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Petition to Google Inc., Apple - Tim Cook, Google - Sundar Pichai, Amazon - Jeff Bezos

Stop Cosmetic Surgery Apps Aimed At Kids #SurgeryIsNotAGame

This is one of eight linked petitions by Endangered Bodies across New York, London, Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand directed at Apple, Google and Amazon. Hello, my name is Angela Barnett and I am the representative for Endangered Bodies New Zealand. Giving young children access to cosmetic surgery games is not teaching them to celebrate their originality. Games that make dark skin whiter, chisel larger noses, plump up lips, shave off curves, and turn eyes round and Disney-like creates judgment, fear of being different, and fear of not looking like a fictitious ideal. As a mother of an eight and nine-year-old, I don’t want my children growing up looking for flaws or thinking their appearance is some kind of DIY project that needs fixing. With scalpels. When children and teens view 'flawless' images of women and men they question their own looks, are more likely to diet, suffer from depression, and shame. This makes me sad. I have conducted lots of interviews with women who grew up hating their bodies and almost every story begins with a young girl who didn’t think her face or body was right. We don't need games or apps that add to this problem. We need games that teach girls and boys how to own their own uniqueness, how to stick up for themselves, slay dragons and be confident in their own skin. Our faces and bodies are our most reliable homes. Shame is not a game. And nor is cosmetic surgery. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The above images are examples of the many plastic surgery apps available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. These cosmetic surgery apps, which often feature animated characters, are being marketed to kids as young as nine, a target group that is already influenced by our body-toxic culture. Our societies are saturated with images of perfect and unattainable bodies, with over 21 million cosmetic procedures being performed throughout the world in 2015 according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The dissatisfaction many adults face with their bodies has trickled down to our children. Statistics from The National Eating Disorder Association in the U.S. show 81% of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat. In the UK, the 2016 Girlguiding Girls’ Attitudes Survey found more than a third of girls aged seven to ten felt women were valued more for their appearance than their abilities. Globally, children deserve to be challenged and inspired by their toys, not to spend their free time worrying about how they look. On January 14, 2014, Endangered Bodies supported the UK-based Twitter account Everyday Sexism in its call to remove plastic surgery apps aimed at children featured on iTunes and the Google Play store. Within 24 hours, both platforms removed the flagged apps. Although neither platform released an official statement, their choice to remove these “games” indicates that they recognize the potential harm they can cause. Deceptively designed as children’s games, the apps encourage users to slice virtual patients apart using scalpels, syringes, and other tools used in surgical settings. By making cosmetic surgery apps available for download, Apple, Google and Amazon are allowing companies to stoke and profit from the insecurities of children. We at Endangered Bodies challenge the toxic culture that promotes negative body image. Cosmetic surgery apps, which promote body dissatisfaction and shame, are not games that should be marketed to vulnerable young people. Although in some cases (where games have age-based ratings) it is possible for parents to limit access to these games through parental controls, we believe that further action is needed. Apple, Google and Amazon need to scrutinise the apps that already feature an age rating to ensure the content isn’t in fact directed at younger children, using the age limit as a way to still offer their app for download. In other words, we don’t want these platforms to use the age rating system as justification to continue to offer these apps, which are clearly designed for children. Please sign this petition to ask Apple, Google and Amazon to implement a policy which is clear to every developer, that they will not accept any such apps that are targeted at children and make a commitment to protect the mental health of their young users.    

Endangered Bodies New Zealand
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Petition to Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt

Allow Health Funds To Enforce Naturopathy Safety Standards

Patient safety will be at risk from fake naturopaths when private health companies are prevented from offering rebates for natural therapies next year. From 1st April 2019 naturopathy and herbalism join a list of therapies that health funds will be banned from covering, as part of the Commonwealth government’s private health insurance reforms. Currently, private health companies only issue provider numbers to practitioners who are registered with a professional association - ensuring they are highly qualified, have first aid skills, professional development and insurance. For example, members of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) practitioners are highly trained, including with a Bachelor degree, and adhere to a strict code of conduct. However, anyone on the street can call themselves a “naturopath” because there is no government licence or registration process. Without the health funds enforcing safety standards, fake naturopaths will be on a level playing field with trained professionals. There have already been high-profile cases of so-called naturopaths causing harm - these have been unqualified people masquerading as naturopaths, not trained naturopaths. The changes to private health funds could see even more instances of vulnerable people being given dangerous treatments by unqualified practitioners. But there’s still time to stop these unintended consequences becoming a reality. Join me in calling on Health Minister Greg Hunt to remove naturopathy and herbalism from the banned list. Sign the petition and share amongst your friends and family. Let’s ensure health funds continue to enforce safety standards in the industry, so that dodgy practitioners don’t get a foothold in our community. N.B. Sharing doesn't cost anything, however will offer supporters the opportunity to "Promote this cause", by opting for an advertising fee which will allows active campaigners to send this message to supporters beyond your network and build momentum for this campaign, however you are under no obligation to take this action! Please see the full FAQ on paid promotions here.  

David Casteleijn
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Petition to Ken Wyatt, Malcolm Turnbull

Mandate aged care staff/resident ratios. Stop the neglect

This is my darling mum, Phyllis, she had dementia and died in March 2012. Her aged care facility did not care about her.   Food is a very important part of care, and often the only thing residents have to look forward to, for many it's the focus of their day. The facility served food that she and others found unpalatable and inedible, cheap junk food, hot food often served cold AND badly cooked to boot!  At times she’d go without anything from midday till 8am the next day - that’s 20 hours without food. And she would have starved if I hadn’t intervened, Mum feared complaining because she’d be told off like a child and once was slapped by a staff member.  When I complained, the aged care facility threatened me with an intervention order and ten years jail for stalking. And when I spoke out about THAT, people got in touch sharing horror stories of neglect and abuse and thankedme for speaking out – the common thread was shortage of staff and inadequate basic care leading to neglect. Many of the elderly and their families won’t complain for fear of retribution. This is when I realised the lack of staff ratios was a huge problem. With no mandated staff / resident ratios in aged care facilities across Australia, our elders are at risk of abuse and neglect. What I see is a system that needs changing. Over-worked staff are stressed and undervalued. In many aged care homes, one staff member can care for 20 or more residents with residents waiting for long periods to receive the care they urgently need by overstretched carers and nurses who feel that they can never get the job done. Ken Wyatt, if you really care about elderly Australians mandate staff/resident ratios for all aged care facilities across Australia, to protect our elders, to keep them safe,respected and valued.

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