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Petition to Kathleen McIntyre, Chief Curtis Caid, Mayor, Dennis Wright

Livonia Police to take action to mitigate noise pollution emitted by outdoor gun range.

This petitions purpose is to voice concern from Livonia residents that own property in close proximity to the outdoor Livonia Gun Range that is located in the business corridor bordered by Schoolcraft Road to the North, Plymouth Road to the South, Farmington Road to the West and Merriman Road to the East that is operated by the Livonia Police Department (LPD). The reason for concern is multi-faceted, first and foremost there is a public safety issue at hand. The reverberation of large ammunition gunfire in parts of our neighborhood is so loud that it sounds to be located within our neighborhood, there have been several instances in the past few years where neighbors were concerned there was gunfire occurring in our neighborhood and made multiple calls to the police department as a precaution. While we understand the need for public safety training facilities, we would appreciate if the LPD would recognize the negative impact being felt by area residents from the noise emitted by the outdoor range and work with us on potential solutions. We would encourage the city council to adopt a resolution outlining guidelines for the acceptable operation of the LPD operated outdoor gun range. Some proposed guidelines are as follows: 1.          In the interest of public safety the LPD will issue due notice of scheduled training to residents within audible proximity of the outdoor gun range. 2.          In the interest of residents right to peace, comfort and quiet while providing reasonable enjoyment of property; LPD outdoor gun range is subject to Livonia City Code of Ordinances (CCOO) Chapter 8.32 Noise Control as the noise is in noncompliance with sections 8.32.070 or 8.34.080, and the source of noise is not defined as exempt in section 8.32.090. 3.          In the case that the LPD outdoor gun range cannot operate within the maximum permissible sound levels by receiving land use, as established in the CCOO Chapter 8.32.080, the LPD should consider the following actions as good will gestures to citizens who are affected by the noise pollution: a.          Discontinuation of use of the outdoor range daily at sunset. b.          Conduct a study of noise pollution being emitted by the outdoor range to establish audible distance of noise being produced that is not in compliance with the CCOO. c.          The installation of sound dampening devices or the enclosure of the outdoor range, to reduce noncompliance noise associated with the facility that affects the area as defined in the audible distance study.  

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