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More enforcement of Disability Discrimination Law to protect disabled people at work.

I was born with medically intractable epilepsy, my education suffered and my prospects of having any career that would enable me to live independently were diminished by the impact of the epilepsy, and the discrimination that I often faced. In an attempt to remedy that, I had surgery to remove my right temporal lobe and my hippocampus. I secured a job in the NHS as a Medical Photographer, and I disclosed my medical background on my job application. I loved my job and was promoted in my post I was bullied over a significant length of time by a senior colleague, and harassed by a manager after protesting against the bullying behavior towards me. An investigation found that I had been bullied and harassed on five counts, and the company policy stated that the penalty for that was dismissal. Even though I made protected disclosures about my medical background and my fear for my own welfare, I was told by a Nurse Director and HR that I had no choice but to continue to work with my colleague without a manager present, despite her being found on five counts of bullying and harassment of me. A OH Consultant who was also legally trained, advised that I should not be forced to work with or have contact with my harasser. A clinical psychologist also advised against a second mediation, which was being forced on me with threats of disciplinary action if I did not take part. I had disclosed that the epileptic auras had returned, and I was diagnosed as significantly depressed by the clinical psychologist who advised against the second mediation. With the help of  solicitors Russell Jones and Walker, I made a grievance for reasonable adjustments to be made so that I could continue in my job, but not have contact with the person who was found against for bullying and harassment of me. I became very traumatised, and had anxiety attacks each time I came into contact with the Bully, my biggest concern was that stress was always a trigger of the epilepsy. Before my grievance for reasonable adjustments was investigated or responded to, I was placed on forced suspension against the advice of a legally trained OH Consultant who asked "why wasn't the bully dismissed". At a preliminary hearing in the tribunals, Judge Craft also asked the same question. My employer was the NHS, and under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, employers of such size are required to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people. Whilst making protected disclosures to a nurse director about the epileptic auras, she commented to me " they can do what they want, they are not going to sack the bully". It was never part of the terms and conditions of my contract that I had to be subjected to bullying and harassment. My request for reasonable adjustments was however not upheld, and I was not allowed to go back to work in the job that I loved, and was giving me the means to live independently for the first time in my life. I was paying union subscriptions to Unison, and I spent my house deposit on solicitors after my Unison Rep told me she was not qualified enough to help me. Despite my efforts to keep my job and work in a harassment free zone, I was not allowed to go back to work, and I was dismissed on grounds of irretrievable breakdown in working relationships. I became very ill, and I was also threatened with eviction by my employer Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, even though I was paying my rent. From disclosure of my P.File, I discovered written evidence that my dismissal was being instigated by directors and HR, immediately after my colleague was found against on five counts of Gross Misconduct against me, and it took eighteen months of unreasonable threats and harassment, which made me ill to the point I was disabled and unable to cope in the presence of my harasser, due to the physical and psychological impact that was having on me. Shortly after the preliminary hearing in 2013 where Judge Craft asked the question "why wasn't the bully dismissed", I discovered that Salisbury NHS foundation Trust dismissed the bully. Shortly after that, DAC Beachcroft, (solicitors acting for my former employer) applied to the court to get my medical reports thrown out of court. Before the hearings took place, they also wrote to me stating that they would make application for me to pay their legal fees, but if I withdrew my claims they would reconsider. My mother attended the tribunal with me. At the tribunal I was represented by Michael Oram. Whilst it was not accepted by Judge Kolanko that I was disabled by epilepsy, (despite having suffered that and the impact of it for the majority of my life) and the removal of my right temporal lobe, and my right hippocampus, it was accepted that I had become disabled presumably by the disparity of treatment.  It was also commented by two lay judges that I should not have been forced into a second mediation, and there was also criticism about the risk assessment that was advised/recommended but never actioned by managers. Under cross examination of one manager, he claimed he did not have the tools in his tool box to do a risk assessment, another manager claimed that she was doing one in her head. The Nurse director claimed that she was not aware that I was suffering depression, yet the abundance of evidence provided to the tribunal Judges contradicted that claim. She did though admit that she dismissed a disabled person.    My vulnerability should have been considered by my employer, not only from my own disclosures about epilepsy and removal of my right temporal lobe and hippocampus, which were made on my application and also in verbal exchange during discussion with managers, but also from the disclosures and advice that was being given by health care professionals employed by the same organisation, and acting on behalf of myself and my employer.  My inability to cope in circumstances that were being unreasonably forced on me, arose from my own incapacity related to my disclosed protected characteristic, which was worsened by treatment that was unlawful and not a part of the terms and conditions of my contract. Under the protection of the disability discrimination law and the Equality Act 2010, I should have been protected in the workplace, and been able to have kept my job.  

Louise Simmonds
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Petition to Dr Keith Ridge, NHS England, Jeremy Hunt, The National Institute for Care and Excellence, Sir Andrew Dillon

Give 20 year old palliative care patient entonox at home

Hi, I’m Hannah Hodgson. I urgently need your support in getting entonox (commonly called gas and air and given to women in labour) on special license at home. I’m 20 years old and am under the palliative care team. Over the last three years I have become increasingly unwell - I have gastroparesis/ intestinal failure (meaning I can no longer eat or drink); POTs syndrome (which can make me collapse multiple times a day); neurological hearing loss (resulting in me needing hearing aids) ; an as yet undiagnosed neurological  condition and Elher Danlos Syndrome (which causes dislocations every 2-3 weeks and subluxes daily). I also have some other serious health stuff going on, but it’s a bit complex to describe here. The reason I need entonox at home is my Elher Danlos Syndrome. This gives me hyper flexible joints and means that I suffer dislocations every 2-3 weeks. As you can imagine, this is the most intense and horrible pain. I put these dislocations back in to place myself as having to wait for an ambulance, then have a half hour journey to hospital is ridiculously painful. I am currently taking morphine - which takes 15-30 minutes to work and doesn’t even begin to touch my pain. My pain specialists are now looking at Fentanyl which is two hundred times more potent than morphine, in order to cover this pain. Entonox will be the safest and shortest acting drug, that will help me with my pain. It is also a muscle relaxant and will help me to put the joint back in to place a little more quickly. The trouble with morphine and fentanyl is that it is extremely constipating, which is a huge no no when it comes to my intestinal failure. Morphine/ Fentanyl could constipate me to the extent that I need emergency hospital intervention, as a bowel blockage is a life threatening emergency. Entonox, however, is only in your system for a few minutes and has very few, and in comparison minor, side effects (such as nausea). My amazing palliative care consultant has talked to the chief pharmacist of NHS England, and he was told that there is no way to prescribe me entonox in my own home. I do not need a medication such as morphine or fentanyl that lasts for four hours and makes me drowsy - I only need a short acting one while I get my joint back in, hence the idea of Entonox. I am a poet and have just had my first book of poetry about my illnesses published. I also have a YouTube channel where I make videos about life limiting illness and review books. The opioid based medications make me extremely sleepy, and essentially end my day, meaning that I then don’t get the opportunity to make content (poetry and blog posts) that I hugely enjoy. However, the entonox would allow me to carry on with my day as planned due to its short acting nature.  My mum and I have taken on many medical procedures (including but not limited to bowel washouts, subcutaneous fluids and needle placement, use of enteral and subcutaneous syringe drivers) so that we can keep our home a home (rather than a hospital) and can maintain our independence. We would more than happily have the same training that paramedics and midwives in regards to entonox. It is so sad that I am having to fight so hard to get a less harmful drug, one that won’t have potentially life threatening side effects (bowel blockage) and I need your help. PLEASE sign this petition and make NHS England seriously consider giving me a license to allow me to put my dislocations back in using the most effective pain relief, with the least risk to me taking in to consideration my other co-morbidities. PLEASE share this on social media. This is hugely affecting my life. Thank you. YouTube: Blog: Twitter: @spooniepoet

Hannah Hodgson
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Petition to Jeremy Hunt, Steve Barclay, Lord Prior, Nicola Blackwood MP, Nadine Dorries, Jeremy Corbyn MP

The NMC and it's subtle destruction of the nursing profession

Nursing must have a regulator. However as we have seen in recent media coverage the current system is failing miserably. It is neither protecting the public or the registrants and ultimately is putting both group's lives at risk.The current systems leaves it wide open to abuse by vexatious managers or colleagues with a grudge. Many registrants are referred on allegations that are not evidenced based and even if the NMC finds no case to answer at the end of their investigation the damage has already been done. The NMC decisions affects nurses who have previously had no issues raised and unblemished careers, many for a number of decades. The profession is struggling to retain experienced nurses and midwives. Recent figures show up to 45% increase in nurses leaving the profession than joining it. The current Ftp process has resulted in nearly 10,000 registrants being removed from the register since 2008 and currently a registrant has a 1 in 20 chance of being struck off. Many who go through the FtP leave the profession as a result. In a small survey we conducted has found: - 62% of respondents stated that their mental health was the most affected by referral to NMC- 64% stated they did not know where to go for support- 100% stated having difficulty sleeping- 90 % stated poor self confidence- 80% stated difficult trusting people- 77% stated they had feelings of paranoia More than half admitted to having some suicidal thoughts and all stated that they were never the same as prior to referral. The current system creates fear and a lack of transparency as nurses are in fear of their regulator. A process of luck and decent employer determines whether you are called in-front of the NMC.  Some moves have been made with the Morecambe Bay Investigation and the PSA report into it however so far nothing has changed in the process and daily between 30 & 80 registrants ( nurses and midwives ) undergo hearings at the NMC at a cost of £13,000 per case. We need 100,000 signatures for this to be raised in Parliament and taken seriously as an issue affecting and destroying our profession. PLEASE sign and share and share and let's get it changed for the better as ultimately the only people who will suffer are our patients.

NMC Nurses and Midwives condemmed
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Petition to Jeremy Hunt, Jon Ashworth, Amber Rudd MP

Please save my son Alfie by allowing him to legally use medical cannabis!

My six year old son Alfie has a very rare genetic epilepsy condition called PCDH19. It causes clusters of seizures which are unresponsive to almost any medications. He can have up to 30 violent seizures a day. It’s so severe that he had 3000 seizures in one year and ended up in hospital 48 times.The only legal medication in the UK that helps are steroids. But they are toxic to the body, especially when used regularly. If we continue giving them to Alfie there is a high likelihood he will develop psychosis or his organs will fail. Last year, in desperation, we travelled to Holland where doctors treated him with cannabis oil. Miraculously, with a dose of three drops a day, Alfie didn’t have a seizure for 27 days. He's only had 2 seizures in the last two months. Dutch doctors say that cannabis oil could get his seizures down from 30 a day to twenty a year. My baby went from a death sentence, to the prospect of a normal life, with school, friends and fun. But that prospect could be taken away now we are back in the UK because here the use of medical cannabis is illegal. I don’t want to have to break the law so I am pleading with the UK Government to make an exception for Alfie and grant his doctor license to prescribe medical cannabis so Alfie can live life carefree, without constant seizures and ploughing of steroids. Making an exception for Alfie doesn't have to open the floodgates - Alfie is the only boy in the UK that has this condition. We are working with End Our Pain ( to get a better life for Alfie and hope this will lead to help for other children who need to try this medication. To legalise the use of medical cannabis would enable the quality and consistency of products to be properly controlled, would create a new industry and more jobs, raise taxes, lower crime rates and result in fewer people struggling in hospitals to be well, or being preyed on by unscrupulous online sellers. We assess the saving to the NHS from Alfie’s case alone to be over £100,000 and up to 150 paediatric bed days. It’s a no-brainer! Getting Alfie treatment could be the first step to making medical cannabis accessible to others in need. We urgently need the public to make noise to make that happen. Alfie has been through more than most people go through in a lifetime. He deserves to have a wonderful life full of joy. I just want Amber Rudd and Jeremy Hunt to understand this isn’t about the wholesale legalisation of Cannabis. This is about weekly trips to A&E, watching my son have seizures, watching him turn purple, and praying that he lives to see another day. Please sign and share this petition and help me make our family’s only wish come true. And please like our Facebook page Alfie's Hope for all updates on Alfie's journey. Thank you x

Hannah Deacon
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