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Petition to DHC , Yoshiaki Yoshida, DHC Corp, Target,, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, los angeles times, Time Magazine, The new yorker, New York Post, New York Times, Jezebel , splinter , Jeff Bezos


Do you want your business to endorse or sell products that will eventually fund  public broadcasting of hate speeches against women and various ethnic groups?  How would your customers feel about your business if you are distributing products from such a company? Would you as a consumer purchase products from a company if you knew your money will be funding hate speeches?  What do you think about a company whose CEO/Founder had famously said all women are breeders, worthless once pregnant?  Would you mind if you knew that company is sponsored by a Nazi doctor who had been kicked out of the American Academy of Cosmetics Surgery?  What if that Nazi doctor is a mouth piece for the company?  That company is DHC and ironically, the company sells primarily skincare products around the globe.  However in Japan, they have a broadcasting arm that promotes racism and hatred against other asian neighbors.  DHC broadcasting also had maintained a close connection with a known anti-Semite Dr. Takasu who had been expelled from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.  The rise of Asian Neo Nazi movements in recent years is not just an unfortunate coincidence. The CEO also had claimed in the past that women are breeders that are useless once pregnant. List of people/animals they have offended and attacked so far:  Women: Useless once pregnant.  (49.6% of total world population) Indigenous Okinawans: They are foreign spies.  WW2 Victims of Sexual Slavery "Comfort Women"  Zainichi Koreans: Leave the country where they were born and raised in. Koreans: Insulted the whole nation on many historically sensitive issues.  Chinese: Nanjing Massacre never took place. Americans and WW2 Allies: Japan fought them to liberate Asia from imperial Western power. WW2 Holocaust Victims: Featuring holocaust denier on the panel. Liberal Japanese citizens: Traitors and Anti-Japanese. Japanese Media Outlets that do not share ultra nationalistic views. BTS (The most popular group in the world with the most fans) Animal: They test on animals. Until the company makes a formal apology and remove offensive contents from its broadcasting channel, the distributors and consumers should demand the products to be removed from the shelves. THIS IS NOT A FORUM FOR JAPAN BASHING. THE INITIAL SUPPORTERS WHO HELPED THIS CAMPAIGN GOING ARE MOSTLY JAPANESE FRIENDS.  PLEASE DO NOT POST ANTI-JAPANESE COMMENTS. WE ARE PROTESTING AGAINST RACISM / FASCISM / MISOGYNY IN SOLIDARITY.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE PARTICIPATING. Please email me If you have any further evidences of DHC Broadcasting, their invited panel members or hosts promoting hate speech.  The email address is: ז  פִּי-כְסִיל, מְחִתָּה-לוֹ;    וּשְׂפָתָיו, מוֹקֵשׁ נַפְשׁוֹ.  愚か者はすぐにけんかをします。愚か者の口は破滅のもとで、いつも危ない橋を渡ります。

Youn J. Baek
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Petition to My American Brethren

Hate Speech Is NOT Free Speech

The public hate speech of white supremists and public showing of their garb and symbols and active recruitment of this vile and disgraceful hate group should be completely and immediately banned forever from our country. Their hate speech is inciting and endorsing of actions of hate that have already been clearly deemed as and are decidedly unacceptable and in fact unlawful in our country.Hate speech of white supremist insists that no other race of people should be considered or respected except the white race.That concept alone is contrary and offensive at best to our Constitution as slavery was.Anyone can believe what they want and we can disagree on a multitude of things but the implication that any one group of Americans are somehow more or less deserving of the provisions of humanity and equality promised in our Constitution to every American simply because of their gender, race, creed, color, nationality or lifestyle preference is a dialogue and discussion completely unfitting among our nations People. There should BE no question of that.Their active recruiting should be halted. The hideous presence of KKK in parades where The People gather to celebrate and share in celebration and goodwill is completely unfitting, as their presence is a reminder of nothing but hatred, division and mass murder. I do not know what to do about the clear and present influence of these hate values in our government but I believe The People of this country are ready to be rid of this thorn of division and hatred in our nations side that has contaminated the spirit of freedom and humanity among us for way too long.I hope you share my vision of a country where people don’t have to remind each other that their lives matter, where that essential and basic fact is completely understood as it should be..Thank you,Nellie Bracho

Nellie Bracho
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Petition to Joyce Craig, Christopher Herbert

Call for the City of Manchester to cancel its agreement with SMG for arena management

In November 2001, SMG assumed management of the recently completed facility then known as the Manchester Civic Arena. The arena was built with funds from the taxpayers of the City of Manchester. In 2010, the City of Manchester under Mayor Theodore L. Gatsas extended the existing agreement with SMG to provide management services of the then named Verizon Wireless Arena, now the SNHU Arena. Since the extension of the agreement in 2010, SMG has failed in its obligation to adequately manage the arena. Due to mismanagement by SMG and falling attendance the Monarchs were forced to cease operations in 2019. SMG has failed to consistently book other entertainment acts that would drive downtown business. As a further insult to the city, on August 15, 2019 SMG booked a rally for Donald Trump to deliver a message filled with hate, bigotry, and xenophobia. This event also placed further financial burden on the city requiring it to provide adequate security detail for the president and the closure of several main thoroughfares in the city. The closure of heavily trafficked roads caused a severe disruption to businesses in the city. We the people of Manchester, New Hampshire signing this petition feel it is improper for a taxpayer paid facility to be used for a politically partisan event that is filled with a message that is anti-immigrant and anti-inclusive. It is an insult to hold such an event in a city that has a proud heritage of being built by immigrants from all nations and to this day proudly serves as a haven for refugees from all nations. We, the undersigned, strongly urge Mayor Joyce Craig and the board of aldermen to review and rescind its agreement with SMG and find another more suitable company to successfully manage the city's arena to the benefit and enjoyment of all of Manchester's citizens. 

Michael Alber
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