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Petition to Maneka Gandhi, JP Nadda, Satyendra Jain, Devendra Fadnavis, Mamata Banerjee, C. Laxma Reddy

Make it mandatory for all hospitals to declare number of Caesarean deliveries #SafeBirth

Caesarean deliveries have become a business. The hospitals and doctors are making money off unsuspecting women and pushing them towards surgical deliveries. Even though serious complications were not detected, I was cut open to deliver my baby. I wanted to have a natural birth but had to undergo a C-section as it was presented to be more ’scientific, modern and risk-free’. I was misled, manipulated, confused and my choice was overriden. For many of us, the right to informed-refusal or consent during childbirth is hardly an option either due to lack of awareness or the high-handed attitude of doctors. It was a long, painful, depressing recovery for me and when I looked into this issue, what I found was alarming. India’s C-section rate is growing exponentially. The fact that private hospitals have a much higher rate of C-sections than public hospitals has a direct correlation to the fact that surgical deliveries cost so much more than normal ones in these facilities. Recent studies show that C-sections lead to a higher risk of post-partum depression and lower breastfeeding rate in women and diseases like obesity and diabetes in children. Despite its adverse effects on maternal and child health, hospitals and doctors are indiscriminately conducting C-sections to make more money. To discourage this trend, women need to be made aware of the C-section rates of different hospitals and maternity homes, so that they can choose their hospitals carefully. That’s why I, with support of the NGO Birth India, started this petition asking the Women and Child Development ministry to issue an advisory to the Medical Council of India to Make it mandatory for all doctors and hospitals to declare the percentage of Caesarean delivery rates to patients. Conduct enquiry against those with abnormally high C-section rate. Frame clear guidelines for conducting Caesarean to safeguard the health and rights of women and children World Health Organisation (WHO) norms prescribe that C-section deliveries should be ideally 10-15 per cent of the total number of deliveries in the country. However, in urban Telengana, 74.8% of the private sector deliveries are by C-section and it is as high as 41% in Kerala and it is 58% in Tamil Nadu, according to a report by the ICMR School of Public Health. It is important that even women are made aware of the impact of Caesarean sections, which truly is an emergency recourse and not a routine medical procedure. The fact is that only 10% of births should be via C-section, however, in Indian private hospitals that rate is close to 50%. This is a serious health risk and the government has to take action NOW! Sign my petition and ask the Women and Child Development ministry to end this harmful practice by hospitals. Image Courtesy:

Subarna Ghosh
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Petition to Prime Minister of India

Save 5yrs Shaurya, fighting with a life threatening rare disease HUNTER SYNDROME (MPS II).

I am proud to be a mother of 5 years Shaurya, but dying by knowing that my kid is growing with a life threatening rare disease Hunter Syndrome (MPS II). This disease has been diagnosed by experts in CMC Vellore and AIIMS, New Delhi, India in the year 2014. His health is deteriorating day by day. His life expectancy is very low and the average age in this disease is only 10-15 yrs and Shaurya is close to 6 yrs now. The medicine is still not started and the treatment is Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT).. Some foreign companies are selling the medicine at very high cost i.e Rs. 2 Crore approx, which is unaffordable for us in our life time. If the drug is not given to my child on time it will be very difficult to save his life. I need the help from Government to provide this treatment but there is no such policy neither in State of Jharkhand nor with the Union of India and it will take many years to implement the rare disease policy. We have also filed a Writ Petition in Jharkhand High Court (WPC 689/2017) under Right to Life/ Right to health (Article 21) and it is also pending with the Jharkhand High Court. Now We are looking for a crowd funding option to generate fund to start urgent treatment to save my son Shaurya, so that my child can survive.    Please donate here :- Name- Shaurya SinghBank Name - IDBI BankA/C No.- 1523104000039057IFSC Code- IBKL0001523Place – RanchiState - Jharkhand Watch & Share Shaurya on Facebook  :- Kindly sign and share this message with everyone to reach this voice to our Hon’able Prime Minister to save Shaurya.

Richa Singh
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Petition to Anyone who desires Clean and healthy India

Let's Change 60 crore Indians to Shun Open Defecation and use Toilets to make India Clean

Nearly, 60 crore Indians are defecating in open and excrete  65,000 tonnes of human faeces (Night Soil)  into the environment each day, thereby making India number one open defecation country in the world.  One GRAM of human faeces contains: • 10,000,000 viruses • 1,000,000 bacteria • 1,000 parasite cysts,   So one GRAM human faeces is sufficient to make entire city sick Open defecation is seriously affecting the health of one billion Indians; no one is immune and suffers in one form or the other. As per Study conducted by World Bank, under water and sanitation program with assistance from Australian Govt. Aid, UK Aid, Indians pay Rs. 244000 crore, ( Rs. 2.44 Trillions or US$ 53.8 billion) per year as price due to inadequate and poor sanitation. This was the equivalent of 6.4 percent of India’s GDP in 2006.This means a per person annual impact of Rs. 2,180 (US$48) Open defecation poses a serious threat to the health of children in India. Every year, diarrhea kills 188,000 children under five in India. Children weakened by frequent diarrhea episodes are more vulnerable to malnutrition, stunting, pneumonia and other infections. As per studies conducted by international organisations and leading Universities, poor sanitation is affecting physical and mental growth of children.  Women are worst sufferers of Open defecation as it exposes them to the danger of physical attacks and harassment as they've to go to fields in early morning or late evening for defecation. Further, women can not go outside in day time, if need arises they've to hold  their bladders and bowels, this makes them vulnerable to many diseases. "Lack of toilets puts India's health and rural women's safety at risk", as reported by The Guardian. The BBC reported, "India's sanitation crisis kills women" and it published the story of the gruesome rape and hanging of two teenage girls in the populous Uttar Pradesh state again proves how women have become the biggest victims of India's sanitation crisis. The two innocent girls were gone outside for defecating, use of toilets could have saved their life. Poor sanitation also cripples national development: workers produce less, live shorter lives, save and invest less, and are less able to send their children to school. Let's join hands, create awareness about open defecation and motivate Indians to build and use toilets, so as to restore Nation's pride, our women's honor, our children's health and robust economy. Let's pledge that we will not indulge in open defecation nor will let any Indian to defecate in open by educating and motivating him/her. The Economic Impacts of of Inadequate Sanitation in India- World Bank Why India's sanitation crisis kills women- BBC Lack of toilets puts India's health and rural women's safety at risk- The Guardian  

J S Chahal, Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Punjab
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Petition to MR. J.P.NADDA, Maneka Gandhi

Recognise STAMMERING as disorder/diversity,Take steps to STOP MAKING FUN OF STAMMERERS .

"P..PL..PLEASE STOP MAKING FUN OF US...AND DON'T THINK OF US AS DUMBS! WE JUST NEED MORE TIME TO FINISH AT TIMES "....says a first year college student recalling the bad incidents of his life. This repetition/ prolongation or inability to get words out is called "STAMMERING/STUTTERING". It is a tense struggle to get words as they get stuck sometimes. This struggle causes freeezing or distortion on their faces and the NORMAL PERSON assumes the stammerer to be "dumb" or "unintelligent" or a "funny person' The NORMAL PERSON either stares in disgust or makes fun of them making THE PERSON WHO STAMMERS (PWS) humiliated. However, this is so untrue!!! PWS are NORMAL, INTELLIGENT PEOPLE who know what they have to speak but sometimes get stuck leading to struggle. Every moment of a day for a PWS is a struggle to get right words out. There are numerous incidents happening like :- - A child is bullied in school by friends or humiliated by some insensitive teachers - A teenager who is unable to speak his name clearly is treated as dumb - Humiliation at interviews / office place - A girl who stammers is labelled as shy and many such more incidents.  In movies when the actor stammers the audience breaks into laughter without realising even once the pain experienced by a PWS. Film  and Television Industry has always entertained audience by making fun of PWS. Not even once has this issue been highlighted as a NEUROLOGICAL AS WELL AS PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEM. "CAN ANYONE MAKE FUN OF A PERSON WITH ANY OTHER DISABILITY???!!!" As the great star HRITHIK ROSHAN has rightly said " My stammering wasn't the problem, the stigma was!" and " Not having enough information or education was the problem, not the stutter itself. Awareness is what we need." But unfortunately, nothing has been done to create awareness or sensitise people.The media too has hardly taken any initiative. MORE THAN 10 MILLION PEOPLE IN INDIA STAMMER!! But no steps taken to create awareness like other developed countries.!!  Also, the speech therapy centres are highly expensive and the underpriviliged ones cannot afford it and continue to live a life of humiliation, guilt and shame.  An earnest request to our ministers ;- 1. Recognise stammer as a disorder/diversity and take steps to stop making  fun of stammerers 2. Take maximum steps using the media effectively to create awareness from school level and sensitize people 3.Open free/cheap speech therapy & counselling centres at government hospitals to aid the underpriviliged. "PLEASE SIGN THIS SO THAT THE STAMMERER LEADS A LIFE OF DIGNITY....... AFTER ALL IT IS THEIR RIGHT!!!" SINCERE THANKS BHAVNA      

bhavna panchamia
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