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Petition to Jeremy Hunt, Steve Barclay, Lord Prior, Nicola Blackwood MP, Nadine Dorries, Jeremy Corbyn MP

The NMC and it's subtle destruction of the nursing profession

Nursing must have a regulator. However the current system is disproportionately disadvantaging the nurses and midwives who are going through it.Many cases are being brought to NMC by employers who do not follow due process prior to the referral and use the referral system to the NMC as a way of managing "difficult" employees. The current systems leaves it wide open to abuse by vexatious managers or colleagues with a grudge. This needs to stop.The NMC hearings are dealt with under civil law and allegations are proven through the balance of probabilities - this means in the absence of any evidence to prove innocence registrants are found guilty. The pseudo-court-like setting proceedings are conducted is frightening to the registrant and weighted in favour of the NMC and their case presenters and witnesses. There is little help for the registrant. Even whilst the cases are being "assessed" orders can be put in place such as Conditions of Practice or Suspensions in the nature of giving immediate protection to the public. However this is before any evidence is tried and the sanctions can have catastrophic impact on the registrant, such as not being able to secure work. At the end of the investigation there may be "no case to answer: but the registrant has already suffered psychologically, financially and professionally. There is no recourse for the registrant. Nurses can appeal their judgement to the High Court within 28 days. This can be a costly process, unions rarely support it and consequently few appeals take place.  The NMC decisions affects nurses who have previously had no issues raised and unblemished careers, many for a number of decades. The profession is struggling to retain experienced nurses and midwives. Recent figures show up to 45% increase in nurses leaving the profession than joining it. The current Ftp process has resulted in nearly 10,000 registrants being removed from the register since 2008 and currently a registrant has a 1 in 20 chance of being struck off. We are carers - we need to be cared for. Instead many feel abandoned by a professional regulator who proclaims that its aim is to protect the public - we are indeed the public too and are not protected.  The current system creates fear and a lack of transparency as nurses are in fear of their regulator. A process of luck and decent employer determines whether you are called in-front of the NMC.  We need 100,000 signatures for this to be raised in Parliament PLEASE sign and share and share and let's get it changed for the better as ultimately the only people who will suffer are our patients.

NMC Nurses and Midwives condemmed
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Petition to The National Autistic Society

Children euthanized by Nazi's for being autistic: let's rename Asperger's Syndrome

I am a year 11 student with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) who wants to make a moral correction. In light of the new information that has been released about Hans Asperger (of whom Asperger's Syndrome is named after) I want the NAS (National Autistic Society) to rename Asperger's Syndrome to ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). Hans Asperger was an Austrian Pediatrician who actively worked with the Nazi Eugenics Programme and studied autistic psychopathy. He then later diagnosed high-functioning autistic children with Asperger's Syndrome and sent them off to Am Spiegelgrund Clinic to be euthanized.  The Nazi ideology was to have a genetically 'pure' society and children who were in any means considered disabled were a burden to their family. Hence these children were deemed unworthy of life. Almost 800 children were sent to Am Spiegelgrund and were killed via the lethal injection, or were so malnourished that they died of starvation. Autism in the present is presented in such a positive light. Some of us know someone on the autistic spectrum and consider them a joy to know. There's a few that could tell us a million things about their favourite subject off the back of their hand, while others need help constantly to perform basic tasks. Then there's characters representing us in the film industry like Drax out of Guardians of the Galaxy, who doesn't understand metaphors. We believe that we are worthy of life. We don't want the name "Asperger" to be associated with us. Hans Asperger abused his power as a pediatrician to send children not so different to us off to die. All that name does is carry a death sentence that is over 70 years old. ASD I believe is a better term and is already used across Europe, Australia and Canada to diagnose autism. If we can get this moral correction done, it will be justice for those hundreds of children who were treated inhumanely. It will show the world that we are proud to be who we are and that we are worthy of life. Here are a few news articles related to this topic:    

Belle Westley
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Petition to Ian Hudson, Jeremy Hunt, Dr. Sarah Wollaston

Please make our life saving injectable vitamin B12 (hydroxocobalamin) available over the counter.

  Your signature on this petition will help us fight for our right to health. UK sufferers of B12 deficiency and PA are routinely resticted or denied access to the life saving 55p vitamin B12 injections they desperately need. Making our life saving, harmless, B12 injections available OTC will transform lives!  I created to help patients find key information on the condition. The majority of UK patients suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency and auto immune pernicious anaemia (PA), are restricted to a ‘maintenance dose’ of just four B12 (hydroxocobalamin) injections per year. This is tragically under treating a serious and very common deficiency - and this is only if patients are fortunate enough to achieve a diagnosis.  This regime is based on saving cash and not care for patients - there is no clinical evidence for this frequency.  B12 deficiency affects both sexes and all ages, but the general misconception is that it only affects women over 60. Many of us inherit this condition and in turn, so do our children.   Hundreds of thousands of UK citizens are B12 deficient, there are many symptoms, many causes and it is commonly misdiagnosed. Vitamin B12 has no known toxicity, in fact it is used in huge quantities as a treatment for cyanide poisoning. You cannot overdose on B12 injections.   This deficiency can occur for many reasons, these include - inborn errors, parasites, and the use of many common drugs including, metformin and Omeprazole.   B12 deficiency affects all body systems, from our brains to the tips of our toes. The protective coating for our nerves is stripped away and our brains start to shrink from a lack and a restriction of a 55 pence B12 injection. Many patients are misdiagnosed with conditions such as Alzheimer's, dementia, Bipolar, Multiple sclerosis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, ADHD, fibromyalgia to name a few. Countless sufferers remain undiagnosed due to flawed diagnostic tests, a lack of screening and health professionals lack of knowledge of the condition.    Removing the classification of POM (Prescription Only Medicine) from our injectable B12 would have a profoundly positive affect on sufferers, their families and society as a whole.  Many countries all over the world including EU nations - France, Germany and Spain allow their citizens to buy this essential vitamin over the counter. Please give us the chance for optimum healing by allowing us unrestricted access to the amount of B12 our individual bodies need. We are all at different levels of damage and numerous symptoms are reversible with the right level of treatment if diagnosis is early enough. Each patient is only too aware of when they need another injection but these pleas for help fall on deaf ears. Desperate patients turn to online pharmacies to buy this essential vitamin due to a complete inability to access treatment from their doctors. Many doctors routinely fail to understand the reality of this debilitating condition. UK pharmacists train to give injections, perhaps they can help to teach us or administer? These injections are vital to people who cannot absorb this life saving vitamin from food. Vitamin B12 is food and we cannot live on just four meals per year. It is worth noting here that B12 deficient dogs are given weekly injections.   The RDA for a non deficient patient is 2.5 mcg each day but those of us who cannot absorb B12 are expected to survive for 90 days at a time without it. This is a water soluble vitamin which our bodies cannot retain. It requires frequent replacement. Non deficient patients can freely access additional B12 whenever they need it from their body’s supply of stored B12. B12 deficient patients bodies, do not work in this way.  B12 oral tablets will not repair our neurological damage, but frequent injections will. We are at the mercy of health professionals who are not educated adequately about B12 deficiency leaving many sufferers undiagnosed or indeed misdiagnosed. These same health professionals then follow outdated, restrictive, treatment guidelines which assume each sufferer is the same.    B12 deficient patients are commonly labelled as lazy, depressed, hypochondriacs and yet we are routinely denied the vitamin we desperately need to live. A recently published patient survey from the Pernicious anaemia Society, records that nearly two thirds of the 889 respondents were dissatisfied with current treatment and that 14% of patients waited more than ten years for a correct diagnosis.   There are many doctors attempting to treat our symptoms with antidepressants, but our B12 deficiency induced depression can dissapear completely with frequent regular administration of this non toxic, nerve repairing vitamin.    Some of our doctors who do understand B12 deficiency and pernicious anaemia are reprimanded for prescribing B12 injections for desperately ill symptomatic patients who are ‘within range’ on flawed B12 serum tests.   This under treatment renders those of us with this condition - amongst other things - seriously mentally impaired, experiencing debilitating pain, bed ridden, chronically fatigued, at high risk of stroke or heart attack, and unable to walk or to stay awake.    Existing but not ‘living’ makes our lives a misery and our human rights are not being fulfilled.   Ian Hudson CEO of MRHA you have an opportunity to rectify this.   Our right to health is a fundamental part of our human rights but sadly the vast majority of B12 deficient patients are excluded. Some patients have successfully fought for the right to receive more frequent injections however most of us are denied this luxury. Most don't succeed in educating their doctors and many don't have the energy to fight, so continue to deteriorate steadily.   'The right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health,’ is stated in the 1946 Constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO). The NHS Constitution 26th March 2013 states that the NHS 'has a duty to each and every individual that it serves and must respect their human rights.'   I inherited B12 deficiency, I cannot absorb B12 from food and I will require injections for life and yet I am not allowed a repeat prescription for this vitamin. I was diagnosed in 2012 and I am passionate about raising awareness. I know people who have been sectioned due to this condition, who have been misdiagnosed with Parkinson's & Alzheimer’s and who have tried to take their own lives due to lack of adequate treatment.    Please sign and share this petition. You will know someone affected by B12 deficiency.   All B12 deficient patients want is to be able to be in charge of their own healing. To be allowed the same rights as a diabetic, to be able to buy OTC and self inject this life saving vitamin, as and when they need.  Thank you. Tracey Witty   Patient survey;article=BJN_23_7_376_381   False normal B12 results and the risk of neurological damage  UK NEQAS B12 Alert Professor David Smith and his team have previously shown that high levels of homocysteine and low levels of vitamin B12 were both related to a faster shrinkage of the whole brain (global atrophy). Nice Guidelines deficiency#!scenariorecommendation:4   Vitamin B12 safety - High dose Vitamin B12 shown to be safe for more than 50 years    

Tracey Witty
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Petition to The Rt Hon John Hayes, Henry Smith, Lord Callahan, Huw Merriman, The Countess of Mar

Stop contaminated cabin air in aircraft!

  Every day, many millions of people board an aircraft, which has become a normal way of transportation in every day life. But what they do not know is that this flight could land them in a hospital or with debilitating illness because of exposure to toxic cabin air! It often begins with flu like symptoms: limb pain, dizziness, fatigue and nausea. Long-term damage to the nerves, the lungs, the cardiovascular system or cognitive impairment may follow. How do I know this? Because I am one of a growing number of people that has been affected.  I had to end my flying career in 2016 following 2 onboard fume events within 1 year (2014/15) and the cumulative effects of 20+ years flying. My health had deteriorated badly and tests showed that chemicals used in aircraft engine oil were present in my body. My GP advised me to stop flying. You as a passenger, but also pilots and flight attendants are at great risk to be exposed to neurotoxic breathing air on any flight in most aircraft! The World Health Organization recently published a new study about aircraft cabin air quality and the illness related to being exposed to the toxic fumes: "AEROTOXIC SYNDROME: A NEW OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE?" which shows a definite connection between in-flight toxic fumes and health damage. Over many decades new victims have been added every day; it is now time to address the political leaders directly. The poisoning of human beings on flights cannot be tolerated any longer. This issue has been denied by the UK Government and airlines for too long. On 17th September 2017 EasyJet announced they will be fitting filters to their aircraft - Due to "health concerns". Politicians must stop ignoring this issue. Airline regulations must be implemented: aircraft must be fitted with SENSORS AND FILTERS and airlines must be placed under obligation to inform the public!   'JUSTICE WILL NOT BE SERVED UNTIL THOSE WHO ARE UNAFFECTED ARE AS OUTRAGED AS THOSE WHO ARE.' - Benjamin Franklin.  

Trudie Dadd
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