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Petition to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, FSSAI, Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Coca Cola, Thumbs up

Sports Icon should not promote carbonated drinks.

Are you aware of what is shown on Television Ads. It’s a direct impact on brains of youngsters. Advertisements on carbonated drinks like Thumps Up shown on TV every now and then is influencing people.And who’s acting or voice overing in those Ads? Yes, the famous faces whom people see as their role models! Is it justified? People having power to change the society at guiding youngsters to drinks carbonated drinks to boost up their confidence ! Isn’t it absurd? Athelete from country outside India are inspiring people by removing cola bottel from table during a press conference to give msg that its not safe and healthy and on contrary in India famous faces (the so called verified accounts on social medias) are openly flaunting Ads on TV on this hazardous unhealthy drinks to what? To boost confidence and participate in sports? Shouldn’t this be taken care off in first place and banned to be aired on TV Atleast by sports persons itself?We are pretty sure that none of the celebrities posing for Thumps UP Ad airing in India have double checked the health disaster of carbonated drinks especially for them who’s careers depends on Sports! Please help us in saving our young generation and ban influential sports icon to Ad for unhealthy things. Take down Thumps Up Ad by sports icon from TV and social media.

Dr. Divya Nitin Singh
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Petition to Shri Jai Pratap Singh, Shri Yogi Aditya Nath, Shri Dara Singh Chauhan

Offer proper burial of death bodies in the riverside of Ganges

Due to the worsen condition of 2nd wave of covid-19 pandemic in India, many peoples lost their life in the month of April and May. In Uttar Pradesh, due to poverty many people were unable to cremate the dead bodies of their near and dear ones. So many people buried the dead bodies of the relatives in the sand of river banks of Ganga at Kannuaj, Kanpur, Prayagraj and Varanasi. And many people did that because of the superstitious beliefs. When the monsoons will arrive the dead bodies which has already started to decay will float in the river Ganga - It will not only pollute the river Ganges but also chances of epidemic for peoples who live near the river banks of Ganges. I urge the Uttar Pradesh government to do something about this problem so that we can avoid future epidemics and save the peoples. I urge the U.P. government to please make arrangements for the proper disposal of the dead bodies. So that it can save river Ganga from water pollution and save the peoples who live near the river banks. According to my opinion the dead bodies can be burned/burried in some infertile land present nearby and away from the river banks. The benefit will be when the dead bodies decompose nicely, the land will become fertile for the use or for growing trees in that land for more vegetation. This way it will be beneficial for the environment as a whole.

Snigdha Dey
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Petition to Government of India, Supreme Court of India, President of India

Request the Government of India to make Nitin Gadkari incharge of Covid task force

This is to request the Government of India to make a dedicated team to work on the war against covid-19 in India. We will in all likelihood be facing a 3rd wave and if we have a dedicated team to fight this then we might be better prepared. For this purpose, many experts and Dr. Subramanian Swamy, member of Rajya Sabha, have suggested to make Nitin Gadkari incharge of Covid task force to fight the current health and covid situation in India. As per the experts, our Health Minister, Dr. Harshvardhan, under the guidance of Nitin Gadkari, would be in a better position to take decisions best suited for current needs. This will also release pressure from PMO, who can then additionally support the covid task force which will be the core team for this purpose. Nitin Gadkari has recently helped city of Nagpur fight corona by expediting the below: 1. The Lok Sabha MP from Nagpur recently inaugurated a private 100-bed COVID-19 care centre at the National Cancer Centre in Nagpur. 2. He helped in arranging medical oxygen supply of 40 tonnes from Bhillai for Nagpur hospitals. 3. He also helped in adding 300 beds at the AIIMS Nagpur and oxygen stock for the hospital is being sourced from Visakhapatnam. 4. Gadkari was also involved in arranging 1,000 ventilators from a facility from Medical Devices Park in Visakhapatnam, which will be provided to Nagpur hospitals. 5. Gadkari, speaking on shortage of Remdesivir, said there are only four pharma companies which have licence to manufacture the key COVID-19 drug in India.But, the Union government on Wednesday gave permission to 8 more companies to manufacturer the drug which will address the shortage of Remdesivir. Currently, we are struggling for the above basic facilities. If we can make them available throughout the country then our fight will be much easier. Regards, A concerned Youth #NitinGadkari#Covidtaskforce  

Himanshu Gupta
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Petition to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India

Better Health administration- Indian Medical services , Need of Future.

Despite of numerous committee s recommendation, Indian health infrastructure is still in nascent stage of development. This pandemic has taught us the bitter truth. We have seen our healthcare workers working day and night to serve us without prejudice to their own selves and In time where administrative machinery has failed to take decisions on is time to recognise that health needs to be taken seriously. An organised common administrative machinery having technical knowledge and full will to improve health infrastructure for all ignoring spatial differences is need of the time where policies are not been made by generalist cadre but specialist...we need to raise voice for creation of Indian medical services(IMS) for our better future and better implementation of policies . It is time to move for better policies and people dedicating life for one and one purpose only. Equalitarian availability of health services to all without prejudice to status, caste and creed..every life lost in this pandemic due to lack of foresightedness is a loss to family, economy my and India. I request you all to raise your voice for a better healthy future and for an organised technical body catering to one motive only... Great health services to all..a place where health folio is headed by technical person and not by general cadre...we need doctors and scientist to head health policies and not engineers and arts graduates.  If you agree with me, I request you all to kindly support mine petition..  Rahul singh , a concerned indian    

Dr​.​rahul jalaunia
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