suffer from a brain injury and feels the person "would not want to live that way" should never happen! Quality of life is something that cannot possibly be known or measured with the limited and superficial contact that occurs in a hospital setting and is something best left to the patient and those closest to them. To have strangers come in and forcibly tear you from your loved ones, to abduct your person, because that is exactly what this is - an abduction - is terrifying for a person with a brain injury and other such patients. It is terrifying for an incapacitated person who has relied heavily on and whose life, happiness and well-being has depended on a family member that it is so inextricably intertwined it is impossible to separate one existence from the other without creating great psychological and emotional harm and trauma. I can say this because I have had to watch my sister whimper and cry out in fear since guardianship of her was awarded to Inova Fairfax Hospital appointed guardians. I have had to watch the expression of fear on her face while being told lawyers would now be her guardians and that I no longer had control over where she lived, who would be caring for her, what medications she could or could not be given, or treatments she would or would receive. I did not and could not tell her these same two lawyers also had the authority to place her in clinical trials, and had the authority to dispose of her remains how they saw fit. When Inova Fairfax Hospital appointed guardians removed her from the hospital without notifying a single family member I had to watch the expression on sadness and bewilderment at seemingly having been abandoned when I walked in six hours later because it took our Virgnia State Delegate making calls to locate her because Inova had ordered their nursing staff to not give me any health information, just as they chosen to ignore my power of attorney before we went to court.  I have had to watch her being over medicated and suffering while her guardians were missing in action because they signed papers to have her sent to a substandard nursing facility and then went out of town for several days.  I have had to physically clamp off my sisters feeding tube to prevent her from being given three sedating medications directly after giving her morphine because a nurse said she could not give my sister her regular medications when she would normally get them because their “protocol” only allowed them to give her medication at 9:00am, 1:00pm, and 5:00pm.  Which means she was receiving a massive dose of 600mg of Neurontin, 2mg of Klonopin, and 10mg of Ambien on top of morphine in an 8 hour period!  Now maybe it’s just me, but you do not administer those medications, at those doses to a 5’2” 108lb female unless you are trying to put her into a coma or kill her. Stand with our family if you believe this is egregious and sign our petition to not only stop Inova Fairfax Hospital from killing or intentionally putting our sister in danger and to STEP ASIDE and let Anastasia's family care for her as they always have done; but to have legislation put in place to prevent this from every happening to anyone else's child or loved one every again!!    Here is is a link to the meeting with Kelly Armstrong, PhD and the Inova Fairfax Casemanagement team.  

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Free Dr. Flege -- STOP ELDER ABUSE

Free Dr. Flege -- STOP ELDER ABUSE ELDER ABUSE affects 1/10 Americans over the age of 60. The perpetrators are most often family members. Elder abuse includes: Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Financial Abuse, Isolation and Denying an elderly person amenities he or she can afford. Get the basics here. Who is John Blain Flege MD JD (DOB: 05/10/1929)? "'Dr. Flege is one of the best teaching professors in the cardiac world,' says Randall Wolf, MD, a fellow professor of surgery at UC. 'He has mentored many surgeons--including me. Dr. Flege is very highly regarded as one of the finest thinkers and innovators in cardiac surgery.'" "Dr. Flege founded the cardiac surgery program at Christ Hospital in 1969. He continued to raise the level of surgical care in Cincinnati by revamping the cardiac surgery program at Jewish Hospital (1978) and founding the programs at University Hospital (1982) and St. Elizabeth Hospital (1983)--all of which continue to excel today." "Despite the fact he's been practicing and developing innovative cardiac surgery techniques for 50 years, John Flege, MD, remains a startlingly modest guy who [worked] tirelessly every day to put the best interests of his patients first." Harper, A. (2006, March). Cincinnati Cardiac Icon Wins 'Lifetime Hero' Award. Retrieved from . Dr. Flege is a victim of ELDER ABUSE including Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Financial Abuse. He has been isolated from from family and friends. He is being denied amenities he can afford. The perpetrators are two family members. Dr. Flege has been under the care of countless physicians, many of them at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. He has has complained that he is not permitted to see his long time primary care physician without one of the abusers present. He was admitted to Christ Hospital twice in less than a year for hip fractures, both of which occurred at facilities under suspicious circumstances. Both required hip replacement surgery and inpatient rehabilitation. Both injuries involved unnecessary drugs known to increase fall risk in the elderly. The abusers have asked Dr. Flege's surgical colleagues for hospital admissions which have been granted despite the absence of a doctor-patient relationship. Alarming.  Since being removed from his home about 5 months ago, Dr. Flege has resided at FIVE facilities including The Kenwood by Senior Star (where he sustained his second hip fracture in less than a year), Marjorie P. Lee (where his other hip was fractured within 24 hours of an earlier admission), Kenwood Terrace Care Center (Premier Health Care Management) and Arden Courts of Kenwood (HCR Manorcare). Facilities have reportedly evicted him, refusing to tolerate abuse of Dr. Flege and their staffs. Additionally, during this time period, he has been under the 24/7 care of numerous underpaid, undertrained caregivers/nursing aides/nurses from Synergy Home Care, Queen City Home Care, Bright Star Home Care and Home Instead franchises in Cincinnati. Caregivers have also found themselves targets of abuse. Many have quit or been taken off the job by their employers. Others have been fired for speaking out against Dr. Flege's abuse.  Adult Protective Services, The Council on Aging, ProSeniors, The Eldercare Ombudsman, Cincinnati Police Dep't, Ohio Dep't of Health and Medicare/HHS, among others are also aware of Dr. Flege's abuse. Dr. Flege pays lawyers at Katz Teller who are seemingly being used against him. He has repeatedly complained that he is being left out of meetings regarding his financial affairs. A family member claims that it is necessary to exclude him because "he might say something embarrassing". His investment advisors at Fort Washington Investment Advisors are aware of the situation. His accountants at Mowry, Marty & Bain are aware of the situation. RED FLAGS are everywhere. But the ABUSE continues. Sadly, Elder Abuse IS vastly under-reported, especially by physicians. A reasonable person with access to the medical record or knowledge of the history of events, in this case, would suspect elder abuse.  WHO MUST REPORT ELDER ABUSE IN OHIO? Any attorney, physician, osteopath, podiatrist,chiropractor, dentist, psychologist, hospital employee, licensednurse, ambulatory health facility employee, home health agencyemployee, adult care facility employee, nursing home employee,residential care facility employee, home for the aging employee,senior service provider, peace officer, coroner, clergyman,community mental health facility employee, and a personengaged in social work or counseling. WHAT IS THE STANDARD OF KNOWLEDGE? Reasonable cause to believe that an adult is being abused, neglected, or exploited, or is in a condition which is the result of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Let's call on the doctors, lawyers, facilities and agencies involved in this case to FREE DR FLEGE And let's call on physicians and other healthcare providers, hospitals and nursing homes, to REPORT ELDER ABUSE as required under Ohio Law.  If you have any tips on this case, advice or comments, please leave a message here or email Up to date Information as to Dr. Flege's probable whereabouts is available upon request. Please directly notify law enforcement and relevant authorities where appropriate. WITHOUT PROPER REPORTING OF ELDER ABUSE, THERE IS LITTLE THAT CAN BE DONE TO HELP THESE VULNERABLE CITIZENS. 

Free Dr. Flege -- Stop Elder Abuse
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