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Make our Country Safe Again- Ban Assault Weapons

I am writing as an enraged mother, teacher and American citizen. I implore our decision makers of our country to make a change in light of the mass murders made possible by the legal purchase of semi automatic weapons. I am sick at the thought that I cannot send my children to without a fear that they may be sprayed with the rapid fire of bullets from a military grade weapon. Churches, schools, concert venues and airports are not longer safe. Too many parents in our country will never again hear the laughter of their child, see the smile on their face, watch them play sports, graduate from college, fall in love or have children of their own. Similarly children are now faced to grow up without parents and daughters and sons are robbed of the sacred relationship between parent and child due to lives lost in the most violent and heinous way. This should not be the case in the most advance, progressive country in the world. Schools should be a safe place for learning and instruction. Instead far too often children and adults are faced to run or take cover for their life while the relentless furry of a semi automatic rips through their their hallways and classroom. No more bloodshed! Our children deserve better than walking over dead bodies and blood soaked floors to escape the terror caused by legally purchased semi-automatic assault rifles. We can do better and we MUST ACT NOW! This is not a matter of political party affiliation. This is a matter of humanity and are children are counting on the government to protect them. Please do not let us down.    "In July 2012, a gunman walked into a darkened theater in Aurora and shot 12 people to death, injuring 70 more. One of his weapons was an assault rifle. The sudden and utterly random violence was a terrifying sign of what was to come. In December 2012, a young man entered an elementary school in Newtown and murdered six educators and 20 young children. One of his weapons was an assault rifle. Watching the aftermath of these young babies being gunned down was heartrending. In June 2016, a gunman entered a nightclub in Orlando and sprayed revelers with gunfire. The shooter fired hundreds of rounds, many in close proximity, and killed 49. Many of the victims were shot in the head at close range. One of his weapons was an assault rifle. In October 2017, a gunman opened fire on concertgoers in Las Vegas, turning an evening of music into a killing field. All told, the shooter used multiple assault rifles fitted with bump-fire stocks to kill 58 people. The concert venue looked like a warzone. In November 2017 in Sutherland Springs, 26 were killed by a gunman with an assault rifle. The dead ranged from 17 months old to 77 years. No one is spared with these weapons of war. When so many rounds are fired so quickly, no one is spared. Another community devastated and dozens of families left to pick up the pieces." Last Wednesday on Valentine's day, February 14, 2018 instead of heading home after a day of learning and instruction, 17 children and staff were murdered in the affluent suburb of Sutherland Springs.    Source:  

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Take Regulatory Action to End Tragic Shooting Massacres within the United States

There have been too many shooting massacres in recent years, causing an effect that ripples throughout our nation. We seek to do everything that we can, and we implore Congress to act with all speed and effectiveness that is necessary to fight against this pressing issue. We are writing this petition to say that we have had enough. We have had enough of the gun violence that plagues our nation. We have had enough of the ease with which citizens can acquire these deadly weapons and the tools and equipment they use to make them even deadlier. We have had enough of the breaking news that alerts us to the most recent events which cause many of us so much grief and fear. This is why we are calling for regulatory measures, achieved through a bill or an executive order, on guns more powerful than shotguns and their access to civilians. In all of these shooting massacres, the perpetrator had access to a semiautomatic weapon, an automatic weapon, or to modifications that enabled a less capable weapon to be converted into a fully automatic weapon. We are not "taking away your guns". What we are doing is restricting access to lethal killing machines that are completely unnecessary for civilians to own. Our brand of logic is not that "guns don't kill people, people kill people." Guns have no other purpose but to kill, and are so many times more lethal than any other weapon.  Who does this affect? All of us. No one benefits from people having access to these kinds of weapons. Because these shootings can kill all of us. And since there is such an evident solution to the problem, it must be solved.  And it isn't a "mental health issue", either. It isn't a "terrorism" issue, either. Because at the end of the day, anyone can shoot up a gathering of people, even if they're in good mental health and not connected to a terrorist organization. But they can't if they don't have a powerful gun. You wouldn't act upon a murder case by fighting the motive, you'd fight the weapons/tactics used to murder. Because one of them kills and the other one doesn't.  We need change. And while change may take longer than we'd like it to, someone has to support it and embody it for it to start. And if people who are part of the community affected should support change for their betterment, well then, all of America should be supporting this petition. The change we ask for will, at the very least, bring the possible numbers of victims down. At the very most, we could see shootings ending altogether. We should be able to live in a world like that. A world where we don't lose our loved ones to a weapon that shouldn't be in the hands of a civilian. A world where we can breathe more easily, comforted by the fact that shootings have stopped. While the two options are extremes, anywhere in that range is better than the current state of affairs. Change can't happen without someone to start it. So do America-and yourself-a favor by signing this petition.

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