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Petition to Bill Shorten, Barnaby Joyce, Malcolm Turnbull, Senator Fiona Nash, - All Australian Parliamentary Representatives, Senator Richard Di Natalie, The Hon Barnaby Joyce MP, The Hon Bill Shorten MP, The Hon Julie Biishop MP, The Hon Tanya Plibersek, Senator Deborah O'Neill, Mr Steve Irons MP, The Hon Malcolm Turnbull, Senator Larissa Waters, Kerri Cassidy, Peter Sullivan, Senator David Bushby, Hon Greg Hunt MP

People with Multiple Sclerosis need access to Cardiovascular Screening

Dear Australian Health Minister and all Elected Representatives An Open Letter We are people living with a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. In recent times researchers have cautioned that there is a high incidence of (undetected) cardiovascular disorders in people diagnosed with this condition – left undetected they warn that such incomplete diagnoses not only causes patients potential harm but cost health care systems (including governments) untold millions of dollars a year. Cost/benefit factors are highlighted at; . Australia is no exception..Large population studies confirm significant associations between the most common multiple sclerosis symptoms and vascular irregularities. . Potential Harm to Patients Delayed or potentially incomplete diagnoses not only means that we may be getting expensive and potentially harmful treatments we don't need, but we are also not getting the appropriate treatment for the conditions we may have. Many in the Australian MS community are currently in this position. This situation is compounded because of extremely limited access to relevant and comprehensive independent cardiovascular assessment procedures..  Informed Patient Centred Decision Making is impeded. Without such access many of us are not able, in conjunction with our medical advisors, to make informed decisions about possible treatment options. While this situation has been highlighted in the Australian Parliament on several occasions over the past 5 years – it is yet to be translated into policies and programs that effectively address what has become a very unhealthy situation.. Patient Centred Feedback is Vital Feedback (since 2011) from more than 3,000 Australian families, friends, carers and service providers has inspired the development of this Open Letter (more than 800 since April 2016). How your Voice can be Better Heard Here is the  message that we all need to convey to our individual parliamentary representatives requesting confirmation of their position and that of their party. Please download and amend to highlight your specific circumstances. Draft Policies are on the Table During March 2016 two of Australia’s widely recognised consumer focused Multiple Sclerosis organisations (the Multiple Sclerosis Network of Care Australia and CCSVI Australia) jointly wrote to the Leaders of all Australian Political Parties on our behalf seeking clarification of each Party’s policy position on this matter. They specifically sought the bipartisan support of the Parliament ‘’to assist in accelerating the processes whereby what is being learnt regarding cardiovascular irregularities and MS is better translated into benefits for patients and reduced government outlays’’ Details of broadly based recommended policies and programs were also referenced, Acknowledgement by Australian Government On 29 June 2016 the substance of these representations was acknowledged by the Australian Coalition Government - while much more is needed this should be an important step in the right direction Kerri Cassidy wins important Australian Award In December 2016 Judges said ''We are thrilled to announce that CCSVI Australia CEO, Kerri Cassidy, is the winner of the 2016 Award for Excellence in Justice and Rights Protection - for her long-term commitment to promoting justice and rights protection for people with disability. This is a reflection of her work in raising awareness and calling for equitable access to treatment for Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) for people with Multiple Sclerosis. Kerri has demonstrated her determination and commitment to raising awareness about the need for justice and rights protection of people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through the equitable access to Chronic Cerebro Spinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) treatment” IFurther Important Warning Bells A study of 140,020 people - 23,382 with MS and a matched control group of 116,638 - confirmed our concerns that the prevalence of other chronic conditions (including cardiovascular conditions) may be common in people newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). While the scope of this study does not appear to include chronic cerebro spinal vascular insufficiency (CCSVI) it does ring important warning bells. Separate research identifies up to 80% of the MS population as having CCSVI related comorbidities - adding even greater weight to our concerns about underlying cardiovascular disease Drawing a Line in the Sand Since the early 1990's neurologists have underpinned the management of Multiple Sclerosis on the belief that it is strongly associated with an overactive immune system. Treatment invariably involves''dampening down'' the immune system via a diverse range of immuno suppressant drugs. The global market for these drugs is approaching $20 billion p.a. - much of which is achieved through government subsidies. The highly respected National MS Society (USA) drew an important line in the sand in relation to these drugs when it said ''there are FDA-approved therapies that can impact the underlying disease course in people with the more common forms of MS. However, none of these can stop progression or reverse the damage to restore function". The over-riding Issues The over-riding CCSVI issues are about Access and Protecting the Vulnerable.- see Your Commitment is Important to Us We would greatly appreciate your bipartisan support in progressing what is a very ‘’unhealthy’’ situation. Yours SincerelyYour Constituents This Open Letter is facilitated byPeter Sullivan and Kerri Cassidy, on behalf ofCCSVI Australia Reference GroupPO Box 10, Blackburn, VIC, 3130 Email For some further insightful commentary by Kerri see

Multiple Sclerosis Network of Care Australia
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Petition to Senator Derryn Hinch, Andrew Wilkie, Hon Bob Katter, Ms Rebakha Sharkie, Ms Cathy McGowan AO MP, Senator Stirlin Griff, Senator Rex Patrick

Stop Attacking Welfare Recipients! This may lead to a increase in crime, affecting many!

Attention:  Senator Derryn Hinch,  Senator Rex Patrick, Senator Stirling Griff,   Mr Andrew Wilkie MP, Ms Cathy Mc Gowan, Hon Bob Katter, and Ms Rebekha Sharkie MP, and everyone reading this petition. I am deeply concerned about some of the proposed changes and cuts, that are planned by the federal government on Welfare, namely the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Welfare Reform) Bill 2017. The proposed changes on welfare recipients, are too severe , and may lead to suicide in some cases, and in some instances, increased crime.  The policies that concern me include:   Cutting off payments, to punish unemployed welfare recipients, who miss appointments.  The discontinuing of disability support pensions, for people who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs. The discontinuation of the bereavement allowance. Extenuating circumstances such as homelessness, hospitalisation, and domestic violence, are no longer considered circumstances, that are an acceptable excuse, for not handing in a claim form in time. People applying for the single parents pension, need a third party to confirm the relationship status of a sole parent, making it harder for a vulnerable person to leave a relationship, when they are isolated, and also the victim of domestic violence.  The cashless welfare card, may lead to people not having enough cash to  buy food at farmers markets, and purchase clothes/goods at opportunity shops, and garage sales. I am very concerned that these cuts to welfare described above, may lead to suicide attempts by welfare recipients, or an increase in domestic and violent crime, including: armed robbery, house burglaries, petty theft , street robbery. Here is a link to a more detailed description of some the problems, these changes and cuts could cause: Senator Derryn Hinch,  Senator Rex Patrick, Senator Stirling Griff,  Mr Andrew Wilkie MP,  Ms Cathy Mc Gowan, Hon Bob Katter, and Ms Rebekha Sharkie MP,  and every one reading this petition, .... Please take appropriate actions, to ensure that these severe cuts to welfare are not put into action. Please make these proposed welfare changes and cuts less severe. Sincerely, Ms I.Emily Barton  P.S   I strongly encourage readers to complain to the appropriate parliamentarians regarding this matter.  This is a letter Template for complaining to appropriate parliamentarians, about these proposed cuts and changes, to independents, and MPs.  If you like, you can cut, paste, and modify, to create this complaint letter: Dear (Senator Last Name), My name is [name] and I am writing to ask you to vote against the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Welfare Reform) Bill 2017. (Are you a member of their electorate? If so include that information) (Do you have any first-hand experience with unemployment? Include some details here about how these experiences have influenced your views. This will demonstrate you are well qualified). I would like to highlight three proposals included in this Bill which, I believe, represents an outrageous attacks on the rights and dignity of unemployed Australians. First, there is the proposed demerit point system. This system gives unprecedented powers to privately owned job agencies to penalise the unemployed without any government oversight, while unemployed workers will be left with no ability to appeal these decisions. This is a clear violation of the rights of unemployed workers and a breach of natural justice. In 2015-16, the number of penalties imposed on job seekers by job agencies exceeded two million for the first time (an increase of around seven-fold since 2011). These agencies do not need more powers. (Have you been penalised by a job agency or know someone who has? Briefly insert some details here). Secondly, the Bill proposes to significantly increase the mutual obligation requirements imposed on the unemployed. It beggars belief that the government wants to force hundreds of thousands of unemployed Australians to attend significantly more hours at a Work for the Dole activity. This is a program that, according to two separate reports commissioned by the Coalition, is both dangerous and pointless. As noted by the OECD, we already have some of the strictest requirements in the world. These should be reduced not increased. (Have you had a negative experience at a Work for the Dole / ‘volunteer’ activity or know someone who has? Briefly insert some details here). And finally, the Bill will force Newstart applicants to wait significantly longer for their first payment. Newstart receipents already are forced to live $390 per fortnight below the poverty line. This proposal will force them deeper into poverty. (If you are receiving Newstart or know someone who has, include some details of what it is like trying to survive on such a low payment). I am calling on you to protect unemployed Australians from these unjust and unreasoned policies. I implore you to use your power and platform to vote against a Bill that picks on, and hurts the unemployed. I would also very much like to meet you to discuss this matter further. Please could you contact me to arrange a suitable time? Thank you for your help with this matter, I look forward to your response. Best wishes, from [Your name][Your Address][Your Phone Number][Your Email]        

Emily Barton
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Petition to Australian Government

Scrap the UNhealthy Star Food Rating System

In 2014, the Government approved a voluntary Health Star Rating System ( for food manufacturers and companies to use on their products. The Health Star Rating System ranges from ½ a star to 5 stars, and was designed to help consumers make healthier choices. Recent news media has outlined some issues with this star rating system, but the big problem comes in the form of food manufacturers and companies calculating the star rating on their own food products.  This self-regulation poses a big problem in accuracy and accountability, is misleading, and creates confusion for consumers. As an example, Nestle’s Milo markets itself with a 4.5 Health Star Rating. On closer inspection, Nestle has been allowed to manipulate the calculation by adding an ‘optional ingredient’, which in this case is skim milk. Without skim milk, Milo’s rating would be just 1.5 stars. Further to this, the calculation should be based on current food science and knowledge. While sugar is now a criterion - which is a positive step - unfortunately the rest of the criteria does not establish how 'healthy' a food like product really is.  There are many studies that are now showing that saturated fat and cholesterol should no longer be feared and are actually an excellent, protective and necessary part of the diet to support cellular health, brain function, sexual and reproductive function, the immune system and many other important physiological functions in the body (when used sensibly and as part of balanced overall food intake). Some studies to note If you agree that food manufacturers and companies should no longer have the power to self-regulate this health rating calculation, sign Jessie Reimers’ (Facebook / Instagram @getafreshstart / Twitter @jessiereimers) petition.  Why don't the Government invest in supporting local farmers, subsiding and educating and promoting fresh vegetables, fruit and well looked after animal products. Why don't we have low cost cooking classes and educational seminars? Community gardens and chook pens in every neighbourhood for fresh eggs? Food CAN be cheap and accessible. Every family deserves fresh, quality food and deserve to know what they are feeding themselves and their kids. Stop green washing the packaged processed products and start having an honest, transparent and open relationship with the food system. Please sign and share this petition widely.

Jessie Reimers
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Petition to CEO

Heart Foundation: Stop giving advice and promoting food that causes heart disease!

We are asking that the Heart Foundation update their nutrition advice based on the current science and research and scrap the Tick of Approval program as it is giving consumers a false sense of security and is placed on products that contribute to inflammation, heart disease and other illness. I have explained in detail my reasons for starting this video in this youtube clip. You can also watch the segment on Sunrise where we explain the petition and this segment on Studio 10. The Heart Foundation currently advises that we steer clear of ‘dangerous’ saturated fats, consume margarine, vegetable and seed oils, keep our cholesterol low, low, low, consume a diet made up of mostly REFINED, highly processed carbohydrates and choose foods with the tick of approval, the very large majority of which are highly processed, devoid of essential nutrients and many of which contain huge amounts of sugar (for example Milo Cereal which is 27% refined sugar). Here is a study linking added sugar with heart disease.  They claim that this advice is based on solid scientific evidence- however the evidence they continue to produce is very outdated and has been debunked by major studies many, many times since. All I am finding is more and more evidence to suggest that saturated fat and cholesterol are NOT associated with cardiovascular disease and that this idea was based initially on an extremely faulty study by Ancel Keys, who cherry picked data in an attempt to prove what he wanted to prove. If all of the data had been used they would have found absolutely NO correlation between saturated fat and heart disease- yet somehow this out-dated and even dangerous hypothesis is clung to so that margarine, cholesterol lowering medications and all manner of unnecessary and most certainly very unhealthy and damaging products can be sold. Vegetable/seed oils and margarine are of particular concern. More information about this here. Here is an example of evidence to suggest that saturated fat is not linked with heart disease. This is a MASSIVE meta-analysis involving over 340,000 subjects. You will find many more studies here. In fact saturated fat and dietary cholesterol from natural, healthy sources such as butter from grass fed cows, animal fats from naturally raised animals, eggs (including the cholesterol filled yolk), unrefined coconut oil etc have been found to be extremely beneficial to health and actually assist in protecting, NOT causing cardiovascular disease. There has been a great deal of research and science to show this which has been largely ignored by the medical and scientific communities and by Heart Foundations and nutritional authorities around the world.  Some of these researchers, scientists, Drs, cardiovascular surgeons, obesity experts, authors, nutritionists etc include  Dr Eric Westman, USA; Dr Andreas Eenfeldt, Sweden; Dr Malcolm Kendrick, UK; late Dr Barry Groves, UK; Dr William Davis, US; Dr Gary Fettke, Australia and Dr Perlmetter, USA, Zoe Harcombe, Dr John Briffa, Dr Chris Kresser, Cyndi O’Meara, Dr Sandra Cabot, Sally Fallon, Christine Cronau, David Gillespie, Uffe Ranskov, Anthony Colpo and there are many others, all of whom rely on evidence based research and a great deal of well respected scientific studies, not on merely 'opinion' or 'quackery'. It is time people learned the truth. The current advice CONTRIBUTES to inflammation, heart disease and a whole host of unpleasant and unnecessary medical complications. Honestly it just seems absolutely ridiculous that a health authority like the Heart Foundation whom many of the public trust and listen to, advise to eat a diet made up of mostly processed carbohydrates in the form of cereal, bread and pasta, consume margarine and vegetable/seed oils- which are unnatural and contribue to inflammation, processed sugar filled foods filled with additives, preservatives, colours and flavours and which are devoid of essential nutrients and even products that contain aspartame. How can they honestly say that this will protect people against cardiovascular disease? Whilst telling people to avoid fat and cholesterol which is absolutely essential to the correct functioning of the body on so many levels. We need to be educating people to eat REAL, whole food. Actual food that contains vitamins, minerals and all that the body requires to operate and protect itself effectively. This isn't rocket science, it is simply what humans have always done. These new ideas to consume man made fats, margarine and processed foods are very much part of the health disaster. If you would like to read the Heart Foundation’s response to my petition you can do so You can check out the segment on A Current Affair here Please get involved with the petition, sign and share with as many people as you can. This information is vitally important for everyone in Australia to understand and have access to. You can follow progress on facebook at  Please join us on Tuesday the 14th of October at midday to deliver the petition in person. We need as many of us as possible to gain media interest and have the program shut down

Jessie Reimers
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