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Petition to The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, The Hon. Brad Hazzard MP

Urgent call to employ doctors at Tumut Hospital

There is a lack of doctors employed or locally available on-call for emergencies or anaethetics at Tumut Hospital often for several days a week. Tumut Hospital area of emergency responsibility is 6 times larger than the ACT. Our region is vast and unique including snowfields, Snowy Hydro assets and waterways, forests, large and small communities and highly productive mills of national significance. Critically ill patients are reliant on helicopter and ambulance transport often leaving the community at risk and vulnerable in cases of emergency. PETITIONThe Petition of citizens of Tumut, the Snowy Valleys Council region and Wagga Wagga electorate Brings to the attention of the House the immediate need for two full-time doctors with emergency and anaesthetic qualifications to be employed at Tumut Hospital. There is an absence of an on-call doctor in some instances for several days at a time and a lack of doctors with emergency and anaesthetic qualifications. The Hospital’s area of emergency responsibility is over 15,000 square kilometres about the size of Northern Ireland and the region is unique in its variety of sources for serious large emergencies from the mills, snow fields, waterways, tourist buses, logging, bush fires, and more. If a helicopter is available one or two critically ill patients may be evacuated leaving behind others without the care of appropriately trained doctors and while telehealth is a valuable resource hands-on care from these doctors is essential. Patients are being ferried to Wagga Wagga for non-emergency situations taking paramedics out of action locally for hours at a time. Our citizens deserve appropriate medical care and yet the current situation confirms research which shows that the further away from a metropolitan hospital the greater the delay in receiving appropriate care and the greater the risk of poor health outcomes. The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the Legislative Assembly to call on the NSW Ministry of Health to employ two full-time doctors with emergency and anaesthetic qualifications at Tumut Hospital.

Tumut Community Association Inc.
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Petition to Chris Bowen, Greg Hunt, Scott Morrison, Senator Richard Di Natale, Chris Bowen

Decriminalise the use of medicinal cannabis for people with terminal cancer like my son.

The 24th February 2019 marked the fourth anniversary of the death from bowel cancer of my beautiful 25-year-old son Dan Haslam - and is the third anniversary of the legislative changes we believed would make medicinal cannabis available to all sick Australians who needed it.  When it was passed, they called it 'Dan's Law'. After years of campaigning, backed by this petition which at the time was signed by over 250,000 people, I was so proud. Dan wasn't beside me, but he was with me. But now I'm angry and bitterly disappointed. Why? Because the medicinal cannabis system kickstarted by Dan's Law is a mess. Rather than making things easier, the legislative changes of 2016 which were supposed to make cannabis and cannabis products available to sick Australians have barely improved matters at all. Only around 2000 people have been able to legally access medicinal cannabis. Patients still struggle to obtain such medicines legally while a huge black market has developed servicing hundreds of thousands of people.   The products supplied by this illicit market are of course of unknown quality and safety, completely illegal and are being used without medical supervision, placing thousands of sick people in harm’s way. But it gets even worse. A knock-on of the 2016 Dan's Law legislation has been that medicinal cannabis and other cannabis products fall into a state of permanent ‘regulatory limbo’. They are – quite literally ‘approved unapproved medicines’. And the TGA, which approves new medicines in Australia, is simply ill-prepared to assess medicinal cannabis. Dan’s Law was put in place to legalise the cultivation of medicinal cannabis in Australia. But was it all for nothing? That's why I'm therefore re-starting this petition and asking for your help to fix the medicinal cannabis mess.  Please, sign and share this petition and help me honour my son's life and hard work. What we have now is an insult to his memory, and leaves hundreds of thousands of chronically and terminally ill Australians in unnecessary pain.  #FixDansLaw 

Lucy Haslam
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Petition to NSW Police Force

NSW POLICE: please find my mother, Marion Barter

My name is Sally Leydon and the last time I saw my mother was in 1997. My mother, Marion Barter, told me that she was going on a long holiday to the UK, and we never saw her again. We knew something was wrong the moment she missed her son’s birthday – something she would never do. We have since found out that soon after she left for her ‘long holiday’ to England, she or someone using her passport returned to Australia. Her name was changed to ‘Florabella Natalia Marion Remakel’ and over the course of several weeks her bank account was completely drained in daily increments of $5000 – the maximum amount you can take out without identifying yourself. Finally, after years of fighting, she was placed on the NSW missing person’s list. But just four years later NSW police removed her from the list and nobody can tell me why.  I believe NSW police have a lot to answer for: why did they remove my mother from the missing person list? Why is there no record of the police searching for her in her last known locations? Why do the police refuse to work with European authorities to find out if they might be able to track her whereabouts abroad? This is not just about my mother's case – this is about the justice of due course and a proper investigation for every missing person and everyone who's lost someone they love.  For so many years I felt like I had to fight this battle alone. Now, I’m turning to ordinary people like you to help me to find my mother, so that I can finally find her or find closure.  Channel 7 have made a podcast about my missing mother’s case – you can listen to it by searching for The Lady Vanishes and find out more information.  Thank you for your supporting me.

Sally Leydon
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