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Petition to Jenny Mikakos

Insecticide Spraying Across Victoria – Extend Community Consultation Submission Date

On the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, we have a problem with the possibility of a mass spraying of peoples' homes over an area of 25 square kilometres in an "experiment" to see whether Buruli Ulcer is being spread by mosquitoes. No link has been proven between mosquitoes and the spread of the disease, so culling mosquitoes, as "experimental" logic would have it, is vital to proving this link. But why embark on a mass spraying program? And why choose to spray with Bifenthrin, an insecticide which was banned in Sweden as a carcinogen as far back as 1992 and is today classified in Australia (according to its Data Sheet) as a 1B for carcinogenicity, meaning that it is presumed to have carcinogenic potential for humans, largely based on animal evidence. For the moment the excitement has died down, with the community having voiced fairly strong disapproval of the spraying, particularly in light of the revelation that a reduction in the number of mosquitoes can be achieved using other much safer methods. The Mornington Peninsula Shire is requesting expert advice on the various issues involved and plans to consult more thoroughly with the community. The Shire also talks of offering an ‘Opt-in’ program for those residents who want their properties sprayed. The Federal Minster for Health, Greg Hunt, deemed this a 'very positive change' worth considering when he spoke at the public meeting held in Rye on August 10, 2019. Unfortunately, the Victorian State Government might have other ideas…                                                                                                                    * Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations Review On August 20, 2019, the Andrews Government released on it’s ‘Engage Victoria’ website a Community Consultation regarding proposed legislative changes to the Public Health & Wellbeing Act INCLUDING proposed changes regarding the control of vector-borne diseases, mosquitoes in particular.  The Government wants to change legislation so they have the power to spray insecticide without community consent under a hypothesis that mosquitoes need to be controlled as a vector for disease. The current legislation only allows for the control of Mosquito’s at the larval stage. The proposed legislation seeks to control Mosquito’s at all stages, which can only mean that larvicide, residual sprays and fogging will become legislation under the Health and Wellbeing Act. Link 1: The full consultation can be found here -  Link 2: The regulatory impact statement for vector-borne disease control can be found here -  This impact statement is somewhat deceptive. On page 19 we are offered 3 options:        • Option 1: Retain the current regulations without changes       • Option 2: Amend some aspects of the current regulations       • Option 3: Remove or reduce the requirements of the current regulations  Option 2 is what the government is hoping we will support, without qualification...however, it is quite misleading in that there is no mention of insecticide spraying in the ensuing discussion of what the three options actually call for when it comes to mosquito control. The only mention of insecticide spraying is to be found on page 18, discretely tucked in at the end of a short section entitled 'Hazard':  The current regulations limit the potential to control the hazard and do not address alternative control practices such as adult mosquito spraying or residual insecticide application. Submissions can be made until September 30 by clicking on Link 1 above.                                                           * A 6-week time limit for an entire state to discuss such a vital change to our legislation (i.e. the spraying of highly toxic chemicals around our homes without an opt-in mechanism for residents to decide for themselves) is absurd.  We are already doing untold damage across our state, indeed the entire country, through the spraying of environmentally destructive herbicides, pesticides and insecticides.( Giving a bureaucracy the unimpeded right to do so with scant regard for ecosystems, communities and citizen input is foolhardy in the extreme. Earlier this year, on March 19, the current government sprayed three streets in Rye as part of the Buruli experiment (Dawn, French & Goyarra Streets) with neither an opt-in or opt-out measure offered to residents living on these streets, resulting in great distress for the residents and the loss of 3 hives to a local beekeeper. ( And indeed, so much more tellingly, the hellish trauma that Barwon Heads is still living through, where a decades-long fog of toxic insecticide has given way to a fog of grief and despair, says all we need to know. We need to be working WITH our environment and thinking creatively.  There are healthier and kinder ways of interfering with mosquito populations like removing stagnant water and building micro bat nesting boxes. Council vigilance in terms of checking houses for places where mosquitos breed is another way to curb the incidence of disease.  Townsville got rid of Dengue Fever outbreaks completely by releasing 4 million mosquitoes carrying the Wolbachia bacteria:   We need 'alternative control practices' that do not destroy fragile ecosystems, wipe out innumerable insect species and small creatures, and give birds, animals and humans cancer and other horrific diseases. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION URGING JENNY MIKAKOS, THE VICTORIAN MINISTER FOR HEALTH, TO EXTEND THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS TO GIVE ALL VICTORIANS ADEQUATE TIME TO LOOK INTO THE ISSUES AND CONTRIBUTE.

Dav Howard
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Petition to Director of NSW Creative Kids Program

Cooking Workshops need to be recognised as a Creative Kids Program by the NSW Government.

Cooking is not only a wonderful way for children to explore and learn about different cultures but also a beautiful way for them to express themselves. The art of cooking is an extremely important life skill for children to learn and carry with them throughout their life. Learning how to cook will certainly help boost the confidence in these children and ultimately enables them to realise what they are capable of achieving. My focus is on teaching children how to cook and try healthy wholesome foods. My personal mission is to empower children to explore, learn and believe in themselves. I want to be part of the Premier’s Priority vision established in 2015, with the goal of reducing the rate of overweight and obesity in children by five percent over 10 years. Let's #makehealthynormal starting with our own community. We feel that the NSW Government has made a brilliant effort in addressing a number of important health issues. These include the Nutrition in Schools Policy and assisting families by introducing the Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers. Cooking needs to be part of the Creative Kids Program. I believe cooking is vital to a child’s development as it nurtures their creativity and helps their visualisation skills  through producing edible art. The skills and knowledge that they will inherit from cooking will contribute positively to the overall wellbeing of these children for years to come. I would love for everyone to join my mission and make this initiative happen.   Yours sincerely, Trinh Mai

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Petition to Greg Hunt, Catherine King, Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten

Aimovig on the PBS and more support for migraine

TL:DR - We're asking both sides of politics to show some #migrainelove and commit to funding for migraine research and awareness, and to putting new medicines that prevent migraines on the PBS (the first one is called Aimovig). And we're asking for those commitments before the Australian Federal election on May 18, so those who want to vote on this issue know who to vote for. Please sign and share! ---------------------------------------- Migraine affects an estimated 5 million Australians. That's double the number of people living with asthma, 5 times as many people with diabetes, 10 times as many people living with cancer or dementia. It costs the economy an estimated $35 billion a year.  Migraine is an ignored, underfunded and misunderstood condition. It is not 'just a headache'. It is a debilitating and disabling condition which disproportionately affects working age women. We don't begrudge other unwell people the support they get, but yet another budget and (by the looks) another election campaign where we don't even rate a mention is not ok. Migraine is the least-respected, most-neglected and worst-managed medical disorder worldwide, and we're tired of being ignored.  Far too many migraine sufferers in Australia are permanently disabled. Especially those with chronic migraine (more than 15 headache days per month), migraine with aura (seeing lights or blind spots, other sensory disturbances or speech issues), hemiplegic migraine (which causes weakness and numbness down one side), and brainstem migraine (which can involve everything from loss of balance, hearing and speech issues, to loss of consciousness).  We can't drive, work, take care of our kids, or have anything that resembles a normal life. Reliant on a disability pension or family support, we are dumped on the garbage heap of the nation and forgotten.  A new class of medications based on science around the role of calcitonin gene-related peptides (CGRP) has given us the very first ray of hope in getting our lives back. The first of four drugs in the new generation of migraine preventative treatments, Aimovig, is being trialed by many chronic and severe migraine sufferers with truly amazing results. We can drive again. We can work again. We can take care of our kids again.  But the cost is $800 per injection. We need Aimovig to be on the PBS now so we can get off our disability pensions, stop being a constant drain on the health system, and get our lives back.  Far too many have trialed Aimovig for the 3 months that Novartis has offered it for free, had fantastic results, and then slid back into the darkness of relentless migraines because they can't afford the $800 per injection. We need this medicine. Now. We also need funding for migraine research and awareness. We don't understand so much about our condition, because the research simply isn't done. There has not even been a decent study on how many Australians are affected by migraine or how much money it rips from the economy: statistics are based on overseas studies. And a campaign to raise awareness of the condition is desperately needed, so that everyone can understand how serious it can be (particularly the increased risk of stroke), that common treatments like codeine can make it worse, and that there are migraine specific treatments available, including Triptans and the new generation CGRP preventative treatments.  To whomever the Prime Minister and Health Minister is after the election, we need: - Aimovig on the PBS urgently- Priority listing to the other CGRP treatments such as Emgality and Ajovy as they become available- Funding for research and awareness of migraine And we'd like you to commit to these three things as part of your election campaign so we know who to vote for. #NoAimovigNoVote — If you suffer from severe or chronic migraines we recommend the following Facebook groups: Australia - Aimovig migraine treatment group Chronic migraine awareness Australia and NZ group Australia Hemiplegic and Chronic Migraine Support Group  

Raphaella Kathryn Crosby
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