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Petition to Panchkula Municipality

Remove garbage Dumping Ground Near Residential Area in Panchkula

Failure of Swatch Bharat Mission in Panchkula Extension Contradicting the principal of ‘Swatch Bharat’ mission, a large garbage dumping ground located in Sector 23 has become a nuisance and an open source of innumerable diseases in its surrounding area. Even though the Panchkula Municipality is advertising the relevance and importance of cleanliness all over the city, it is ironic to see a dumping ground reigning as the ultimate source of unhygienic conditions. We as residents of Sector 25 are directly effected by the never-ending stench produced by the garbage dumping ground. So much so that we have to breath dirty air everyday. The stench is so bad that no residents of sector 25 are unable to open house windows cause of the bad smell and unhygienic air. The dumping ground has been in this area for several years and sadly nothing has been done for its removal. A bunch of metal sheets are built around its boundary. However the dumping ground is built in open air and the metal sheets help in no way, whatsoever to stop the stench and unhygienic air from spreading in residential areas. Like us, the unhygienic conditions have become a nuisance for temples and Gurudwaras located in the near vicinity of the garbage dumping ground. It is a pity that the municipality has taken for granted the sanctity of such holy grounds by building and not removing an unhygienic garbage dumping ground for years!

Panchkula Citizens
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Petition to Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu

Emergency Medical Care Centers in Railway stations, Trains and Bus stands.

Friends, This is to bring to your attention & necessary action about those people who lost their precious life in railway stations and trains because of no medical help. I lost my father on 20th January 2017 in Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station while boarding train to Chennai in Rajdhani Express (one of the most prestigious and fastest train in India), due to lack of medical facility. My father & his friends has already boarded the train and was waiting for departure, when he felt chest congestion, his friends approached the T.T but they informed that only in Agra medical help can be provided (after 2 hours). They got down and approached the Superintendent for wheelchair (given) who also informed that an ambulance will be waiting but was not available. It is highly disappointing that negligence of medical aid in major railway station & train in the capital city for the passengers has not been provided.  It is my kind request to our Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and Railway Minister Shri. Suresh Prabhu to provide an emergency medical care centre in railway stations, trains & Bus stands in India for the well being of our fellow citizens/human beings.  It is a small step from my family to avoid the situation we’re going through for our fellow citizens. Thanks for your Support, Hemalatha S

Hema S
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Petition to Devendra Fadnavis, Maneka Gandhi

My baby was fed formula WITHOUT my consent!

I had developed gestational diabetes in the 7th month of my pregnancy. When my baby was born, he was kept in the NICU for observing his sugar levels. During the time he spent in the NICU, he was fed formula WITHOUT my consent, even though there was a milk bank in the hospital and my baby could have been fed human milk during the early stages of his life. The importance of breast milk, especially in the early days of a baby's life, cannot be emphasised enough and yet the doctors chose formula over human milk. Without our consent. Why? Why did the doctors feel parental consent is not needed? Luckily, my baby was in the NICU only for a day. Had he been there for a longer time, I cannot even imagine how hard it would have been for me to wean him off formula. I know quite a few mothers who’ve had a tough time switching from formula to breast milk. There are enough studies which have proven the benefits of breast milk over formula. Why then are new parents not being educated about the benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk and how vital is it for the baby? Why is no consent required before feeding formula? Don’t the parents get to have a say in this and how it could impact the health of their baby long term? Join me and sign this petition to make it mandatory for doctors to educate new parents about the benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk and ask for their consent if at all, formula needs to be given to their baby. Breast is not just the best, but also the biological norm!

Jincy Varghese
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Petition to Narendra Modi, J P Nadda, Alok Kumar, Amitabh Kant, Maneka Gandhi

Save female lives... provide FREE vaccines for cervical cancer

How lethal is cervical cancer? Cervical cancer is the leading cancer in Indian women and the second most common cancer in women worldwide. Its the second most common cancer in India, after breast cancer. In India, 132,000 new cervical cancer cases and 74,000 deaths occur each year, with Indian women facing a 2.5% cumulative lifetime risk and 1.4% cumulative death risk from cervical cancer. Unlike many other cancers, cervical cancer occurs early and strikes at the productive period of a woman's life. The incidence rises in 30–34 years of age and peaks at 55–65 years, with a median age of 38 years (age 21–67 years) Do we have a preventive effective vaccine? YES Prevention by vaccination is emerging as the most effective option and two vaccines are already available. Two vaccines licensed globally are available in India; (Gardasil marketed by Merck) and (Cervarix marketed by Glaxo Smith Kline). The World Health Organization recommends the vaccine for all girls between 9 and 13 years, because the vaccine is highly immunogenic at this age. The HPV vaccine isn't intended to replace Screening Pap smear tests. Screening is “secondary prevention.” In India, vast majority of women remain unscreened and present with invasive cancer at a very late stage. Although individual screening may involve low cost in short term, a mass screening program may cost substantially. HPV vaccine is considered to be “Primary Prevention,” thereby reducing likelihood of persistent HPV infection to cancer. The economic and social cost of cervical cancer far exceeds that of vaccination. In countries like US and Australia, this vaccine has been mandatory, which shows its importance. For every 280 girls immunised, one case of cervical cancer can be saved ! What's the hurdle? The primary obstacle to HPV vaccination is financial (currently costs whopping ~ Rs 8000-12000 for full course so only who can afford can take it) . Because of the high cost of the present vaccines, affordability and accessibility of these vaccines is a major concern for a mass vaccination program in developing countries like India. Secondary issues relate to lack of awareness about the issue, not many are even aware of the availability of these vaccines. Thirdly, bureaucratic committees studying/analysing about the pros and cons about these vaccines is  delaying the decision to roll out the vaccine as part of the universal immunization plan. As have been proven since 2006, the HPV Vaccine is safe and does not cause side effects as more than 200 million vaccinations have been administered in over 80 countries to date. What can the Government of India do? Rollout a mandatory mass cancer-cervix prevention program through introduction of HPV vaccines to girls age 9-13 and  purchase the vaccine in bulk for substantially lowering the costs. Also Indian manufacturers be encouraged/incentivised to manufacture HPV vaccine locally. Create awareness programs thru public heath centres, social media and schools. Let's join hand to save lives! sources of information: Research Article by K. Kaarthigeyan, Research Article by Sujata Dalvi,

Sudhir P
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