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"Allow 3rd Party services for Medical Equipment to reduce the cost of healthcare in INDIA"

Respected Sir / Madam, CDSCO IMPORT LICENSE FOR MEDICAL DEVICE – NOT ALLOWING REGISTRATION / APPLICATION OF IMPORT LICENSE FOR PREOWNED AND REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. Our association represents companies involved in providing alternative solution and technical service support to hospitals, diagnostic centers and clinics who cannot afford the high cost. Almost 40% of installed MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X Ray… equipment in the country is supported by us. We have been actively rendering support to these customers for over 30 years now. Due to our presence the cost of maintenance is lower in India when compared to the rest of the world. If customers don’t have an alternative option the life cycle cost will increase which would in turn increase the cost of patient care as well. Mam, we not only cater to private sector but also to public hospitals where the original supplier is unable to maintain the system anymore. Over the years, we are being seen as enemies of the nation. Too many unjustified restrictions are being introduced to keep our industry out of market. We are ready to adhere to all justified regulatory practices that are in force similar to major developed nations like USA and others. If our industry is forced to close thousands of people will lose their livelihood, doctors and their team who are depended on us will also lose their livelihood. Young doctors who are providing services in areas deemed non-viable by corporate healthcare providers, will be forced to close. One part of this is patients in this geography might no longer get healthcare support other worrisome part is these young doctors will go bankrupt unable to pay the huge loans taken to buy these scanners. This will discourage future young doctors to venture providing healthcare services in lower geographic locations. The present CDSCO license requirement for import have not included our industry due to which we are unable to import and support our customers. Hence Sir, we request you to stop the implementation of the import license requirement until guidelines to include our industry are formed. Thanking you,For APMEI,(Association of Preowned Medical Equipment suppliers of India) S ViswanathanSecretary

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