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Petition to David Tutt, Stephen Lloyd, East Sussex County Council, caroline ansel, David Tutt

Bring Back The Gooden Skatepark A WOODEN GOODEN NOT CONCRETE

Dear Sir, WE ARE NOW IN SEPTEMBER 2018 AND YOU ARE STILL ONLY JUST DELIVERING A PUBLIC CONSULTATION  We already have 3 concrete parks designed by and for skateboarders, what we need is what we had, a skatelite pro competition park for all riders/skaters,  bmx , scooters and bladers/boards. The big jumpboxes we had that we now have to travel miles out of town for. Concrete costs just as much as wood to maintain and we can secure maintenance costs for forseeable future Concrete is not appropriate or safe for riders who we are now seeing doing backflips at 6 years old, our local pro riders are landing from 20ft high in the air Wooden and steel frame VOTE OUR OLD PARK BACK  EBC AND LEWES QUOTED  "It’s important to remember we are now 2 years down the line since the old park was removed and we need to carry out a robust consultation to find out what the local people want NOW particularly as there is a quarter of a million pound investment been offered by the Council." This comment has really annoyed me, we dont need to remember we know exactly how long we have been fighting for that park, we have fought for it since Oct 2016, the amount of time and effort we put in...unpaid of course We know exactly how much is being invested....that is the exact reaon why we dont want money wasted on the wrong material or design, meaning our riders just wont use it!!!! And we also know what the community/riders want NOW......same as what they wanted 2 years ago.......just the same park back We have to travel 3 hours to get to our nearest safe and secure and well managed indoor skateparkpark,  after our only indoor closed due to you increasing the rent and now you take away the only decent, wooden outdoor we had. We were assured funding would become available in April 2017,  and works would commence,  3 months after that date we  still awaiting to discuss with the council the design plans They seem to have a problem with but not discussed with us yet,  just again made a public news interview to tell us (basically same park)  that we handed in back in January.  Designs and contractors should have bn in place bk before April,  we are Needing his, to get moving now, conversations need to be had and work needs to be, started,  there is nearly 5,000 supporters here,  people offering,  time,  materials even sponsorship.  This needs to get moving now,  with good, communication,  talking and listening.  Please local council please start discussing concerns with the people so we can adapt and move forward. Collaboration is key,  can we please come together and, re-create the beautiful park that was taken away from so many young people who spent their, days in it,  refining their, skills and becoming mentally and physical healthy young people who are a credit to our town   WE ARE NOW IN SEPTEMBER 2018 AND YOU ARE STILL ONLY JUST DELIVERING A PUBLIC CONSULTATION   Please RE- Your Closure of our World Famous Park I write to you on behalf of your local community, as a Teacher within Special Needs Education in Eastbourne, and as a mother to our World Champion and 2 x UK Champion and Professional Scooter Rider Dante Hutchinson, and as a supporter of  making ALL sports accessible to ALL people. The 2 videos below of our park alone have reached over 500,000 people, this doesn't include the hundreds of other videos that feature our Eastbourne Park , that again have been viewed by thousands across the World. This also doesn't include the thousands of tourists who visit the park over Eastbourne Extreme Weekend (now known as Beach Life Festival) and witness the unbelievable tricks our local lads put on for them. Our park is World Famous, Producing riders like Jamie Addison, Keenan Mehmet, Max Parks, Kai Laughton, All of whom travel the world representing our country in their sport. These are just scooter riders, i am not including the amount of BMX'ers and other Skateboarders,  roller bladers who also use our park and compete Professionally. It draws tourists, Pro's and Riders from America, Australia and Europe to visit it because of its fantastic Design for ALL wheeled sports, its location and Link to the Professional Eastbourne Riders its produced. Since your inspection to the park you have made public that the park will now close completely and pending the cost you will implement it in your capital programme next year. I have communicated with you for some weeks now through Caroline Ansell and asked that you include myself and the community in your findings from the inspection and your plans, this has not been forthcoming and sadly we find out through your Press Release. Since the closure of Eastbourne's only Indoor skate park Westskates, which closed sadly due to the council rents being increased and no support for the family run business, our young generation of pro's and aspiring young kids now have few places locally to ride safely in well managed, safe and secure facilities. The only Indoor facility our kids have to train in is in Hastings which are very welcoming of scooters but are as it says on the tin, Source BMX Park, and predominantly focuses on that sport  There is however an Indoor CIC Skatepark that sells parts and exclusive sessions and lessons for scooters but that is in Bognor Regis ...a good 3 hr train journey OUT the town for our youngsters Our young People do have the smaller concrete OUTSIDE parks in Gildredge Park and Hampden Park that are in secluded areas, unlit, Concrete, and small.. dont have boxes etc used in scooter competition , they are designed for skateboarders mainly The Gooden Skatepark (as this park is known) was well lit, designed for ALL Wheeled Sports, Wooden Boxes,  open and on display to the Public, and had the Soverign Centre Close for any inevitable accidents. I appreciate these things cost, but if you consider the amount of years this fantastic park has withheld the elements, and the constant battering of World Class Tricks being learnt on them, it really has done well! If it means, like our local gardens and play parks, it needs a little investment then can we please pull together and make that happen and re-store this beautiful park back to its former glory. I do hope you include in your plans your local community, your younger generation of future stars, your professional riders, who need train in that facility, the kids who want to one day be like Dante or Jamie, and the general public who's walk along the seafront, is always enlightened when they see the things these riders perform. From my experience of seeing parks all over the World and having huge experience with park owners, it is vital to include your riders/targeted audience in your plans. I also am very sure that the local community will help raise funding to restore this park, and I think its very concerning that you will now leave it for a whole year during winter months and not have it restored for next years summer season. Once you have assessed the cost I do hope you will invest and include in your local community and the people it draws to our town. You might even consider an indoor park, which creates jobs, eliminates anti-social behaviour, takes away the problem of the weather, pumps money and tourism back into the town and sport, tackles and encourages skate park safety and etiquette, to name a few things that in the long run would be far more Cost and Health and Safety effective. I do hope you also respect and recognise Extreme Sports as a sport, one in which YOU created years ago when your park and Eastbourne Extreme developed some of the World's Greatest Riders. These young men, who could have easily taken different paths in life, are actually idols to kids all around the world, role models, inspiring and encouraging healthy lifestyles, commitment, hard work and dedication, these kids and young adults deserve a facility to train in, just like football, tennis, netball and all the other sports you provide for here in Eastbourne. I look forward to us all coming together to see what and how we can save our Park

Sian Hutchinson
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Petition to Matt Hancock, Simon Stevens, Dr Justin Pepperell

Bring back the BCG vaccination for all school children

In 2005 the BCG vaccinations "TB Jabs" were scrapped. Before then, all children aged 11-14 were routinely offered the vaccination. It was stopped as a cost cutting exercise, 'experts' believed that the jab was 'pointless for most children' who were at a low risk of the disease.  'High risk groups' are said to be people from poorer backgrounds, ethnic minorities, homeless people, people who are HIV positive and drug users. "Experts believe if you are not in one of the high risk groups, your chances of getting TB are one in 100,000" A couple of years ago I was working in a wealthy area of South Manchester, and a colleague unfortunately contracted pulmonary TB. Pulmonary (lung) and throat Tuberculosis are the only contagious types, it is spread by coughs, sneezes and talking. I immediately went to my GP to speak about the risk, to which I was laughed at and told there wouldn't be any chance I would get it. The infection is a slow growing and complex bug, and takes at least 3 months to grow in the body. Within 5 months of my colleague being diagnosed, I began to feel similar symptoms. It then took another 6 months after this for me to be hospitalised, misdiagnosed and have over 2 litres of fluid drained from my lung, it then took another 2 months after that for me to be told I had TB in the lining of my lung which had also spread via my blood vessels to the T12 vertebra in my spine.   In 2005, the then chair of the British Thoracic Society Dr John Moore-Gillon said that "It is vital that every single penny of the funds freed up from abolition of universal BCG vaccination is diverted directly into other aspects of TB control, such as our network of TB nurses". Speaking from my own personal experience, there was a huge difference between the standard of care and infection control between the Cheshire TB Nurses and the Merseyside TB Nurses - I will be forever thankful to the Merseyside TB team, particularly my nurse Chris. There needs to be more of an awareness of the infection and how crucial it is to get an early diagnosis, as I was continually turned away from Goyt Valley Medical Practice and Stepping Hill Hospital. The vaccine offered protection from the infection for 15 years, and while it did not guarantee complete protection, it certainly made the chances of contracting it less.  The vaccine is 70-80% effective against the most severe forms of TB, such as TB meningitis in children. It is less effective in preventing respiratory disease, which is the more common form of TB in adults. ( Both my colleague and myself fell into the school years who did not get the vaccine, if we would have, it would have reduced chances in getting it. Perhaps we would not have contracted it at all. Thankfully, the course of treatment I had has cured the infection. I will have lasting damage to my lung but I'm very lucky I have had incredible treatment from the Thoracic department at Aintree Hospital. From the mid-80s, the UK experienced a two decade long rise in cases. It is only in the last few years that the UK has begun to match the global trend for falling rates of TB. I have created this petition as I do not wish what I went through upon anybody. I want the UK rates of cases to fall significantly. I want something to change; granted it needs to be in a cost effective way, but I'm determined to make a difference.  Stats and quotes from

Olivia Carroll
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Petition to The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Baroness Sugg CBE, Henry Smith, Huw Merriman, The Countess of Mar, Theresa May MP

Stop contaminated cabin air in aircraft!

  Every day, many millions of people board an aircraft, which has become a normal way of transportation in every day life. But what they do not know is that this flight could land them in a hospital or with debilitating illness because of exposure to toxic cabin air! It often begins with flu like symptoms: limb pain, dizziness, fatigue and nausea. Long-term damage to the nerves, the lungs, the cardiovascular system or cognitive impairment may follow. How do I know this? Because I am one of a growing number of people that has been affected.  I had to end my flying career in 2016 following 2 onboard fume events within 1 year (2014/15) and the cumulative effects of 20+ years flying. My health had deteriorated badly and tests showed that chemicals used in aircraft engine oil were present in my body. My GP advised me to stop flying. You as a passenger, but also pilots and flight attendants are at great risk to be exposed to neurotoxic breathing air on any flight in most aircraft! The World Health Organization recently published a new study about aircraft cabin air quality and the illness related to being exposed to the toxic fumes: "AEROTOXIC SYNDROME: A NEW OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE?" which shows a definite connection between in-flight toxic fumes and health damage. Over many decades new victims have been added every day; it is now time to address the political leaders directly. The poisoning of human beings on flights cannot be tolerated any longer. This issue has been denied by the UK Government and airlines for too long. On 17th September 2017 EasyJet announced they will be fitting filters to their aircraft - Due to "health concerns". Politicians must stop ignoring this issue. Airline regulations must be implemented: aircraft must be fitted with SENSORS AND FILTERS and airlines must be placed under obligation to inform the public!   'JUSTICE WILL NOT BE SERVED UNTIL THOSE WHO ARE UNAFFECTED ARE AS OUTRAGED AS THOSE WHO ARE.' - Benjamin Franklin.  

Trudie Dadd
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Petition to President

Please reverse your adrenaline pen recommendations

As a mother of a child with life threatening allergies I am very concerned to read that the BSACI Guidelines state the majority of patients that carry adrenaline auto injector pens should require only ‘1. This is stated clearly in the October 2016 guidelines and has led to slashing of previous prescriptions of 2 to 1 by Doctors without any form of ‘ risk assessment ‘.  By prescribing only one adrenaline pen you may well reduce the chances of surviving anaphylaxis. Each pen lasts approximately 5-10 minutes and the patient needs another, before being prescribed steroids in hospital. My child is only 14, in a stressful situation she could easily misfire her pen, pens have also been reported as malfunctioning.  Ambulances services in the UK are over stretched with many taking over 20 minutes to arrive in an emergency ( regular reports of up to 40 minutes ) and it has been known for them to arrive without the required medication . We also have written confirmation from the head of ambulance services that 999 Anaphylaxis calls are now triaged, with many calls not being treated as a code red response . The BSACI guidelines also state that people in rural locations will require a 2nd AAI, but not others. You are therefore imposing restrictions on the right to travel wherever the patient wishes. This is totally unacceptable and in my opinion discriminatory.  Your recommendations are not in line with prescribing guidelines issued by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)  who both recommend TWO pens to be carried at all times.  Your recommendations have lead to anxiety and stress for many patients and their families who live with enough anxiety already. They regularly have to fight to obtain a previous agreed prescription,  no new ‘ risk assessment ‘ just talk of reducing costs to the NHS by their GP.  Please reverse your decision, live's will be lost if doctors follow your recommendations , for the sake of saving £26 a year, per pen . #alwayscarrytwo #carrytwo

Angela Waters
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