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Petition to Honourable Ralph Goodale, Justin Trudeau

Support for ALL families of Line of Duty Death

We start this petition off in memory of all of our fallen First Responders and in support of their families. We are petitioning with regards to the motion 388 Memorial Grant for first responders and the Government of Canada’s commitment to supporting the families of public safety officers who die in the line of duty AFTER April 1st, 2018. For too many years these surviving families have been excluded, forgotten or even ignored. They have been abandoned by a system that was supposed to support them in the event of the unthinkable. They are left to raise their children, through pain and uncertainty, insecurity and disappointment. The Canadian Government developed a Memorial Grant, based on the tragedies that these families have endured and by recognizing the need to support them, only to then exclude every single family currently living this reality. We are very pleased to hear that we are moving in the right direction when it comes to supporting these families, however, disappointed at the decision to only recognize those families of fallen first responders who die after April 1st, 2018.Although, we recognize that most decisions or changes in government policy have “effective” dates, we can’t help but feel saddened for those families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty. As the National organization that supports our families of Emergency Services we recognize the limited support to our families following Line of Duty death and or suicide. In 2014 our organization launched Camp F.A.C.E.S. (family and children of emergency services). This initiative supports our surviving families by brining them together, all expenses paid, so that they can support each other, know they are not alone and know that they are not forgotten. We don’t discriminate by LODD date, by story or by province. Our program is simple…. As a first responder family and have lost a loved one to LODD or suicide, regardless of when, you qualify. This is the approach the Canadian Government needs to take. Our organizations position is to ensure that these families have the support, respect and representation that they deserve. Over the past 4 years we’ve gotten to know many surviving families. We have heard their stories and know their pain. Sadly, each year, our youngest camper has been only two years of age. That equates to a life time of loss, pain and financial burden for these families. They are left to spend tens of thousands in mental health cost that are not covered by health benefits. We need to further find a way that we can provide unlimited mental health support not only for the surviving spouse but their children as well. Albeit, there are many families that would qualify, there needs to be a way to respect those families that have sacrificed their loved one, so that our country and communities are safe. We urge the Canadian Government to rethink the eligibility of this benefit and consider all surviving families amongst those that are recognized and receive the Memorial Grant. Our Canadian Government can’t ignore or exclude these families from a benefit that is designed for them. WE ARE ASKING FOR- Unlimited mental health benefits for the spouses and children of fallen First Responders - Revise the eligibility criteria to be inclusive of all Canadian First Responder Families that have suffered this tragic loss to LODD regardless of date of incident. Please join us in asking our government to do what is right and support the families of fallen First Responders.

Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation
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Petition to Government of India, AAJVS , Andaman Adim Janjati Vikas Samiti, United Nations, Amnesty International Australia

Protect the isolated tribe of Jarawa against urbanization and exploitation Deep in the Indian Ocean, a few hundred kilometres from India, the Andaman Islands archipelago has become the El Dorado of the Indian middle class. Each year, thousands of tourists enjoy the coral beaches of this little corner of paradise on Earth with its stunning landscape. It is also a strategic location, where the government has chosen to build the Indian Ocean’s largest port. But this spectacular economic development comes at the expense of the Afro-Asian peoples who live in the archipelago and who are among the last primitive tribes on the planet. The Jarawa are pygmies. They left Africa 70,000 years ago with the first human migrations. They have been established on the Andaman Islands for more than 35,000 years. These people, who live by hunting and gathering, have always fiercely refused to mix with the powers that have successively colonized its territory, from Great Britain to Japan through India, whose Andaman Islands have been an integral part since 1947. But for twenty years, including the tsunami of December 2004, tourism has exploded on their archipelago and contacts with the tribe have multiplied ... Quite often for the worst.More than 420 members The road that runs through their forest, the Andaman Trunk Road, originally intended for local transport, has become the theater of photo safaris organized for tourists with the complicity of the local police. The Jarawa have repeatedly tried to complain to the local authorities, to no avail.Poachers also come to hunt game on their land with impunity and are accused of introducing alcohol and tobacco on the archipelago. The Jarawa also claim that women have been kidnapped and raped by foreigners, and that children have been killed by swallowing outdated medicines ... Not to mention new diseases contracted by intruders, like the outbreak of measles and pneumonia, which decimated 10% of their population in 1999.Apart from the Andaman road and its hordes of tourists, access to the Jarawa reserve is strictly forbidden. It's a fortress. One hundred and fifteen kilometers of coastal strip planted with dense jungle that is permanently patrolled by the Indian Army and the rangers of the AAJVS, the public body in charge of the protection of the ethnic minorities. The media blackout is total. Nevertheless, we went to meet this people threatened with extinction. The Jarawa, which has only 420 members, speak a language of their own. Our guides are among the few foreigners to master it. They agreed to take significant risks to drive us through the jungle. Some Jarawa agreed to meet us and spoke freely about the seriousness of their situation. Please help me keep the Jarawa population safe by signing this petition. Thank you. Credit:

Cecilia Marie-Jeanne Yembe
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Petition to Minister Eric Hoskins

Minister Hoskins: Introduce legislation so alcohol use disorder patients get help

Alcohol use disorder is a disability and a disease we don't talk about. Current legislation in Ontario offers no mechanisms for families of these people to help or to save the people they love. And so persons with alcohol use disorder and their families suffer in silence, in darkness, in isolation. Ashamed. According to government standards, you cannot commit them to treatment because they are not a danger to themselves. And yet, they drink until the lives of their babies are impacted forever. Until their own lives are irreparably harmed. Until they die from their addiction. These are dangers. Happening in slow motion. Legislation will give babies a chance. It will give concerned family members, friends or spouses an opportunity to intervene and lessen the likelihood of FASD. How many kids do you need to see, to know someone should have helped sooner! Legislation could also decrease the advance of liver disease to the need for liver transplant. Many reasons more...  We want legislation like Florida's Marchman Act, which allows family members or friends to go to a judge and get people assessed when they have lost control of their alcohol consumption.  Little known facts about alcohol: - Less than 1/4 of people who have an alcohol use disorder seek treatment. - 12% of children in Ontario live in alcoholic families. - 15% of people who try alcohol become addicted. - Per capita consumption of alcohol increased more than 13% in the past decade in Canada. - A 2011 study by the World Health Organization of the burden of disease indicates that alcohol ranks second out of 26 risk factors for death, disease and disability, behind tobacco and above other health risks such as over-weight and obesity, physical inactivity, illicit drug use, unhealthy diet and others. We work to address most of these issues but we use alcohol to generate revenue. Enough is enough. We have an alcohol problem. It's time to take a stand and tell the government, we demand that you help us save those who we love. Before it is too late. 

Debra Selkirk
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Petition to Barbara Hall

Intervene for equal health care for persons with addictions

People suffering from addiction should not have to prove to doctors they have conquered their disability before they are allowed access to treatment. Last fall, the Ontario Human Rights Commission made a commitment to support and intervene in applications before the Tribunal to actively challenge cases where doctors allegedly denied service delivery to people based on mental health or addiction disabilities. Now is the time to ask Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall to keep her promise. Next week she will decide whether to intervene in my husband’s application. My husband paid the highest price of discrimination in the Ontario health care system. UHN doctors made him wait 6 months to get on the liver transplant wait list until he could prove he could stop being a person with an alcohol addiction disability. At transplant centres non alcoholic patients are assessed individually for transplant based on urgency and medical condition. Alcoholic patients are judged as a group. They told us they would not “waste the organ because he would just start drinking again.” When I said I would be a living donor, they said “they would not even waste the money on the surgery.”  Their message was clear. “You are better off dead than alive and drinking.” My husband did not make it. I watched as they let him die. And I am saying, “What the doctors did was horribly wrong.” I need your support. The Ontario government is paying three lawyers to fight this case; Minister of Health Deb Matthews has chosen to ignore her responsibilities for this issue. Instead she is sending the message to doctors it is OK to violate the human rights of those with disabilities. Please tell Commissioner Hall to do what she said she was going to do: stand up for those with disabilities and intervene in matters where those with addictions are denied treatment. My husband is gone. But, I am here to fight to have those guidelines struck. These guidelines remain in place at every transplant centre in Ontario. The public interest remedy in this matter is huge. People with disabilities should not have to pass a test before they are allowed access to medical treatment. Doctors should not be allowed to set their own treatment criteria if these breach human rights laws. Please  join me. Ask Commissioner Hall to  stand up for the rights of those with mental health and addiction challenges. Ask her to send a message to Ontario doctors that our Charter states everyone has a right to life. And that doctors cannot set guidelines that send those with disabilities to the back of the line.  

Debra Selkirk
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