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Petition to Minneapolis City Council,

Protect Equal Adult Access to Tobacco Harm Reduction in Minneapolis!

Tobacco 21 (T21), aims to raise the age to purchase tobacco and vapor products to 21. In doing so, it defies state ruled Age of Majority and unfairly discriminates against a segregated group of adult citizens- who are otherwise expected to bear the same liabilities and legal obligations as older adults- by removing their right to freedom of choice and equality. History has shown us repeatedly that social engineered, arbitrary prohibitive measures are extremely ineffective in addressing substance use and inevitably backfire by laying groundwork for black market and increasing youth access, increasing use rates through psychological reactance, and adding to overall diffidence toward the law. Additionally, T21 would prevent adult access to tobacco harm reduction (THR) through smoke-free vapor products- a proven 95-percent safer alternative to smoking. As a result, smokers who begin before age 18 will remain tethered to cigarettes for an additional 3 years, causing unnecessary harm to their health. Likewise, young adults who have already quit smoking via vaping would be sent back to smoking, as cigarettes are far easier to obtain under this policy. T21 is a risky policy rooted in hypothetical speculation. No empirical data exists to support claims of effectiveness. Youth and adult smoking rates are already at record lows and have been steadily declining for years. To tamper with this progress is imprudent. We urge Mayor Frey and Council Members to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, per sworn oath, by protecting and upholding the individual freedoms and autonomy of all citizens equally. Please help keep our smoking rates on the decline and protect adult access to THR by opposing Tobacco 21 laws in Minneapolis, MN.

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Petition to MICHELE MARTINEZ, Vicente Sarmiento, David Benavides, Jose Solorio, Juan Villegas, Sal Tinajero

Santa Ana Supports the Orange County Needle Exchange Program (OCNEP)

Dear City Officials, I am writing in strong support of the Orange County Needle Exchange Program (OCNEP), which is working to prevent the transmission of HIV & Hepatitis C by exchanging clean needles from used ones while also referring folks suffering from addiction to recovery services. Syringe exchange programs help our community by providing a safe space to dispose of used needles. In San Diego, a study showed that police officers had 75% fewer needlestick injuries after their needle exchanged opened. One of the main concerns that some of my neighbors have about OCNEP includes needle litter. Before OCNEP opened in February of 2016 injection drug users in Santa Ana had no other place to safely dispose of their needles. There are only 4 facilities to dispose of needles in Orange County and Santa Ana does not have one. OCNEP volunteers are aware that needle litter has been found in different locations across the Civic Center and have taken a number of steps to ameliorate this situation: 1. Every weekend OCNEP volunteers do a clean sweep at the Civic Center to pick up any discarded needles. Most of the time they only find syringes (without needle tips) and needle caps.2. Starting October 7th, 2017 OCNEP implemented a 200 syringe cap. Participants can safely dispose of as many used needles as they would like but will only receive up to 200 in return. E.g. If someone is disposing of needles for some of their friends and bringing 250 they will only receive up to 200.2a. This has lead to an increase in the ratio of needles recovered vs. those given out. During this time more participants are coming to the exchange, which leads to opportunities to connect them with other services including housing, health care, and substance use recovery services.3. OCNEP was contacted by a local school asking for help with needle litter. Volunteers met with school officials and helped with cleaning up the school grounds. They continue working with the school to make sure they have the help they need to keep our children safe.4. OCNEP has also been contacted by a local landscaping firm that had been finding needles during their normal business before OCNEP even existed. OCNEP now meets with and picks up the needles that this firm finds for free. Another common complaint is that OCNEP supporters don’t live in Santa Ana. This is simply not the case and it distracts from the good work that OCNEP does on a weekly basis.  A recent petition that OCNEP created gathered over 600 signatures from over 100 zip codes, with 95 signatures from 6 Santa Ana zip codes.   Opponents of OCNEP also complain that the program only operates in Santa Ana. OCNEP welcomes any collaboration to expand harm reduction services across the county in the midst of an unprecedented opioid crisis. OCNEP has and continues to seek more funding and local support in order to have mobile services and travel across Orange County during more hours and days. Our local community and officials should be working with OCNEP to spread their services instead of focusing on how to prevent a life-saving cost-effective public health intervention from existing. Santa Ana has the second highest rate of overdose due to opioids (like heroin) and its rate of new HIV infection diagnoses in 2013 was 2.5 times higher than the remainder of the county. The proportion of new HIV infection diagnoses attributable to injection drug use is also higher in Santa Ana than in the rest of the county (20.2% versus 12% respectively) and substantially higher than the rest of the nation. Against this backdrop it is important to emphasize: OCNEP and their partners are saving people’s lives. OCNEP works with Solace Foundation to provide the life-saving medication naloxone to reverse overdoses due to opioids. Together, they have distributed over 4,000 naloxone kits, which, in the hands of exchange clients, has led to the reversal of over 1,300 overdoses since February 2016! Another complaint is that OCNEP has not worked to show that the rates of HIV & Hepatitis C have decreased since beginning operations in February 2016. Again, this is a false accusation. OCNEP works with the AIDS Service Foundation of Orange County to provide HIV & Hepatitis C testing on site. They have tested over 200 people in 2017 alone and link every person with a positive result with appropriate and timely care. OCNEP continues to work with local healthcare agencies to determine the impact they’ve had in decreasing the rate of blood-borne disease transmission. It is worth bearing in mind that decades of peer-reviewed research shows that needle exchange programs lower the rate of infectious disease transmission, not only by providing clean injection supplies but also by providing condoms and other safe-sex items. In summary, it would be a grave mistake for Santa Ana to shut down the Orange County Needle Exchange Program. To do so would be to sacrifice public health in the name of political expediency. As the opioid epidemic continues to ravage my county and more than 140 people die every day across the United States due to an opioid-related overdose, Santa Ana should be compassionate and intelligent and help our neighbors suffering from addiction. They are someone’s child; someone’s sister or brother; another person’s partner. One life lost due to this epidemic is one too many. I hope that you will support the re-certification of OCNEP and help Santa Ana continue to lead Orange County in providing services to our most vulnerable residents. Sincerely, Brianna Patti, Santa Ana resident

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Petition to Ministry of Health and the Government of the Republic оf Macedonia

A petition for supporting Harm Reduction Programs and HIV prevention in Macedonia.

  Sign up the petition! Потпиши ја петицијата! Nënshkruaju! Поддржи ја петицијата која е повик до Министерството за здравство и до Владата на Република Македонија за обезбедување финансиски средства и продолжување на  програмите кои работат на превенција на ХИВ и намалување на штети од употреба на дроги! Спаси животи!  Петиција за подршка на програмите за намалување на штети од употреба на дроги и превенција на ХИВ  во Македонија. Понатамошниот опстанок на програмите за намалување на штети од употреба на дроги и превенција на ХИВ е неизвесен. Досегашната финансиска поддршка на Република Македонија од Глобалниот фонд за борба против СИДА, туберкулоза и маларија завршува во јуни 2017 година, со што над 10.000 луѓе кои употребуваат дроги како и членовите на нивните семејства ќе останат без соодветна социјална и здравствена заштита. Благодарение на програмите за намалување на штети, во последниве десет години во Македонија се евидентирани само два нови случаи на ХИВ како резултат на инјектирање дроги, а помалку од 5% од вкупно 315 регистрирани случаи со ХИВ биле луѓе кои инјектираат дроги. Овие бројки се далеку помали за разлика од соседните земји. Македонија може да се пофали со најниска стапка на ХИВ во Југоисточна Европа но доколку не се одржат овие програми постои ризик од појава на епидемија на ХИВ, како резултат на интеракција со епидемиите во соседните земји и на можноста за зголемување на ризичното  однесување.  . Во Македонија има 17 програми за намалување на штети (4 во Скопје и по една во други 13 градови). Овие програми се ефикасни и финансиски исплатливи. Според пресметките, трошокот за еден клиент во програмите за намалување штети изнесува приближно 155 евра годишно. Наспроти ова, трошокот само за лекови за еден пациент заболен од хепатит Ц изнесува и до 13.194 евра, а ненавременото и несоодветно лекување на хепатит Ц предизвикува цироза и рак на црниот дроб, чие лекување чини повеќе од 30.000 евра по пациент. Дополнително, трошоците за лекување ХИВ и хепатит Ц финансиски ги исцрпуваат семејствата на луѓето кои имаат потреба да се лекуваат, а со тоа понатаму се мултиплицираат непожелните трошоци и се нарушува целокупната општествена благосостојба. Затоа, ние потписниците на оваа петиција бараме од Министерството за здравство и Владата на Република Македонија: - Донесување на итно решение за користење на средствата од програмата за ХИВ и преостанатите средства од Глобалниот фонд за клучните програми ширум земјата и со тоа да се обезбеди континуирана помош за граѓаните и за превенцијата на ХИВ. - Да се воспостави соработка помеѓу Министерството за здравство и граѓанскиот сектор и останатите засегнати страни за донесување на соодветни закони или подзаконски акти и мерки кои ќе гарантираат транспарентност, соодветна експертиза и долгорочна одржливост и развој на програмите за превенција на ХИВ. ____________________________________________________________  Nënshkruaju! Mbështet peticionin, që i bën thirrje Ministrisë së shëndetësisë dhe Qeverisë së Republikës së Maqedonisë për sigurim të mjeteve financiare dhe vazhdim të programeve, të cilat merren me parandalimin e HIV-it dhe zvogëlimin e dëmeve nga përdorimi i drogave!  Shpëto jetë! Peticioni për mbështetje të programeve për zvogëlim të dëmeve nga përdorimi i drogave dhe parandalim të HIV-it në Maqedoni.  Funksionimi i mëtejmë i programeve për zvogëlim të dëmeve nga përdorimi i drogave dhe parandalimi i HIV-it është vënë në pikëpyetje. Mbështetja e deritanishme financiare e Republikës së Maqedonisë nga Fondi global për luftë kundër SIDA-s, tuberkulozit dhe malaries përfundon në korrik të vitit 2017, me çka mbi 10.000 persona që përdorin drogë dhe anëtarët e familjeve të tyre do të ngelin pa mbrojtje përkatëse sociale dhe shëndetësore. Falë programeve për reduktim të dëmeve, në dhjetë vitet e fundit në Maqedoni janë evidentuar vetëm dy raste të reja të HIV-it, si rezultat i injektimit të drogave, ndërsa më pak se 5% nga gjithsej 315 rastet e të regjistruarve me HIV kanë qenë persona, të cilët injektojnë droga. Këto shifra janë shumë më të vogla në raport me shtetet fqinje. Maqedonia mund të krenohet me shkallën më të ulët të HIV-it në Evropën Juglindore, mirëpo nëse nuk vazhdohen këto programe ekziston rreziku i përhapjes së epidemisë së HIV-it, si rezultat i interaksionit me epidemitë në vendet fqinje dhe mundësisë për rritje të sjelljes së rrezikshme. Në Maqedoni ekzistojnë 17 programe për zvogëlim të dëmeve (4 në Shkup dhe nga një në 13 qytete tjera). Këto programe janë efikase dhe me kosto efektive financiare. Sipas përllogaritjeve, përafërsisht shpenzimi për një klient në programet për reduktim të dëmeve kushton 155 euro në vit. Nga ana tjetër shpenzimet vetëm për barëra për një pacient të sëmurë me hepatit C kushtojnë edhe deri në 13.194 euro, ndërsa mjekimi joadekuat dhe në kohë jo të duhur i hepatiti C shkakton cirrozë dhe kancer në mëlçi, me çka mjekimi në rastet e tilla kushton më shumë se 30.000 euro për një pacient. Po ashtu shpenzimet për mjekim të HIV-it dhe hepatitit C paraqesin ngarkesë shumë të rëndë financiare për familjet e personave, të cilët kanë nevojë të mjekohen, andaj edhe më tej shumëfishohen shpenzimet e padëshiruara dhe çrregullohet mirëqenia e përgjithshme shoqërore. Për këtë arsye, ne nënshkruesit e këtij peticioni kërkojmë nga Ministria e shëndetësisë dhe Qeveria e Republikës së Maqedonisë: - të miratojë vendim të menjëhershme për shfrytëzim të mjeteve nga programet për HIV dhe mjetet e ngela nga Fondi global për programet kryesore anekënd vendit, në mënyrë që të sigurohet ndihmë e vazhdueshme për qytetarët dhe për parandalim të HIV-it; - të krijojë bashkëpunim ndërmjet Ministrisë së shëndetësisë, sektorit civil dhe palëve tjera përkatëse për miratim të ligjeve përkatëse, akteve nënligjore dhe masave adekuate, të cilat do të garantojnë transparencë, ekspertizë përkatëse, qëndrueshmëri afatgjate dhe zhvillim të programeve për parandalim të HIV-it. _________________________________________________________  Sign up! Support the petition which is a call for the Ministry of Health and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia to provide funding and continuing the HIV prevention and harm reduction programs! Save lives!  A petition for supporting Harm Reduction Programs and HIV prevention in Republic of Macedonia. Further survival of harm reduction programs and HIV prevention is uncertain. The current financial support of the Republic of Macedonia from the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria ends in June 2017, which will result with over 10,000 people who use drugs as well as their family members without proper social and health care. Thanks to harm reduction programs, only two new HIV cases have been recorded in Macedonia in the last ten years as a result of drugs injecting, and less than 5% of 315 registered cases of HIV were people who inject drugs. These figures are far smaller than the neighboring countries. Macedonia can boast with the lowest HIV rate in Southeast Europe, but if these programs are not implemented, there is a risk of HIV epidemics as a result of interaction with the epidemics in neighboring countries and the possibility of increasing risk behaviors. There are 17 harm reduction programs in Macedonia (4 in Skopje and one program in 13 different cities). These programs are efficient and financially worthwhile. According to the research analyses, the cost for one client in harm reduction programs is approximately 155 € per year. In contrast, the cost only for medicines for a patient with hepatitis C is up to 13.194 €, and the untimely and inappropriate treatment of hepatitis C causes cirrhosis and liver cancer, whose treatment costs more than 30.000 € per patient. Additionally, the costs of treating HIV and hepatitis C financially exhaust the families of people in need of treatment, thereby further multiplying undesirable costs and disrupting overall social well-being. Therefore, we (the signatories of this petition) are looking from the Ministry of Health and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, to:                - Adopt an urgent solution for using funds from the HIV program and the remaining funds from the Global Fund for key programs across the country, which will ensure continued assistance to citizens and the prevention of HIV.                - Establish cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the civil society and other stakeholders for adoption of appropriate laws or by-laws and measures that will guarantee transparency, adequate expertise and long-term sustainability and development of HIV prevention programs.                      

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