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Petition to Hon. PM Mr Narendra Modi, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Electronics India, Ministry of Electronics and IT, Bureau of Indian Standards, IGBC , Sadhguru , All India Institute of Medical Sciences

We appeal to GOI to implement LQI - Light Quality Index

Are you aware of the adverse effects of the inappropriate forms and sources of light that we use in our daily lives are contributing negatively to our health ? Some of the health effects are given below : •           Retinal damage•           Brain fatigue•           Stress•           Migraine•           Insomnia•           EFD•           Cancer•           Obesity•           Age related Macular degeneration•           Skin diseases According to the governing bodies like CIBSE/CIE and others It is fully acknowledged that LEDs have made a huge contribution to reduced energy consumption, but three unintended consequences have arisen in the move to light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires and their manufacture over the past decade. Firstly, the move to LED has created the unmaintainable luminaire, with little or no provision to re-lace either the light engine or the driver on failure. Assuming the most likely components to fail are the capacitors inside the driver, giving a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 50,000 hours, this gives a luminaire life of between 5 and 11 years. At end of life the luminaire is scraped, with the likely destination being raw material recycling, with both the luminaire’s value and the luminaire itself literally being shredded. Lower quality fittings will likely fail earlier. Secondly, the rate of product development in LED luminaires has made product life cycles both shorter and more complex, for both luminaires and components. The availability of spares, and the ability to identify and source compatible spares, that absolutely match the performance of a five-year-old installation are challenging. The third development is one of the ‘offshoring’ of product production; whilst it may be inevitable in a price-driven market, the consequences of manufacturing in countries that extensively use fossil fuels, especially coal, in their power generation and then shipping those luminaires and/or components on long sea or air freight journeys is severely damaging to the environment. Long-distance and complex supply chains and the commoditization of luminaires may further limit the availability of spares, or the ability to re-engineer used luminaires. Fourth too much creativity and new models every year is a threat to the availability of the products bought in present for the future replacement even though the vendors and the manufacturers sign up for 5 years warranty, but if the products will be obsoleted or upgraded (size, efficacies, designs, etc) how does the buyer accommodate after five years for the product bought five years ago? Points of concern and should be taken into immediate consideration. 1. The correct source and the way of manufacturing the LEDs are very poor thus hazardous for the occupants (High spike of short wavelength)2. Frequent component failure like, drivers, capacitors, LED chips, etc. (Unmaintainable source and negatively contributing to the circular economy)3. Poor quality of plastics and metal being used- hazardous for nature (Circular economy)4. Farcical product design (like panel lighting-high glare)- retinal and brain fatigue.5. No policy on buyback or refurbishment from manufacturers (End of life of the components). 6. Ludicrous lighting design contributes negatively to the circular economy as well as the physiology of the occupants7. Absence of healthy parameters from LEDs (visible and non-visible parameters of light)8. No regulations on gauging the correct parameters other than parameters like McAdam, efficacy, and THD.9. Too much off-shoring thus fossil fuels are wasted and overly used resulting in global warming and other related endangers.10. The true parameters like NIR and FIR including good UVA* is missing in the present form of LEDs.In the pursuit of establishing healthy regulatory lighting standards and contributing toward well-being and healthy spaces, my open letter to our Honorable Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Damodardas Modiji, and the respective Ministries (departments) to acknowledge and implement lighting for indoor spaces no less than air and water.This is not related to some UV-based germicidal lighting but the healthy visible and non-visible parameters of lighting either from LED or sunlight or any other artificial lighting sources.Please sign the petition, if you agree with the intent and contents of the same, towards our health and wellbeing through the lighting parameters.A fission reaction strives to produce more and more energy, we have reached that impasse, now LIGHTING needs this reaction to be seen and heard.A journey of thousand miles starts but with one….Let's tramp together….as awareness is the key to unlocking and unleashing the ocean of education and knowledge which are the best form of legacies to leave behind for our generations to come….ThanksLets unite and make this happen.

Girish Bhardwaj
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Petition to Arvind Kejriwal, Satyendar Jain, Manish Sisodia, CBSE, Mansukh Mandaviya, Dharmendra Pradhan, Narendra Modi

Online CBSE Board Exams for students in Class X and XII for Year 2021-22

COVID has drastically impacted our lives and ways of working. However with consistent efforts from Government on vaccination campaign for adults nearly 80-85% population has received atleast one dose of COVID shot.  In Delhi, with Government efforts situation is very similar for adults and this has led to return of near normal livelihood in Delhi NCR and major cities across India Not only that, with vaccination there has been consistent reduction in severity of disease, hospitalization rates and mortality amongst vaccinated. However the situation is still far from over as most vulnerable populations in India, our children < 18 years and toddlers remain exposed to this deadly virus unlike western countries where the vaccination for not only adults but children (>12 years) has achieved critical mass and threshold for schools and colleges to open up. There has been sufficient data on increase in infection and hospitalization rates amongst non-vaccinated children and adults that impacts society at large. Further COVID is associated with unpredictable long term serious complications amongst children  For ensuring continuing education, CBSE has taken direction in providing guidance for conducting Class X and XII exams but considering non-vaccinated situation amongst our children in India unlike western countries and for the safety of our children, leads to hesitancy amongst parents and caregivers to openly accept this changing situation Therefore, request concerned authorities to Execute either 1) ONLY ONLINE METHOD OF CONDUCTING CLASS X AND XII BOARD EXAMS or 2) PROVIDE HYBRID OPTION FOR ONLINE OR OFFLINE METHOD Basis PARENTS CONSENT This can be achieved given the digital reach of our country and support scientific way of approaching the situation that involves our children.  By submitting this petition, it helps to reiterate safety of our children while keeping their both  educational and healthy future in mind, as they are precious assets of our nation.

Sandeep Arora
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Petition to Kumar Properties, Megapolis builder

No end to pollution around Megapolis Hinjawadi phase 3

I am a resident in Megapolis Hinjawadi phase 3 Pune, The construction activities in the area will go easily for another 5-10 years. We are having Cement churners/ other trucks running almost 24 hours a day on the Megapolis internal road. The trucks make unnecessary trips to Megapolis weighbridge for getting entries done daily. this is for construction going far away from Megapolis - why should we suffer for other sites construction. The builders have been so far promising only to reduce the trucks movement, still the pollution in atmosphere is there, easily visible. The residents are forced to inhale polluted air with cement dust daily. School going Children (shortly expected to resume) or the ones playing in common park will be getting impacted. Somethings are not within control at present like people throwing garbage and burning, however some are well within our control - it is everyone responsibility.  It will be good if also the route taken to reach Mystic construction site etc. by cement churners, sand carrier trucks leading to dusty atmosphere can be changed as soon possible to avoid passing through megapolis internal road unless unavoidable. that should be the next step One side we are paying green taxes, talking of solar power, green societies, have Govt, Authorities going green with Metro, Electric buses, CNG buses, CNG autos etc. other side we are living in polluted environments. Your advertisements are promising your new customers smart offers , Cycle to work, school - this is far from the reality  Please sign this petition in our interest. Tomorrow it could be anyone in the same situation. Please share this maximum people and get their support Clean air is our fundamental right.

dhananjay Chitale
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Petition to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, FSSAI, Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Coca Cola, Thumbs up

Sports Icon should not promote carbonated drinks.

Are you aware of what is shown on Television Ads. It’s a direct impact on brains of youngsters. Advertisements on carbonated drinks like Thumps Up shown on TV every now and then is influencing people.And who’s acting or voice overing in those Ads? Yes, the famous faces whom people see as their role models! Is it justified? People having power to change the society at guiding youngsters to drinks carbonated drinks to boost up their confidence ! Isn’t it absurd? Athelete from country outside India are inspiring people by removing cola bottel from table during a press conference to give msg that its not safe and healthy and on contrary in India famous faces (the so called verified accounts on social medias) are openly flaunting Ads on TV on this hazardous unhealthy drinks to what? To boost confidence and participate in sports? Shouldn’t this be taken care off in first place and banned to be aired on TV Atleast by sports persons itself?We are pretty sure that none of the celebrities posing for Thumps UP Ad airing in India have double checked the health disaster of carbonated drinks especially for them who’s careers depends on Sports! Please help us in saving our young generation and ban influential sports icon to Ad for unhealthy things. Take down Thumps Up Ad by sports icon from TV and social media.

Dr. Divya Nitin Singh
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