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Petition to Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Charles Schumer

Real people NEED The ACA-Obamacare. Don't play politics with people's health and lives.

My wife has pre existing conditions. Before the blessing that is Obamacare came along, because of those life altering pre existing  conditions, we were only able to afford a health insurance policy that had a $10,000 deductible at a very high monthly premium. She couldn't afford to see doctors regularly and her health deteriorated.  I remember counting the days to Obamacare and spending most of the night, and many frustrating days following, struggling to sign up, and once we did, the smile on my wife's face, the sigh of relief that she too can see a doctor, and there was hope. I remember tears of relief and hope. We celebrated the peace of mind this brought us with a hug, a smile and a good nights sleep.  Today, there are tears again, fear instead of hope, anxiety instead of peace of mind, worries and sleepless nights (it is 3:42 am as I write this).  I hear politicians exclaiming, speaking indignantly, waving their fists and wagging their tounges all preaching about what will happen when 25,000,000 get cut and have no insurance, the outcry there will be.....well, we are those 25,000,000, we are each a human being , not a number. You know us, we are your family member, your neighbor, your Uber driver, your friend, your classmate from years ago, your acquaintance of today.... STOP using our plights for political fodder and for so much fist waving and speechifying!  STOP being resigned to the fact that there are not enough Democrats in the  Senate to stop this lunacy and reach out to Republican Senators who are thinking individuals and STOP the insanity! Senators McConnel and Schumer, do the hard work that is your job and that you know how  to do so well and make it known that this end of Obamacare tragedy and travesty will NOT happen. Don't let us suffer with anxiety and sleepless nights and worse ! For my wife, who is asleep as I write this while I am up worrying about her health and healthcare, for all of us , each one of us, real people - not numbers, DON'T wait to see and hear the outcry when 25,000,000 are left without insurance! Do the hard work of bringing sanity back now.  Our health, and our healthcare is not, and should not be a partisan issue! DON'T LEAVE 25,000,000 PEOPLE WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. SAVE OBAMACARE/ The Affordable Care Act! PS:  If you say there will be insurance available for those with pre existing conditions, you know that premiums  for those with any pre existing condition will  go back to being astronomically expensive and unaffordable and high risk pools are either unavailable, most don't meet criteria eligibility, and those that do see high costs and even higher deductibles.   

Harold J
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Petition to Fresno County Office of Education, Riverdale Joint Unified School District, SEIU Local 521

Petition of Appreciation & Support for Mobile Health Centers in Fresno County

Petition of Appreciation & Support for Mobile Health Centers in Fresno County! Sign, Share, Support. SEIU Local 521 was made aware that Riverdale Joint Unified School District has made the effort to have a Mobile Health Center come on to campus, and encouraged staff to sign up for a free flu shot! After some digging we came to discover that this is part of a larger program! We felt compelled that not only RJUSD, but all 13 schools involved in this program deserve recognition for such a beneficial program to the community—which SEIU Local 521 fully supports. The reason we want to recognize these schools is because regardless of anyone’s personal political views Fresno County Office of Education and the other 13 schools need to know how important these Mobile Health Centers are to the community! This petition is to show FCOE that the greater community are willing to pledge their support and appreciation to services such as Mobile Health Centers, and that if there are any more opportunities that can directly help the underserviced areas of the Central Valley that we are eager to collectively offer our support! Be sure to spread the word so others in the community can pledge their support and appreciation! Want to do more? Donate!: To see the great services the Mobile Health Centers provide, and meet the 13 schools who are involved in this program follow this link:

SEIU Local 521 Riverdale Chapter
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Petition to The editors of "Cosmopolitan" magazine

Tell your readers the truth about Martha McSally

(Photo: What an honest representation of McSally's record would look like on the cover of "Cosmo.")Helen Gurley Brown, the long-time editor of “Cosmopolitan,” famously transformed it from a staid family magazine to a frank (sometimes brazen) advice manual for the modern, single career woman. In 2014, then-editor Joanna Coles expanded Cosmo’s scope to politics, “researching political candidates so you don’t have to.” She announced that only politicians who support the best interests of Cosmo readers (including equal pay, access to abortion, gun control and affordable health care) would receive the magazine’s endorsement. Based on that criteria, the only way you’d expect to see Rep. Martha McSally featured on Cosmo’s web site is in a big red warning to steer clear. McSally has a long track record of opposing the very policies that Cosmo says are deal-breakers: She blocked consideration of the Paycheck Fairness Act, after promising her district that she’d vote for it because it was “the right thing to do.” She voted repeatedly to cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood, sending her spokesman out to justify it with the misleading, inflammatory claim that Planned Parenthood was “harvesting baby organs.” She’s opposed to legal abortion, except in cases of rape, incest and to save the life of the mother. She voted to ban abortions after 20 weeks’ gestation. She has argued that universal background checks for gun purchases would be “absolutely unconstitutional.” She’s also a co-sponsor of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, which would effectively override laws in states which deny gun permits to convicted stalkers, boyfriends convicted of domestic abuse, and/or those with restraining orders. (McSally has taken this unpopular position in spite of her own reported history as the victim of stalking.) She voted for the AHCA, which would have gutted Medicaid funding, even as Medicaid covers a majority of the births in Arizona. The AHCA would also have allowed states to strip maternity care, infant care and mental health care (used more often by women) from the list of essential health benefits, which means that women would have to pay more - a lot more - to get that coverage. Moreover, 45,000 people in McSally’s district stood to lose their insurance coverage altogether if the AHCA had passed the Senate. In other words, McSally is exactly the kind of politician that Cosmo’s editors say they want voted out of Congress. But when given the opportunity to expose her record and educate their readers, what did they do? They ran a glowing profile of McSally written by McSally herself, in which she shamelessly depicts herself as an advocate for the women of her district, in spite of all her votes to the contrary. Cosmo provided no fact-checking, no context - just the stage where McSally could brandish her smoke and mirrors unchallenged. That was a great disservice to their readers - one that needs to be corrected. We, the undersigned, are asking the editors of Cosmo to run a follow-up piece on Rep. McSally which accurately informs their readers of the many ways her voting record fails to meet Cosmo’s own standards.

Represent Me AZ
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Petition to Devin Nunes, Rudy Mendoza

Devin Nunes - Stop hiding!

Representative Devin Nunes has not held any type of open constituent forum in his District CA22 in over 7 years.  Even those which he has held years ago had been limited to a specific topic such as repealing ACA. A 'water forum' held last year and was specifically targeted to a that one issue and was not a give and take or open forum.  He states that his communication with constituents is achieved quite well through staff members and via local radio station KMJ 580 call-ins.  Nunes has consistently said that individuals  asking for a Town Hall are 'left wing activists looking for a YouTube moment'.  Nunes' staff has stated that those asking for Town Halls are likely PAID.  Most recently, Nunes has stated that it is 'too dangerous' to hold a Town Hall after the Scalise shooting saying the 'radical left' has become increasingly violent.  Nunes attends multiple GOP fundraisers while on recess vs meeting with constituents. We are not PAID.  We are not VIOLENT.  We are not looking for PUBLICITY.   This petition will be HAND DELIVERED to Nunes' DC Office as well as mailed. We simply want to speak with our rep and hear his answers face-to-face on topics such as his YES vote on AHCA.  The House AHCA bill detrimentally affects tens of thousands in his District and the Senate version is no better.  We also want to hear his rationale about his unwavering support of Donald Trump; creating road blocks to an open independent investigation of the Russian influence on our elections.

CA22 Constituents
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