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Save Eye surgery service at Braintree community Hospital

This petition aims at saving the eye surgery at Braintree Community Hospital (BCH). It was all started by the trust at Mid Essex ,SouthEnd and Basildon board’s decision to turn BCH to a totally Orthopaedic surgical unit. There are 2 theatres at this facility. Currently there is one dedicated orthopaedic theatre, but it is run inefficiently and one eye theatre which is run very efficiently. The director of operations has decided to resolve the problem by asking orthopaedic to take over the eye theatre. They would have to bring patients and staff from Basildon to Braintree for surgery in the detriment of the eye patients in Braintree and Chelmsford. We were told that ophthalmic theatre will be housed somewhere in BCH or Broomfield. We now understand that no provision has been considered for thousands of eye patients who were treated at BCH and the service will soon be shut. Mid Essex Hospital has been asking private units for outsourcing. This is utter shame! A very poorly planned orthopaedic transfer shouldn't mean that patient with cataracts should suffer. The suspension of ophthalmic surgery services at Braintree community Hospital is going to have significant adverse consequences for our local population. We want to protect this precious and valuable resource. We have been doing state of the art surgeries at this facility for about 10 years and have been the envy to our neighbouring units. We have treated tens of thousands of patients in Mid Essex region. Patients not only come from Braintree but from Chelmsford or even as far as outskirts of Colchester and parts of Suffolk. There has been no case of post-operative infection for years and this is due to absolute modern facilities that we have been using. This is one of the best units in the country and patients absolutely love it. We ask Mid Essex CCG and NHS Trust to halt plan for orthopaedic move until a viable and acceptable option is found for ophthalmic patients. Certain actions must be taken immediately: 1/ We hear that ophthalmic pre-op assessments for cataract patients at Braintree community hospital has been seized. This has to be restarted immediately.  2/ The date for planned orthopaedic move to ophthalmic theatre must be postponed until a viable option is agreed. 3/ People of Chelmsford and Braintree must know what will happen to their relatives if they need cataract surgery. They must be involved in a public consultation process.  There is a huge risk that the CCG hands over contract for cataract surgery which is a very lucrative deal to privately owned companies. They are typically staffed by locums flying from Europe or driving from miles away in the UK. They work like a conveyer belt. Those companies love it and they are rubbing their hands in and around Chelmsford. The loss of routine cataract surgery will be the beginning of the end of the  Mid Essex ophthalmology.  

Ophthalmology Consultants Mid Essex
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Treat my daughter and other Irlen sufferers on the NHS

My 13 year old daughter Edie suffers with Irlen Syndrome - a condition that affects how her brain processes the things she sees. It makes words move around on the page when she’s reading and makes her very sensitive to natural light meaning she can’t go outside for long. She needs special coloured lenses to help her live a normal life - but the NHS won’t fund it. Edie was also previously diagnosed with dyslexia in 2017. Children with dyslexia are entitled to certain support throughout their education - but because Irlens is not recognised by the NHS there is no mandatory support and everything has to be funded by parents. Her school has tried to be accommodating. They have provided her with filtered overlays that she puts over books to help her read, and they give her exams on rose-tinted paper. But this is not a long-term solution. The price of special glasses is around £400 and this is not something we can currently afford. Irlens UK say as much as 15% of people could be affected by the syndrome. This means that there are many children across the country just like my Edie who need support and probably aren’t getting it. My daughter is now in year 8 and really struggling, and I’m worried about her future and whether we’ll be able to afford new lenses for her every year. That’s why it’s so important for us and families like ours that the NHS recognises Irlen syndrome and provides us support. Please sign my petition telling the NHS to support Edie and children like her.

amy pilkington
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