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Petition to Molina Healthcare, Molina Insurance Adjuster

Tell Molina Heathcare To Pay For Critical Spine Testing To Save My Ability To Walk!

I was a fully active, productive member of society living the American dream. Owning and running my own successful business for nearly 12 years until 2007 when it all went horribly, horribly wrong. At a job site for a client, severe structural deficiencies of the building caused a part of the building I was working on to collapse, on me, knocking me unconscious and leaving me severely injured with multiple fractured spinal discs, injuries to my neck, hands, arms and a concussion. As well as an impaled back, leaving me with permanent physical and mental impairments. I was unfortunately again injured in an accident in 2012 when I was hit by a texting driver at 40 mph. I spent my entire life savings and nearly lost everything paying medical bills and costs not covered by my insurance or by the severely underinsured client or driver. Molina Healthcare of Utah has been my primary insurance for treatment before and since the accidents. I have already had 7 surgeries to my hands, arms and fingers to restore some mobility and coordinated use. And I expect to have at least 5 more surgeries, including a spinal fusion and a neck fusion. Molina of Utah has continuously not only denied covering the crucial pain medication I need just to semi function as a human being (such things as simple as walking myself to the bathroom), but they have denied crucial scans of my spine and neck needed to move forward with surgery options for over 3 years now. 3 years of continued degradation, worsening injuries and a total collapse of my mobility and function in everyday life. Injuries that could have been slowed or even possibly prevented had I had the proper scans and tests in time.  Multiple doctors, surgeons and MDs have all concluded these scans are not only crucial to moving forward with surgery, but crucial to my injuries not continuing to get substantially worse, as they already have now. My doctors have appealed Molina's denials in writing, on my behalf no less than a dozen times in total. We have completed every single thing Molina asked of us at each denial and yet Molina continues to deny me these absolutely life vital scans and tests.  I have lost total feeling in my arms, hands, shoulders and I am now losing all feeling in my left leg and have to walk with a cane at 39 years old because Molina won't cover these tests. I have exhausted my entire life savings to get to this point and have become so depressed, I have contemplated suicide multiple times now. I am asking, in fact begging you, to please sign my petition and demand with me that Molina act with grace, humanity and ethically: "STOP DENYING AUTHORIZATION AND PAYMENT FOR MY MEDICALLY NECESSARY SCANS, TESTS AND MEDICATIONS”.    I am living with the results of two accidents caused by other people's negligence. And I am just trying to survive without losing all mobility before my 40th birthday.  Thank you,  Griffin  

Griffin Bonacci
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Petition to Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Charles Schumer

Real people NEED The ACA-Obamacare. Don't play politics with people's health and lives.

****UPDATE**** 10/30/2017.  My wife received her 2018 ACA insurance plan renewal proposal today. Her proposed premium has gone from $459.17 per month to $1,187.45 per month.  For the first time in her life, it seems she may not be able to afford health insurance. This increase is just Insane! STOP playing politics with peoples lives!!! ********************************************************************************************************** My wife has pre existing conditions. Before the blessing that is Obamacare came along, because of those life altering pre existing  conditions, we were only able to afford a health insurance policy that had a $10,000 deductible at a very high monthly premium. She couldn't afford to see doctors regularly and her health deteriorated.  I remember counting the days to Obamacare and spending most of the night, and many frustrating days following, struggling to sign up, and once we did, the smile on my wife's face, the sigh of relief that she too can see a doctor, and there was hope. I remember tears of relief and hope. We celebrated the peace of mind this brought us with a hug, a smile and a good nights sleep.  Today, there are tears again, fear instead of hope, anxiety instead of peace of mind, worries and sleepless nights (it is 3:42 am as I write this).  I hear politicians exclaiming, speaking indignantly, waving their fists and wagging their tounges all preaching about what will happen when 25,000,000 get cut and have no insurance, the outcry there will be.....well, we are those 25,000,000, we are each a human being , not a number. You know us, we are your family member, your neighbor, your Uber driver, your friend, your classmate from years ago, your acquaintance of today.... STOP using our plights for political fodder and for so much fist waving and speechifying!  STOP being resigned to the fact that there are not enough Democrats in the  Senate to stop this lunacy and reach out to Republican Senators who are thinking individuals and STOP the insanity! Senators McConnel and Schumer, do the hard work that is your job and that you know how  to do so well and make it known that this end of Obamacare tragedy and travesty will NOT happen. Don't let us suffer with anxiety and sleepless nights and worse ! For my wife, who is asleep as I write this while I am up worrying about her health and healthcare, for all of us , each one of us, real people - not numbers, DON'T wait to see and hear the outcry when 25,000,000 are left without insurance! Do the hard work of bringing sanity back now.  Our health, and our healthcare is not, and should not be a partisan issue! DON'T LEAVE 25,000,000 PEOPLE WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. SAVE OBAMACARE/ The Affordable Care Act! PS:  If you say there will be insurance available for those with pre existing conditions, you know that premiums  for those with any pre existing condition will  go back to being astronomically expensive and unaffordable and high risk pools are either unavailable, most don't meet criteria eligibility, and those that do see high costs and even higher deductibles.   

Harold J
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Petition to UPMC Health Plan

UPMC Health Plan: Stop Denying Medical Access and Care

My name is Rachel and I am in desperate need of treatment for a rare connective-tissue disorder — I’m losing the ability to use my hands. Yet, my insurance refuses to cover seeing a specialist. I need your support to get the treatment I need. I’m a board-licensed pediatric psychologist working with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). Right now, I’m fighting to get needed specialist treatment. UPMC doesn’t have qualified health providers within their network to treat my disorder – yet they won’t cover out-of-network treatment either. I’ve been passed among 12 different Neurosurgeons within the UPMC network in the past year – none of whom have significant experience in connective tissue disorders. My current UPMC neurosurgeon has written directly to the company recommending that I be examined by a specialist in my particular disorder – because there is no one in-network who can properly evaluate me and my condition. This lack of experience among UPMC providers with my particular disorder led to a misdiagnosis which resulted in my having an artery dissection at age 32. Still, my treatment requests are routinely denied by the health plan – forcing me to undertake months of appeals to overturn denials for even a simple MRI. Bottom line, my health is deteriorating. I now have a swollen spinal cord from compression. Despite the threats and retaliation I’ve received for challenging the company on this coverage issue, I started this petition. I simply don’t have many more months to waste on more delays, deferrals, and denials from UPMC. Please sign my petition calling on UPMC to allow me to seek qualified, specialized out-of-network care for my rare disorder today.

Rachel Battaglia
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