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Petition to Galway City Council, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Galway County Council, Cllr. Michael J Crowe, Cllr. Mairéad Farrell, Cllr. Noel Larkin, Cllr. Declan McDonnell, Cllr. Terry O'Flaherty, Cllr. John Walsh, Cllr. Billy Cameron, Cllr. Ollie Crowe, Cllr. Mike Cubbard, Cllr. Frank Fahy, Cllr. Mark Lohan, Cllr. Colette Connolly, Cllr. Pearce Flannery, Cllr. Peter Keane, Cllr. Donal Lyons, Mayor of Galway: Cllr. Níall McNelis, Cllr. Cathal O'Conchúir, Anne Rabbitte, Ciaran Cannon, Seán Canney, Catherine Connolly, Noel Grealish, Sean Kyne, Hildegarde Naughton, Éamon Ó Cuív, Minister Josepha Madigan, Minister Eoghan Murphy, Minister Mary Mitchell O'Connor, Minister Joe McHugh, Minister Regina Doherty, Minister Michael Ring, Minister Katherine Zappone, . , .. , Minister Shane Ross, Minister Michael Creed, Minister Simon Harris, Minister Heather Humphreys, Minister Charles Flanagan, Minister Richard Bruton, Minister Paschal Donohoe, President Michael D Higgins, Minister Paul Kehoe, Minister Finian McGrath, Minister Ciarán Cannon, Minister Damien English, Minister David Stanton, Minister Pat Breen, Minister Catherine Byrne, Minister Andrew Doyle, Minister John Halligan, Minister Patrick O'Donovan, Minister Helen McEntee, Minister Kevin Boxer Moran, Minister John Paul Phelan, Minister Jim Daly, Minister Brendan Griffin, Minister Michael D'Arcy, Minister Seán Canney

Make the River Corrib Safer - Let's Save Some Lives

***IMPORTANT NOTE that has come to light: PLEASE DO NOT DONATE TO CHANGE.ORG- IT WILL NOT GO TO THE CAUSE, it will only pay for them to advertise the petition within the website.*** Every year we lose numerous lives in the River Corrib- one of Europes fastest flowing rivers. Some fall, slip in an often intoxicated state, others choose to get/jump in there themselves- but often it is a spur of the moment decision. There is no way out, no way back.. Most cities around the world have safety ladders along rivers, so people can get out. The River Corrib has none, it is like falling into lava.. People need to be able to get out if they fall and to be able to change their mind if they are trying to end their lives. Currently there is no hope of getting out. We need some safety measures put in place right now, enough is enough, too many lives have been lost prematurely. The following things are needed: - Safety ladders every 10 meters- so it is possible to get out. (example here and here). - Rope/bar along the side - so it is possible to get out. - Good quality CCTV all along the river and bridges- so people can be recognised and located if they do fall in. - Sensors - so there will be an automatic alarm given to emergency and rescue (helicopter) stations if someone passes a certain point, with the location and cctv footage. - Any other logical changes that could save a lot of lives (open to suggestions). The kind volunteers that stand out on Saturday night are not enough. For people not from Galway city, the situation is so bad, that people have to stand guard, in order to stop people. But that simply is not enough.. Every year a lot of people die in this river, that needs to end. Please sign this petition, to send to local authorities and to send to government for funding. This is an extremely serious issue. Too many lives have been robbed. Update, some of the best suggestions so far have been: - Safety ropes with floats like shown in this picture.. - Safety nets such as this which have proven to help prevent deaths in other locations. - Sensors at bridges, which were already developed by Galwegian students here is a Connacht Tribune article about the technology. - Mental healthcare immediate support, to both prevent and as aftercare if saved, so people do not get denied help like in this case and many others. - Heat sensitive cameras with thermal imaging technology such as these. - Flood light switch and siren. - Better lighting along the river.    

Sita O'Driscoll
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Petition to Theresa May MP, Matthew Hancock MP

Defibrillators to be provided in all public places

Our son Tom Cooney died at the age of 28. He was playing rugby when his heart stopped beating. The post mortem showed that he suffered from an undiagnosed genetic heart condition, Arrythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy. Between 10 and 12 young people aged 18-35 die every week from this and other undiagnosed heart problems. Often such deaths occur when playing competitive sports. Tom’s friends tried to give him CPR but it didn’t work. In cases like these CPR is only effective in 6% of the time. Defibrillators are a device that can dramatically improve the chances of survival in this situation. Tom might still be alive today if there had been a defibrillator at the sports club he was playing at. Some schools and sports grounds have taken it upon themselves to get a defibrillator, but there is nothing that makes it compulsory in law. In 2017 a Bill was presented to Parliament which would have made Defibrillators compulsory in schools, leisure centres, sports centres and major public places, but due to the 2017 election the Defibrillator (Availability) Bill was tabled never became law. We don’t want Tom’s death to be meaningless, so we have started this petition for this Bill to come into effect - we want to make sure all major public places are required by ław to have a cardiac defibrillator. To avoid other families going through the heartbreak of the loss of a child, please sign this petition to introduce defibrillators in public places. Thank you Alison and Kevin Cooney.      

Alison Cooney
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Petition to Sarah Newton

Make it compulsory to have a mental health first aider at work #wheresyourheadat

When I was 10 I started having panic attacks. Not knowing what was happening, I went to the doctor and was wrongly diagnosed with asthma. They had overlooked that my symptoms could be caused by something mental rather than something physical. I didn’t truly get the help I needed until I was in my thirties – and in the meantime, I developed toxic coping strategies including an eating disorder which lasted 7 years. I think a big part of the problem was that the people around me - doctors, teachers, family and employers - didn't know how to respond or care for me as they would have done if my illness had been physical.  I don’t want other people to suffer in silence as long as I did, so ever since I have been fighting to change our relationship with mental health - I’m a campaigner for better mental health support - and now I’ve joined forces in partnership with some of your favorite brands, from Heat magazine, Grazia and Empire, to Kiss FM, Magic Radio and Absolute Radio, to start this petition calling for all businesses and colleges to introduce mental health first aiders.  The workplace is where we spend most of our adult lives but unfortunately it’s also a place that, in my experience, mental well-being is the most neglected. We feel the need to soldier on when we are struggling with mental illness in a way we never would if we had the flu or broken a leg.  And this is reflected in our laws. Under the Health and Safety at work act, most workplaces have to train someone in medical first aid - it means if we come to work and end up getting hurt or sick, there’s someone that knows what to do. Unfortunately, despite statistics showing 1 in 4 of us struggle with mental health every year, most workplaces don’t have anyone on hand that knows how to help.  Evidence shows the earlier a mental health issue - like stress, anxiety or depression - is detected the easier it is to manage and treat.  By making it easier for people to talk about their mental health at work & and by training colleagues on site who know where to point people to get the help, we could dramatically improve the mental well-being of the country. Mental Health First Aid courses are available, and whilst most organisations don’t have them, those that do (like Unilever and Ford) have found them to be transformative. Please join me in calling on Sarah Newton, the Minister of State for Disabled People, Health and Work to commit to updating the Health and Safety At Work Act to ensure that businesses have the same obligation to provide mental health first aiders as they do medical first aiders.  

Natasha Devon
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