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Petition to West Ohio Conference

Allies who support Reverend David Meredith and in protest of hate acts against him

In late April, a thief—or thieves—broke into the office of Reverend David Meredith, pastor of Clifton United Methodist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Tellingly, they did not steal a laptop sitting in the open nor did they steal valuable pieces of antique silver belonging to the church.  Instead, they stole two pieces of paper. The stolen documents included the pastor’s diploma from Saint Paul School of Theology, and his ordination certificate.  The thieves wanted to tell the pastor, his congregation, the United Methodist Church, and the rest of the world that a gay pastor, married to his beloved partner of 30 years, is not welcome.  By extension, neither are LGBTQ persons welcome.   This was not just vandalism or theft. This was a message of hate.  If we say nothing, do nothing, then we are complicit in the pain of the vulnerable. We know that we must do everything in our power, regardless of the price, to call out hate and lift up love. Therefore, we write these words in unity, though our backgrounds, faiths, and communities are diverse: ·      We emphatically decry the targeted hate act against Reverend Meredith and the Clifton United Methodist Church.·      We cry out for justice, hoping that the thieves and those who have publicly denounced Reverend Meredith, will experience a change in heart and come forward in love. ·      We honor with loving affirmation that all humans are created equal.·      We applaud the righteous strength of Reverend Meredith to pioneer the transformation of grace that our world so desperately needs.·      We rejoice in the loving and legal marriage of David and Jim.  As allies of Reverend David Meredith, members and friends of Clifton United Methodist, and believers in the beauty of truly inclusive community, we sign our names below as a testimony that love is always stronger than hate.

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Petition to President of India

St. Stephen's College Alumni Condemn Chapel Vandalism

We, the alumni of St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi are writing to condemn the act of vandalism discovered on the college chapel on Friday May 4, 2018, where the chapel door was defaced with the words “Mandir Yahin Banega,” and the cross graffitied with “I’m Going to Hell.” We demand a police case be registered, appropriate investigation conducted, and the perpetrators be swiftly booked. The hate crime was clearly an attempt to disrupt college functioning and polarize the population of Delhi University just weeks ahead of university exams. We ask that the college and university administrations act speedily and surely in quelling any attempts at communalizing the campus. Further, we recognize this as part of a larger national pattern of the last four years to destabilize higher education, and attack undergraduate and graduate institutions across the country. We refuse to stand by as democratic principles, enshrined in our constitution, are systematically dismantled. St. Stephen’s College has an exemplary record of producing leaders, innovators and change makers in every field in India and abroad. We, the alumni, are grateful to our alma mater for promoting the values of critical thinking and responsible citizenship in all of us, and take these values to our various roles across the globe. We reject the agenda of hate that such an attack on the college chapel represents. We will not let it divide us on ideological grounds. We also commit ourselves to being vigilant against future provocations, and holding those who make them accountable.   Sincerely, Alumni of St. Stephen’s College 

Shayoni Mitra
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Petition to Department of Education

Recognize Jews as a minority on college campuses and put an end to hate crimes

Hate crimes against Jewish people on school campuses have risen 106% so far this year alone and have shown consistent growth over the last decade. Students have been beaten, threatened, Nazi propaganda graphiti painted on the walls and prevented from hosting peaceful events. Jewish people only make up 2% of the US population but people forget what a small minority they are because of popular conspiracy theories, Hollywood portrayals and a few bad apples in the media. For comparison, black people make up 12% of the population. Much of the anger stems from anti-Israel sentiments which should be regarded as an entirely separate issue. The safety of your Jewish dorm mate should not be contingent on whether you support Israel. The truth is that Jews are the minority of minorities and have been abused repeatedly throughout history often times serving as the canary in the coal mines prior to a much greater genocide. Let's all stand together to put an end to these hate crimes and recognize Jewish people in the same coalitions that we use to protect other minorities. This petition serves as notice to the education world that Jewish people deserve the same rights as everyone else. We are an organization that is seeking to end inequality through partnering with many excellent programs to provide jobs and other resources needed by those who have suffered at the hands of injustice. You can help us tackle this difficult social issue by signing this petition and showing that there is momentum behind this ideal. We will use this momentum to work with out partner institutions to create a safer environment on campuses for everyone.

War Against Racism
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