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Petition to Theresa May MP

Reform PIP; invisible illnesses sufferers are NOT being treated fairly

Many people in the UK suffer from invisible illnesses such as fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS/RSD), depression, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, borderline personality disorder; autism; just to name a few! The PIP system is failing so many people and rejecting them due to a lack of knowledge and experience. The forms are not written out with mental health or other invisible illnesses (with varying conditions) in mind. It is hard to explain a typical day as it varies constantly. I myself have been diagnosed with CRPS. and fibromyalgia. I developed it at the age of 23 and have to live with it for the rest of my life now. There are no medications out there to get rid of my pain. I am in pain every single day down the whole right side of my body. I developed repetitive strain injury at the age of 22 and because it was not treated correctly; I now have a condition that is incurable. I was doing an apprenticeship at the time of injury and wanted a career within an office. I have been told my career is over now and I need to look at alternative jobs. I have been declined from PIP for two years in a row. They said that I am fine and can work with one hand. I suffer from depression and am on the maximum dose allowed.  I suffer from three invisible illnesses; but because they are invisible everyone assumes that I am fine. I am in pain every second of the day. I can only sleep with the help of tablets. I have been told there is no pain killer in the UK that is strong enough for me. I am aware that as of 13th December 2017, the government have said they will reform PIP and ESA; and will get rid of the mandatory reconsideration. However I do not know how this will affect; or how it will benefit people like myself. I want to ensure that people like you & me will be taken into consideration when the changes are being made. I am 25 and my life is that of an elderly person. I struggle to walk around shopping centres. My right arm and leg will give way sometimes and I cannot use them. I struggle to cook dinners and clean the house. Doing these tasks hurt me so much I have to spend the next day laying on the couch recovering. I do not go out far and never alone as I am scared my right leg will collapse. I am on more medication than my grandad who is 84! I have wrote a three page letter which I will attach on here for everyone to read. It is addressed to Theresa May regarding my story and what proposals I have come up with. I believe the PIP system needs to invest more understanding and consideration when assessing someone with an invisible illness. Just giving people disability allowance isn't going to fix problems. Providing them with understanding psychologists and easier access to treatments such as physical therapy will help many. Allowing people to be able to pay for their own medication and not relying on their partner or family will make them feel a little more independence than what they currently feel at the moment. I have seen in the news that people have committed suicide after their disability allowance has been revoked. I have seen that people suffering with CRPS have committed suicide due to not receiving the correct treatment and not being able to cope mentally anymore. Please read my letter to Theresa May for more insight into myself as a living example of someone the government has failed. I am not ready to give up hope. I am not asking to be on benefits forever. I would love to get the support I need for a while to get back on my feet and to hopefully be fit enough to be able to cope with a part time job. I would like others; no matter what their illness is; to get the help that they need. We are all humans and we all feel pain. I am sure many other sufferers can agree when I say I would do anything to be healthy and get back into a full time job. Thank you for taking the time to read this - Amanda        

Amanda Flannery
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Petition to Jeremy Hunt


We, the signers of this petition, have two wishes: Short-term: financially support cancer patients who have exhausted all treatment options currently available on the NHS and enable them to receive cancer Immunotherapy treatment. Abroad if necessary. Long-term: Make cancer Immunotherapy treatment available on the NHS to all cancer patients. "More can - and therefore must - be done for those in need." This treatment has proven to be the difference between life and death for many. As it has been for her:  Gemma Nuttall. She is fighting metastatic ovarian cancer. It was first discovered while she was pregnant in 2014. She saved her unborn baby’s life by refusing a recommended termination. The tumour on her ovary was only removed after her beautiful baby girl Penelope was born safe and sound. She is now a healthy three-year-old :) But Gemma's cancer kept coming back: to her cervix, to her lungs and multiple times to her brain. Each time more aggressive. She underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy countless times. In March 2017 Gemma had a massive seizure. The outcome of a brain scan was devastating: many more brain tumours were found. She endured ten days of very risky Whole brain radiotherapy. Doctors on the NHS said her cancer was incurable and not treatable. She was put on end-of-life care and given only a few months to live. But Gemma and her family refused to give up. There was still treatment waiting: Immunotherapy - a revolution in cancer medicine which enables the body’s immune system to recognise and kill cancer cells. It brings the disease under control for a much longer time - which means it can prolong lives considerably. It has much fewer side-effects than chemotherapy. It has even seen cancers diagnosed as incurable, put into complete remission. But it's not available in the UK for most types of cancer. As a result, patients in need are completely on their own and somehow have to carry the financial burden of the treatment themselves – which is an impossible task. A private oncology clinic in Germany, the Hallwang Clinic, has specialized itself on Immunotherapy. It is a target for many. Luckily, none other than Kate Winslet found out about Gemma :) With her incredible help and support Gemma's family was able to raise over 300,000 Pounds for her Immunotherapy treatment. Gemma had seven treatments of Immunotherapy at the Hallwang Clinic in Germany. The treatment was a complete success! Full body scans and MRI head scans came back clear! Please follow the Facebook page: to stay up-to-date on our quest to make Immunotherapy available on the NHS as well as on Gemma.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH Oktay Aslantas

Oktay Aslantas
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Petition to Phillip Dunne

Make Autistic 'Cures' Illegal In The UK.

When both my son and I were diagnosed with autism, I did everything to research the condition and learn how to handle it best. I was shocked to discover online dozens of UK non-medical professionals claiming to sell autism “cures”.  Currently there’s nothing to stop people marketing the false idea that autism is something that can be or needs to be cured. I think it’s time we change that. Autism is a neurological condition, it’s not something you can cure like an injury or illness. With the right professional therapies, people with autism can thrive, but there’s no product that can offer a magical "fix." It’s not only offensive that cures are being sold for people like me and my kids, it’s dangerous too. These treatments are unproven and some can be lethal -- the most famous MMS (essentially bleach by another name) is fed to children, given as an enema or even put into babies' bottles. It can cause seizures, stripping of the bowel and severe dehydration along with respiratory problems and there is some evidence up to 8,000 parents are buying and using it. I know that parents want to help their kids but they are being misled and misinformed. Marketers are exploiting these parents, profiting from their vulnerability and endangering children's lives. We have a law, the cancer act, that makes it illegal for people to sell cures for cancer. I think it’s about time we get a law that protects people with Autism too. Please help me by calling on the UK government to introduce a law that stops people selling cures for autism. Thank you, Emma Dalmayne. You can read about this here, here and here.  

Emma Dalmayne
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