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Petition to World Governments, World Health Organization

Stop all flights from affected nations to prevent vaccine resistant variants

Hello everyone, My name is Mohammed Vepari and I'm putting a strong call to all countries, WHO, UN to ask for stoppage of all flights from all African countries to any country to help prevent vaccine resistant Botswana variant from spreading like wildfire which can make it impossible to end this deadly pandemic, put kids mental health at risk, overwhelm our hospitals forever and even make it unlikely for COVID 19 pandemic to be over anytime soon.  The new Botswana variant can be vaccine resistant, more transmissible than delta variant and is more likely to drive heard immunity number to out of reach or greater than 100% which can help prolong this deadly pandemic forever which could lead to missed birthday parties, school sports and other athletic activities and can impact kids mental health should this variant have 0% survival rate on totally healthy children. While how this variant severity is unknown, its extremely important for world governments to immediately close borders to anyone who is coming from anywhere even via connecting flights or flight to land border travel as this variant might be more deadly to fully vaccinated people or be completely vaccine resistant and cause severe hospitalization to around 90% of people than other COVID 19 strains. Therefore all governments must block all flights and travel from Africa until 90% of African population is fully vaccinated and Africa has completely vaccinated everyone with a vaccine that is optimized for this variant. Every government in Africa should do a total lockdown since this variant is known to be truly and purely vaccine resistant to help stomp this virus out and move towards COVID zero strategy until we know more about how vaccines work with this variant and mandatory vaccination is implemented on everyone in Africa to help put this pandemic behind us and close all land and air travel between each countries and block all flights coming from everywhere else until we learn more about how vaccines work with this variant. Without early action against this variant, there is no guarantee we can end this pandemic quicker unless world governments take early action against this deadly mutation early on like shutting down air and land travel within Africa, Lockdown Africa, block all flights coming from and going through Africa and airlines cancel all flights to or from Africa until we learn more about vaccine effectiveness with this variant with enhanced supports for Airlines and refunds for people who have booked travel All trade shows and conferences like CES 2022 should move to complete virtual series and Winter 2022 olympics should be postponed until 2023 until we have more information on vaccine effectiveness about this new variant which is more likely to be vaccine resistant. Can you please take a moment to sign our petition and share it with everyone? This will help prevent covid 19 new variant from prolonging this deadly pandemic and help bring certainty to children’s lives.  Update: this petition now calls for travel to be blocked from Europe to help deal with deadly vaccine escape variant which can kill anyone and a total lockdown in whole Europe as well as UK. 

Mohammed Vepari
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Petition to Ontario Tech University, Dr. Steven Murphy

Give Ontario Tech University Students the Option to Complete Final Exams Online

For the end of the Fall 2021 semester, many Ontario Tech University students have been told that they are returning to campus for final exams. It is unfair to expect students to write an in-person exam, when the entire course has been taught online. On the basis of a recommendation, too many classes have switched to an in-person format for final exams, blatantly ignoring the concerns of OTU students.  Amidst an ongoing pandemic, students are worried not only for their own health, but for the health and safety of those around them, including many elderly and/or immunocompromised loved ones. OTU students that have chosen to continue their studies at home, while sacrificing the benefits of in-person learning, are now being forced to come in-person just to complete an exam. With case counts rising daily, OTU is failing to consider that Durham region’s cases are not the only ones that should be taken into account. Students at OTU commute from many regions, all of which would be contributing to the possible risk that these students face. As of November 26th, 2021, Ontario reported 927 new COVID-19 cases, with the weekly average continually rising. The positivity rate is increasing week to week as well, almost modelling the spike in cases that we saw last year right before we went into many more months of strict lockdown. As the season progresses, it is unclear how much worse the pandemic will get. In this time of uncertainty, it is unfair to ask OTU students to come to campus while most other major universities in Ontario have chosen to finish off the Fall 2021 semester remotely.  Many international students who will not be able to return to campus for the exam have already been provided with online alternatives for completing their finals. Domestic students however are still asked to travel to campus, thus not afforded the same accommodations. It is unclear why large portions of the classes can be given the option to complete their final examinations online, while the remaining students have to choose between completing their Fall 2021 courses and their health. OTU students believe that final exams for this semester should follow the format that the course content has been provided in - online, remote delivery. This would allow for the most fair testing methods, and will allow students to be healthy and COVID-risk free for their return to campus in Winter 2022.  The students of Ontario Tech University ask that the school considers the risk that they are asking students to take on, solely to complete an exam in a different delivery format than what they have been accustomed to for the past semester. While we are also tired of the restrictions that have forced us to stay indoors for the better part of the last two years, we understand that there are serious risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and we want to have the option to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Science has shown us that reducing exposure to COVID-19 is one of the most effective ways to safeguard ourselves, which is essential if we want a safe and healthy return to campus in Winter 2022. Ontario Tech University should provide online examination options for their courses in Fall 2021 to ease the concerns of their students.

Ontario Tech University Students
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