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Petition to The Premier of Manitoba and the Minister of Health, Every Canadian

The Right for Disabled of Manitoba to Pee Freely

My 25 year old son was recently disabled due to a diving accident he is now a paraplegic. He was in BC when the accident happened. Persons with disabilities covered him for his medical supplies and his medication. Due to not having enough family support and a place to live that was wheelchair accessible, he moved back to Manitoba. We have found out that his catheters are not covered in Manitoba and that Manitoba residence reuse their catheters.  What is wrong with this program?  Catheters are the most expensive medical supply required and now Manitobans that reuse their catheters are taking a risk that they will have more UTI infections therefore requiring them to pay more money in antibiotic medication. As a human being we all have the right to pee for free. Why is it that BC covered his catheters and Manitoba will not? Are we not all Canadian and why should a disabled person that has had his ability to control his body taken away from him now have to worry financially that they can buy more catheters in order to allow them to pee?  Doesn’t seem right to me?  No matter where you choose to live in order to have more support, you should still have the PRIVILEGE  TO PEE without having pay for it.  Don’t you agree? Sign this petition! When it comes to disability funding and income replacement it should all be the same in all Provinces within Canada. The right decision for a disabled Person is to be where they have the family support, guidance and love they need in order to live a new life. Why does your funding end up giving them a shitty end of the stick if they choose the wrong province?  Help us change things for the disabled and make their funding universal amongst living in Canada.  

Robin Callis
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Petition to Doug Ford, Christine Elliott, Andrea Horwath, Steven Del Duca, Justin Bates, Ontario Pharmacists Association, Ministry of Health, Canadian Pharmacists Association, Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada, Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, Kieran Moore

Stop symptomatic COVID-19 testing at Ontario Pharmacies

Dear Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Health and Long Term Care Christine Elliott, Liberal and NDP opposition leaders, the CEO of the Ontario Pharmacists Association, to all patients that visit our pharmacies, and to the general public: It is urged that symptomatic COVID-19 testing inside retail pharmacies in Ontario be stopped (excludes tests done outdoors). Ontario pharmacists along with the general public have expressed multiple concerns with regards to this proposal. Some commonly cited concerns mentioned by pharmacists and general public in media 1) Sympomatic testing centres are designed in a manner that enables segregation of patients and testers from other people with dedicated PPE, ventilation, separate entrances/exit, most often in an outdoors facility (e.g. drive thru test centres) or in a dedicated, separate building. Most pharmacies do not have such dedicated facilities, which means that enabling testing symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals in the same room provided required sanitation protocol is followed is insufficient and widely subject to differing interpretations. This puts both pharmacy staff, front store staff, and patients at risk. Given the fact that COVID-19 is airborne, concentrating symptomatic people in enclosed, indoor spaces amplifies this risk. These requirements are impractical for most retail pharmacies. See (this CTV news article, Toronto Star article, Global News article and video) 2) Most patients visiting the pharmacy to pick up medications are already ill; some of which are on immunosuppressants or have children too young to be vaccinated or are at higher risk of severe COVID-19 (e.g. comorbidities such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, etc). Combined with the lack of infrastructure in most pharmacies, allowing symptomatic individuals to enter would put these patients at risk. 3) Lack of transparency in decision making: According to this, there is a lack of input as pharmacists were not sent a survey nor feedback about any concerns they have. This also extends to patients who frequent pharmacies. Both patients and pharmacists are relevant stakeholders that need to voice their opinions and concerns. An online sample of 600 respondents claiming support of COVID-19 testing is susceptible to non-respondent bias and not representative. 4) De facto lack of opt out options: As reported in the media, which independently verifies claims. Selected quotes: "But multiple staff members at Shoppers Drug Mart, speaking to CP24 on condition of anonymity, said it is does not appear to them that their participation in the program is voluntary, and they continue to have serious concerns about their safety and the safety of their customers." "One person involved in management operations at a GTA Shoppers Drug Mart told CP24 they fear their franchise agreement with the Loblaws-owned chain of drug stores would be terminated if they refused to conduct symptomatic testing inside the store." "The pharmacist who shared the memo, and is not authorized to speak publicly, told Global News in an email that the change is “inappropriate and dangerous” because it allows people with symptoms to enter a pharmacy where there are seniors, people with medical conditions and young children unable to wear masks." (CP24, November 18, 2021) (Global News, November 16, 2021) Some pharmacists choose to conduct symptomatic testing outdoors after discussing with their staff and this is okay and we should respect their decision. The most important aspect is to respect professional autonomy and not to penalize those who do not; similar to how some pharmacies conduct asympatomatic testings, others do PCR tests for travel but are not penalized. 5) Contradicts legal requirement that one must self isolate if showing COVID-19 symptoms or is a close contact and are not allowed to enter work, public places, or school. Since pharmacies are public places unlike testing centres, this would contradict the legal requirement of patients needing to self-isolate. Therefore, moving it to outdoors is the realistic option. Importance of this issue: Pharmacies have evolved a lot in the past decade. It is an integral part of our lives. More than just a place where your parents, friends, and family pick up medications, it is a place where they vaccinate, where pharmacists answer healthcare related questions, and where pharmacists truly adovcate for the patients. Patients in return respect and trust pharmacists as mentioned by their high levels of trust and respect they give. Exposing patients to COVID-19 through symptomatic COVID-19 testing would endanger this trust and harm our efforts in reducing spread of COVID-19. Let's keep the pharmacy a safe place for patients.  It is urged that the government stop this plan and reconsider alternatives. Accessibility is an issue but it should be implemented that does not endanger patients and compromise staff safety. Alternatives should be discussed. For example, pharmacies could help deliver test kits to those self-isolating at home and allow the test specimens to be dropped off at the pharmacy to be delivered to the laboratory to improve accessibility without compromising safety for staff and patients. Thousands of pharmacists are affected by this policy change. Please help address this issue in a timely manner and support both us and our patients by signing this petition. November 27/2021 update: Edited for clarity as this is meant to oppose specifically indoors testing inside a pharmacy and excludes outdoors testing.

William Nguyen
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Petition to Alex Morrison, Honourable Jill Balser,

Save the Fundy YMCA

Effective Friday, December 3rd all exercise and fitness activities will cease at the Fundy YMCA. This closure comes after a bitter struggle by the YMCA to stay afloat after being abruptly evicted from the Basinview Center in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, earlier in the year. The Fundy YMCA holds a special place in the hearts of many, it has been in our communities for nearly 10 years and has contributed to both the vibrancy and wellness of the people it has served. It is, therefore, unacceptable to lose such a vital community centre. We demand immediate and thorough efforts by the municipality of the County of Annapolis as well as the provincial and federal government to restore the Fundy YMCA. Since the eviction from the Basinview Center, the Fundy YMCA has demonstrated how dedicated it is to the people of Nova Scotia. It has been operating from a temporary location in the Atlantis building on Cornwallis Park, providing kids day camps and limited fitness activities. Despite most fitness classes being sold out, the strict building capacity has hindered their ability to expand. With ongoing losses and no prospect to change, the decision to close was made. The Fundy YMCA has been here for nearly a decade, supporting our children during summer camps, keeping our elders strong, and helping us stay healthy and sane during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now we have to be there for them and ensure this facility and all the benefits it provides stays where it belongs.

Chad Simmons
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Petition to The Canadian Government needs to reinstate coverage for Sodium Cromoglycate

Stop The Canadian Government From Delisting A Life Saving Medication, Many Will Die

PMS Sodium-Cromoglycate is a life-saving, life sustaining medication for many.    The Canadian government has suddenly removed the drug from medications that they will cover.    Why?   The price of the drug increased 472%.    It's a cost that many families can't cover.    For those who are seriously ill, like my daughter, they need this medication to live.     We always hear about the great health care  that Canada offers, but the government has arbitrarily decided to stop coverage for a medication that is saving lives.    Many Canadians will be dying a horrific and painful death due to their recent decision to pull their coverage for this medication.   How can this be justified? My daughter needs this medication (pictured above).    At the age of 12, she became very ill after contracting the  H1N1 virus.      She has several autoimmune disorders, it is Mast Cell that most requires this medication.   In her case, she is reacting to so much....including the food she eats.    The easiest way to describe it is that this medication seems to quiet down her body.     She can breathe better, her food reactions are less.   My daughter has only been on this medication for about a year now and in that short of a time there have been problems.   Supply issues.    ODSP only covered it in one form  so those in need often didn't know about it. Remember when American diabetics started coming to Canada for their insulin, due to significant price increases?   Admit it, we Canadians thought it could never happen here.   But it is!   And we need to do something about this now.     This is a medical crisis, please sign this petition.    So many Canadians need our help.   My daughter needs this help. City News just did an expose on this issue.   The link isn't working here.....but their article (plus video) is called "Urgent pleas after life-saving medication costs skyrocket, Ontario drug coverage removed".    So you should be able to view it if you google the title.       

Denise Fernandez
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