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Petition to Irish Health Service, Health Service Official, Mr. Simon Harris, Minister for Health, Ballina Training Centre

Stop Health Service cruel hare coursing project!

This petition calls on Ireland’s National Health Service to please END a shameful project involving people with severe intellectual disabilities in HARE COURSING! The project is underway at a training centre in Ballina, Co Mayo, Ireland. The centre provides therapeutic programmes and services for people with intellectual disabilities. In the recent “Mayo Mental Health News" newsletter, the cruel blood sport was described as “the interesting new pastime offered by the Centre.” The project involves both helping to train greyhounds for hare coursing AND encouraging patients to attend and support hare coursing events. The Health Service Executive (HSE), which funds and runs the Ballina Training Centre, has confirmed that the service has been supporting the activity for clients. A local politician, Councilor Gerry Ginty has spoken out strongly against the HSE funded centre's facilitation of coursing, saying "it’s regrettable that this would be considered an appropriate past-time for service users" and expressed support for a ban on the blood sport. It is shocking beyond words that Ireland’s Health Service is condoning and facilitating a project that promotes one of the cruelest blood sports in the world. Most civilized human beings would recoil in horror from the idea of bringing vulnerable people to live coursing events, where hares are mauled; get tossed about like rag dolls, and have their bones crushed- and greyhounds also suffer appalling injuries. Please sign this petition and let the Irish Health Service know that this CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE. (Tony O’Brien, Director General of the Health Service, can be contacted by phone at 00 353 1 635 2000) ·         Here is footage from hare coursing fixtures held in the present season: This is the kind of activity the HSE thinks is an appropriate experience for people with serious intellectual disabilities:  

John Fitzgerald
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Petition to Sinn Fein, Martina Anderson, MEP, Matt Carthy, MEP, Lynn Boylan, MEP, Martin Ferris, TD, Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin, TD, Dessie Ellis, TD, Peadar Tóibín, TD, Pearse Doherty, TD, Pádraig MacLochlainn, TD, Mary Lou McDonald, TD, Jonathan O'Brien, TD, Brian Stanley, TD, Aengus Ó Snodaigh, TD, Sean Crowe, TD, Gerry Adams, TD, Liadh Ní Riada, MEP

Sinn Fein: Support a ban on cruel hare coursing

The Sinn Fein party, while it has opposed stag hunting in Ireland and backed an anti-bullfighting motion in the European Parliament, has a policy of supporting cruel hare coursing. Despite the suffering, injury and death caused to Irish hares and the fact that many party representatives are in favour of a ban, Sinn Fein's current stance is that they "oppose an outright ban". Please sign and share this petition and urge the party to change its policy and come out strongly in favour of a ban on hare coursing. Hare coursing is illegal in most countries, including England, Scotland, Wales and also in Northern Ireland. It continues in the Republic of Ireland, even though the vast majority of citizens want it outlawed. In coursing, hares are forcefully netted from the countryside, kept in captivity for weeks or months and eventually forced to run for their lives in front of pairs of greyhounds. Using live animals as bait for dogs would normally be a serious offence of animal cruelty but the government has provided immunity from prosecution for those involved by inserting an exemption for coursing into animal welfare legislation. Witness the cruelty of hare coursing at See latest video footage showing hares hit and mauled

Irish Council Against Blood Sports ICABS
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Petition to Order of Malta HQ, Order of Malta - Chancellery, Order of Malta - Sub-priory, , Order of Malta Clonmel

Order of Malta - Stop attending cruel hare coursing festival

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has renewed an appeal to voluntary first-aid organisation, Order of Malta, to show compassion for Irish wildlife and stop attending a hare coursing cruelty festival. The Order of Malta has a presence at the coursing finals in Clonmel to provide first aid to those getting their kicks from watching hares running for their lives. A posting on the Order of Malta's Facebook page shows the group's First Aid Station at the Powerstown Park venue alongside the message "Good week of duty over in Clonmel, with coursing and races". The Order of Malta says it has nearly 4,000 members "volunteering their time to provide first-aid medical services at community and large national events". In an email to the Order of Malta's Dublin headquarters, ICABS praised the organisation's valuable work across the country but pointed out that volunteering at an animal cruelty event at which defenceless animals are forced to run for their lives is surely contrary to the Order of Malta's ethos of compassion and alleviating suffering. "The coursing meeting in Clonmel is the culmination of a season of animal cruelty," we stated in our letter. We brought to their attention photographs taken at Clonmel which show hares desperately running for their lives in front of greyhounds. "Every coursing season, hares are hit and mauled, resulting in painful injuries and deaths," we added. "Injuries include bruises, broken bones and dislocated hips. This is not the type of activity the Order of Malta should be associating with." ACTION ALERT Please join us in urging the Order of Malta to stop providing volunteers to the national hare coursing meeting in Clonmel. Order of Malta Ireland,St John's House,32 Clyde Road,Ballsbridge, Dublin 4Tel: 01-6430000Email:,,,, Tweet to @orderofmalta @OrderofMaltaIRL

Irish Council Against Blood Sports ICABS
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