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Petition to Ken Wyatt, Malcolm Turnbull

Mandate aged care staff/resident ratios. Stop the neglect

This is my darling mum, Phyllis, she had dementia and died in March 2012. Her aged care facility did not care about her.   Food is a very important part of care, and often the only thing residents have to look forward to, for many it's the focus of their day. The facility served food that she and others found unpalatable and inedible, cheap junk food, hot food often served cold AND badly cooked to boot!  At times she’d go without anything from midday till 8am the next day - that’s 20 hours without food. And she would have starved if I hadn’t intervened, Mum feared complaining because she’d be told off like a child and once was slapped by a staff member.  When I complained, the aged care facility threatened me with an intervention order and ten years jail for stalking. And when I spoke out about THAT, people got in touch sharing horror stories of neglect and abuse and thankedme for speaking out – the common thread was shortage of staff and inadequate basic care leading to neglect. Many of the elderly and their families won’t complain for fear of retribution. This is when I realised the lack of staff ratios was a huge problem. With no mandated staff / resident ratios in aged care facilities across Australia, our elders are at risk of abuse and neglect. What I see is a system that needs changing. Over-worked staff are stressed and undervalued. In many aged care homes, one staff member can care for 20 or more residents with residents waiting for long periods to receive the care they urgently need by overstretched carers and nurses who feel that they can never get the job done. Ken Wyatt, if you really care about elderly Australians mandate staff/resident ratios for all aged care facilities across Australia, to protect our elders, to keep them safe,respected and valued.

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Petition to The Honourable Mark Bailey, The Honourable Grace Grace, The Assessment Manager

Stop the petrol station and fast food development opposite our primary school in Maleny

A development application for an 8 bowser, 2 fast food outlet petrol station is currently before the Sunshine Coast Regional Council (MCU18/0111). The development is directly across the road from Maleny primary school, with the closest classrooms only 40 metres away. We oppose this application for the following reasons: it is too close to the school, where over 400 primary school children attend there will be increased traffic congestion, which would impact on the safety of students, staff and parents for the primary school and high school that is just up the road there would be potential negative health effects from emissions from the petrol station it does not maintain the integrity of Maleny's brand, which is its uniqueness, character and heritage. We need to make our voices loud and clear that we do not want this type of development on this site, so close to our primary school children. If a developer wants to build a petrol station in Maleny, there has to be a better site. We already have over 600 letters to the Minister for Transport and Main Roads that concerned people have signed opposing this development. Now we need your help to ensure the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Minister for Transport and Main Roads and the Minister for Education know how inappropriate a petrol station and fast food outlet development is for that close to a primary school. Your voice counts. Let it be heard!

No Fuel Opposite Our School Ever
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