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Petition to Woodlands Health Centre, Sarah Baker

Keep East Peckham Branch Surgery Open

In view of the impending decision of an NHS England Panel regarding the proposed closure of the East Peckham Branch Surgery, Woodlands Health Centre has received nearly 200 representations from local patients and highlight the strength of feeling in the village.  East Peckham Parish Council has also received many letters from residents expressing disappointment that this decision may be taken and this view has been echoed by Tom Tugendhat MP, Parish Councillors, Borough Councillors and our County Councillor. as well as many other village groups. East Peckham is a rural community which relies on its local services.  It is three miles to the nearest rural service centre, it is not served by a rail connection and has only one bus an hour travelling through the village.  furthermore over 600 residents in East Peckham are not in good health and rely on having a local surgery the most.  Taking this facility away will damage the lives of those patients who rely on a local surgery the most, particularly with transport to nearby alternatives difficult.  We have estimated that it could take up to two and a half hours to attend an appointment in Paddock Wood and that is if buses and appointments run on time.  Not everyone in our rural community have their own transport or can rely on lifts into Paddock Wood.  Taxis could also be cost prohibitive. I urge you to sign the petition so that East Peckham Parish Council can put pressure on the NHS England Panel to make the best decision in the interests of patients.  The short timescale between the announcement of consultation and possible closure has left no time for patients to find alternatives.  East Peckham Parish Council is also yet to be satisfied that every possible avenue has been explored to keep the branch surgery open.  In light of the short timescale, any decision to close East Peckham branch surgery will be premature and will satisfy neither the Parish Council or patients.

East Peckham Parish Council
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Petition to Mark Carne, Medway Council

Clean up Luton Arches ! #lutonarches

We are Arches Local a Big Local group in the Chatham Medway area. One of our focal points is the Luton Arches, which local residents derived our name from. Though acting as a major gateway #lutonarches has become very rundown and a major eye sore. Looking at the broken window theory this has lead to it being a breeding ground for drug dealing, street drinking, littering, and various other antisocial behaviors. We would like to see the regeneration of the whole and surrounding area of the Luton Arches, and hope to act as catalyst for it. We have become majorly concerned at the associated health risks posed by the large number pigeons alive and dead nesting in the netting designed to keep them out under one of the arches. We are also concerned not only for our own communities welfare, but that of the pigeons who often become trapped in the netting leading to injury or death. The pigeons feces and disintegrated dead carcasses constantly drop down on the pedestrian walk way below.  When these droppings dry, there is a risk it can become powdered and possibly float up into the air as dust, kicked up by passing feet. We are not doctors or scientists but we are worried If you inhale the pigeon dropping dust, you are possibly at risk of exposure to; Cryptococcal Meningitis, Salmonella and Listeria, Viral Encephalitis, E. Coli, among many others.  We have contacted Network Rail about this issue and others, and we would hope they are already aware of the pigeon problem as they periodically turn up to do work like replacing the guttering recently, but never address any of the interconnected problems sufficiently. They have as yet not replied to any of our concerns even though we feel the associated health risks posed warrant an immediate response, though we appreciate they are a very large organisation.  It can be hard to be heard sometimes over the bureaucracy, form filling, and bounced around departments. So this petition is to demonstrate that the people who live within Arches Local area and the wider community do care about where we live even if the current environment does not reflect this. We hope by people signing and sharing this petition it will lead at the least to Network Rail providing a solution to the pigeon problem that is beneficial to all parties, and we would not mind if they gave the wrought iron underbridge a lick of paint to ! We also call on Medway Council to use everything in their power to ensure that the pigeon issue among others related with the Luton Arches area is resolved. Thank you for your time and hopefully your support. Regards Arches Local  

Arches Local
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Petition to Amber Rudd

Stop single crewing police officers

I am a currently serving police officer. The following is not my story, however myself and all of my colleagues can relate to each and every point, as it affects us on an almost daily basis.  We are all exhausted, tired and had enough, We do it for the money and not for the love. Last week I was hit, spat at and punched. There wasn't one day that I ate my lunch. I held a man's hand who'd just lost his wife, I took a child from his Father who was wielding a knife.I pulled a girl off a bridge who was mentally ill,I locked up a worker who had nicked from the till.I persuaded a battered woman to finally speak,After seeing her every day, week after week. The above is our job and all proud to do it.  Time for a few truths:Grade 1, man with knife - not one cop is free, but I break off as usual.I get to the job, a lone female I stand, man is angry, wants to fight with a knife in his hand. The same night I attend a fight all alone. I arrive to see 10 fighting in the middle of the road. Night after night cops go to jobs on their own and yes, they are frightened stood there all alone. Because no one is coming - you're the only free one,New cops aren't coming, the old ones are gone. We love the job - but enough is enough. We are ready to go and pack up our stuff, hang up the belt, the hat and vest.  No one can say we're not trying our best. We’re abused for pennies that barely pay rent. We don't want to give up - we still want to be cops! But bad things will happen if they don't pull out all stops. Get us more cops so we're not always alone, I know others feel the same - I'm not on my own. Cops will get hurt if this carries on,And this fight on terrorism will never be won. Please support us by ending the single crewing of officers to make it look like there are more cops on the frontline. When in reality it’s a safety risk!!

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