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Petition to President SLRWA . Sushant Lok 1 Gurgugram, Registrar Of societies Gurugram. Goverment of Haryana. India, CMO Government of Haryana, Chief minister of Haryana. government of India, RAO NARBIR SINGH JI, REGISTRAR OF SOCITIES GURUGRAM

SLRWA membership to all residents

DEAR RESIDENTS, It has come to light recently that our SLRWA Executive Committee has been selective in enrolling residents for RWA membership and are resorting to pick & choose in approving/rejecting applications. Some of the residents are rejected arbitrarily despite  clearing the eligibility criteria. In this regard, we would like to bring to your notice some key facts and request for signing the petition so that we as residents community get right to vote for a candidate for RWA elections. Sushant Lok 1 consists of 6000 independent houses Approx 1600 residents are currently enrolled for SLRWA membership. Fees for enrollment kept by SLRWA is Rs 2000 which is quite high for this size of the township. The membership process is quite tedious and not communicated to residents clearly. The selection process for enrolling members is retained by only few selective Executive committee members and not validated by the collegium (30 wards & 30 collegium members). On the ground, there hasn't been any work for the improvement of colony delivered by SLRWA. Rather residents are doing their own maintenance and struggling to get basics in place. In view of the above, could you please help us signing this petition I fully support this petition. SLRWA can't reject the application of the bonafide owner of property in Sushant Lok 1 who meets the eligibility requirement as per constitution in place.    Please Sign this Petition.

Residents of Sushant Lok 1 Gurugram
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Petition to Shri M L Khattar, Chairman - Haryana Pollution Control Board, T.L. Satyaprakash

Dust control in Gurugram

To, Shri M L Khattar, Chief Minister of Haryana Chairman, Haryana State Pollution Control Board Shri T L Satyaprakash, Deputy Commissioner, Gurugram Dear Sirs - We citizens of the great city of Gurugram suffer every day due to huge amount of construction related dust in our city. It will not be exaggeration if we say that ALL BUILDERS (including Government agencies working on city infrastructure) are breaking stringent green laws. Through their criminal conduct, they have managed to create a situation where severe dust in the air we breathe has become a norm and citizens have gotten used to this situation. I hope you elected leaders and bureaucrats of the state realize that your inaction to control this menace and your inability to ruthlessly implement existing Green Laws in the city of Gurugram is causing grave damage to the health of our children and the future of this country. Many of us have tried to get your attention for specific pollution problems in our communities by formally filing complaints and grievances to you, but you have not cared to respond to those at all. Ironically, Gurugram residents contribute to highest tax in state of Haryana and this is what we get in return. We the citizens of Gurugram refuse to accept status quo on this issue and demand that Government of Haryana... take immediate steps to implement existing Green Laws  take extremely stringent action against builders / construction companies who are violating these laws - set examples to put fear of law in builder community use vacuum cleaners to clean our city plant trees and grass along road sides and public places all across the city to reduce silt and dust provide an online forum for citizens to report pollution related issues with accountability of a senior cabinet minister and bureaucrat to close every issue to the satisfaction of citizen raising the complaint Save the future of our children, they do not deserve this. This problem can be solved easily - all it needs is commitment of leaders and bureaucrats of our state. Hoping for positive results soon. Citizens of Gurugram

Kush Kochgaway
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