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Petition to Premier John Horgan, Minister Adrian Dix, Minister Anne Kang, Dr. Bonnie Henry

Notify BC Post-Secondary of COVID-19 Exposures

When you leave a comment, please mention what BC University or College you feel connected to. PETITION:CONSIDERING, BC remains in the midst of the fourth wave of a global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus and its variants, Public and private Post-Secondary Institutions across British Columbia represent significant community gathering places for tens of thousands of workers, students, and community members, Cases of COVID-19 are occurring on campuses across the province, A lack of official information has led to uncertainty, misinformation and added stress in an already difficult time, The K-12 Sector recently improved its exposure notification after similar concerns were raised, We the undersigned faculty, students, staff, and community members of post-secondary institutions as well as concerned citizens and organizations call upon the Government of BC, the Ministry of Advanced Education, and BC Public Health Office to, Post notifications of any COVID 19 exposure, cluster, or outbreak event occurring on a post-secondary campus on the local Health Authority website as soon as possible, Work with post-secondary institutions to provide regular and timely notification of COVID-19 exposures, clusters, and outbreaks directly to all institutional community members while ensuring the privacy of any individual, Provide consistent procedures for all faculty, staff and students to notify their classes, colleagues, and fellow students of potential exposures, clusters, or outbreaks in their classrooms and workplaces. JOINT LETTER FROM ORGANIZATIONS, UNIONS AND OTHER GROUPS If your organization would like to join VIUFA in signing and supporting this petition please send an email to Your organization's name will be added to this accompanying letter. SPREAD THE WORD! DOWNLOAD A POSTER TO PUT UP AROUND CAMPUSMedia can contact Chris Alemany at or 250-731-7930

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Petition to naci, Public Health Leaders, The Prime Minister, Premiers of Ontario

We need third doses of the Covid-19 vaccine ASAP

We need to roll out third doses of vaccine in Canada as quickly as possible.  The evidence is now very clear.  Data from Israel shows a decrease in vaccine efficacy at the 5-6 month mark, but a booster reduces severe disease in the elderly by a factor of 18 times.  A recent randomized controlled trial showed that a third dose was 95.6% effective against the Delta variant, much higher than the 60-70% reported with just two doses. Many countries are already giving 3rd dose booster shots to their citizens, such as the US, Israel, Germany and the UK.   Some are focusing on elderly first (UK for >50, US for >65) and health care workers, signalling that it is now widely recognized by health authorities across the world that three doses are likely needed for full immunity.   However there is no indication from Health Canada or NACI (National Advisory Committee on Immunization) of their intentions regarding third doses.   Many seniors and health care workers in Canada are now far beyond 5 months from their second dose of vaccine, the point at which immunity to Covid-19 wanes.  Seniors are especially vulnerable to serious illness with breakthrough infections. Many front-line workers are 10 months out from their doses, and are burning out in massive numbers; it is becoming challenging to staff acute-care hospital wards, ICUs and emergency departments.  Serious illness or injury in this group will demoralize them even further. We in Canada are benefiting from the delay in doses given between the two vaccines, which helped develop stronger and more durable immunity in the population.   However, we are squandering this advantage by delaying decision-making on third doses. We acknowledge the inequity of vaccine distribution, which unfortunately mirrors global inequity in wealth and state capacity.   We must invigorate COVAX through the WHO and ensure that the entire world is vaccinated quickly.   This is a problem that hopefully will be resolved soon from massive production; 1.5 billion doses of vaccine were produced this month alone, and 6.5 billion doses have been given already.   India hit 1 billion total vaccinations given last week, and China has administered 2.2 billion doses to its population so far.  The biggest rises in cases worldwide now are in Eastern Europe, where vaccine hesitancy is the predominant factor now. The time to authorize third doses for the vaccine is now.  Speak to your member of provincial or federal parliament, to your public health authorities and get us all protected.Masks4Canada  en français: Nous devons distribuer les troisièmes doses de vaccin au Canada aussi rapidement que possible. Les preuves sont maintenant très claires. Les données d’Israël montrent un déclin de l’efficacité du vaccin après 5 à 6 mois, mais une dose de rappel réduit la maladie sévère chez les personnes âgées par un facteur de 18. Une étude randomisée contrôlée récente a démontré qu’une troisième dose était efficace à 95,6 % contre le variant Delta, beaucoup plus élevé que les 60 à 70 % rapportés avec seulement deux doses. Plusieurs pays donnent déjà une troisième dose de rappel à leurs citoyens, comme les États-Unis, Israël, l’Allemagne et le Royaume-Uni. Certains se concentrent d’abord sur les personnes âgées (le Royaume-Uni pour les plus de 50 ans, les États-Unis pour les plus de 65 ans) et les travailleurs de la santé, envoyant le signal qu’il est maintenant reconnu par les autorités de santé publique à travers le monde que trois doses sont probablement nécessaires pour atteindre une pleine immunité. Cependant, il n’y a aucune indication de Santé Canada ou du CCNI (Comité consultatif national de l’immunisation) de leurs intentions concernant les troisièmes doses. Plusieurs aînés et travailleurs de la santé au Canada ont maintenant largement dépassé 5 mois depuis leur seconde dose de vaccin, le point à partir duquel l’immunité contre la COVID-19 diminue. Les aînés sont particulièrement vulnérables à faire une maladie sévère lors d’infections post-vaccination. Pour plusieurs travailleurs de première ligne, plus de 10 mois se sont écoulés depuis leurs doses et ils tombent d’épuisement en grand nombre; il devient difficile de trouver du personnel pour les unités de soins actifs, les soins intensifs et les urgences. Les maladies graves et les blessures dans ces groupes vont les démoraliser encore plus. Nous profitons au Canada du délai entre l’administration des deux doses de vaccin, ce qui a aidé la population à développer une immunité plus forte et plus durable. Cependant, nous gaspillons cet avantage en repoussant la prise de décision sur les troisièmes doses. Nous reconnaissons l’inégalité de la distribution des vaccins, qui reflète malheureusement l’iniquité mondiale de la richesse et des capacités des états. Nous devons fortifier COVAX à travers l’OMS et nous assurer que le monde entier est vacciné rapidement. C’est un problème qui, on peut l’espérer, sera résolu rapidement grâce à la production massive; 1,5 milliard de doses de vaccin ont été produites rien que ce mois-ci et 6,5 milliards de doses ont déjà été données. L’Inde a atteint 1 milliard de vaccins totaux donnés la semaine dernière, et la Chine a administré 2,2 milliards de doses à sa population à ce jour. Les plus grandes augmentations du nombre de cas à travers le monde présentement sont en Europe de l’Est, où l’hésitation vaccinale est maintenant le facteur prédominant. C’est maintenant le moment pour autoriser les troisièmes doses de vaccin. Parlez avec vos représentants du gouvernement au provincial ou au fédéral, à vos autorités de santé publique, et assurez-vous que nous soyons tous protégés.

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Petition to The Government of Saskatchewan

Urgent: Premier Moe, take action to protect Saskatchewan public

We demand that Premier Scott Moe act immediately upon the recommendations of Saskatchewan’s Medical Health Officers (MHOs) to avoid further negative outcomes in our province. Saskatchewan’s Premier has stated that it would be unfair to the vaccinated in our province to introduce new public health measures that would slow the spread of COVID-19, but as vaccinated citizens, we strongly disagree. In an October 21, 2021 letter, Saskatchewan’s MHOs once again outlined the measures necessary to get this fourth wave of COVID-19 under control. “Without further action,” they write, “it is highly likely that we will face even higher rates of hospitalization in coming weeks and risk health system collapse, as well as many more preventable deaths.”  Every day that Premier Moe and his government do not institute these measures, the people of Saskatchewan face: - increased illness and preventable death; - an unnecessarily prolonged pandemic; and - cancellations of life-saving surgeries, cancer treatments, organ donations, physiotherapy, and other vital medical procedures, directly leading to decreased quality of life. Negative impacts of this wave include the mental and physical tolls suffered by the brave and committed public health professionals in Saskatchewan who carry the unnecessary burden of treating a preventable disease. Each of us has done what we personally can do to improve the outcomes in our province by getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Now it is time for the provincial government to do its part by implementing all the Saskatchewan MHO recommendations.

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Petition to , ,,

Whistler Blackcomb put public safety first, require a vaccine certificate to ski and ride.

Below is a new letter that we would like that you to copy and paste and send to Dr. Henry. Please feel free to make any changes to improve the letter. Their email addresses are:,,     Thank you for your continued support. To:      Dr. Bonnie Henry - Provincial Medical Officer, British Columbia CC:      Adrian Dix - Health Minister, British Columbia CC:      John Horgan - Premier, British Columbia It seems clear that Vail Resorts will not change its policy on vaccine certificates unless it is ordered by the provincial health authority. It is up to you, Dr. Bonnie Henry, to change the policy so that the Covid 19 safety orders are science based and consistent. It is mandatory to show proof of full vaccination to enter gyms, fitness studios, indoor racquet sports, dance classes, bars, restaurants, entertainment and sporting events. Yet it’s not required to get into the tight, poorly ventilated space on a gondola, a ride that can take 25 minutes or longer.. Every winter morning, there’s pressure to upload quickly. Singles skiers take every available space. Physical distancing on gondolas is measured in inches rather than feet. Most skiers will not wear masks because neck tubes and scarves are permitted – because they are often soggy and rarely worn properly over the nose, they offer little protection. Eating and drinking are not permitted but many people remove face coverings to do so. The small windows are often frozen shut, eliminating all ventilation. Contact tracing will be impossible! Long before Covid 19, locals referred to gondolas as “germ buckets”.  With COVID-19, the risk of spreading disease is greatly magnified. At Whistler, our small businesses and most of our jobs depend on Whistler Blackcomb staying open. Last year we wore face coverings in lineups, on lifts, and in gondolas. We rode chairlifts and gondolas only with family members or alone. The mountain still had to close early because of a major Covid19 outbreak. This year, the highly infectious Delta variant has pushed the number of active cases and deaths in the province to a significantly higher level than this time last year. Yet the provincial health authority insists there’s no need for vaccination passports, one of the most effective weapons to fight the pandemic, in ski resort gondolas. Finally, it's just not right to expect the vaccinated, those that have followed health orders, who got their vaccines as soon as they were available, to cram into a small, often unventilated space with the unvaccinated. But we have no choice, that is if we want to spend the day on the mountain with friends and family.

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