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Petition to Procter & Gamble, Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Demanding P&G to Make Whisper Sanitary Pad Biodegradable by 2023. #SustainableWhisper

I never thought about a used menstrual pad/napkin once it was in my dustbin; it was someone else’s burden. I never questioned the products I used, assuming they served the prime purpose of helping me during the difficult days; they had to be harmless. The rashes, itchiness, and a host of other lady-part issues were a small price to pay and were normalized. And yes, I am also guilty of looking down upon using traditional cloth instead of modern pads.  Now, I am angry, ashamed, and dismayed that it took me this long to realize that I have unknowingly been an accomplice to big corporates in causing tonnes of damage to my body and environment. My search for an alternative sustainable menstrual product, failing to use the holy menstrual cup successfully, and buying expensive bio-degradable alternatives; led me to realize just how deep, complex, multifaceted, and ignored are the issues surrounding menstruation in India.  I am dismayed because stakeholders across the board – governments and municipalities, menstrual product researchers and manufacturers, civil society organizations, and menstruators themselves- have failed to recognize the issues. Except perhaps our sanitation workers who have picked up mine and your bio-medical wastes with bare hands, transported them to the outskirts of my beloved cities; and dumped onto the majestic landfills, all while exposing themselves to pathogens. Right now, we are choking our landfills, water bodies, and their micro-plastics are entering our food chain, and non-biodegradable pads are playing a huge role. The oxo-biodegradable pads distributed by the Government of India under the Suvidha Scheme have not even cleared environmental safety standards! Under such circumstances, it is the responsibility of empowered and privileged citizens to bring change collectively.  In this medley of varying traditions, practices, policies, awareness, myths, and capital interests, health services and rights have become simple tools of manipulation and greed. Commercial manufactures have perfected the art of supplying convenient and faulty solutions and creating a permanent market for themselves. Menstruation has come to be synonymous with plastic and chemical-laden menstrual pads. It may then come as no surprise that the Feminine Hygiene industry is worth $70.2 billion in India. While we cannot make everything ‘right’, we can at least begin somewhere.  My petition is about a specific issue that has a tangible solution: All our menstrual products should be eco-friendly, and since the majority of the menstruating population (36% or 121 million people) uses commercial, non-biodegradable menstrual pads and dumps 12.3 billion worth of pads every year, it is incumbent upon to demand that the menstrual product manufactures step up, invest in research and development and produces biodegradable menstrual pads. Indeed, menstrual waste mismanagement cannot reverse just by making pads biodegradable. That would require a systemic overhaul, including but not limited to: An expansion in the range of affordable menstrual products – both traditional and modern, Information-Education-Communication training on menstrual health and hygiene management in schools, Unambiguous directives and implementation of health and environmental safety standards for products,  Country-wide implementation of waste segregation practices,  A change in policymakers’ orthodox mindset   I, Purnima Khandelwal, am 28, have been a menstruator for 18.5 years; and I need your help. I need your help in demanding these conglomerates to fulfill their social responsibility and commit to sustainable menstruation.  Sign my petition asking P&G to make pads under their brand, Whisper, biodegradable by 2023. ****** A short message for Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited ‘You have the wherewithal to make Whisper biodegradable. Please adapt to the changing times because today’s young menstruators are not afraid to exercise their right to choose and reject. So, do this for your current and future customer base and to step forward as a good corporate citizen.’ For more information, please read this: Why Are There Plastics & Chemicals In My Menstrual Pad?

Purnima Khandelwal
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Petition to Kumar Properties, Megapolis builder

No end to pollution around Megapolis Hinjawadi phase 3

I am a resident in Megapolis Hinjawadi phase 3 Pune, The construction activities in the area will go easily for another 5-10 years. We are having Cement churners/ other trucks running almost 24 hours a day on the Megapolis internal road. The trucks make unnecessary trips to Megapolis weighbridge for getting entries done daily. this is for construction going far away from Megapolis - why should we suffer for other sites construction. The builders have been so far promising only to reduce the trucks movement, still the pollution in atmosphere is there, easily visible. The residents are forced to inhale polluted air with cement dust daily. School going Children (shortly expected to resume) or the ones playing in common park will be getting impacted. Somethings are not within control at present like people throwing garbage and burning, however some are well within our control - it is everyone responsibility.  It will be good if also the route taken to reach Mystic construction site etc. by cement churners, sand carrier trucks leading to dusty atmosphere can be changed as soon possible to avoid passing through megapolis internal road unless unavoidable. that should be the next step One side we are paying green taxes, talking of solar power, green societies, have Govt, Authorities going green with Metro, Electric buses, CNG buses, CNG autos etc. other side we are living in polluted environments. Your advertisements are promising your new customers smart offers , Cycle to work, school - this is far from the reality  Please sign this petition in our interest. Tomorrow it could be anyone in the same situation. Please share this maximum people and get their support Clean air is our fundamental right.

dhananjay Chitale
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Petition to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, FSSAI, Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Coca Cola, Thumbs up

Sports Icon should not promote carbonated drinks.

Are you aware of what is shown on Television Ads. It’s a direct impact on brains of youngsters. Advertisements on carbonated drinks like Thumps Up shown on TV every now and then is influencing people.And who’s acting or voice overing in those Ads? Yes, the famous faces whom people see as their role models! Is it justified? People having power to change the society at guiding youngsters to drinks carbonated drinks to boost up their confidence ! Isn’t it absurd? Athelete from country outside India are inspiring people by removing cola bottel from table during a press conference to give msg that its not safe and healthy and on contrary in India famous faces (the so called verified accounts on social medias) are openly flaunting Ads on TV on this hazardous unhealthy drinks to what? To boost confidence and participate in sports? Shouldn’t this be taken care off in first place and banned to be aired on TV Atleast by sports persons itself?We are pretty sure that none of the celebrities posing for Thumps UP Ad airing in India have double checked the health disaster of carbonated drinks especially for them who’s careers depends on Sports! Please help us in saving our young generation and ban influential sports icon to Ad for unhealthy things. Take down Thumps Up Ad by sports icon from TV and social media.

Dr. Divya Nitin Singh
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Petition to Shri Jai Pratap Singh, Shri Yogi Aditya Nath, Shri Dara Singh Chauhan

Offer proper burial of death bodies in the riverside of Ganges

Due to the worsen condition of 2nd wave of covid-19 pandemic in India, many peoples lost their life in the month of April and May. In Uttar Pradesh, due to poverty many people were unable to cremate the dead bodies of their near and dear ones. So many people buried the dead bodies of the relatives in the sand of river banks of Ganga at Kannuaj, Kanpur, Prayagraj and Varanasi. And many people did that because of the superstitious beliefs. When the monsoons will arrive the dead bodies which has already started to decay will float in the river Ganga - It will not only pollute the river Ganges but also chances of epidemic for peoples who live near the river banks of Ganges. I urge the Uttar Pradesh government to do something about this problem so that we can avoid future epidemics and save the peoples. I urge the U.P. government to please make arrangements for the proper disposal of the dead bodies. So that it can save river Ganga from water pollution and save the peoples who live near the river banks. According to my opinion the dead bodies can be burned/burried in some infertile land present nearby and away from the river banks. The benefit will be when the dead bodies decompose nicely, the land will become fertile for the use or for growing trees in that land for more vegetation. This way it will be beneficial for the environment as a whole.

Snigdha Dey
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