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Petition to TEQ committee, Nodal Officer, Monitoring cell, Legal cell, Rajnish , Admin MCI

How can a non-MBBS teach MBBS students!

In medical colleges, high school students enter and they become Doctors. They are taught by Doctors, unfortunately, but not always. Medical Council of India (statuary body that maintains the standard of education)  have given permission to colleges that they can Appoint maximum 30% Non-Medical teachers like MSc and PhD in concerning pre & Para-clinical Departments and upto 50% in Bio-chemistry who teach students of 1st year and 2nd-year MBBS. However, they don't have clinical knowledge but they can support medical teacher. Unfortunately, we had very fewer doctors who are willing to teach in colleges in past because they had to do clinical practice.  So due to this reason, MCI had to take this decision. But now in India more than enough specialist doctors are available but still they are screened with Non-medical teachers and on the basis of that single exam/ interview merit list they are posted in colleges. For example, RPSC says in advertisement that "नियमानुसार मेडिको/नॉन मेडिको का अनुपात 70:30 है।" it is misinterpreted Regulation) Sometimes they may be more sound in theory of syllabus but this does not make them more qualified. Sometimes we see a final year student who passed the exam for the post where that qualification needed but he is not marked as eligible because he does not have qualifying degree. so the first criteria is the qualification degree. a non-medical person always has less qualifying degree. they were given chance just because of lack of doctors in past.  but now somewhere they are more than 30% by promotion or due to Medical Teacher left the job.  but still, new non-medical teachers are taken so they are becoming more than 30%.  Even to become a 1st grade school teacher in senior secondary education department there is additional BEis needed  but to become a assistant professor in medical college just MSc is enough.   At the time of Interview it is compulsary that MD/MS degree must be recognized by MCI, but for MSc Ph.D. recognisation by MCI is not required/applicable. Even a permitted but not recognised MD/MS does not get relaxation but a non medico is relaxed in term of recognisation.  why????? now please think..  perfection of  future doctor taught by non medical teacher, who can just teach them theory  but could not teach them application of theory in Field.. there are parts in non clinical subjects which must be correlate with clinical subjects like medicine and surgery. For example in 1st year subject there is a practical in syllabus known as "clinical physiology". in this stethoscope is used and they can not explain that what they would listen in a patient.   as well as MCI itself compare 2 these qualification medical and non medical in medical subject which is elaborated at end of this petition. standard of medical education is falling. persons who can not crack medical entrance test to become doctor are now teaching medical students.this is just like 10th class student is taught by grduate. yes he can teach but not as perfectly as a post graduate teacher . And why , if post graduate teacher is available!!  so we are writing to govt of rajasthan, and  MCI  and we want your support. if you want that our society/country must get well studied competent doctors please support us by signing this petition. here is comparison of permitted qualifying degrees of medical and non-medical persons. it is illustrated by MCI in Para 18 of counter affidavit of MCI which is taken as consideration in judgment of D.B. Special Appeal (writ) No. 1878/2014 in THE HIGH COURT OF JUDICIATURE FOR RAJASTHAN AT JAIPUR BENCH, JAIPUR (official judgment file can be downloaded from website of Rajasthan high court 1.      Qualification comparison for the post of tutor/ demonstrator/resident/ registrar Medical personMBBS : 4yr 6 months structured course in medical college, Recognized by Medical council of india (MCI) (course standard controlled by MCI).Course curriculum, syllabus, examination pattern training requirements etc are approved by the medical council of India (MCI),  1 year internship/ practical training -  in patient care applicatory studies and hospital management, Clinical / practical exposure to applied anatomy, applied physiology, clinical physiology,  applied biochemistry(these are the part of syllabus of UG students):Trained in clinical diagnostic techniques practically in relation to patients    Non medical personM.Sc : 2 or 3 yrs structured course in medical or non medical college, Not recognized by MCI (course standard not controlled by any statuary body). Course curriculum, syllabus, examination pattern training requirements etc are not approved by the medical council of India (MCI), NO  internship/ practical training , No any exposure and training in clinical diagnostic technique 2.      Qualification comparison for the post of assistant professor :MBBS with MD/MS  :  3 years structured course with theory paper, written and practical exams recognized by MCI Additional to MBBS  as described above, MD/MS included research work (thesis) M.Sc  : This is the same qualification which is required for the post of tutor / demonstrator/resident/ registrar, research work may or may not be included (please note : till last year here PhD were also required but it is deleted)3.      Qualification comparison for the post of associate professor :MBBS with MD/MS  :  This is same qualification which is required for the post of assistant professor, Theory  paper, written, practical exam and research work (thesis) M.Sc with PhD  :  M.Sc is the same qualification which is required for the post of tutor / demonstrator/resident/ registrar, Ph.D  2 to 4 yr durtation non structured course, Only research work on a single topic No theory, no practical and no written exam 4.       other differences  Medical Teacher :  Mandatory registration required under theprovisions of Indian Medical Council Act,1956.Amenable to disciplinary action by Medical Council of India under the Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct,Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002.They are accountable for their conduct,etiquette and code of ethics for medical professionals Non-Medical Teacher: No such registration required.Not covered under the provisions of these Regulations.No such accountability. Demand : Remove 30% relaxation given to medical colleges/insitutions to appoint non-medical teachers. 

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Petition to MR. J.P.NADDA, Maneka Gandhi, Chief minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis

Recognise STAMMERING as disorder/diversity,Take steps to STOP MAKING FUN OF STAMMERERS .

"P..PL..PLEASE STOP MAKING FUN OF US...AND DON'T THINK OF US AS DUMBS! WE JUST NEED MORE TIME TO FINISH AT TIMES "....says a first year college student recalling the bad incidents of his life. This repetition/ prolongation or inability to get words out is called "STAMMERING/STUTTERING". It is a tense struggle to get words as they get stuck sometimes. This struggle causes freeezing or distortion on their faces and the NORMAL PERSON assumes the stammerer to be "dumb" or "unintelligent" or a "funny person' The NORMAL PERSON either stares in disgust or makes fun of them making THE PERSON WHO STAMMERS (PWS) humiliated. However, this is so untrue!!! PWS are NORMAL, INTELLIGENT PEOPLE who know what they have to speak but sometimes get stuck leading to struggle. Every moment of a day for a PWS is a struggle to get right words out. There are numerous incidents happening like :- - A child is bullied in school by friends or humiliated by some insensitive teachers - A teenager who is unable to speak his name clearly is treated as dumb - Humiliation at interviews / office place - A girl who stammers is labelled as shy and many such more incidents.  In movies when the actor stammers the audience breaks into laughter without realising even once the pain experienced by a PWS. Film  and Television Industry has always entertained audience by making fun of PWS. Not even once has this issue been highlighted as a NEUROLOGICAL AS WELL AS PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEM. "CAN ANYONE MAKE FUN OF A PERSON WITH ANY OTHER DISABILITY???!!!" As the great star HRITHIK ROSHAN has rightly said " My stammering wasn't the problem, the stigma was!" and " Not having enough information or education was the problem, not the stutter itself. Awareness is what we need." But unfortunately, nothing has been done to create awareness or sensitise people.The media too has hardly taken any initiative. MORE THAN 10 MILLION PEOPLE IN INDIA STAMMER!! But no steps taken to create awareness like other developed countries.!!  Also, the speech therapy centres are highly expensive and the underpriviliged ones cannot afford it and continue to live a life of humiliation, guilt and shame.  An earnest request to our ministers ;- 1. Recognise stammer as a disorder/diversity and take steps to stop making  fun of stammerers 2. Take maximum steps using the media effectively to create awareness from school level and sensitize people 3.Open free/cheap speech therapy & counselling centres at government hospitals to aid the underpriviliged. "PLEASE SIGN THIS SO THAT THE STAMMERER LEADS A LIFE OF DIGNITY....... AFTER ALL IT IS THEIR RIGHT!!!" SINCERE THANKS BHAVNA      

Bhavna Panchamia
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Petition to Sri Gangadaraiah, Dr Suresh


There are many illegal garbage dumps in Bangalore and the latest on the list is the one on Kanakapura main road opposite to Jaraganahalli bus stop. Most of the garbage is strewn on the road. It is a terrible sight and a nuisance to the residents of the area and to the passersby. It reduces the width of the road and makes it hard to travel on the road due to the unbearable stench it emits. One can see hundreds of flies around the garbage which is an evidence of how unhygienic it is. It serves as food for the stray dogs and cows which may choke on the plastics. If left unattended, it can be a cause of many health hazards. This garbage dump not only affects the residents of the area, but also the children who play in the neighbouring playground and the hundreds of people who wait and board the buses in the Jaraganahalli bus stop.This garbage dump becomes more messed up when it rains. It acts as a breeding ground for diseases and mosquitoes. This garbage can be completely eradicated only with the combined efforts of the residents and the BBMP. Though the dump is cleaned every now and then, people repeatedly dump their garbage and by the end of the day, it is littered all over again. This issue can be permanently solved only when the BBMP ensures the daily door to door collection of garbage from all the houses. This will ensure that the people don't  dispose their garbage on the road again. Sign this petition to let the BBMP know how this affects the residents of this locality and demand for an immediate clean up of the dump. Together, we can make Kanakapura road clean again.  

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